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Results: BB + Fighter-Bangkok/Green + Op/Black

Note: this is long. I figure the people who care won't mind, and the people who mind don't have to read it all.
Background: 26yoM FF/EMT pursuing AFSPECWAR contract. Background in weightlifting, yoga, misc running, HS wrestling. Weekly availability is variable, depending on odd-jobs worked. I rarely (1-2x/wk) work nights for FF/EMT, so time available for recovery is high.
Goals for AFSPECWAR selection incl 90+ push-up, 20+ pull-up, sub-9min 1.5mi, sub-8min 500m swim, sub-13:30min 50# dry ruck 12-15mi, misc treading and finning goals.
Basebuilding (May-July 2020): Worked as advertised. LSS running allowed me to hit consistent weekly mileage for the first time in years. At the outset I could only run 4.0mph @ 0inc on the treadmill for 60mins and maintain138bpm (aerobic threshold); I quickly transitioned to road-running and was hitting 9:30-10min/mi at the same HR by the end of the block. I really recommend people perform a HR Drift Test for LSS training. Weekly mileage @ peak looked something like 30mi running & 75mi cycling + MS/SE.
  • Edit: I did all of my E sessions fasted. Personally, it's my preference, but I'm pretty sure I could feel fat adaptation taking hold; energy was off the charts, and the ability to bike for 2 hours and run for 90 mins back-to-back on nothing but water without issue was so fun.
Fighter-Bangkok/Green (July/August 2020.. 6 weeks): Goals were to improve 1.5mi time, increase/maintain running mileage, increase work capacity. During August I was in a FF course that ran 8a-2p 2-4 days/wk, which was fairly intense HIC work in 85+deg heat, which cut into availability for other training. Kept 1RMs from BB:
Starting Stats (1RM):
5'10" 152lbs
FS: 190
BP: 195
DL: 300
WPU: BW + ~55# = 210#
1.5mi Run: 10:02
Most days had 2 sessions, or FF class and a work session.
  • MS 2x/wk included max sets of each lift, plus 3x DL on Day 1 and 1x DL on Day 2. Every MS day also included a grip finisher: towel hangs, dead hangs, wrist roller, etc, plus dips. For the final three weeks I also did Russian Bear DL EMOM on Mondays at 90% of the day's working weight.
  • SE Cluster (Bravo): 20# weighted vest push-ups, Racked KB Lunges (35#), Chin-Ups (10, 12, 16 reps), KB Snatch (25#), Dips, Air Force-style Sit-Up. Finished each SE session w/ grip work and a treadmill hand walk from upright plank position.
  • E Sessions were LSS running, when heat allowed, 1x/wk ruck, and swimming starting in Week 4. Runs and rucks usually in the 60-120min range. I also did 4x1mi a few times, the occasional track/hills workout, and some sprint pool workouts, but no HIC drawn explicitly from TB, in the interest of specificity. Again, E was usually (but not always) fasted.
Final 1.5mi Time: 9:33, included a PR mile of 6:27. Pretty happy with this. Felt fit but fairly worked at the end of this block. Took a week off running while lifting hard, then a week off lifting while running hard to end this block.
OperatoBlack (September-October 2020.. 7 weeks): Goals were to increase strength, increase bodyweight, and improve 1.5mi time through speed work. I used my 1RMs from the Fighter-Green block so I could master them. It's important to caveat that, because my day-to-day work is almost sedentary, and because selection is so endurance-focused, I hit a lot more HIC/E than the 2x/1x recommendation in the book. Again, most days were 2-a-days.
  • MS was max sets of each lift, plus 3x DL on Day 1 and 1x DL on Days 2 and 3. I think I recover from DLs fairly well, and I like them, so I hit them more frequently than most. I supersetted every major lift w/ grip work (FS / CoC gripper, BP / Hex DB Hold, WPU / extensor bands, DL / none). Finished each day w/ dips and curls (for vanity (curls) and specificity for selection (dips)). I also finished each session w/ grip work (farmer carries, static holds, and wrist curls) and ab work (Torture Twist + AF Sit-Ups). I like to lift, so I spend time in the gym that almost certainly yields diminishing returns.
  • HIC (on land) was the Chris Runs program frequently linked on the Navy SEALs sub. 2x/wk HIC. It's important here to note several things.. 1) I was simultaneously trying (and succeeding) to gain weight and (ultimately not succeeding) to get faster. 2) I had some distal/medial pain in my tibia at the start of this block, so I subbed all sprint work w/ either hills or prowler pushes in the first two weeks. Changing my running angle entirely mitigated the budding shin injury, and after ~Week 2 I was able to sprint horizontally without issue.
  • HIC (in water) was usually 10x50y @ sprint effort w/ warm-up and cooldown.
  • E was usually 1-2x swimming/wk, 1 run built into the Chris Runs program, and 1x 50# ruck ~90-120mins.
Final Bodyweight: 152# 160#
FS: 190 230
BP: 195 225
WPU: BW + ~55# to BW + 88#
DL: 300 330
Timed 1.5mi: 9:33 9:43 (really disappointing, but again, I was chasing multiple rabbits w/ weight gain and speed goals.. I feel confident that if 3lb fell off, I'd have a much faster time)
I also swam an 8:37min 500m on a whim fairly easily, without coaching, which was a big win, and during a workout in the middle of the block I hit a 6:07 mile running on the track, which was also phenomenal.
  • I'm still trying to reconcile two thoughts: 1) My job isn't physically demanding (mostly) and TB is designed to accommodate workload from a user's tactical profession, so the additional sessions that I add during 2x/days are consistent with the methodology, but 2) I am chasing multiple rabbits at once. The fact is that while prepping for a water-based careeselection, and being so far from the standards in performance (e.g., strength, cals, run times) and build (scrawny, could use more BW to handle a ruck for several weeks), it's hard mentally to let any ball drop -- the pool, E, strength, mass.
  • Mass gain and running for speed do not play nicely together. I suspect I'll have more success putting on BW while focusing on swimming (this current upcoming block of Fighter-Bangkok/Green) and rucking (the following Op/Black block), then letting a few pounds fall off and dropping the run time in Spring.
  • This mostly shouldn't reflect on the efficacy of Chris Runs program, which I think is a very sensible plan for improving speed. There's reason (1mi PR in the middle of the block) to think it did make me faster, but it simply can't jive with mass gain.
  • Really, really happy with the FS improvement. My squat feels really strong and more complete than it ever has. I suspect it will shoot up over the next two blocks.
  • Operator is viable for hypertrophy.
Next steps:
  • Just started Fighter-Bangkok/Green w/ same lift schedule and a new SE cluster. Focus for this block is to get with a coach and shred my pool times, become a treading machine, maintain my run (3x/wk, w/ 2x LSS and 1x hills/track/4x1mi), and maintain the ruck w/ some 1x/wk increasing mileage. Also hitting cals fairly hard and (I know) continuing to try to gain or at least maintain BW. FWIW, I eat like a horse.
  • After FB/G, onto another Op/Black with some more traditional HIC. Focus will be to drive strength and rucking through the roof, and to stack on another 5lb. I think those goals will cooperate better.
  • Talk to a recruiter this spring.

This program works. Thanks to KB and to everyone here for great input and sensible programming.

Edit 1: Added notes about fasted E training.
Edit 2: Yards to meters.
submitted by mdqs to tacticalbarbell

re-build aerobic base through intense hiking?

I desperately miss running. I used to enjoy long runs of 10-18 miles and my 10k best was 47 minutes (not great, but better than average for amateurs of my age). Then I developed plantar fasciitis in both my heels in 2015. Despite multiple Dr visits I couldn't get rid of my PF until I completely stopped running for years. Thankfully the PF is FINALLY gone now, but other issues have developed.
I'm about 40 pounds heavier than I should be, and in the past 2 years I have developed adult (42M) after-effects of adolescent Osgood–Schlatter's that causing a painful boney protrusion at the top of my right tibia that gets progressively more sore when I run regularly.
And yet, since developing PF 5 years ago I slowed down and backpacked over 3,000 miles including from Mexico to Canada. I can dayhike 10+ miles FASTER than anyone I know without any real knee pain, even at my current weight. It's just the *running* at 10-11 min/mile that starts to build up knee pain. And, frankly, my HR is junk at those 10-11 min/mile speeds. Way too high.
So obviously I need to lose weight, get a game plan for my knee, and work on my aerobic conditioning. The question is: in the meantime, would active hiking (I live on the east side of the Sierra) with HR targets help me build my aerobic base for running, or is it apples and oranges, two different things?
Thanks for any insight. Appreciate it.
submitted by OdoriferousOddball to running

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