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A simple but effective boost rework (that also panders to Ludia’s greed)

With 1.9 right around the corner, the lack of a boost reset (that will subsequently lead to a month-long delay before we see a new meta) had me thinking: is there a way to do boosts that is good for F2P players, makes whales spend more, and allows updates to affect the meta? And I came up with something: seasonal boost resets.
Here’s how it works: at the end of each season, boosts are reset. All your creatures are stripped of boosts (with no refund) and any unspent boosts are converted to gold to a rate of 500 gold apiece. Boost cost is now based on the Fibonacci sequence, in accordance with the following table:
Tier Cost Total Cost
1 1 1
2 1 2
3 2 4
4 3 7
5 5 12
6 8 20
7 13 33
8 21 54
9 34 88
10 55 143
This steps around the problem of conventional boost resets leaving whales with a massive stockpile of boosts, and also does not punish players for boosting things early in the game. Although it’s a lot easier to get to T10, it’s going to cost you quite a bit of money to consistently hit T10 on every creature every month. It keeps the whales spending, the F2P players happy, and the wheel of the meta turning.
So, that”s the idea. What do you think?
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Hermitcraft: The Professionals (Season 3)

This is the third installment of my History of Hermitcraft series. I've covered Season 1 here and Season 2 here.
Today is about Season 3. I will do Season 4 and 5 next week since we're heading into meme weekend in less than 24 hrs.

Season 3

October 2014 through February 2016 (16 months)

Personnel and the Meta

Season 3 of Hermitcraft is really a tale of two servers and two games. There were in-game story arcs, of course, but the real story during this era was happening in the real world. The two servers are Hermitcraft and Mindcrack. The games are Minecraft and ARK: Survival Evolved. It is impossible to consider the Hermitcraft vanilla server and its happenings alone without also considering how these four entities interacted with each other during what would prove to be a tumultuous part of Hermitcraft history.
I ended my Season 2 recap with a seemingly random mention of how Mindcrack started Season 5 with a tight world border a month before the Hermits started Season 3. Mindcrack Season 5 would prove to be a time of havoc within their community. Faced with their own rapid growth, they opted to branch out from Minecraft and become a multi-game entertainment brand. Meanwhile, the die hard Minecrafters among the Mindcrack community were feeling neglected and overly constrained by the amount of land available to them on their new seed. As a result, Mindcrack, formerly the most well-known SMP server, waned as a presence in the Minecraft community. They still do wonderful things and their server is still full of wonderful people, but they're a far cry from what they once were.
Hermitcraft, formerly the underdog of the sibling servers, wound up filling the void left by Mindcrack. (Note: No rivalry existed as far as the Hermits were concerned but for the fandoms it was a very real thing.) However, when the Hermits were faced with their own choice of expanding into a brand or staying with Minecraft, they passed the test, went into the West and remained Minecrafters.
This choice carried with it its own risks, which would come back to bite them later in the season. Minecraft would reach a crossroads of its own in 2015 when Notch sold it to Microsoft for $2.5B. This wasn't a little indie game anymore and the Hermits could no longer continue treating it as if it were. The days when Genny could ring up Dinnerbone on Skype to ask for quick patches were over. It also meant that when a new indie game named ARK came along to pull the focus of several Hermits, Hermitcraft had to let them leave.
There were very few new Hermits during Season 3, but each of the four new members came with huge stories and massive momentum. First came ImpulseSV (US) in January of 2015, the second of three former Moonlight server members, joining the returning Tango Tek not only as another strong technical Minecrafter on a server full of builders, but as his partner in a unique joint base.
In March 2015 came the big watershed moment when docm77 (GER) and Etho (CAN) departed Mindcrack for Hermitcraft. Doc had been lurking in the shadows of Hermitcraft from day one, advising Genny in the earliest days. Etho of course had always been a legendary Minecrafter, discovering many of the Minecraft hacks that we now take for granted including the hidden food saturation meter, the Etho hopper clock and the EATS road.
The arrival of Etho and Doc was no big surprise to those who had been following the developments on the Hermitcraft modded servers. I mentioned in the last post that the modded servers would become integral in Hermitcraft as a whole during Season 3 and this is the real reason why.
The Hermits ran 3 modded seasons during Vanilla S3. There was Modsauce 2, their second homebrewed pack. There was Gamemode 4, a unique enhanced-vanilla pack which foreshadowed the creation of Vanilla Tweaks several years further down the road. But the real turning point was the FTB Infinity series, which was the first of the modded series to run during S3 and the one that really showed how badly Mindcrack was splintering.
Hermitcraft FTB Infinity, started on a whim by Hypno, would wind up hosting not only Etho in collaboration with Biffa, but also Mindcrackers Mhykol and thejims, who really wanted to play modded but couldn't within the Mindcrack universe. Etho was on FTB Infinity in February. In March he and Doc joined the vanilla server. Then on April 3 came the now infamous Mindcrack blog post "Mindcrack is changing." Etho, GenerikB, BdoubleO, thejims and Paulsoaresjr were all leaving Mindcrack. Doc was going to decrease his Mindcrack participation substantially. It was a bombshell for sure, but one with a long fuse.
Before I move on from arrivals, it is also important to mention the arrival in July of PythonGB (UK). He was largely a sleeper on the whitelist during S3, arriving late in the season and only producing 23 episodes, but the eventual impact of his move to Hermitcraft from Kingdomcraft would be enormous in Season 4 and beyond, as Kingdomcraft was the home of Welsknight, Scar, Rendog, Iskall, Stressmonster and Cubfan.
But for all the excitement generated by these four new arrivals, Season 3 was also a time of great loss. Cleo was very ill for much of the season and then had her account stolen, ratcheting her participation very far down from S2. DMAC, Sl1pg8r, Zueljin, xBCrafted and Keralis all left mid-season to play ARK. Pungence and skyzm were involved with Genny and Bdubs on B-Team projects, eventually moving away from Minecraft into other games. JoeHills remained largely absent, focusing on real life matters. Hypno pulled back drastically on vanilla videos although he remained an active presence behind the scenes, maintaining the Hermitcraft.com website as he continues to do now. Spumwack found his own way, releasing viral solo videos combining science and Minecraft.
Other Hermits Monkeyfarm, Jessassin and Topmass made a handful of episodes but were mostly done with the server, opting to focus on other aspects of their lives instead of Youtube.
This left leader Xisuma along with Biffa, Falsesymmetry, Mumbo Jumbo, Tinfoilchef, iJevin, Tango and Impulse to carry the season through from start to finish. This is not to discount the early season participation of Zueljin, Sl1p, XB, and Cleo when she was well enough to record. They all made huge contributions. But Season 3 was overall almost a subplot to all of the real world drama swirling around it, and it's amazing that they manage to produce such an outstanding season in spite of it all.

Story Arcs and Events

Within the world of the server, the real story of Season 3 was the battle of the Hermits as a group against very hostile terrain. Set in an amplified world, it seemed that every step was a huge effort and potentially deadly. In contrast to the first two seasons, the whitelist was now dominated by strong builders instead of redstoners meaning that the aesthetics of the season combined with the landscape to make some truly beautiful scenery all season long.
Early on in the season Mumbo created a community mineshaft near spawn. While decorating it he uttered the now famous phrase "sugarcane, pillar, sugarcane, brick wall... please nobody remix that, it wouldn't make for a very good song." This attracted the attention of Elybeatmaker and the remixing of Hermits began in earnest.
Also relatively early on the Hermits banded together to kill the dragon in a long collab that would come to be known as the "Professional Minecrafters" incident. En route to the stronghold over amplified terrain, they all got stuck in a water-filled hole together causing much embarrassment and hilarity. This would be the final large scale Dragon battle, as in S4 the ability to respawn the dragon made such server-wide events unnecessary. The Hermits would also bring their PVE skills to bear in a collab battle against 64 withers, which went about as well as you'd expect.
The "Kill Doc" competition was a brief arc involving Mumbo, Xisuma, Tango and Impulse, each of whom built contraptions to kill Doc in the most unique and entertaining way possible. The winner would obtain Doc's head to donate to Xisuma's UHC monument build.
Evil Xisuma was introduced to the server during S3, appearing in several episodes.
xBCrafted and Zueljin would form the duo of "xZiBit," delivering guardians to Hermits for a fee. Impulse and Tango would follow their lead in mob wrangling late in the season, eventually parlaying it into the DERP episodes in Season 4.
There were two larger but loose and unscripted story arcs. The first was Biffa's Head Games. With 1.8 came expanded command block functions and gamerules which allowed for one player sleeping and anti-enderman griefing for the first time. The Hermits implemented a rule that allowed player heads to drop from PVP deaths. Biffa's base was conceived as a museum of everything in Minecraft, which meant he had to somehow kill every single player on the whitelist to obtain their heads. Hermits built bunkers, evaded Biffa at all costs, and some epic PVP battles ensued. Unfortunately Biffa's S3 was plagued by an illness that took ages to properly diagnose, so he too scaled back on videos towards the end of the season leaving the Head Games unfinished.
The other big story arc was the creation of the Hermit Thrills gaming district. Season 1 was driven by Xisuma and Biffa. Season 2 was driven by DMAC, Cleo, Spum, Sl1p and Biffa. Season 3 was, in my view, the season of Tango Tek. Conceived by Tango as a hub for mini-games in one of the few flat areas close to spawn, the Hermit Thrills area thrived, becoming the home of many fun creations and the center for a huge number of episodes.


Season 3 is a story of builds and builders more than any scripted arcs. The addition of spectator mode to Minecraft meant that the Hermits could use camera accounts for the first time. Time lapses had always been a thing since S1, but in S3 they became both epic in scale and standard fare for videos. The amplified terrain combined with the new ocean monuments meant that swamps and beaches were some of the few flat areas remaining for building, so many of the Hermits made their homes on the water or in the few patches of flat grassland available in valleys.
The season started with the creation of Crown Hall, a central gathering place created by Sl1pg8r in the relatively flat region that would come to be called "Hermit Hills." Despite it being relatively early in the season, Sl1p chose to build Crown Hall out of quartz, diorite and sea lanterns, all rather expensive for early game. Each Hermit chipped in to donate materials.
Diorite and prismarine would become the most important blocks of Season 3, with more focus on the former than the latter. Zueljin would build an enormous castle overlooking Hermit Hills made almost entirely out of diorite. It also became Sl1p's favorite material, serving as the core of his Hermit Hills house and his eventual base called "the Fulcrum."
The Nether Hub would be finished but in a piecemeal way with each Hermit stylizing the areas near their respective portals to indicate what lay beyond in the overworld. The nether area closest to Hermit Hills would be fully decorated by Xisuma with some help from Tango and Impulse, who provided a trapped ghast to serve as a chandelier.
Hermit Thrills was a plot-based area with builds from many of the Hermits, some of them quite epic in their own right. There was Xisuma's Lily Drop, Tango's Climb Time, Zueljin's Hermit Holez mini-golf course with holes designed by many of the Hermits, Tango's first Boom Box, the Iron Golem stadium, Xisuma's basketball court, a carousel, a helipad, locker rooms, Mumbo's Ender-olympics and many others.
Tango of course was brought onto the server for his ability to create massive iron farms and he did not disappoint. Following first episodes featuring the long trek from spawn to Hermit Hills, the Hermits moved the spawn chunks far closer and Tango created the Iron Titan within them following a plea for wood donations from all of the Hermits to create the many doors involved in the project. Later in the season, Tango, Xisuma and Mumbo would summon Impulse in an arcane ritual to join them in converting four witch huts into a massive farm.
As mentioned earlier, Tango and Impulse would go on to create a joint base spanning the overworld and the nether and featuring both of their unique styles blended together. They would also work together on several other projects, including the Hermit Hallows area (with False) and a big part of Hermit Thrills.
Xisuma kept busy making huge farms, many of them with their own names and showcase videos. There was Skullstorm the wither skelly farm, then Rainbowfall the wool farm, The Donut gold farm, and the Passive Mob farm in the spawn chunks which he unfortunately did not complete until the last days of the season. He was also busy learning to build, creating a fantastic ellipsoidal underground base full of unique storage contraptions.
xBCrafted took on an ocean monument turning it into a jawdropping underwater complex seen in many tours.
Falsesymmetry built a stunning waterfall-laden home at Hermit Hills and then journeyed out to an island which she turned into a tropical resort. She didn't stop there. She also turned a whole section of the nether into an airport complete with restaurants, check in desks, baggage claim areas and, for some reason, a blaze farm. She would also create two massive Christmas districts, one for each Christmas that passed during S3, and help Tango and Impulse with Hermit Hallows.
Mumbo built a base of ice and snow in a swamp, keeping largely to himself with the exception of some notable pranks. It was pranked by False with a giant pixel art build of Olaf from Frozen. He retaliated by creating a giant Shrek pixel art close to her Hermit Hills base, with a sign beneath reading "stay out of my swamp!" TFC would join in the fun by adding a mustache to Shrek.
Cleo built a cathedral of snow and quartz topped by a breathtaking rainbow glass dragon soaring through the sky.
TFC's Hermit Hills house was one of the more recognizable builds in the area, a green hairy eyeball in the sky that he turned into his main base of operations. He did eventually move out of Hermit Hills to create some farms, and when the Tea Eaters Agency appeared again late in the season he created the COFFEE headquarters to keep an eye on the two pranksters.
Spumwack created an underground scientific testing facility for his base a short hop from spawn, although he departed relatively early in the season leaving it unfinished.
Keralis was present mostly as a streamer in combined streams with his Wife ("Wifey/MrsKeralis" (Swed.)), making her the sixth official Hermette on the whitelist after Aurey, Cleo, dewtroid, Ven0mkisser and Falsesymmetry. He did compile the streams into a short Youtube series called "Wife vs. Minecraft" but interacted little with the rest of the Hermits.
iJevin created an underground complex in a corner of Hermit Hills and made it his only base, filling it with farms. Late in the season he got "fenced" by Biffa, a prank which he never really finished clearing up.
Despite the hubbub surrounding their arrival, neither Doc nor Etho reached 20 episodes. Doc created a base at Hermit Hills which hearkened back to Genny's puzzle filled obstacle course in Season 1. Etho settled in a jungle, creating a dwarven-style underground hall.
Python also started late but got well into creating a sky base in the form of a cloud between Hermit Hills and Hermit Thrills in his 23 episodes before the end of S3.

End of an Era

By the close of Season 3, only two Hermits from Season 1 remained active: Xisuma and Biffa. Following two seasons full of drama and splitting focus between multiple servers (vanilla, modded and many UHCs) the Hermits were burned out and splintering. Season 3 didn't really end so much as it exhausted itself waiting for Minecraft 1.9. The era of Indie Minecraft was over and so was the era of Indie Hermitcraft. They were professional Minecrafters now, a video-making factory with growing clout and nobody ahead of them. In 2015 (S3) Mindcrack hosted the SMP panel at Minecon. In 2016 (S4) that role would be filled by Hermitcraft.
During S3 the subreddit membership grew from 3800 to 6700. As with S2, the Hermits continued to promote the Google+ community and their own Patreon servers instead of the subreddit, so our growth was largely organic. We did pick up several Mindcrack fans who either followed Doc and Etho over or sought to escape from the fan drama within that community. The subreddit's mod team, which had previously been dominated by Hermits, was slowly being replaced by non-Hermits starting with LumberFX who guided the sub throughout S3 and designed most of our Old Reddit CSS. By the end of the season Lumber would step down, replaced by 78ford and GoldenAppleGuy who remain on the mod team today.
Another institution would also begin in a rather disjointed way within the subreddit during Season 3. A fanartist from Russia named ZloYxp started posting text recaps of the major events of the week in a recurring weekly series called the Hermitcraft Herald. Shortly after, another fan named Hotdog9017LP would revive a long-dead video-based recap series called the Hermitcraft Recap with help from DocDV, Onion27, ShyguySquid and MitchKeeler. It was modeled after OMGChad's similar Mindcrack Recap series. After some initial friction and stepping-on of toes, Zloy would join forces with Hotdog's team, eventually saving the series when the original team lost interest. He brought in his friend Pixlriffs to handle the voiceover duties and come Season 4 the Recap would be in the format we have come to know and love.
With changes coming to the End dimension and all of the Hermits out of ideas, Season 3 wrapped as soon as a viable 1.9 snapshot was available. The arrival of Python opened the way for them to merge with Kingdomcraft in Season 4, a change which would rock the community to its core and set the Hermits on the path for the explosion in popularity that would follow across the next three seasons.
Thanks for all the great support on these histories so far folks! I'll see you next week with S4 and 5.
EDIT: Season 4 History is now live.
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