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Hero Generations V1.14 Hack Tool Download. About the game: Dream Chronicles takes place in an ethereal world where the lines between reality and fantasy fade away. Steam CD Keys and PC Game Keys - Compare & Buy. Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze is a Commercial software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Encore Software.


This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world. Best Auto Insurance Comparison Tool - insurance with the. Please update your bookmarks. Dream Chronicles 2 is the continuation of the popular Dream Chronicles.

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BioWare develops high quality console, PC and online role-playing games, focused on rich stories, unforgettable characters and vast worlds to discover. The Chosen Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Dream Chronicles is the first in a series of 5 surreal hybrid hidden object and adventure games. Download Dream Chronicles 2 for free.

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Dream Chronicles The Book of Air Full PC Game Overview. Dream Chronicles 1 provides you with a cool puzzle game which drifts you away to a world where the lines between fantasy and reality no longer exist and every location is full of brain-bending fun. Use our generator to create random band names using our extensive database of hand-selected words. Pepe may see foreign rich video, 21 right centers, and mucho guy - but he is no unique demo item.

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The puzzle are varying, but sometimes a little too easy. If you're looking for cheats or tips, check our Cheats section to see if there are any available. No internet, needed just mind power stuff! A young prince has been having the same dream and is summoned far from his home.

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Dream Chronicles 1 - Free downloads and reviews check this link right here now. ABOUT THE GAME Enter the world of the Asharin. Dream chronicles 1 crack of internet. The game is scheduled to be released in 2-3 weeks so, the Collector's Edition is for those who cand-deOaot wait to dive back into Dream Chronicles.

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Dream Chronicles is a Shareware software in the category Games & Entertainment developed by Bigfish Games. In Dream Chronicles 2 you have to put your head back softly to solve mysterious puzzles. The Nintendo 3ds prepaid card code generator is available by download on the internet. Download Dream Chronicles Full Version https://sale7777.ru/download/?file=924.

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Free essays, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book reports, term papers, history, science, politics. Faye on her quest to save her daughter from the clutches of the Fairy Queen Lilith and reveal the secret prophecy of The Chosen Child. Recheck your spelling for Dream Chronicles Activation Code just in case, you might also want to try searching without the version number. Wild Brawlers Pre-registration.

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Hakenkreuz Heathen – Hakenkreuz Heathen Vision Quest. Graphics are gorgeous, gameplay is fun and intuitive. Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child cheats. CONTINUE Your personal data will be transmitted over a secure connection using SSL encryption.

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Explore Science World. With CalcTape, also extensive calculations remain clearly structured. Dream Chronicles (2020) - Game details. Dream chronicles Licence Name: Pikachu Licence Code: XDAH6TT8NPMAJAD.

[Request] [Steam] Resident Evil 3 (17th Attempt) (67% Off)

Hello to everyone! This is my seventeenth attempt, its a long post, please take your time and read it, thanks you.

My childhood and Resident Evil.

My name is Emanuel and im gonna tell you why i want the RE3.
When im was a child i play RE games and RE3 was my first game i end ever, my dad and my brother play it and saw him, the Nemesis screams and the monsters makes me feel scare and anxious, i hide down the table or behind my mom.I had so much nightmares with the zombies and Nemesis killing me and my family, its crazy how this change in the later years.
When i was 6/7 years i decided play alone this game, i had to play only 15/20 minutes beacuse i was so scare to continue, i dont save anytime i play. The first time i get into the police station, i remember the window break, and i get a mental breakdown and cant continue.Step by step, i have the confidence to play it and affront that fear. When i can complete the game i was very happy, i remember i was playing all the day like ten hours but finally i done it, i end it!I start to play more and more, after end it in easy mode i think the hard mode was a great idea, the first times i dont kill all the nemesis, but for the 5 run i started to kill all of it.My nightmares about zombies and nemesis gone, im become more confident, was amazing!!!
Later i found Re2 and of course i end it. I fall in love of Claire and Ada.
I remember going in Bus on night and fantasy about looking the street like if zombies and nemesis was on it, hahaha, i really love resident evil.
When i was 9 years old, my dad gift me a PS2 where i play the 2nd game of resident evil i most played ever, Re4.I have a save game in normal mode with 30 ends... I dont know why i like to end it so much times having other games to play, and the most crazy fact its, i only end code veronica 2/3 times in ps2, i found it soooo hard for me. The Chris part made me so frustrated.
I spend all my childhood playing, seeing resident evil things, movies, gameplays, and more.

Youtube and internet.

Between 9 and 13 years old i discover the internet world, youtubbers and more sites, i get so much interest on this, i start my YT channel and upload some videos, in the start was me playing with toys, but later, i get some software and upload some gameplays, THE GOLDEN ERA, when the higher YT channel has 100000 subs.
I record RE2 and i remember need 3 hours to compress a 10 minute video LOL.
When i was 13 years old, my dad gift to me my last console, the xbox 360 where i play RE5 and Re6 (what a shit game kekw) i remember how much i want to play it, looking trailer and more... I really miss so much the zombies and when Capcom say gonna have it Leon story i was so anxiously to play it! Unfortunately all know the story... Action game with covers. Gears of Evil btw.
I have a decent PC 2 years late beacuse i move to my other passion, league of legends, the pc doesn't was a gaming, but run ok all games old and recent, i give my ps2 to my sister and my xbox for my brother.
And writing this i remember i dont tell you how i play Resident Evil 1, beacuse its today and... I never played it. I only see speedruns about the game.The first time i play it was in the Nintendo Wii on his remake version, i dont gonna lie, RE Remake was one of the best experience i have, i enjoyed much more than resident evil 5/6 and other games of the franchise. And ofc i play the Chronicles games, i have so much nostalgia with it, and for this games i start to dream and ask in forums for remakes of re2/re3.

High School and my nick.

When i was in High School i change my passion and move to the esports zone, i start playing league of legends so focus and i start to dream to play it competitive some year... (2020, im a frustrated diamond 2 player KEKW) my mates ask me about what i do all time, beacuse i never go out with them... In that moment i talk about LOL and start to narrate my love for that game and the funny was (In that moment LOL doesnt was that toxic how now is.) They ask about my name and make funny about it... emaNEMESIS... "¿why did you name yourself like that?" They think was for the roman godess ... Explications later... They start to call me EmaNemesis all time...
Later in my last year on High School i start to stream my lol games from casual, but i have hardware issues, that doesnt stop me, i start to stream speed runs of RE2 and RE3, i remember getting 8 viewers, i was so happy.I remember ending a run with claire, almost perfect run. Last shots for end the game, and G4 did a 100 0 IN A HIT. fck myself men

Why i want to play this game?

If after read all the post you continue asking this... Well i gonna give you some other things to read...I want to stream it, my stream is about RE Games, and i do streams of all of this, and i want really hard to stream RE3 and give my first impression about it.I see some gameplay but no the story frames or importants cutscenes, im in blind playrun.Resident Evil 2 its the game i most played in my steam account.I want to scream so hard when nemesis are running behind me, give me the chance to suffer lol.I love Resident Evil 3.

Why i love Resident Evil so much?

After my last post someone talk to me like a dog and test me beacuse idk, but for anyone who want to know why i love this game so much, im gonna write this.
He immersed me in science fiction, I love everything that has to do with their viruses and how they affect different species, I have read the wiki for hours to find out how different events had happened, things that are only in books and not in games.
I personally love the BOWs of the game, they are amazing designs and they have things that I love, the first time I saw a Hunter in the hospital in RE3 I went crazy, not only scared because he cut my head, but for his design, Birkin It is undoubtedly the one with the best transformations or phases, but the presence of Nemesis is unique, you feel the tension in the air constantly.
I love how this game takes the time to have incredible details, and that unfortunately they are no longer presented in the new ones.
Resident Evil 4 although it is an action game and its enemies are simple people, it has incredible characters, such as Krauser (I am very happy that there is a game where his relationship with Leon is background).
I can write for hours things I like and adore about Resident Evil, but I don't want to go too long.

My personal tierlist:

  • S tier: Resident Evil 2 and 2 Remake, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Remake.
  • A Tier: Resident Evil 3 and Code Veronica.
  • B Tier: Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Revelations.
  • C Tier: Resident Evil Chronicles games.
  • D Tier: Resident Evil Gun Survivor saga.
  • WHY? Tier: Resident Evil Operation RC, Umbrella Corps, Mercenaries 3D and Resident Evil 6.
I never play: Resident evil 7, Revelations 2, Outbreak Saga and Gaiden. My personal opinion about Resident Evil 7 is simple, First Person game, without Zombies, no survival horror, its a horror game, i dont want that kind of RE Games.Resident Evil 6 its a Gears Of War saga game, i dont give a shit about this, i see a zombies and have a hope about it aaaand was killed in 20min playeds.

The attempts

I read a post who someone ask about its really necessary add to title the amount of attempts beacuse its not required in rules... I make my personal amount of attempts, no to make people feels bad, its to share how much i want to play this game and people notice that, before everything we are here to share ours stories behind the request and why we want to play that game.


This is the best time to ask for this game. The last time the highest sale was for 35%, now its about the double. If you want to give me the chance to have it, this is it. Thanks you.

Dont be asshole.

I do not want you to test me for a game, if you want to talk just say it, I have no problem privately expressing more things and talking about why I want this game, but do not provoke or disrespect me, I am a person like you, like everyone So if you disrespect me, I will probably get mad like anyone.
I thank each person who enters and comments, because it is not their responsibility and even so they contribute to getting the game.
Please don't be a jerk.

One last thing

I dont have much money today to buy games, i start the university and spend lot of time on it (well right now is more complicated beacuse covid problem, are all in quarantine) . My parents doesn't was the type of family who can spend 70 dollars in a game (its around 4200 pesos + taxes, totally like 5300) , less in Argentina economy, we have much problems the game is like a third part of minimum salary. This is why i do this post to express to someone who read it my passion for this game, i want to stream it. Soo... I want so much play Resident Evil 3 and this is my story with the RE Games, this i tell you its part of my life, Resident Evil and Nemesis was part of it.
Thanks you for reading it, have a nice day.
My steam id: https://steamcommunity.com/id/emanemesis
submitted by EmaNemesis to GiftofGames

Sharing my perspective on current direction of Warcraft.

Hello there.
Observing the current state of Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft is sad and exhausting experience. Saying that there's a lot of people that are rather unsatisfied with how things are going in this franchise would be an understatement. Despite this, I feel like this angle on Warcraft nowadays doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. That's why I thought it would be a great idea to go over some things from present canon that affect story/lore of this series (and not only them). While it's true that Blizzard had a lot of mishaps "in times of Metzen", now I want to focus more on their current era.
WARNING: The goal of this post isn't to ruin someone else's fan. Not to attack anyone from Blizzard/this community for being satisfied with how things are going on at the moment or encourage others to do so. I want to provide a constructive criticism in well-written format instead of indecipherable rant without actual points. Approaching mentioned in this post topics by examine the actual story/lore material, developers quotes and community itself. I hope that I succeed in it at least a little. Because otherwise I put a lot of time and efforts into this post only to fail afterwards, which would be extremely sad and disappointing.
Also, just to make sure that you're aware of this... There're spoilers to Shadowlands.

Reaching the Consistency... again.

Warcraft/World of Warcraft RPG played an interesting part in canon at the time. It wasn't just another Dungeons & Dragons game, but in Warcraft setting. Books from these series provided a lot of interesting story/lore material for this franchise. Various short stories and a lot of story/lore details described many things within Warcraft: characters, races, faction, magic, etc. I never really dived deep into RPG material, but that's definitely something I want to fix as there's really a lot to look at. I mean, Blizzard saw them as an important part of Warcraft's story/lore at the time:
"Want to know more about the lore of World of Warcraft? The game doesn't require any additional reading to play. However, you might enjoy gaining a more detailed knowledge of Warcraft lore. Here are some resources that are available: ...RPGs... Warcraft Role-Playing Games provide a wealth of information about Warcraft lore."
They served that purpose well... until they were claimed as non-canon:
"The RPG books were created to provide an engaging table-top role-playing experience, which sometimes required diverging from the established video game canon. Blizzard helped generate a great deal of the content within the RPG books, so there will be times when ideas from the RPG will make their way into the game and official lore, but you are much better off considering the RPG books non-canonical unless otherwise stated."
Although Blizzard brought back some stuff from RPG books, overall they were abandoned for good and issue of inconsistency and messy story/lore all around Warcraft series was obvious as ever. Then Chris Metzen, Matt Burns and Robert Brooks with help from artists, such as Peter Lee, Joseph Lacroix and Alex Horley, decided to address and ultimately fix this issue once and for all... for now.
It's hard to overstate how excited I was about Chronicle series. Everyone was hyped. Having all elements of Warcraft gathered and organized in one book that serves as the ultimate vault of canon was really amazing. Volume 1 and 2 were really good. Third one... was underwhelming, let's just say that. Of course, Blizzard played some tricks and left out/didn't provide enough information on some things across all books of Chronicle series. Either to work on it and bring up later or to let some of these things remain a mystery because sometimes its best to leave some aspects of lore in the dark. Despite this moment, Chronicle was still a nice definitive source of canon... for a while.
Oh yeah, I'll talk about that statement from Steve Danuser at Blizzcon 2019:
Steve Danuser: "Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, Chr-... Chronicle is something that we worked on. You know, all of us together going through the Warcraft history, but the, the thing to remember about Chronicle, that I what you to thing about, is that, you know, even... Any history, even something that's as encyclopedic as Chronicle is written from certain point of view and if you look at history of Azeroth that was contained in there and even, you know, what it talked about in terms of the cosmos and things like that. Whose point of view would that've been from?"
Scream from crowd: "Titans!"
Steve Danuser: "That's right! The Titans point of view and the people who worked for the Titans..."
You know, that's quite a creative way to avoid saying the word "retcon" or its synonyms. Let's be real, that's what it is. It's their explanation of ignoring Chronicles and add contradictory information. To simple put it, "It's not a retcon. It's just Titans being wrong". And with how Blizzard manage this kind of narrative, I'm sure that's how it's gonna be (If not already). It's not just about switching Chronicle's purpose into something it was never supposed to be. By turning these books into "honest opinion" of specific entity within that universe, you imply that all information that it contains could be false or incorrect. In other words, we can't trust Chronicles anymore and we shouldn't.
I find this kind of decision to be a very disrespectful act towards all Warcraft story/lore fans. Especially those that actually bought the books themselves instead of learning about its details from Internet. Also, one of the upcoming Warcraft books, Grimoire of the Shadowlands and Beyond, already stated to "follow a Broker through" its narrative. I'm not against the "unreliable narrator" elements in games. Damn, I remember playing a bit of Morrowind and I really like that The Elder Scrolls uses this element to demonstrate a certain event from the perspective of certain authorace.
You know what's the difference between the two? The Elder Scrolls does this kind of stuff in-game. All these books appear in games. I know that three volumes of The Skyrim Library are a thing, but they were stated as the collection of in-game texts since day one. So, why would people dare to buy a book of its favorite franchise that most likely contains a deliberately false information when this kind of literature should be available in the game instead?... I know that many people will buy it anyway.

The Loss of Dread and Mystery.

Let's talk about Old Gods and their development over the course of World of Warcraft and its expansions. They started off pretty good, actually. C'Thun's presence in The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj is excelent. His whispers create a frightening atmosphere within the raid that makes it a fantastic experience. Yogg-Saron followed this tradition in Whisper Gulch and Ahn'Kahet, but in Ulduar he also incorporated three visions from the Azeroth's past. Although only one of them referred to future event (an obvious one), that kicked off a trend that'll affect Old Gods by forcing them into their current state.
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron obeyed to already established code of Old God's whisper, but this time also served as another part of N'Zoth's build-up by directly and vaguely mentioning him and Ny'Alotha, "the sleeping city". "The sunken city." That's not a only thing that this puzzle box whispered about. Fallen Old God Y'Shaarj was likely mentioned here for the first time in Warcraft as "a black goat with seven eyes" before his full debut in next expansion, Mists of Pandaria...
There he continued the typical Old God behavior via whispers over the coarse of the fight against Garrosh Hellscream during the Siege of Orgrimmar... and through Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl. Besides one mentioning of Ny'Alotha, Y'Shaarj's whispers weren't much different from C'Thun's or Yogg-Saron's "common language" of upcoming betrayal and despair... Oh yeah, Blackfathom Deeps was updated in Warlords of Draenor with a few Old God whispers.
Everything changed when Legion came along. It really did change. With arrival of Il'gynoth and Xal'atath, premise of the Old Gods really shifted from being an homage to Cthulhu Mythos to "Magic 8 Balls/fortune cookies". Carry Xal'atath or punch Il'gynoth to get some abstract phrase to theorize on. With both of them, lore speculations really skyrocketed and old depiction of Old Gods died with it.
After all these years, when the time has come for N'Zoth to rise from his prison and unleash himself upon the Azeroth after all build-ups and expectations... It played out differently. Sunken titan complex fused with Black Empire's architecture and filled with nightmarish horrors from dreams? You know, this balance between Ahn'Quraj, Ulduar and Emerald Nightmare that would've been visually as cool as you imagine... How about an alternate reality (or something) that represents the restored Black Empire straight from that Chronicle Volume 1 art? Enormous and monstrous being that's been plotting his plans long before Cataclysm, which was just one of his many schemes? Nah, that's not it. Instead, you'll get a very simplified and downgraded version of this large octopus that'll act like a typical antagonist with genius evil plans only later to be killed in anime fashion with reference to The Lord of the Rings. Great, isn't it? I mean, just look at him. Design differences speak for itself.
After that, as a final blow, Old Gods of Azeroth were stated to be dead for sure. From hardly defeating a mere manifestation of their immeasurable sides and power to being actually defeated by swords, arrows and magic. In N'Zoth's (and Old Gods as a whole) case, I see it as a sloppy act of "being done with it" to move on to something that interests current story/lore team more without giving it too much thought or respect. That's a part of another big issue within Warcraft that I'll elaborate on later.
Old Gods' retrospective:
C'Thun: "Death is close..."
Yogg-Saron: "There is no escape. Not in this life, not in the next."
Y'Shaarj: "I can taste the essence of your soul... It is sweet..."
N'Zoth: "Rrraaaaaaaaaah!"

Thoughtful Intermission.

Speaking of Old Gods, I would like to take a look at some more crazy couple of things around current Warcraft's story/lore. There's some worrying things when it comes to how both developers and community treat it that I think it's definitely worth expressing. First of all, I want to address how "quantity over quality" approach creates a false sense of expanded lore by referring to recent story/lore interviews as examples of that. Just how large some of these answers are, but without carrying the amount of information that would justify its length. For example:
Lorekeeper: "What happens to the soul in the Shadowlands if someone is raised from the dead?"
Steve Danuser: "Undeath is a force that has definitely touched Azeroth throughout history. Obviously the Scourge, and the storylines from Warcraft III with the Lich King, Arthas and all of that, is a prime example of undeath in Azeroth. But actually undeath on Azeroth dates much, much, much further back. If you go back to books about the Dawn of the Dragon Aspects, you will see Galakrond, and the force he used also had Death magic, necromancy as part of his power.
Like all the cosmic forces, Death has touched Azeroth in numerous ways over the ages. And one of most visible and pronounced in the modern age of Azeroth is the Forsaken and the undead who are animated. That may lead you to the questions: “For people like the Forsaken, are their souls in the Shadowlands? Are their souls in Azeroth?” The active raising of someone like the Forsaken, someone who has intellect and mind intact, means that their soul is being anchored to their body.
In life, for a living being, the soul is anchored to the body through the force of Life. It is a living body, therefore Life is a force that’s holding the soul to it. But in the case of a Forsaken, in the case of someone who is raised from the dead, it’s a different force, because life isn’t present within them. And so that is the force of necromancy, that is anchoring the soul to the body. Now it’s a different process than a living being, than someone who is kind of held together through the power of Life (with a capital L, as one of the Cosmic forces of the universe). So that Forsaken person, that undead person is held together by the power of Death, and that can have an effect on the soul. And we’ve seen that being raised can result in certain different circumstances. One person who’s raised may be very much intact. They may essentially be the same person that they were in life. Others are more aggressive, more hateful or more scornful than they were in life. And part of that has to do with the manner in which they’re raised. There’s all kinds of factors that go into that. So I would say that being raised that way is something of an imperfect process. It’s something that isn’t as defined and easily categorized as the living is. But make no mistake about it: Someone who is Forsaken, someone who is an intelligent undead like that, they do have their soul anchored to the mortal realm. Even if for a time it had crossed over in the Shadowlands and was brought back."
Steve didn't answer the question and there's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to repeat what we already knew in order to avoid this question. Just say something like "We'll explore it later". Some may argue that person is just passionate about his job (and that might be true), but every time when I read this stuff my brain gets so confused due to lack of actual material that it makes me suggest otherwise. I thought I had a blabbermouth issues when it comes to talking and writing, but I guess I could step up my game.
Another topic I want to address are said theorycrafting audience and how Blizzard... interacts with them. Theories aren't necessarily a bad thing, per se. Sometimes they're good for what they're and could serve as a good way of self-entertainment for fans of story/lore of various game or other type of media. But lately I started to notice how people going over-the-top with this kind of leisure and how developers can use that to their own advantage. When person really wants to see a certain picture, be sure that he'll succeed with that no matter what. I think that Battle for Azeroth was a great example of that, where at least half of entertainment were fulfilled by player's speculation. People were overloaded by their own theories while being fed with "clues" by Blizzard. Just remember how Blizzard through Azshara tried to emphasize the importance of speculations by repeating Il'gynoth's "Diamond King has been made a pawn". Like, "She said the line, guys! See? See? This is important".
It's almost like as if Blizzard wants players to make sense of their gibberish while pretending that everything was planned and goes according this plan. It's also weird in a way to watch materials made by this type of lore fans. I'll take Bellular for example, as he's probably the only content creator with this type of content I know. Seeing all these Shadowlands lore videos is... I don't want to use word "cringe", but it feels like I'm watching Ancient and I don't like that analogy either. You know, when I think about it, I seem to notice a lot of similarities between this over-excessive speculations and ufology. Again, I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling about how they love to interact with story/lore of Warcraft. It's fine as long as you have fun with it. Just some interesting and scuffed thought from me.

Fear of Original Ideas.

...or F.O.I. for short, as I don't really know how else I should call that. This terms (that I totally made up) refers to one of the biggest issues Shadowlands has in terms of story/lore. To be specific, how repeated and generic it often feels when you look at it. I'm not talking about the recycling nature of material, but also the obsession with "'true' originality" over continuity and originality of old/well-known parts of Warcraft's canon. Let's take a look at a few examples to see what I'm talking about:
  • The First Ones - older "not Titans" that actually shaped the cosmos of Warcraft.
  • Oribos - ancient "not Titan" architecture.
  • Broker - not ethereals.
  • Bastion - original Halls of Valor that were actually copied by Odyn.
  • Kyrian - original Val'kyr and spirit healers that, again, were actually copied by Odyn.
  • Maldraxxus - original Scourge that was actually copied by Ner'zhul.
  • The Lich King - actually wasn't created by Burning Legion, but taken from Shadowlands.
  • Ardenweald - not part of Emerald Dream where Wild Gods and other nature spirits are resting.
  • People of Fyzandi - not Night Elves.
  • Maw - not a fusion of Icecrown and Argus.
  • Torghast, Tower of the Damned - original Icecrown Citadel.
  • Revendreth - not a lite version of Maw and copy of Suramar with redemption card and vampires.
  • Nathrezim - not actually demons that outplayed the whole Universe like they're player characters.
No wonder a lot of people believed in that Jailer's "concept" art and had problems with actual Jailer being a Jailer despite it being obvious since the beginning. Anyway, as you can see, a lot of additions and changes within Shadowlands are positioned as "original/better" versions of old Warcraft stuff. And there's a reason why I mentioned Jailer, as I want to focus on his position within Shadowlands's plot. Yet another typical "evil guy" that did something unspeakable things with master plan and servants all around him. You know, I think that originally in this expansion, being it Shadowlands since the beginning or not, the role of main antagonist was probably planned for... Mueh'zala. I mean, think about it: his build-up in Traveler: The Spiral Path that was abandoned in the next book, taking Odyn's eye, whispering Vol'jin to make Sylvanas warchief, turning Bwonsamdi into Loa of Death and recruit Helya... to Jailer's side. Remove Jailer from Mueh'zala's actions and we have an ancient Death spirit that was proven to be mysterious and powerful. That sounds better than what we got instead to me.
It reminds me about Hakkar as just a dungeon boss in De Other Side and Kel'Thuzad being a Jailer's servant... Seriously, Blizzard? Why not build new lore based on already established details instead of forcing it in by neglecting them? It's easier and supports much needed consistence in the franchise. Let's take Bastion and Maldraxxus, for example:
Within darkness of Shadowlands shines the Bastion, home of mysterious spirit healers. Not all Val'kyr decided to join Helya after Halls of Valor were closed away from Azeroth. They wanted to serve the good cause without interventions into the cycle of life and death. Val'kyr called upon the only soul they thought would be able to help them find a new place in this world. She listened and directed them to Shadowlands, where they build a new fortress similar to Odyn's domain. Since then they watch over spirits of Azeroth, healing those who suffered in their last moment.
Some legends told about spirit healers bringing some unfortunate souls back into the world of living: intervention asked by Azeroth herself. But no one was able to prove such miracle to be real.

When Ner'zhul was building up his Scourge according to Burning Legion's plan, he could access the Azeroth's afterlive with ease. After War of the Spider, he realized that he needs to be ready when something could go wrong. As Kel'Thuzad's Cult of the Damned grew larger and Legion's plans were set in motion, so grew the secret settlement in Shadowlands: Maldraxxus. Many creations of the Lich King were fully realized there, including Scourge's architecture that was adopted from Azjol-Nerub.
In his attempt to destroy Lich King, Illidan Stormrage severely weakened Ner'zhul. Maldraxxus was one of many things he lost control off. That place was supposedly lost in endless darkness of the afterlife even long after Arthas' crowning at the Frozen Throne. That's why Lich King sent Kel'Thuzad to find Maldraxxus after his second defeat in Naxxramas. Something strange has happened during his mission, as Kel'Thuzad lost connection with the Lich King. Despite this, he proceeds to continue his journey. Did he found Maldraxxus? Did he follow Lich King's order or decided to take matters into his own hands?
Of course, this is just an example I came up with in a few minutes and there's definitely better ways to approach it. The idea was to show how simple and right it would be to expand on the old lore instead of twisting it to fit new ideas in. At least it wouldn't be as shallow as Shadowlands turn out to be.
You know, I wouldn't be surprised to see "Black Soulstone-like" cinematic where Bolvar puts on restored Helm of Domination to face Jailer and his armies at the Maw in a vision that'll be cut short by Taelia (or somebody else) by removing Helm from his head.

Dying Legacy.

Lastly, I want to mention an issue that Shadowlands is sharing with Warcraft 3 Reforged and how it affects the game (and whole franchise). I'll keep this short as I'm not sure if it fits into story/lore theme and some might say that it's just a matter of personal taste. In this shift towards cosmic stuff empowered with such creative ideas, visuals of World of Warcraft that were consistently good all this time started to lose its charm. By looking at locations, models, designs of this expansion, it looks like another eastern MMO instead of Warcraft. Some people compare it to Diablo 3, but I see more of an Allods Online. It's not necessary a bad thing, but it doesn't quite fit for the franchise this game is part of. Which is weird, since World of Warcraft didn't have that issue before. Yes, not even with Pandaria.
But it's definitely not about art team losing their touch. Just look at weapons from... Exile's Reach, I believe? These weapons look awesome and it's the best models I've seen from Shadowlands. I mean, it's not that hard to beat yet another over-the-top "epic hero" type of weapons and armors. To be fair, World of Warcraft suffered from the lack of simple/common options in this field for quite a while.
Music is... fine, I guess? It doesn't sound bad or anything like that, but it's just there. Bolvar's themes from Visions of N'Zoth were neat and when I listen to login screen music... I didn't remember any of the tracks. However, "New Player Experience" or, again, Exile's Reach music doesn't have that issue and it's mostly likely because they sound way too familiar. Still, this situation is just so weird and sad.


Here, my train of weird thoughts is going to end with last one. A lot of story/lore decisions and retcons during World of Warcraft's lifespan were made to be adjusted to gameplay. I wouldn't call myself a great World of Warcraft player with great knowledge in its gameplay, but I can't shake away this feeling of "completed cycle" after looking at all recent controversies surrounding game's systems and their natures of being almost removed or forgotten after release of the next expansion. To me, there's a visible similarity between class overhaul with "main expansion features" and retcons. Quite ironic.
That's about it. Thank you for reading this post and I hope it wasn't a complete waste of your time.
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