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My Age code hs; 1/1.6; 1/2+3; 10 divided by 0; 10 greatest empiress; 100 factorial; 100 million crore; 1000 * 20; 1000 lbs; 1000 million is 1 billion; 10000 reasons guitar chords; 1000x1000 in inches; 10249: connect: connection refused; 10: 28: 43.248 - Backpack is not a valid member of. Here we collected the best shooter games, similar to the original Counter Strike Game as well as all parts of the counter strike itself! Headshot kills have their own unique icon next to the weapon used in the kill feed.

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Reclamatie Random Shot & Headshot [REZOLVAT] Started by aLink, 12-01-20 19: 21. Hulls are color code as follows: Green Ground movement Blue Jumping movement Cyan Flying movement Magenta Climbing movement Red Connection disabled: ai_show_graph_connect: Toggles graph connection display for the node that the player is looking at. Nodes that are connected to the selected node by the net graph will be drawn in red with magenta lines connecting to the selected node. Nahj Al-Hidayah: Islamic Short Stories: Islamic Fiction Jim Field Smith Home; Contact; Aim Headshot Cfg Download.

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Silent Aim For Cs 1.6; Download Cfg For Cs 1.6; Configs Config Scripts for Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6). Counter Strike 1.6 Hacks: Config Hacks see this here. Counter Strike Global Offensive 14934 Counter Strike 1.6 6116 Team Fortress 2 6038 Left 4 Dead 2 3147 TeamSpeak 3 2839 Garry's Mod 1448 Left 4 Dead 1343 Counter Strike Source 1342 ARK: Survival Evolved 828.

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Counter-Strike: Source Download for Free on PC official website. I need to enter a Serial Number to activate the Multisim evaluation. Download codur counter strike Aim hack wall.

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Your whole body will change into UK SAS suit. I think the game is more like an 80% - 20% mix of 1.6 and CS: S, respectively. Do i need to download bloody5 and activate that?

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Our filtering technology ensures that only latest counter strike hack cheat headshot files are listed. The graphics are also way better and way. Counter-Strike 1.6 Cheats Freee!

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Crack forum thread: CS 1.6 Resolution

The game itself is not very demanding for the computer and it can run it easily but constant crashes, freezes and black screen issues takes the fun away. Counter-Strike Server questions go to my site. A4tech Bloody V7 mouse crack - MPGH - MultiPlayer Game browse around this site.

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THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE CSGO: COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE HEADSHOT ENAMEL PIN. Run away to avoid a counter attack, such as its random thrashing about and/or charging at you. Counter strike global offensive 1.6 counter strike global offensive 144hz.

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Overview 1.1 Advantages 1.2 Disadvantages 2 Tips 3 Variant 4 Release date 5 Comparisons 6 Gallery 7 Trivia JANUS-7 is a machine gun designed by Aegis Institute based on the MG3 and uses 7.62mm as its ammunition. One thing I noticed is that the rounds seem to go fairly quick. See more of Counter - Strike 1.6 Hackers on Facebook.

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Download in Description) 14/06/2020. For example, the AWM is normally a one-shot kill weapon, but an AWM hit to the extremities is not fatal. Counter-Strike: Source Imortality.

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See more ideas about Cyberpunk girl, Cyberpunk character, Cyberpunk aesthetic. Display the console window, then type "sv_cheats 1" and press [Enter] to enable cheat mode. Counter strike mobile hack mobile strike hack legit mobile strike mod money apk android mobile strike hack no survey no download no password mobile strike hack tools 64 mobile strike hack download pc mobile strike hack for iphone mobile strike hack 1.6 mobile strike hack may 2020 mobile strike game hacker bluestacks mobile strike mod money apk chomikuj mobile strike hack apk download link.

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How can I know which is my version? Record a demo incrementally. Free Adobe Acrobat Pro download & free trial.

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The Gaming Commission analyses the loot boxes found in Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, arriving at the conclusion that players are being misled. Contract Wars is a free to play (f2p) shooter dealing with confrontation between two private military companies. Guide How to use this hack: 1) Click on the link in the description to download hack for free from our high speed server 2) Start hack and follow simple instructions 3) Start Counter Strike and join a server 4) Press.

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Counter strike global offensive headshot guide counter strike 1.6 bunny hop guide counter strike guide indonesia counter strike installation guide counter strike source installation guide counter strike 1.3 installation guide counter strike 1.6 installation guide counter strike global offensive installation guide counter strike condition zero installation guide counter strike jump guide. H&K P30 [Counter-Strike: Source] [Works In Progress] https://sale7777.ru/download/?file=789. Counter strike 1.6 headshot hack.

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Cracks Hacks: DramaAlert 3 3.0 hacked client leaked and https://sale7777.ru/download/?file=787. Counter Strike Stickers. Replies: 2 Views: 203; Rating0 / 5; Last Post By.

My Opinion on WHY Movement(ADAD) Mechanic Should Be Tweaked, Explaining as Simple as I Can.

I'm not really good in English and i'll try to make this post as simple and logical as possible.
OPENING: Have you ever play the pistol round, where you play as CT in Long, getting flashed and on your half way back to the bombsite, the terrorist(s) show up on your screen? What would you do? Yes, the ADAD.. It's happening
Do you ever feel, as an average joe playing this game, frustrated to shoot people dancing left and right? This "ADAD" what I'd like to talk about.
The Good of ADAD:
  • It increase the required skill to aim. Now your opponent is harder to shoot and you'll be having hard time trying to shoot his head.
The Bad of ADAD:
  • It takes out the difference of the counter strike noob and the counter strike pro. but how can you say so? For a common fps player to jump into CSGO game, it is underneath their instinct to always reload after shooting, run into cover when in firefight, crouch when you spray and always on the move. The way CSGO's movement mechanic work right now is intended to keep the player to be as mobile as possible. Thus this ADAD spam encourage new player to keep doing it(ADAD) again and again, and this "ADAD technique" is applicable up to the highest level of competition.
  • It is much harder to aim and shoot at someone "ADAD"ing while the "ADAD" itself require less skill. basically it's just mashing two button repeatedly. Meaning that player with less-than-average aiming skill will have the more or less "awkward moment" against player with average aiming skill. It increases the chance of survival for the player with less aiming skill, by making decreasing the ability of your opponent to be able shoot you, this can be achieved by simply pressing two button randomly.
Proposed Solution by Community:
Increase Friction and/or Decrease Acceleration
Related Article m0rdock's movement value proposal
Valve's reaction to movement changes
What is acceleration? Think of a car, the faster it's acceleration, the faster it'll reach certain speed. What does acceleration do with CS? Think of your opponent as pendulum. When he decide to switch direction, his movement will stop for a while then accelerate to the opposite direction. It's like a car moving backward, and then speeding forward. To put it simply, higher acceleration = less time to hit maximum speed = less time for you to adjust your aim. I'm not sure how friction and acceleration in the game relate to each other but the research done by micronn shown that it's tweakable up to the competitive level.
The Good of tweaking Acceleration:
The Bad of tweaking Acceleration:
  • Different feeling compared to the current movement.
  • Slightly Nerf Pistol, shotgun and SMGs
  • Some might prefer current acceleration
  • Making the game less fast-paced. Preference..
Okay so there's another alternative?
Yes There is, the onepointpixel tagging mechanic
Tagging Mechanic
What tagging does, is basically something like when someone throw decoy and hit you in GO but instead of nades, every bullet behave the same way. If you get hit by bullet you'll stop
The Good:
  • Reward player with better reaction/aim. If get shoot, you cannot rely on spamming your button. You have to shoot the guy who shoot you and kill him first. This encourage you to aim at the guy
  • Nerfed pistol heavily. You have to be accurate with p250 and rely less on running around while spamming your pistol
  • Punish people recklessly running into bombsite
The bad:
  • nerfed shotgun (can be good or bad depending on the person's preference)
  • Hard to implement, unlike acceleration
  • Combined with aimpunch, making it too OP against ECO round. Pistol will be very weak against auto weapon
  • People can still abuse the huge acceleration if you miss, hence encouraging for body shot your opponent can still ADADAD you down with normal current speed as long as you miss your shot, making it more viable for people to just aim for body shot which require less skill than aiming for insta-kill headshot.
No it is not hard to implement 1.6 style heavy tagging, it's actually really simple. Tagging slowdown for each weapon is controlled by its respective weapon script's FlinchVelocityModifierLarge and FlinchVelocityModifierSmall values.
FlinchVelocityModifierLarge controls the amount of slowdown when shot in the head,chest,arm, abdomen/pelvis whilst FlinchVelocityModifierSmall controls the slowdown from being shot in the legs. The lower the value given, the higher the velocity penalty from being shot. Just reduce those numbers to get heavy 1.6 style tagging, that's all you have to do.
Also not many people know this about GO where if you get tagged the acceleration straight after becomes much slower than normal. In spite what everyone says about GO's acceleration being faster than 1.6/Source, the acceleration after tagging is a special case and is in fact much slower than 1.6/CSS accleration. cl_showpos 1 shows this. It's the rather high values given to FlinchVelocityModifierLarge and FlinchVelocityModifierSmall that gives GO it's rather weak tagging which by the way CSS has as well despite that game having slower 1.6 style acceleration.
Ok so it affects gameplay, any other alternative?
There's model animation in onepointpixel game.
Flipping-Model Animation
The Idea Is that when someone changes direction, his body flip. Notice which direction the player model's body is facing
The Good:
  • Doesn't affect the gameplay too much
  • Psychologically help your to react against your opponent
The Bad:
  • Require extra animation
  • Still doesn't actually fix the zigzag abuse
  • May mess up hitbox if not properly implemented
Add More Running Innacuracy
Basically, You shoot less accurate while running
The Good:
  • Encourage crisper shooting control instead of zigzaging
  • Easy to implement
  • Doesn't affect the feeling of your movement
The Bad:
  • Major overhaul in the way you shoot(major gameplay change)
  • Nerfs some weapon, rendering it unusable (unless is has given exclusion)
Increase inaccuracy only for pistol
More effective and simple way is to just nerf the accuracy of pistols while on the move. Then it wouldn't mess up entry fragging, peeking, or anything else, which are at good state IMO.
The Good:
  • Doesn't change the gameplay much
  • Easier to implement
  • Simple solution for CZ and P250 abuse
The Bad:
  • Only fixes pistol related problem
Too Long, Didn't Read; Acceleration in this game is an issue for average joe, for example this is just another scene where shooting someone ADADing is awkward.
Possible Fix:
  • Tweaking acceleration/Friction value of player movement
  • Tagging Mechanical, mimic of how when nade stuck into your body when you get shot
  • Adding Body-Flip animation to help your brain to react changes
  • Adding more spread of recoil when someone's running while spraying/shooting
  • Adding more spread of recoil of pistol when someone's running while shooting Our Mission is to find a way, so that the shooting isn't too easy yet to hard, without affecting the gameplay too much.
Any thought on this? Got some other ideas? post them bellow!
submitted by yoztpetra to GlobalOffensive

Tips for improving from top pro AMAs (olofmeister, jw, flusha, kennyS, NBK & swag)

Hello boys and girls of this glorious subreddit, this is my first post so please bare over with me. I have collected information from the most popular Q&A threads from top pro players mainly from EU. I have rephrased the questions and put the answers for your improvement and pleasure. Every tip is worthy information from players in every skill group from Silver 1 to top ESEA teams, all comments are the direct text answer, nothing edited (except for capital letters). Every thread is linked as a source so whomever who wants, can go and read, every thread is a good read :D So here we go, you are more than welcome to suggest additions from other players + threads.


This thread was created 1 year ago, however, it is a lot of mental questions making it still relevant.
Tips for global wanting to take it to next level
Just try pugging with people at ESEA/Faceit and whenever you get the chance to play with or against good players, act nice, dont be toxic and try to communicate as good as possible so that they might want to play with you again. Other than that you just need to get lucky i would say. I never really pushed it over "the edge" i made my own team with the people that i enjoyed playing with that had the same mindset and skill as myself, and thats how i got to be where i am today. Lycka till!
fnatic pratice
Just playing scrims versus other top teams, when we do mistakes or try out new things we talk about what went wrong and what we should do different next time. Other than that we just go through new strats and positioning/defense.
I think my consistency lies in me not really going for the stupid risky plays rather than holding back, getting one or two frags and then just playing it safe. Also not relying on aiming to get frags, i prefer using flashes/smokes/grenades to get an edge in the duels.
How to handle pressure of audiences
I never had the issue with having nerves playing in front of audiences, i just zoned them out and just played my game.
Mentally improving in CS (Attitude & mindset)
Always strive to keep learning, looking at other players what they are doing good and what they are doing badly. And always try to think one step ahead of the enemy, e g if you throw a smoke at a certain place what will they expect you to do and so on. Also the opposite, if they throw a smoke at a certain place what do you think they are going to do and so on. Also you should really never play while you are tilted or mad since that will only make you do dumb stuff and perhaps make you think the game is less fun.
Should i keep playing ESEA even though i get flamed on?
I definitely think you should play ESEA or faceit over matchmaking, but the thing that will make you improve the most is getting a team and scrimming other teams to get the sense of how to counter other teams and getting the teamwork that is required to win matches in this game. Thank you, and good luck to you at Faceit/ESEA ;)
Mindset in clutch situations
Clutch or kick every time..
How to improve if you want to go pro
Every time you play you should just try to have fun while still learning new things and actually spectating others while you are dead to see what they do good and what they do bad, thats the way i kept getting better.
Practicing 5v5 vs DM (Gamesense vs aim)
5v5 99% of the time, and i would say its your gamesense. you can get to like LEM/SMFC without actually aiming that good^
SOURCE: [https://www.reddit.com/GlobalOffensive/comments/2se0ft/fnatic_flusha_ama/?]


Submitted 3 moths ago, i know swag is banned, he is however still a highly skilled player and could potentially have become one of the GOATs
How to take gunfights
I try not to take a gun battle without an advantage, or a reason to take it unless I'm just feeling confident. I use everything in my power to out play the enemy, whether its positioning, nade usage, or just a teammate. I feel like this a problem in NA CS. People feel the need to take aim battles with no reasoning behind it and just die for nothing.
Developing gamesense
I never really watched demos, In 1.6 I used to play ESEA Pugs all day, and I was a huge "baiter" at the time. This gave me a ton of chances to clutch over and over, and after a while you can paint a picture in each situation of where the enemies will be or go. Some people need to think more like, "If I was a CT and this just happened, where would I go? etc." I feel the only thing I can learn from a demos is a strat for the team, or like a new flash or smoke, you shouldn't try to copy someone else's playstyle.
Keeping skill up to par + warmup
I still play 10mans on a regular basis with pros, and I think that helps a lot. Obviously it's not the same as playing with a team, so the environment is different, but I think it shows how skilled you are individually rather than with a team. I also deathmatch to warmup and just stay on point when I can.
Find a play style that suits you, and find out what shots/peeks your comfortable taking and try to always force the enemy into your "comfort zone".
On becoming the Juan Deag master
One bullet at a time.
How to get into pro scene
ESEA & playing vs pros. Practice, join a team, play leagues, go to local lans, and get noticed.
SOURCE: https://www.reddit.com/GlobalOffensive/comments/3tk4ak/swag_ama_5pm_est_11202015/


Thread from 1 year ago, everything still goes.
How to go in battles confident
You have to go in to every duel as you have already won it, you have to have the right mindset to succeed and make your opponent uncomfortable.
How did JW go pro?
I just took the chance when CSGO came out because i saw the potential in it, especially with everybody coming from source, 1.6 and other games to play this game almost everybody got a chance to play with everybody so i just gave it all really and formed my own team later on and it worked.
Question from WarOwl "How do you work up the confidence to do such risky aggressive AWPing? Don't you fear that by putting yourself out there, you can possibly get picked and create a losing scenario for your team early on?"
I have to credit my team alot for that, i mean ofcourse people can spectate me when im being "off" and say that im playing dumb counter-strike but my team always trust me in my ideas and everything i do, which makes me believe alot more in myself. You cant really think too much when you play like that, because if you think too much you will not succeed. Only times i "think" about it is probably when we are down maybe 15-14 and I should play safe, but yeah. Alot of credit to my team for believing in me. And when i look thru my year as a pro I would say that i am making more advantages for my team than disadvantages so i would say im pretty good at it.
How to train AWP aim
Just play, play, play pretty much, theres no shortcuts. Play some Deathmatch to get "hot" and then play for example gathers, pugs or whatever to train on your positions with it and stuff that you want to get better at (For example taking entry kills)
How to play against better players
You can never be in a game and think that any of the opponents is better then you or faster then you, you have to believe that you are better then them and that you are the best, if you dont believe in yourself, how should you then succeed?
Warmup and practice
I play about 100 frags Deathmatch just to get "hot" before going in to my personal/team practice, playing with the team we obviously scrim against other topteams and when i train individually I just play gathers, mixes and stuff like that so i still play 5v5 and get to train on my positions etc.

kennyS & NBK

5 months old and very relevant.

Individual practice

NBK : I just want the most hours as I can on CS. I vary between FPL games, deathmatch and arena mostly.
kennyS : I play a lot of DM, which is the biggest part of my personnal practice. Some FPL here and there.
Evolving as a support player (NBK)
It naturally came that way. Working with Happy changed my point of view about the game, focusing a lot on the team aspect. We are working well on our bombsites, and I count on the fact that if I get the hard role done of surviving and getting a kill or two, knowing how Happy is gonna kill everyone, Im happy with it. It´s a big "trust" relationship with him on the CT side. Regarding T sides, I just want to put my teammates in a good spot for them to make the kills, because I trust my own abilities of outplaying my opponents in all the special small situations by thinking fast or making the right choices. It just came naturally tbh, I feel great where I am right now!
How to train AWP (kennyS)
The typical day is Deathmatch : 300 AWP frags, 100 frags AK/M4/pistol. Nothing special aside from that.


From 9 months ago, taking the leap as the best player in the world, i find especially this one very useful, as it gives a lot of perspective as to how not to think too much about everything.
Practicing aim
I have never played DM really, i just do it when i go to LAN to quickly get warmed up. Haha I dont know how to answer this question besides playing alot, i have always felt like playing gathers/praccs/mm etc is much better then DM because you learn all the angles, were to hold your crosshair and where u can expect people to be. For me DM is just random and its just feels like i get killed from the side or the back all the time :D
Tips for going pro
Play with a solid lineup that u like to play with and play everything.
Should low tier pratice aim or watching pro VODs?
I always think that teamplay/communication/understanding of the game etc is more important then raw aim so i would vote for vods!
Communication when playing poorly and who gets the team back on track
Well we are mostly calm during our games but sometimes we can get a little bit to emotinoal, something we have been talking about and are working on! But i would say probably say Devilwalk.
How much practice?
We usually practice from sunday to thursday from 18-22/23 with 1 hour break for food. Yes we do :)
How much time spent watching demos?
We dont really watch that much demos but if there is a big tournament coming up we (pronax) always watch demos! 18-23 praccs and and maybe adding 1 hour or more if we feel like is needed
Do you train reflexes?
Never trained it but if u think im fast u should check out kennyS magic stick reflexes!
There you go, have good wind and many headshots and cluthes in the future :DDD Remember to compliment players on good plays and keep improving yourself :)
Edit 1: Fixed a section in kennyS & NBK where i posted two quotes the same place, and replaced one with the correct. Fixed practice with olofmeister. And many small improvements
Edit 2: Fixed a lot of spelling errors and formatting issues
submitted by LasseBrandi to GlobalOffensive

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