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I would like a 2-in-1. All my college classes being online now and my campus shutting down means I can't print note outlines and worksheets anymore.
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Today wasn't so bad I guess
I woke up with a pounding headache. Somehow, James had convinced me to stay up until 4:30 playing Minecraft. Of course, I have to wake up at 6:15 to catch the bus, so I only got like 2 hours of sleep last night. Mom was passed out on the couch and Dad was already at work, which meant that I had to make sure Hannah got to school on time. Don't be confused, my mom isn't like an alcoholic or anything, she just works the night shift at this fancy hotel or whatever.
We ended up missing the bus because SOMEONE (cough cough Hannah) forgot to pack their lunch last night. Hannah and I had to run to the next stop to get on, and, of course, there were no empty seats, so I had to sit with some guy I didn't know. My anxiety was skyrocketing and I ended up stealing a seat from some middle school kid after he got off.
The one good thing about school is that I'm pretty good at it. I make good grades without studying so I don't have to worry about any of that bullcrap. I have to help James with his homework sometimes, though. I can't even count the amount of times he's had to copy it from me because he was 'too busy' to finish it (which means he spent all afternoon playing fallout in his basement).
I quickly got to class and dumped my stuff off. My first period is History, which is pretty cool I guess. The teacher, Mr. Taylor, is pretty chill and likes Hamilton. I also have that class with James and Gina (another one of our friends), so that's lit. I head out of the room to look for Gina, since James is never on time in the mornings. He usually shows up half way through class or just skips it all together. It really gets on Mr. Taylor's nerves, but he cant do shit since James' parents don't really care.
I searched the hallways for a bit before I found the strawberry blonde. She was talking with two of her other friends. The first was a tall, flat ginger girl with her hair up in a scrunchie. Her name is Liz, and she's a visco girl who doesn't know anything about being a visco girl other than the aesthetic. The other girl is a shorter, prettier, short haired blonde girl named Meredith. She's by far the cutest girl in our grade, and is a total slut. Last I heard she was dating Dylan Anderson, the sadist, which is bound to end in disaster.
I decide it's not worth it and make my way to the cafeteria instead. I would try to talk with Gina, but I'm not in the mood to deal with Liz and Meredith right now. As I'm waiting in line, an arm slings around my shoulders.
"Morning dude!"
"Oh, good morning, Ethan."
It's Ethan, one of my closest friends. We met in 7th grade when he moved here from Texas. Ethan is a tall, thin, freckly boy with short, curly hair. Despite his appearance, Ethan is a huge athlete at our school, participating in loads of clubs like track and baseball. His favorite sport is soccer, though. I honestly have no idea why he hangs out with us in the first place. He doesn't play video games that much since he's always at track or hanging out with his girlfriend (how'd he get one of those???), and he isn't in drama or art with Gina and Alyssa, so we don't see him that much. Still, he sits at our lunch table, so he's our friend.
"So, have you watched The Office yet?" he asked excitedly.
I hesitated. "I started it, but ended up getting distracted, sorry."
"Nah man, it's cool," Ethan shrugged, "It's not for everyone."
He smiled and punched me in the arm. I'm grateful to have friends other than James, even if Ethan can be annoying sometimes when he's gushing about soccer. He invites us to almost every game, and I can only go to about half of them.
"Oh, I think I see Holly over there. Catch you later, dude!" he smiled before racing off to his girlfriend, Holly. They met in 8th grade, both of them being on the track team. Holly is pretty hot, in the sporty kind of way. She's only a little shorter than Ethan, with tan skin and long, choppy dark hair that just barely reaches to her stomach. Holly is always wearing sporty tees and sneakers, and is very fit. Most girls in our grade are envious of her, including Meredith.
I take my soggy waffles and go sit alone at one of the tables near the window. I normally eat breakfast alone. If I'm lucky, Ethan or Gina will join me. If I'm really lucky, James will come early to school.
"Good morning, Ryan."
I flinch and turn to see the most beautiful girl I have ever met: Alyssa Brown. Alyssa is a dark skinned, slightly chubby girl with shockingly deep blue eyes. She's bold and energetic, always hopping from one topic to the next. Alyssa is an artist and has won many awards for her paintings, but wants to be a reporter when she grows up. She's also really into mystery novels. Like, way too into mystery novels. I've had a crush on her since 4th grade that only James knows about (I hope).
"M-morning Alyssa!" I stuttered. Smooth.
"You won't believe what I saw on the news this morning! Apparently, two kids went missing in Moonsdale, which means the disappearances have started up again. The kidnappers signature mark, and upside down pentagram, was even found carved into both of the kids houses! But there's no way that the kidnapper would be young enough to keep doing stuff like this, unless they were your moms age when the kidnappings occurred, right? So it has to mean that they're some kind of supernatural entity!"
"Maybe," I said, apathy creeping into my tone, "Or maybe it was some kind of copycat killer. Or the original kidnapper trained his kid or someone to take over his place when they got old enough or something."
"Aw, you're no fun, Ryan!"
"So I've been told."
Alyssa giggles slightly at that, which causes my heart to melt. The warning bell rings right as I finish my food, and we both quickly rush off to class.
"So, see you at lunch?" I say as we reach her biology class.
"Yeah, see you at lunch."
We part ways and I reach Mr. Taylor's class. Surprisingly, James is already there, and he's talking enthusiastically about something to Gina.
"...but then Will posted on his snapchat a picture of him and Jenny at Joe's Doughnut Holes and captions it 'doughnuts aren't the only hole I'm getting tonight'. So Kevin gets pissed, and tells Will that if he lays a hand on her he'd- Oh hey man!"
"Hey Jim," I smile.
"You look like shit, Kylo. Did I wear you out last night?" he says in a suggestive tone.
Kylo. It's a stupid nickname he gave me in 6th when I started growing my hair out longer. He says it makes me look like Kylo Ren, but I really don't see it.
"Maybe if you hadn't kept me up until 4:00 I would look better."
James just wiggles his eyebrows at that and Gina laughs. I huff and mutter 'shut up', my face beat red. The tarty bell rings and Mr. Taylor walks in.
"Take your seat, class. We have a new student joining us today. Come on in, bud."
A nice looking, curly haired blond kid walks through the doors. He looks only about two inches taller than me (which I'm pissed about, by the way. Why can't I be taller than just one person???), and has pale green eyes. He quickly scans the room before his eyes land on us. He gives a soft smile in our direction, and James returns it while I put my head down.
"This is Amos Wood. Please be nice to him. Amos, would you like to say a few things about yourself?"
The kid, Amos, nods and turns to the class. "Hello, everyone. My name is Amos. My family just moved here from California to be closer to my Uncle. I really like soccer, history, and architecture, and my favorite colors are yellow and blue. I's nice to meet all of you!"
Wow, I thought, It's like he rehearsed this.
"That's very nice, Amos. There's an empty seat in front of both Ryan and Haley. Why don't you sit near one of them?"
I look over at the brunette when her name is mentioned. Haley is already making goo goo eyes at Amos, but he has other plans. The curly haired kid makes his way over to the seat just in front of me and next to James, dropping his stuff on it before taking a seat. He turns to face me as soon as his ass hits the chair.
"Hi! I'm Amos Wood, nice to meet you!" he says with a bright smile, extending his hand for me to shake.
"Uh, Ryan Benton, nice too meet you, too," I say awkwardly, taking his hand. He squeezed it, shaking my hand for a little to long, his smile just a little too wide, which made me nervous. When he finally released me I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding.
"Hey man, my names James, and this is Gina! Nice to meet you!" James smiles. Amos reciprocates before turning to the front of the class, his textbook already open to the right page.
Well, this is weird. I hope he doesn't become a recurring character I think, focusing on my own textbook. This is going to be a long day.

I entered the cafeteria in a worse mood than I had at the beginning of the day. My second class isn't with any of my friends. Instead, I'm stuck sitting next to Meredith and Dylan for half an hour, being forced to watched them make out while my English teacher doesn't even try to intervene. Because, hey, it's Dylan Anderson. No one messes with Dylan. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who kidnapped those kids from Moonsdale. Then I have art which, honestly, I'm not very good at. It's an easy A, though, and I'm in that class with Alyssa, so it's great. Probably the highlight of my day.
I head over to our table and set my stuff in between James and Ethan's, as always, before noticing a sixth set of books at the table. They're clean, new notebooks and binders, and everything seems color coded. I'm confused for a second before I see Amos Wood walking over to our table with a lunch tray. Oh, great. I have to deal with him for the rest of lunch. I already got my fill of Amos that morning. The goody two shoes kept sucking up to Mr. Taylor, even singing along to the music he played when we were doing a worksheet.
"Hello, Ryan. I hope you don't mind that I'm sitting here."
"You're fine, it's not like your taking someones seat," I inwardly cringe, cursing at myself for not being more popular or at least not packing my lunch so I could get away from this creep. Well, today they were serving the cheap, shitty pizza that's usually frozen solid, so I really don't regret packing today.
"Hey guys!" Ethan smiles, strolling up to our table with his tray and sitting down next to me, "What are we talking about?"
"Oh nothing," Amos smiles.
"I don't think we've properly been introduced. You're Amos, right? I'm Ethan. I heard from James that you like soccer! I'm actually on the soccer team here. You should check it out when you get the chance!" Ethan said, giving Amos a firm handshake.
"I'd love to! I used to play soccer all the time with my friends back in California. It's really what brought us all together. It'll be fun to play again!"
Maybe I was being a little too judgmental. Sure, Amos was a little strange and almost seemed a little too perfect, but he just transferred to a new high school in the middle of the year and had to leave all of his friends behind. I couldn't imagine what that was like. I had lived in Sunnyville my whole life. It must suck.
I only felt like that for a moment before Amos turned back to me with his too wide smile and his too perfect teeth. His green eyes glinted with something darker, and all of my sympathy for him zapped away in an instant, being once again replaced with suspicion.
He didn't hold my gaze long because, luckily, the others showed up. I spent the rest of the lunch period talking with my friends and trying my best to ignore Amos, who was in deep conversation with Ethan about soccer. Amos did occasionally pop into our conversation to say something funny, which actually made me laugh a bit. Sure, I didn't trust him, but maybe, just maybe I was being too harsh.

The rest of the school day went by in a blur. I vaguely remember Amos being in my Math class, but other than than, it was just a normal school day.
I got on the bus and sat in the back with my earbuds in. I looked up when someone sat down next to me. Surprisingly, it was Hannah. I was very confused. Hannah and I might be siblings, but she always sits with her friends on the bus. I was about to say something sarcastic when I saw her face.
Hannah was as pale as a sheet. Her eyes were wide, and her hair was messy. She seemed shaken up. My mood turned serious and I took out my earbuds.
"Um, are you okay?" I asked awkwardly, concerned for my little sister.
Hannah just shook her head in response, seeming too weak to say anything.
"What happened?" I questioned.
"I... I heard something. Something in the woods, beckoning me into them. I almost went. I was so close, but then I heard something else. I-it was a scream. Something was screaming in the woods, Ryan! But no one else heard it! It didn't stop screaming until last period! I couldn't think, I couldn't eat, I couldn't breath. I was so scared, Ryan!" she whispered, barely able to keep the quiver out of her voice as she spoke. I wrapped an arm around her and she clung to my jacked, letting out a few soft whimpers as she shook in my arms. This is nothing like how she usually acts. Hannah was bratty and rude most of the time, being our parents little girl and getting almost anything she wanted. But she had never cried before, unless she was throwing a temper tantrum. I didn't know what to do, so I just held her closer.
"It's going to be okay, alright? Why don't we watch some cartoons or something on my phone?"
Hannah nodded weakly, and I pulled it back out again, offering one earbud as we went to Disney +. We watched Star vs the forces of Evil until we got to our stop.
"Go lay down in your room while I get you something to eat. We still have leftover cupcakes from Dad's party last week, would you like that?" I asked gently. Hannah nodded, but looked terrified of being alone, so instead she stayed in the kitchen with me. I ended up taking my Nintendo Switch into her room and playing Pokemon next to her bed until she fell asleep. When I was sure she wasn't awake, I rushed downstairs and made dinner, then took a bath and changed into something more comfy.
I had just finished making our plates when I heard Hannah scream upstairs. I raced up there and into her room to find her curled up in a shaking ball on her bead. I quickly ran to her and wrapped my arms around her form as she leaned into my touch.
"It's okay, it's alright. I'm here. Just breath."
Hannah took a few shaky breaths to calm herself before turning to me. "I-I had a nightmare, and when I w-woke up, you weren't here and I panicked, I'm s-sorry."
"You don't need to apologize, I understand. You should go take a shower, okay? I have dinner downstairs and we can play Mario Kart until we fall asleep."
Hannah nodded and went to take her bath while I set up the TV. She came out about 20 minutes later looking a bit better. I gave her dinner, which was pancakes, and the two of us ate in silence while she put on another episode of SVTFOE.
We did exactly what I suggested and played Mario Kart for about four hours. She ended up falling asleep when I was selecting a new level, and I took her up to her room and tucked her in. That's when I decided to write this post. I should probably stop, though. The battery on my laptop is low and I'm pretty sure the light is disturbing Hannah. I'm currently sitting next to her bed in case she has another nightmare.
So yeah, my day wasn't too bad. I met a new guy and bonded with my sister a bit. Still, the day sucked like any other. Thanks for reading.
Intro: https://www.reddit.com/useTheAmazingRyan205/comments/ewwk5x/introduction/
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