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"I need Skype to work"

Background: My mom considers me to be the tech expert so she goes to me first when she has a problem. She also asks me to help her friends. All her friends speak Russian only so that makes communication difficult.
Anyway, one of our “customers” is an older lady named T. T is fairly nice person but she asks us for help all the time. As I mentioned earlier, she speaks only Russian and doesn’t know anything about computers. I mean NOTHING. One time, she asked my mom where to buy these “windows”.
She has a kid named D, who’s the de-facto administrator. He doesn’t know anything either, even though he’s around my age. My mom bought a laptop for him (they paid us back, they just didn’t have a Costco membership). Later, D gave T the laptop and that’s where I come in.
A week ago, T asks me to help her. Apparently, there’s some weird problem with Skype and she can’t log in. My experience with Skype is almost nil. I also really hate laptops. But since she paid me (she hates spending money) in advance, I’m thinking that this will be easy. It wasn’t.
At first this seems like a simple log-in problem. I get her username and password but, after trying for almost an hour, it doesn’t work. I decided to create a new account for her to use. It also doesn’t work! I decided to reinstall Skype.
I downloaded Skype without a problem but couldn’t install it because apparently I had to update Windows. Okay, no big deal, I’ll just update it. Windows Update also doesn’t work. It tells me there’s a missing driver. Windows troubleshooter doesn’t work. I tried downloading the driver but that also won’t install.
Now I thought she had malware. She has no anti-virus or any kind of anti-malware program installed on this laptop. She doesn’t even know what a virus is. I installed MalwareBytes and cleaned off like 500 pieces of malware. Same problem after I restarted her computer.
At this point, I wondered when was the last time they updated this computer. D told me that he has NEVER updated it. I told him that updating your computer is very important and he was like “Uhhh yeah, I heard that it was recommended.” He didn’t answer me when I asked “Why didn’t you update it then?”
Now, I’m just like “Fuck it, she can just use Skype online”. She told me that she only uses this computer for Skype and Odnoklassniki. After another hour, I finally got access to the new account and that was a tremendous pain since she was apparently temporally suspended for spam. No idea how that happened. I give the computer back to T and hoped it would be fine and she would leave me alone now. I was wrong.
TLDR: Mom’s friend asks for help with Skype. Turns into a 5 hour frustrating debacle of trying to fix her computer.
Part 2 forthcoming.
submitted by InsiderSwords to talesfromtechsupport

The social networks of the world demand tipbots. Let's create donation pots to make it happen!

Check these lists out:
Going by the first list, we're 1 down 16 to go.
We should go down the list and contribute doge and development towards creating these bots, and make doge a truly worldwide currency.
Considering that the Facebook tipbot is currenly at the finalization/legal stage, lets find people to create one for QQ and start an official donation pot for the developers!
The full list:
  1. Facebook, 1+ billion
  2. Tencent QQ, 784+ million
  3. Google+ 1+ billion
  4. Skype, 663+ million
  5. Twitter, 500+ million
  6. LinkedIn, 225+ million
  7. Instagram, 100+ million
  8. Tencent Qzone, 597+ million
  9. LINE, 300+ million
  10. Odnoklassniki, 205+ million
  11. Sina,Weibo, 500+ million
  12. Tumblr, 110+ million
  13. Windows Live, 100,million
  14. Dropbox, 100+ million
  15. Nimbuzz, 150+ million
  16. VKontakte, 220+ million
  17. Yahoo! Groups, 115+ million
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Update: sent this to [email protected]
submitted by wauw to dogecoin

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