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REWORK- Wolfram, The Man with a Broken Past

Note 1: As I reworked Solon, I also decided to rework Wolfram. Note 2: The name Wolfram refers to the element tungsten. Note 3: Some the information in this character may be confusing wothout also viewing Wolfram. Please see that page if you are confused. However, do not, by any mean, feel obligated to read both of you don't feel like it. Doing so will give you a clearer picture of both characters, however. Note 4: Thanks to Gaystriker97 #THC from Amino for helping me with this! Links-
Solon: https://www.reddit.com/OverwatchHeroConcepts/comments/7g3r3l/rework_solon_the_defector_from_vishka
Striker: http://aminoapps.com/p/8gmdwc

Callsign: Wolfram

Real Name: Liam Lowell

Height: 5'6"

Age: 30

Nationality: Scottish

Occupation: Student (Formerly), Vishkar Employee (Formerly), Overwatch Agent (Reformed) (Current)

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Architect Academy (Formerly)
  • Vishkar Corporation (Formerly)
  • Overwatch (Reformed) (Current)

Role: Offense

Total Health: 200

Movement Speed: 6 MPS

Ammo Capacity: 18

1st Spawn Quote: Life's a joke! I'm just here for the punchline.


Liam Lowell lived an impoverished life until he was brought to the Architech Academy by the Vishkar Corporation. During his experience at the Academy, his life was relatively unremarkable. His grades were average, besides his music class, which he excelled in with his flute. However, there was one aspect of the Academy Liam couldn't grasp; Hard Light manipulation. He wasn't particularly comfortable with the fact that he was literally bending reality, but he nonetheless made an effort to work on his skills, though with few results. He failed most Hard light related exams, which significantly impacted his overall average. Liam had asked people for help, but Hard Light manipulation was hard enough for them as it was. People also bullied Liam, as he was clumsy to say the least, and would usually fall if he was pushed, further complicating his problem. One day head heard of two top student that were giving Hard Light related tutoring sessions. Liam decided to take them up on their offer. This was when Liam first became acquainted with Satya Vaswani and Hugo Eisert. They both told Liam that the likely cause of his problem was that the Academy had taught him that Hard Light manipulation was mechanical, while it was meant to be more freeform. They suggested he find a more specific area of study. Liam though about it and decided he was tired of being pushed and falling over. His field of study would be gravity, though he had to be able to use Hard Light for music as well. Liam set out to learn as much as he could about gravity and eventually, with the help of his tutors, he was able to apply gravity to his Hard Light. Liam was absolutely elated, both at the fact that he was finally able to master the tech and that he had found new friends. Liam, Hugo and Satya eventually graduated and went into Vishkar together. Hugo came to Liam and Satya with an interesting fact. Most, if not all, of Vishkar's employees had few memories and knew they had come from poor environments. Now that Hugo mentioned it, the gears in Liam's head began to turn; that story applied to him, and some other people he knew as well. It was Liam himself that suggested that they break into the records building to discover their origins. He seemed the most eager to know about his past. While Satya and Hugo both had their doubts about breaking and entering, they eventually agreed. Liam used his gravity to blow the door open, Hugo used his mechanical prowess to unlock the lock on the student records and Satya's turrets acted as a defense against any guards. Liam was finally face-to-face with his past. What he found was shocking; he was to be forcibly removed from his impoverished life by Vishkar. When his parents did not comply, the agents murdered them and took their child. All of a sudden, Liam remembered the event in vivid detail, which was odd, as neither of his friends seemed to remember their pasts. Liam saw horrible images; the agents knocking in their door asking for him, the bloody bodies of her parents and those two horrible words on repeat in his head. "Mom? Dad?" He was momentarily overcome, before Hugo asked him to come with him back to his hometown in Crete. Liam knew he couldn't let Hugo alone, so he agreed. As Hugo argued with Satya, Liam stood by and refused to comment. As Liam and Hugo traveled, Hugo asked if Liam regretted his decision, to which he replied he didn't. They were later found by the agents of Overwatch (note: this is the reformed Overwatch. By this time it had already broken up and come back together). Liam pleaded with Hugo to stay, but could not manage it; Hugo's as determined to be sent back to Crete. Finally, after Hugo's parents were determined to be dead, Liam had had enough and told his friend that he was staying no matter what. Hugo agreed. Like him, there are 5 stories which explain his relationships.


Main Attack: G-Musket

Wolfram shoots a compressed Ball of gravitational force. Whenever he shoots a pellet, his adversary is slowed down.
  • Linear Projectile
  • Travels at 85 meters per second
  • 40 damage per round
  • 2.25 rounds per second
  • 1.7 reload time
  • When shot an enemy will be slowed by 1%
  • Slowing effect stacks up to 15%
  • Slowing decays after not being shot by Wolfram for 3 seconds, at a rate of 3% per second.
  • Can headshot, headshot multiplier= 1.5

Alternate Fire: Velocity Boost

Wolfram shoots a gravity blast out of his musket, propelling himself and any enemies he hits backwards.
  • Beam
  • 1.5 meter range
  • 2 shots per second
  • Consumes 3 rounds per shot
  • 3 meter push back, affects both Wolfram and enemies
  • Wolfram is propelled in the opposite direction he is facing
  • Velocity Boost pierces barriers
  • 1.7 reload time
Weeeee! (Using)
Whistles (Using)
Take a look! (Using)

1st Ability: Spacewalk

Wolfram summons a portal on the ground that creates an area of anti-gravity.
  • 4 meter radius
  • Extends 15 meters vertically
  • Characters that stand in the AOE will rise at a rate of 3 meters per second
  • Movement speed is reduced by 10% while in the AOE
  • Non-Ultimate projectiles that pass through the field will be slowed by 25%
  • Hitscan weapons behave normally
  • Only one may be active at a time
  • 1.2 second cast time
  • Cannot be placed on an area where an enemy is standing
  • 12 second cooldown
“Rising, rising, rising.” (Using)
“Up we go!” (Using)
“I’m an astronaut!” (Using)

2nd Ability: Collapsing Star

Wolfram throws out an explosive charge that first draws enemies in and then explodes. The charge can also be shot to release the blast early.
  • Arcing splash projectile
  • When the projectile makes contact with a solid surface, it will cease moving
  • Once it has stopped moving, the star will begin to send out energy that has a weak pulling effect
  • 3 meter pulling radius
  • After 3 seconds the star will explode
  • 2 meter explosion radius
  • 65 max damage, 10 min damage
  • The star may be detonated early if Wolfram shoots it
  • The explosion can damage Wolfram
  • 7 second cooldown
“Fire in the hole!” (Using)
“Look, a shooting star!” (Using)
“Watch the sky.” (Using)

Ultimate: Matter of Force

Wolfram uses experimental technology to surround himself in an oppressive aura, damaging any enemies that are unlucky enough to be near him.
  • 8 meter AOE radius from Wolfram’s position
  • Deals 50 damage per second at the center
  • Deals 5 damage per second at the edge
  • Wolfram cannot use his Primary Fire during this ability
  • Wolfram’s Alternate Fire Can now be done three times a second
  • State lasts 10 seconds
  • Wolfram can move during this ability
“Now, just watch me go!” (Self and Hostile)
“It's a matter of force, you see.” (Friendly)


High mobility, Excels at pushing characters out of position, Unpredictable for enemies
Strong Against-


All abilities (including ultimate) only cover a telegraphed amount of space, Long cooldown on first ability, Can be difficult to control
Weak Against-


Wolfram is the second character to use gravity in the game (the first being Zarya), but he plays no where nears Zarya, or any current character for that matter. Wolfram is an offense hero with a specialty in mobility and support.
Wolfram’s Primary Fire, his beloved G-Musket, is very unique for a main weapon. It can quickly fire rounds that do low damage and slow his adversaries. This allows his allies to follow-up on Wolfram’s assaults and quickly dispatch the enemy. Keep in mind that despite its fast animation, this attack is in fact a projectile. Velocity Boost is Wolfram’s Alternate Attack and his main source of mobility. This attack will propel any enemy it hits in the direction that Wolfram’s gun is facing and Wolfram in the exact opposite direction. This ability has a multitude of uses, including horizontal and vertical movement, letting Wolfram easily escape. Wolfram can also use this ability to push enemies off the map or out of position, especially considering that it pierces shields. This makes Wolfram perfect for contesting barriers. Wolfram’s next ability is Spacewalk, which allows him to create an anti-gravity field. Again, this ability has multiple uses. It can create shortcuts for allies, give allies better vantage points, defend against enemy projectiles, or slow down enemies. This ability is best used in chokepoints, where it will have the most effect. Collapsing Star is Wolfram’s second ability. It releases an explosive charge that first pulls in enemies and then explodes after a delay. The explosive can also be detonated early if Wolfram shoots it. Note that the pulling radius is smaller than the actual explosion and that the pull effect is relatively weak, meaning that Collapsing Star is best used when enemies are already grouped or for catching escaping enemies off guard. Lastly, Wolfram’s Ultimate, Matter of Force, causes enemies in a wide AOE around Wolfram to take damage. In this form, Wolfram cannot use his Primary Fire, but his Alternate Fire can be some more quickly. This ability fits perfectly with Wolfram’s speed and allows him to dive into enemy lines to cause havoc.


Wolfram is a character that can easily appeal to most player. Despite the zaniness of his playstyle, Wolfram is not a difficult hero to play effectively. Wolfram also appeals to multiple styles of play. Offense players will be able to tear through the battlefield with reckless abandon, while more supportive players can play a more calculate game, carefully placing their abilities to have the most effect. Wolfram’s best allies are those that can keep up with his speed, those that can provide him with cover, and those that could use his particular brand of support.

Victory Poses

Default: Wolfram looks directly at the camera from a slight angle.
Classic: Wolfram's musket faces the ground and he leans on it with his left arm.
Victory Song: Wolfram is seen in the middle of playing his flute.
Armed: Wolfram kneels with his musket pointed at the camera.


Default: Wolfram claps several time.
Tune: Wolfram projects his flute and plays a short tune.
Yes!: Wolfram laughs and the points as he nods his head.
Tribute: Wolfram sits on his legs with his musket laid out horizontally in front of him.

Highlight Intro

Default: Wolfram projects his gun and happily waves with his other hand.
In Spaaaaace: Wolfram jumps and rises up using his Spacewalk before smiling at the camera.
Make a Wish:* Wolfram throws a Collapsing Star before shooting it and watching the explosion.
I’m a Star!: Wolfram is seen using his Velocity Boost several times. The camera the pans up revealing that he created a star.


Wolfram is reasonably short, an inch taller than his friend Solon. Being of European decent, he is very pale skinned. He has been called both younger and older than he is. As a self-described nerd, Wolfram's clothing reflects this. He wears a black graphic teeshirt with the picture of a falling apple that says "What's better than a ton? A Newton!" His Hard Light projectors are gloves which match and have red accents as well. His hair is a relatively short dark blonde and his eyes are small and dark green.
Rare Skins
Pink Lady: Shirt is pink.
Granny Smith: Shirt is green.
Golden Delicious: Shirt is yellow.
Honeycrisp: Shirt is a deep red.
Epic Skins*
Patriotic: Wolfram wears a blue shirt with a white X on it, mirroring the Scottish flag. His pants are now white and his gloves and boots are blue.
Rampant: Wolfram has a orangish-yellow shirt with a red graphic of the Rampant Lion. His pants are tan and his gloves and boots are copper.
Legendary Skins
Corryvreckan: Wolfram taps even further into his Scottish heritage. He is dressed as a semi-traditional highlander would be. He has a blue and black tartan kilt and a similarly colored full plaid, which is a long piece of traditional dress that is pleated. He also has a sporran, which is a leather or fur pocket that is positioned in front of the groin. His gravity boots are no longer boots at all, but now traditional reddish brogues with lacing that works to hold his socks. His gloves are a matching color to his gloves.
Finn: Similar to the above. The kilt is gold with a darker embroidered pattern on the lining. The full plaid is green and gold, the shoes are black. Instead of the sporran, Wolfram has a shining helmet of pure silver and gloves that match.
Unique Quotes-
“A highlander never quits.” (Respawn)
“Charge!” (Using Velocity Boost)
“Another for my flag.” (Getting a kill)
“For my homeland!” (Using Matter of Force(Self and Hostile))
“Play the anthem of my people!” (Using Matter of Force(Friendly))
Maestro: Liam reflects his musical aspirations. He wears a long gentleman's coat made out of brocade with a complex pattern of red roses, with black trim, and gold button, all but one of which are buttoned. Underneath he has a cream ruffled shirt, though only the ruffles can be seen. His pants are brown dress slacks and the boots and gloves are both grey and more formal than his other skins.
Virtuoso: Similar to the above. The coat is black with a print of white musical notes and trim, while the buttons are silver. The shirt is white. The slacks are grey and the boots and gloves are brass colored.
Unique Quotes-
“Looks like that note went a little flat.” (Respawn)
“Defy-ing gra-vity.” (Using Spacewalk) (Reference to Wicked)
“A star just like me.” (Using Collapsing Star)
“Now! Your swan song.” (Using Matter of Force(Self and Hostile))
“Time for my solo!” (Using Matter of Force(Friendly))


Unlike his friend, Liam is mostly what he seems at a single glance. Even to those who are unfamiliar with him, Liam is a very happy person and doesn't let himself become burdened easily. He isn't religious, but he believes deeply in the karmic balance of the world and Ying and Yang, which both comfort him and contribute to his belief that good will triumph in the end. Liam's attitude allows him to be a very good giver of advice, a fact which contributed to his friendship with Hugo. Good friends will find that Liam is zany, to say the least, and loves making people smile. However, there is also a hidden side to Liam. Owed to his very hard life and the loss of his parents, Liam is depressive and can be haunted by some of his memories. Both Liam and Hugo are depressive and effected by anything that happens, Liam just chooses not to show it. That is not Liam's main personality; he is very optimistic, a bit crazy and constantly makes puns and references. He also loves to act like a dog, saying things loudly and more than once as they fit his wacky and energetic personality. He is very passionate about his heritage but doesn't normally use any of the slang, except in his Scottish skins. To compensate for the fact that he only speaks English, he knows sign language, and his animations for certain lines, such as hello and thank you, are him signing the word.
These are his closest relationships-
Mei: Mei is very much the welcoming committee of Overwatch. So, when she heard that there was a new agent in their midst, she just had to meet him. She did, however, decide to wait on welcoming Hugo, for obvious reasons. When she came to his room, Liam welcomed Mei and Mei began her speech about Overwatch and the state of the world. Mei was surprised when Liam actually let her finish it. Mei then busted out one of her trademark puns as she began to leave. Before she could, Liam responded with another pun, which then turned into a pun battle. They laughed and laughed, as it was unspoken that they had just pretty much become best friends. One day Mei was brushing up on her knowledge of the periodic elements and asked Liam to quiz her. When they got to Tungsten, Liam asked why its symbol was W, to which Mei replied that it stood for Wolfram. Liam liked the sound of that and the name stuck. Mei is also teaching Liam Chinese.
Mercy: One day Mei and Liam were working on Liam’s gravity tech when he told a joke. Mei laughed hysterically and accidentally sent a gravitational shockwave through the area. Mei wasn't harmed, but Liam was. Mei ran out of the room screaming for Doctor Ziegler. Mercy took him to the medical ward and told Mei that he would be okay if he got some rest. Liam woke up disoriented in the medical ward and Mercy explained the situation. Liam explained that he was having trouble with his gravity boots. Mercy actually knew a good deal about gravity, as she had to learn to control it with her suit. After Liam recovered, Mercy helped Liam and Mei figure it out. To this day, the three of them still continue to iron out the flaws in the boots.
Ana: Unlike Hugo, Liam was actually excited to go out into the field. Ever since he heard about the legendary Overwatch team, he had dreamed about joining them. He practiced day and night with his musket, but was constantly falling, due to both his clumsiness and the kickback on his weapon. One day, after crashing himself into a wall on the practice range, Liam sat and looked at the floor, thoroughly dismayed. Suddenly he felt something in his shoulder; a healing dart from Ana. The two greeted each other, as they had talked a small amount, and Ana said she had seen him fall…more than once. She offered to teach Liam how to shoot. Liam was apprehensive; he knew Ana was a good shot, but he also knew she had more important things to do. To show him her dedication, Ana took Liam's gun and expertly shot several training bots. Liam then agreed. Not only did Liam become a much improved shot, the two also often laughed with each other and Ana provided wisdom befitting the old and wise warrior she was.
Lucio: When Liam has spare time, he often plays his flute. He was doing this one day when Lucio, who's room was near Liam's, knocked on his door and asked if he was the source of the noise. Liam assumed he would complain, but on the contrary, Lucio actually wanted to watch him preform. Afterwards, Lucio asked of he wanted to preform music together the next day, which Liam of course accepted. However, the next day Lucio saw Liam projecting his flute through hard light. Lucio was able to recognize it because of his experiences with Vishkar. Liam explained that he and Hugo had came from Vishkar and the details of how they came into Overwatch. Lucio was conflicted; Liam seemed like a nice guy but he was from Vishkar, the very company which wanted to take Lucio's freedom. Lucio said he needed to think. When they next met, Lucio said he was still confused. Liam stated the he understood, but he said that there was a reason he left, other than Hugo; he didn't agree with Vishkar's methods or ideals. He had always felt that the actions of the company were morally wrong and felt similarly conflicted, as he wanted to stand up for what was right, but going against the company would cause many to see him as the morally corrupt one. It was then that Lucio realized that he had been unfairly judged Liam based in his background, which was something he told people never to do. Just because he was from Vishkar, that didn't mean that he was a bad person or even that he supported them; the company itself may be bad, but the individual employees may not. From there the two formed a powerful, if unlikely, friendship.
Tracer: Due to the variety of agents and abilities at Overwatch, agents are put into groups based upon their speed and mobility, after accounting for their abilities, and they rotate training partners daily. Liam was placed among the individuals with the highest ground speed, because of his gravity technology, along with Tracer, Genji and Lucio. Liam's first training partner was Lean Oxton, whom he had heard of and admired for her heroism. He expressed this before their training and Tracer was flattered and that somehow made her even more cheery than usual. Their match that followed was a harrowing endeavor. Because both were skilled at dodging attacks and neither was exactly an excellent shot (she was originally a pilot), the match mostly consisted of the two dodging each other's attacks and unsuccessfully trying to counterattack. After a long while of this, the two finally decided to call it a draw with a hearty laugh. The two became fast friends due to their similar dispositions and to this day they still often train and go on missions together.

Voice Lines

  • “In just a few seconds, I'll be dashing through the battlefield.” (During Setup)
  • “It's almost time. Make sure your weapons are ready.” (During Setup)
  • “I'd like to take all of Hugo's missions to his place. I don't think he wants to come here.” (During setup on Ilios)
  • “I wonder if there's any more gravity technology here.” (During setup on Volskaya Industries)
  • “Born free, shot to death.” (Respawn)
  • “Either I just died, or my watch has stopped.” (Respawn) (Reference to Groucho Marx)
  • “THIS-MEANS-WAR!” (Respawn) (Reference to Loony Toons )
  • “Good grief!” (Respawn) (Reference to Peanuts)
  • “Aw, man. I got shot in the face!” (Respawn) (Reference to Pulp Fiction)
  • “Stop! Stop! I'm already dead!” (Respawn) (Reference to The Simpsons)
  • “I told you, ‘I'll be back.’" (Said in a deep voice) (Respawn) (Reference to Terminator)
  • “Well, ow.” (Respawn)
  • “I feel fantastic.” (Pick Up Health Pack)
  • “I’m still alive. Still alive.” (Pick Up Health Pack) (Reference to Portal)
  • “Woo-hoo, just what I needed.” (Pick Up Health Pack) (Reference to Super Mario Bros)
  • “Who's on fire? This guy!” (On Fire)
  • “Does anyone smell something burning?” (On Fire)
  • “Time for some teamwork.” (Damage Boosted)
  • “Boom! Let's do it.” (Damage Boosted)
  • “Dang it, dang it, dang it!” (Discord Orb Received)
  • “Awesomeness!” (Voted Epic(5 Votes))
  • “Ohhh, YEAH!” (Voted Epic(5 Votes))
  • “Eat your heart out Isaac!” (Voted Legendary(10 Votes))
  • “Drinks are on me tonight!” (Voted Legendary(10 Votes))
  • “You've helped me once again.” (Resurrected)
  • “Wolfram, ready for action!” (Hero Switch)
  • “Sniiiiiper.” (Sniper Sighted)
  • “Enemies. Get 'em, get 'em.” (Enemy Seen)
  • “Turret! Turret! I see a turret!” (Turret Seen)
  • “Say bye to that turret.” (Turret Destroyed)
  • “Me thinks I smell a teleporter.” (Enemy has a teleporter)
  • “Now, where is that teleporter?” (Enemy has a teleporter)
  • “Oh, look, I found the teleporter.” (Teleporter Sighted)
  • “The Teleporter is gone. I think I’ve seen it before.” (Teleporter Destroyed)
  • “There’s a Shield Generator here somewhere.” (Enemy has a Shield Generator)
  • “Now, where was that Shield Generator…?” (Enemy has a Shield Generator)
  • “I found the Shield Generator.” (Shield Generator Sighted)
  • “The Shield Generator is destroyed. I think I know who did this.” (Shield Generator destroyed)
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, here I come!” (Nanoboosted)
  • “Bum bum bum!” (Nanoboosted)
  • “Are you excited? Get excited!” (Nanoboosted)
  • “We've almost won!” (Time Running Out (Defense))
  • “Times wasting! Let's move move move!” (Time Running Out (Attack))
  • “Start running. Let's win this!” (Time Running Out (Attack))
  • “We can turn it around. I'll work twice as hard.” (Time Running Out (Attack))
  • “The point's being captured. Everyone rush over.” (Point being Captured (Defense))
  • “Throw them away from our point.” (Point being Captured (Defense))
  • “Hey! Get off that objective!” (Point being Captured (Defense))
  • “The best defense is a good offense. So…offend the point.” (Point being Captured (Defense))
  • “I'm on the point. Let's do it!” (Capturing Objective)
  • “It's time!” (Capturing Objective)
  • “Let's hold down the objective.” (Capturing Objective)
  • “This is it. Move that payload.” (Payload Stuck)
  • “We have to move with the payload.” (Payload Stuck)
  • “I'm pushing the payload.” (Escorting Payload (Attack))
  • “Let's go guys. Come on!” (Escorting Payload (Attack)
  • “Gravity always wins.” (Final Blow)
  • “Another one bites the dust.” (Final Blow) (Reference to Queen)
  • “Down you go.” (Final Blow)
  • “Thank you for punderstanding.” (Final Blow)
  • “Make like lettuce and leaf.” (Final Blow)
  • “Did I blow you away?” (Final Blow)
  • “Sorry. It needed to happen.” (Final Blow)
  • “You're gone.” (Final Blow)
  • “Yay!” (Final Blow)
  • “Hey look, I did it!” (Solo Kill)
  • “Down, down, down, down…” (Solo Kill) (Reference to Schoolhouse Rock)
  • “Keep it up now.” (Ally eliminated enemy)
  • “Right back atcha'.” (Revenge)
  • “Was that cold?” (Revenge)
  • “Jello.” (Hello)
  • “Yo.” (Hello)
  • “Hi!” (Hello)
  • “Thanks!” (Thank)
  • “Aww, thanks.” (Thank)
  • “Zank you.” (Thank)
  • “Yip. (Acknowledged)
  • “Gotcha.” (Acknowledged)
  • “Of course.” (Acknowledged)
  • “Could I get some healing?” (Need Healing)
  • “I need healing here.” (Need Healing)
  • “Over here.” (Group Up)
  • “Come with me.” (Group Up)
  • “Group up with me.” (Group Up)
  • “Come on, come on!” (Group Up)
  • “My ultimate is charging.” (Ultimate Status)
  • “My ultimate is almost ready.” (Ultimate Status)
  • “My ultimate's ready to go.” (Ultimate Status)
  • “It's ultimate time!” (Ultimate Status)
  • “Here's Liam!” (Voice Line(Default)) (Reference to The Shining)
  • “I got a book on anti-gravity. I can't put it down.” (Voice Line)
  • “Obey gravity; its the law.” (Voice Line)
  • “I don't trip. I just check the gravity.” (Voice Line)
  • “Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.” (Voice Line) (Reference to Gone With the Wind)
  • “They see me rollin'…” (Voice Line)
  • “Don't make me force you.” (Voice Line)
  • “I'm just a snarf!” (Voice Line)
  • “Enter the chuckle factory!” (Voice Line)
  • “Puns are always the best. Always.” (Voice Line)
  • “I'm not mad. Just disappointed.” (Voice Line)


1)Wolfram- “Try to keep up Tracer!”
Tracer- “Haha, I was about to say the same thing.”
2)Tracer- “Get ready for…”
Wolfram- “…some speedy kills!”
3)Wolfram- (Is killed by Tracer)
Tracer- “Finally, we ended a match.”
4)Tracer- (Is killed by Wolfram)
Wolfram- “I won…? I WON!”
1)Wolfram- “Mei I ask you a question?”
Mei- “Oh, just Liam alone.”
2)Mei- “Liam, have you been practicing your Chinese?”
Wolfram- “哦, 是的!” (Oh, yes!)
3)Wolfram- (Is killed by Mei)
Mei- “You're truly a force to be reckoned with.”
4)Mei- (Is killed by Wolfram)
Wolfram- “I'll have to put you on ice.”
1)Wolfram- “Hey, thanks again for the musket Hugo! If feels great to use.”
Solon- “I knew you’d like it, but I didn’t think you’d actually use it.”
2)Solon- “Need any modifications, Liam?”
Wolfram- “I’ll keep you posted, sir.”
3)Wolfram- (Is killed by Solon)
Solon- “Your speed doesn't fool me.”
4)Solon- (Is killed by Wolfram)
Wolfram- “I've seen all your tricks…or at least most of them.”
1)Wolfram- “Hey dad! Für gerechtigkeit!” (For justice!)
Reinhardt- “Hahaha, und für die zukunft!” (…and for the future!)
2)Reinhardt- “I shall shield you. Can I count of you to support me?”
Wolfram- “Anytime.”
3)Wolfram- (Is killed by Reinhardt)
Reinhardt- “This one…was hard.”
4)Reinhardt- (Is killed by Wolfram)
Wolfram- “Shot through the Hardt.” (Reference to Bon Jovi)
1)Ana- “It seems you took to my teachings.”
Wolfram- “Well, I was learning from the best.”
2)Wolfram- (Is killed by Ana)
Ana- “A good shot can can hit their target regardless of speed.”
1)Lucio- “Lets see how fast we can go.”
Wolfram- “We won't even give 'em a chance to blink.”
2)Wolfram- (Is killed by Lucio)
Lucio- “You can't out-speed me!”
3)Lucio- (Is killed by Wolfram)
Wolfram- “Now that what I call breaking it down.”
1)Wolfram- “Lets fly little angel.”
Mercy- “Of course. Leave it to me.”
2)Mercy- “Liam, I’m available after the match if you wish to continue working on your technology.”
Wolfram- “Sounds like a plan ma’am.”
3)Wolfram- (Is killed by Mercy)
Mercy- “A wolf in the sky…that's something new.”
4)Mercy- (Is killed by Wolfram)
Wolfram- “No Mercy!”
1)Wolfram- “Satya, what are you doing in a place like this!?”
Symmetra- “I'm afraid I cannot tell you Liam.”
2)Symmetra- “If you are still conflicted, we would accept you back.”
Wolfram- “Sorry, Satya, but I can't do that.”
3)Wolfram- (Is killed by Symmetra)
Symmetra- “You need not concern yourself with me.”
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