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Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 (2020) Review - Weird Science

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Rebirth (John Taylor Book 1) eBook: Starnes, Travis

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Sign up for Future Seasons + a list of seasons past

Here are the hosts for upcoming Seasons of the Ukulele. If you're excited to host, but haven't had a chance to sign up yet, Seasons needing hosts are listed below with no name in red..
Guidelines and tips are below the list of upcoming hosts. Past themes/challenges are in below.
If you would like to be on the reserve list (that is, if you'd be willing and able to host on short notice if someone is unable to host or if I'm unable to contact a host for an upcoming week), please let me know and I'll add your name to the reserve list.
Reserve Hosts - Janet frisbee fred Tootler pabrizzer
If you have not hosted before check out this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plprrAWxpEA) by Linda Louden on most things you will need to be able to do - Create a PLAYLIST and post along with your theme on your Seasons thread.
pabrizzer, Seasons Volunteer Coordinator
424 29th March - 5th Apr … DeGriff
425 5th - 12th Apr … Desert Pavement
426 12th - 19th Apr … bonesigh
427 19th - 26th Apr … bevomu
428 26th - 3rd May ... RAB11
429 3rd - 10th May … Mezcalero
430 10th - 17th May … YorkSteve
431 17th - 21st May …
432 21st - 28th May ...
Basic Guidelines
If you'd like to host a Season, choose a week during which you'll have the time and energy to be a good host. Mark your Season week on your personal calendar so you can prepare as the week nears. Sign up for only two weeks per year unless unclaimed weeks remain unclaimed, then go ahead and volunteer for another. If things change and you're unable host, please contact me (a private message is best) ASAP so a substitute can be found. The only week with a theme in advance is the last full Season before Christmas. (The Holiday Songs week was like a holiday party, with many warm greetings and cheer, so we'll be continuing the tradition.)
Good ideas for hosts During your Season, we're in "your house", so you can set things up your way, but there are a few expectations:
Hosts must have posted at least one video for a Seasons challenge---more is much better---the more you've participated, the better you'll be at hosting a great Season. Please comment in your Season thread on the entries or post a response video giving feedback to all the participants. Or, even better, do both.
Important details
Each Season should begin no sooner than late Saturday evening mainland USA time (try to be sure it's after whatever you [/SIZE]consider dinner time). At that time, the host posts the theme, the rules, and the prizes for the week. The host should emphasize that no videos should be posted before 12:00 AM Sunday Hawaii time. Each Season ends eight days later on Sunday at 11:59:59 PM Hawaii time (a quirky tradition begun by chrimess which reminds us each week of the origin of all this ukulele music). So consecutive Seasons overlap on Sunday, with one Season closing and one Season opening. (Seasonistas who live outside mainland USA/Canada time zones have the same length of time to participate, but their start and end times are calculated in their own time zones.)
Choose theme and set parameters. (Bonus songs allowed? Multi-tracking? etc.) Post theme Saturday night (USA mainland time); don't allow videos posted until Sunday. Season ends at 11:59:59 PM Hawaii time the next Sunday. Select winners (using a method of your choice) and announce them soon after then end of your Season. Offer prizes for the winners. Prizes need not be expensive. (Certificates are fine; joke prizes are fine; but ukuleles are the best prizes ) It's great if the host posts a video during the week, whether it's an intro video, a response video, a performance, or one (or more) of each.
The more the merrier---encourage new people to join us. Follow the host's specifications for that week. (Read the host's challenge thread carefully and/or watch the challenge video.)
Comment on others' videos, and not just your top favorites! Everyone likes encouragement. Your comment might help someone enormously. Each comment contributes the positive vibe of the Seasons, and strengthens the aloha spirit of the challenges. (In the past, some people posted lists of the entries, with comments for each one. Now, more participants comment on YouTube. Participants like to be noticed, and posting in the thread---without duplicating the video or lots of text---is welcome.)
A quote from former Seasons volunteer coordinator and ukulele hero, ukuloonie: I think that we have a good group here who participate each week. I was thinking if you don’t see somebody for a while on the Seasons, it might make somebody’s day if they were just contacted to see how they were doing, not to find out why that they are not participating, just to say hello, thinking of you and hope all is well.
Here is a list of past themes from Seasons of the Ukulele
Year 1
the beginning: chrimess - The Six Seasons of the Ukulele:
-1. 2011 Grammies
-2. Anti-Valentine's Day (negation of love)
-3. Happy Birthday, Barak Obama (Hawaiian music)
-4. Oscar-nominated music
-5. 90s alternative rock
-6. Irish music
*the Seasons then continued after the Original 6 had passed
-7. eugene ukulele - Woody Guthrie
-8. strumsilly - Easter
-9. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters - Smiles & Sunshine
-10. mattydee - Earth Day & Shakespeare
-11. Oldephart - 12-Bar Blues
-12. UkuleleDaveey - Rebellious, Revolution, Renegade
-13. Freeda - Mothers
-14. Eugene ukulele - Bicycles & Ukulele Ike
-15. MattyDee - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
-16. Ukuloone - Pre-1950s British Folk
-17. SillyDave - Animals
-18. TCK - Duets
-19. myrnaukelele - Rivers
-20. Ukelites - Heaven & Hell
-21. Peewee - French
-22. 23Skidoo - Traditional Country
-23. Ukuleledaddy - Home
-24. TCK - Guilty Pleasures
-25. Tootler - Trains
-26. GT3T11 - Dreams
-27. DougF - Latin Music
-28. Nongdam - American Top 100
-29. 29Moons - Numbers; Moon
-30. Wee_Ginga_Yin - Gardens
-31. Uke4ia - Rain
-32. RichM - British Invasion
-33. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters - Take me out to the ball game
-34. Jpeg - I-V-vi-IV Progression
-35. Eugene Ukulele - Coffee, Tea & Honey
-36. Peewee - Halloween
-37. Austin1 - Percussion on the uke
-38. Luana Gouvea - Saudade
-39. SillyDave - Ukesterbrown
-40. Tootler - Rock & Roll
-41. Matty Dee - Fire
-42. We Tigers - Italy; Crime
-43. Austin1 - Mash-ups
-44. Seeso - Holiday Music
-45. Tootler - "While shepard's watched their flocks"
-46. Pabrizzer - 011137
-47. GT3T11 - Work
-48. Ukuleledaddy - Best Albums Ever
-49. Uke4ia - Weekdays
-50. Uncle Elvis - Elvis
-51. Ksiegal - Tom Paxton
-52. Chrimes - Metallica
Year 2
-53. Oldphart - Second chance at previous themes
-54. TCK - Birds
-55. pabrizzer - Location, Location, Location
-56. FIL - Texas Singer-Songwriters
-57. DougF - Songs about Songs
-58. Electra Uke - Instrumentals
-59. GT3T11 - Time
-60. MattyDee - "Our song"
-61. MikeF - Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock
-62. Strumsilly - Water
-63. Tootler - Now is the Month of Maying
-64. Dave Wave - Louisiana
-65. Decaturcomp - Road songs
-66. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters - The Ramones
-67. Eugene Ukulele - Louden Wainwright III
-68. Pabrizer - Food
-69. Joko - Songs for teaching
-70. Krabbers - Three Little Words
-71. GinnyT11 - Name Game Dance Party
-72. myrnaukelele - Oh, Canada!
-73. bbbanister - freedom or is it anarchy? (no rules)
-74. alemarco - People/events from history/the news
-75. UkuLily Mars - Horseracing
-76. Pueo - Jerry Garcia/The Grateful Dead
-77. Frisbee Fred - Broadway!
-78. Wongo - Ska
-79. Dougf - Memories
-80. wetigers - Literature
-81. Barbablanca - Pastiches
-82. ukeeku - Disappointment
-83. UkeyDave - Let's Get Emotional (goosebump-inducing songs)
-84. 23skidoo - Play the song you're best at
-85. wallyboy - Tamla/Motown; Sounds of the 60s
-86. Austin1 - Animated Disney films; Queen; classical vocal music
-87. TCK - Booze
-88. UkuLily Mars - Learn/try something new
-89. Ginny - Body parts
-90. max2173 - Songs that came out when Seasonistas were 18
-91. mikef - Songs originally performed by the opposite gender
-92. mattydee - Nonsense
-93. The Ukelites - Metal
-94. vct33 - Two songs with opposites in their titles
-95. bird's eye view of my ukelele - Disco; Glam rock; Abba
-96. Tootler - Rockin' Christmas
-97. electrauke - Mexico
-98. 29moons - MTV
-99. GaryC1968 - Product placement, commercials & jingles
-100. decaturcomp - Death
-101. MyrnaUkelele - Cold
-102. Frisbee Fred - Blues
-103. ukuloonie - Shapes
-104. pabrizzer - Hats
Year 3
-105. ukuleledaddy - Songs of Freedom
-106. Shady Wilbury - George Harrison
-107. peewee - Johnny songs
-108. Dougf - Spinal Tap; "11"
-109. ukuLily Mars - Songs written by women
-110. RichM - Art & Artists
-111. mattydee - One-Hit Wonders
-112. uke41a - Primates
-113. 29moons - Yacht Rock
-114. GinnyT11 - Money
-115. birdseyeviewofmyuke - Yeah, Baby!
-116. eugene ukulele - Tin Pan Alley
-117. max2173 - Science Fiction
-118. bonesigh - Puppets sing parodies
-119. lelouden - Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
-120. Tootler - Classical
-121. pabrizzer - Ouch!
-122. TCK - Tribute: Seasonistas play songs played by other Seasonistas
-123. decaturcomp - Songs by Berni Armstrong; more tributes, songs about family
-124. OldePhart - Write and perform some original lyrics
-125. greenie44 - Soul
-126. Tootler - War
-127. frisbee fred - Stories
-128. thunderflea - Uppity Music Snob's favorites
-129. Markwo - Theme songs
-130. Yeti&Kira - Reggae
-131. RAB11 - Homecoming
-132. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters - 21st Century
-133. myrnaukelele - Sweet stuff
-134. librainian - "Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy"
-135. decaturcomp - Pets
-136. lelouden - 50s
-137. uke4ia - Air, Sky, Atmosphere
-138. cua94 - Story Time!
-139. pabrizzer - Repeated Words
-140. mattydee - Cats
-141. decaturcomp - Neil Young
-142. BigDaddyUker - High-energy music
-143. bonesigh - Bonesigh's iTunes playlist
-144. GinnyT11 - Redos
-145. mikef - Welsh music
-146. Dougf - Songs that ended up in court
-147. bird's eye view of my ukelele - UK hits from 67-69
-148. Tootler - Three Score and Ten
-149. myrnaukelele - Gift Us With a Song
-150. UkeCan1 - New Jersey
-151. Barbablanca - Break-ups
-152. Celebration of UkeyDave
-153. bonesoup - Hands & Feet
-154. wee_ginga_yin - Robert Burns; Gogol Bordello
-155. lelouden - Age
Year 4
-156. ohmless - Love, Peace, & Diplomacy
-157. ukuloonie - Colors
-158. frisbee fred - B.B., Albert, & Freddie King
-159. UkeCan1 - UkeCan1's friends
-160. BigDaddyUker - International Women's Day; noodling
-161. Harry122 - Novelty Songs
-162. Tootler - Desert Island Ukes
-163. IamNoMan - April Fools, Tricksters & Twisted Tunes
-164. barefootgypsy - The Fair
-165. Markwo - Ups & Downs
-166. RAB11 - Jack White
-167. Yeti&Kira - Waltz
-168. uke4ia - Bright Lights; Rabbits
-169. Shady Wilbury - Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, the Eagles
-170. bird's eye view of my ukelele - Eurovision
-171. UkeFoote - "The Many Moods of..."
-172. Hippy Dribble - Jug Bands
-173. myrnaukelele - Honky Tonk
-174. Harry122 - Silly Love Songs
-175. Dougf - Boats
-176. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters - Rainbows; LGBTQ+
-177. hendulele - The Wayback Machine
-178. Tootler - Stories
-179. mikef - I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
-180. BigDaddyUker - Montana
-181. bubbly193 - Spongebob; Social change
-182. pabrizzer - Hair
-183. UkeFoote - Woodstock
-184. Harry122 - Instrumentals
-185. lelouden - Family
-186. decaturcomp - Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
-187. greyghost - Songs Seasonistas hate
-188. uke4ia - Sad Songs; Prog Rock I
-189. Tootler - Traditions, Myths & Legends
-190. Debby - Southern Rock
-191. thesillydave - Weddings
-192. ohmless - Video Games
-193. Harry122 - Halloween
-194. AlanDP - Texas Tornados
-195. Mynaukulele - You're in the Jailhouse Now
-196. Rustyy - Remembering the First Time - First record or concert
-197. YorkSteve - Forty Years On - It's 1975
-198. DougF - 12 Bar Originals
-199. hendulele - Pour Me a Stiff one (+pub rock)
-200. Tootler - Let's Celebrate
-201. BigDaddyUker - Christmas Island
-202. UkeCan1 - Two by Two ... Duos and the number 2
-203. Phluffy the Destroyer - Two Zero Three
-204. Freeda - Rump Shaker
-205. bonesigh - Vertical Expressions of a Horizontal Desire
-206. BigDaddyUker - Songs Celebrating the Lives of Rockers We Have Lost
-207. uke4ia - The Spy Who Progged Me
-208. pabrizzer - You Know Me
Year 5
-209. YorkSteve - The Deck of Cards
-210. Harry122 - For The Kids
-211. Rustyy - We Are Family - songs with family members in the title
-212. barefootgypsy - Play This One For Your Mum
-213. turtledrum - It's a Long Island - songs by Long Island Music Hall of Fame inductees
-214. Tootler - Ranks and Titles
-215. Mountain Goat - Less is More - 2 and 1 chord songs
-216. Myrna - Getting from Here to There - songs about travel and modes of transport
-217. ohmless - Shiny Happy 90s - songs from the 1990s
-218. ddanner - Wildlife songs
-219. Shady Wilbury - I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After You - celebrating John Prine, Steve Goodman and Chicago singer-songwriters
-220. BigDaddyUker - The Rhinestone Cowboy - the music of Glen Campbell
-221. hendulele - O Canada (part deux) - Canadian musicians
-222. Librainian - What Dreams May Come - Lullabys and sleep inducing songs
-223. AlanDP - Cowboys and Horses, Hobos and Trains (and the Storyteller)
-224. Phluffy the Destroyer - Songs that make you happy!
-225. pabrizzer - The Building Code - songs with buildings, structures (or parts thereof) in the title.
-226. Harry122 - It's About Time
-227. Tootler - Let's Make a Better World
-228. cua94 - Unicorns and Ukuleles - fantasy characters in songs
-229. Bonesigh - "Roots of Uke" - Hawaiian songs. Half songs to be completed by other seasonistas
-230. ddanner - Singer songwriters 1, 2, 3 - songs of Buffy Sainte-Marie, Hoyt Axton and Bob Dylan
-231. UkingViking - "Think Global - Play Local" - songs from the area where you live.
-232. manfrog - Something to See - videos with some visual interest - songs about seeing - a song for the overlap.
-233. uke1950 - Let's Rock - Rock and roll, country rock or the blues.
-234. JazzBanjoRex - "Ham and Cheese" - adding extras to existing songs - intros, outros, instrumentals, whistling, yodelling, scat etc....
-235. 29Moons - The Monkees
-236. Bonesigh - "Juanita Banana" - songs by Tiny Tim plus puppets.
-237. KoaDependent - Ukul-80s - songs from the 1980s.
-238. Ginas uke - Sharknado Time! - songs about sharks and weather conditions.
-239. uke1950 - Country Folk.
-240. Ukulele Abyss - Please FOLD, SPINDLE and MUTILATE - medleys and mashups.
-241. uke4ia - Thank You and Goodnight! - The Final Encore - songs you would perform as your encore song.
-242. AlanDP - South Texas Musicians
-243. jimavery - A Night at the Opera - Music by Queen, the Marx Brothers and music from the opera.
-244. Harry122 - The Greatest Song Ever!
-245. Tootler - A Time of Change - songs inspired by Pete Seeger's Turn Turn Turn
-246. Inksplosive Al - Trick or Treat - I want "candy"
-247. librainian - "Color Came One Day" - The Songs of Chuck Brodsky
-248. Dougf - Protest Songs
-249. hendulele - Bob Dylan and Oh Canada (part II)
-250. Barbablanca - Private but Universal - Original songs and songs by Antje Duvekot
-251. frisbee fred - It's Showtime
-252. uke1950 - Blues and other colours (yes he spells it that way too)
-253. Tootler - Songs of Rebirth and Reawakening
-254. pabrizzer - Long Titles Short Songs
-255. turtledrum - The J's Have It - songs by a list of 70s artists starting with J
-256. YorkSteve - At Seventeen - music you were in to at age 17
-257. lelouden - The Campfire Jam - the songs that you would want others to join in and sing with you
-258. robinboyd - Hottest 2,300 - songs from radio Triple j's annual Hottest 100 lists
-259. Ginas uke - It's Groundhog Day - same song twice (or more) or songs by Phils
-260. uke4ia - Roads Girdle the Globe - songs with street, road, avenue, etc, in the title
Year 6
-261. TCK - Collaborations - play any song as long as you're performing with someone else
-262. mountain goat - You Want it Darker - songs about the night - songs by Leonard Cohen
-263. lelouden - Sun Record Artists
-264. Tootler - The Sounds by Simon - songs written by Paul Simon
-265. IamNoMan - Golden Age of Ukulele - songs from 1877 to 1939 - plus Irish songs on St Pat's Day
-266. Srax - sing a song in a language other than your own. A special playlist for songs sung in Catalan.
-267. uke1950 - Instrumentals or sing the lyrics of one song to the melody of another.
-268. pabrizzer - Won't You Ask a Question? - song titles must be questions
-269. Harry122 - Cowboy Songs
-270. Turtledrum - Be-Cause - Songs by artists who have performed at benefit concerts
-271. wee_ginga_yin - Songs from the TV series Boardwalk Empire
-272. kolibri - Like it was, Charley - songs looking back to the past / or about or by Charleys.
-273. TCK - going to the dogs ..... Songs with your dog in the vid. Songs about dogs. Songs by dog named groups
-274. ukuleledaddy - The Songs Stuck in My Head - songs from Sean and Dave's radio shows
-275. Tootler - Put on your dancing shoes - songs to dance to
-276. hendulele - What have they done to my song? - Covers that eclipsed the originals
-277. UkuleleLibrarian - For the kids again.
-278. LimousinLil - Can't See the Wood for the Trees - tree songs
-279. robynboyd - Red rum (sort of) - death - specifically songs in which somebody dies
-280. Harry122 - Before The Breathin’ Air Is Gone - songs about nature
-281. cua94 - Hello and Goodbye
-282. uke1950 - Men in Black - the songs of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison
-283. turtledrum - On A First Name Basis .... With The Summer of Love - songs by artist we know by a single name or songs from The Summer of Love (1967)
-284. Tootler - Time to sing along - Medleys
-285. decaturcomp - Lightnin' Round - something different from different announced artists every day.
-286. The Ukelites - The Aloha Season - Hawaiian songs - Songs by Hawaiian artists - about Hawaii - with the word Hawaii in them
-287. Srax - Holiday's In Mode On! - songs about holidays - vacations etc
-288. RAB11 -Awesome Mix Volume Uke - songs from Guardians of the Galaxy movies.
-289. pabrizzer - Always and Never - songs with the word Aways or Never in the title - hopefully original songs.
-290. lelouden - FarmAid / September - songs by FarmAid performers - original songs about farm issues or September
-291. uke4ia - Drugs - songs about drugs.
-292. One Man and His Uke - 80's Synth Pop
-293. Recovering Bassist - Fall to Autumn - songs about or referring to Autumn
-295. Tootler - colourful - songs with colours in the title.
-296. Desert Pavement - The Simpsons - songs that appeared in The Simpsons.
-297. TCK - School Days - songs about or that mention school.
-298. Rustyy - Walking to New Orleans - songs about New Orleans - songs by New Orleans artists etc....
-299. frisbee fred - New Kids on the Block - debut recordings made since 2010
-300. ukuleledaddy - Deep Cuts - obscure - less well known tracks
-301. TCK - Stay all night, Stay a little longer - western swing music
-302. YorkSteve - Bobs and Bills - songs by Bobs and or Bills
-303. RAB11 - お名前は何ですか? - songs with a name/names in the title.
-304. Tootler - Happy Birthday - songs by people having a birthday during the season.
-305. Harry122 - Holiday Extravaganza!! - December holiday songs.
-306. TWO LITTLE WOODPECKERS - Blue will find us, and the sun - songs that either offer a sense of reconciliation with the past and/or hope for the future
-307. Croaky Keith - One a Day - our choice of song but just one song a day.
-308. UkingViking - Do you mind if I have some of your Tasty Beverage? - songs about drinks.
-309. One Man And His Uke - Senses Working Overtime - songs about the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 senses.
-310. hendulele - Discovery and Exploration - songs of discovery and exploration.
-311. uke4ia - Kisses - songs mentioning or about kisses etc....
-312. Car Singer - Contrast - songs with an element of contrast in their arrangement.
Year 7
-313. lelouden - Seven Year Celebration - Blues songs -songs in the key of G - songs using alternate tuning on your uke. Seven song limit.
-314. Harry122 - And the Nominations Are... - songs nominated for an Oscar - original songs with 'Oscar' in title and lyrics.
-315. UkuleleLibrarian - Choose Your Own Adventure - a number of different song options to choose from each day.
-316. kolibri - The Sea, The Sea - songs about the sea.
-317. pabrizzer - Outside! - songs recorded outdoors.
-318. Tootler - Sing in the Spring - songs about spring.
-319. ohmless - Spring Soul - soul music - songs from The Drifters Golden Hits album.
-320. Harry122 - You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet - songs with the word "ain't" in the title or lyrics
-321. turtledrum - The Discovery Channel - songs and artists you have never covered before on the seasons
-322. Recovering Bassist - Ukuleles ARE allowed in Bluegrass (one week only) - bluegrass music
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r/AFL Compendium of History - AFL Collapse: How the threepeat Brisbane Lions collapsed three times and endured 19 years of heartbreak

Greetings everybody. The topic I wanted to cover for the History Compendium is inspired by SB Nation's Collapse, a really interesting series on how a sports team or athelete can collapse quickly, and go from a strong team, to a weak one. I don't even follow most of the sports they discuss, but I still find it interesting, as rarely does such a collapse happen due to a single event; normally it takes multiple events to truly make it set in, such as SEGA dropping out of the console manufacturing business. The Brisbane Lions are an interesting case, as they went from being one of the greatest teams ever assembled, to a joke, a team for a long time highly regarded for their meme game and not their on-field performance, and have been mostly terrible ever since their glory days. Unlike many teams, their histoy since their peak has been one of multiple collapses, despite rarely being a threatening team in that time.
The threepeat Lion Kings, 2001-2004
The Brisbane Lions pulled off a threepeat, a remarkable series of Premierships in 2001, 2002 and 2003, with one of the greatest teams ever seen. This was a team mostly assembled in the 1990s through multiple early and priority drafts picks, an increased salary cap to help retain players in thugby heartland, a generous zone that gave them priority access to Queensland and Northern Territory players without needing to draft them, and the 1996 merger of the Bribane Bears and Fitzroy Lions, which gave the merged club their choice of Fitzroy players; while most would be traded out, Chris Johnston, and Fitzroy Father-Son player Jonathan Brown would prove to be star players in a team that included Michael Voss, Darryl White, Simon Black, twins Brad and Chris Scott, Justin Leppitsch, Jason Akermanis and Mal Michael, and legendary coach Leigh Matthews were on top of the football world three years in a row, a feat that hadn’t been achieved since Melbourne in 1955-1957, and has since only been achieved by Hawthorn in 2013-2015. At their best, the Brisbane Lions were one of the greatest teams ever assembled, and discussion continues to this day how they’d fare against other great teams in history. However, the list was mostly made up of older players, who soon see drops in form, or were retired or delisted. Worse, the club’s bonus salary cap space and recuiting zone were taken away, due to influential Collingwood President Eddie McGuire sooking after Collingwood lost the 2002 and 2003 grand finals. Brisbane once again made the grand final in 2004, but failed to replicate Collingwood’s fourpeat in 1927-1930, as they were defeated by Port Adelaide. Retiring legend Alastiar Lynch would spend his last game not winning a fourth premiership, but swinging like an uncordinated giraffe at Daryl Wakelin. At the end of the game, commentator Anthony Hudson said "you could never call the Brisbane Lions losers", but these words would prove to be darkly ironic.
Collapse #1 - After the threepeat, 2005-2008
In 2005, the club missed finals for the first time since 1998. Ignoring 1998, it was the first time they’d missed them at all since 1994, in the Brisbane Bears' eighth season. Many of its star players were no longer at their best, or were retiring. Worse still, many young players had been traded out or delisted recently, including Jason Gram, Des Headland and Brett Voss, who just a few years earlier couldn’t get games due to the strength of the side, but now were sorely missed. The concessions Brisbane had gained had been taken away, and the club was bad, but not bad enough to earn priority draft picks, which at the time were automatically given to clubs who finished with fewer than five wins. The lowlights of the year were losing Michael Voss’ 250th game after the siren to Sydney, and a 139-point loss to St Kilda, their worst ever. In 2005-2008, the Lions were never terrible, but never great, finishing with 36 wins out of 88 matches. Leigh Matthews, unable to keep up with the radically innovating tactics of late 2000s footy, in which the number of interchanges rose, players would flood defence, and the game was no longer played the way it had before, and stepped down as coach in 2008. He would be replaced by threepeat Captain Michael Voss. Voss, then a promising assistant coach, was inexperienced to coaching at the top level, and has since said that he shouldn’t have accepted the job, and should have spent more years as an assistant. It is worth mentioning that he was coaching many players he’d been Captain of only a few years earlier, a similar position to another failed coach, Matthew Primus.
A return to finals, but not for long, 2009
The 2009 season went well for Brisbane; the younger threepeat players were surrounded by a new team of players drafted during or after the threepeat, such as Daniel Merrett, Lachie Henderson, Michael Rischitelli and Daniel Rich, and with their new coach, the club made finals. Despite being 30 points down early in the fourth quarter, the Lions rallied, and won a close elimination final against Carlton due to the fairy touch of then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who was in attendance, and a clutch goal from Daniel Bradshaw. The joy was short lived, as the Lions were defeated by the Western Bulldogs in the semi-finals. Despite having a list of talented players across multiple age groups, the club felt itself in a dire position.
The AFL had announced its plans to enter two new expansion teams, the Gold Coast Suns and the Greater Western Sydney Giants, who would be given multiple early draft picks in the 2010 and 2011 drafts. In addition, they could sign 17-year-old players in 2009 and 2010, and even further, were expected to finish poorly and therefore earn low draft picks in the drafts afterwards. Brisbane was fearful that these drafts would be so compromised that they couldn’t rely on drafting youth to sustain the list while it pushed for finals, and was well aware that their best players, such as Ash McGrath, Jonathan Brown, Simon Black, Jarred Brennan, Luke Power, Joel Patfull and Daniel Bradshaw, were getting old. There was pressure for immediate short-term success to make the most out of these players before they were no longer good enough. This led to a series of fateful mistakes that would help bury the club for the next 9 years.
Collapse #2 - The Fevola Trade and its aftermath, 2009-2012
In the 2009 draft, the club traded in and drafted many older players. Some, like Queenslander Andrew Raines, Matt Maguire and Brent Staker, were decent, while others like Amon Buchanan and Xavier Clarke were complete busts. But the worst decision was yet to come; that same season, Carlton had announced that their controversial star forward, Brendon Fevola, was up for trade. Fevola was a generational talent, recognised as one of the most skilled, flamboyant, and controversial players in the game. His ability to kick goals was matched by his ability to get drunk and make a fool out of himself, and he was repeatedly reprimanded by his club, and after getting drunk on national tv during the Brownlow Medal ceremony, Carlton had enough, and announced that he was up for trade. Brisbane saw their chance; surely, they could trade in Fevola, get him away from the media attention and public strife in Melbourne, and form a power forward combo with Jonathan Brown?
Brisbane made their moves to Carlton, and offered several players up for trade, including Michael Rischitelli and Daniel Bradshaw, neither of whom actually wanted to leave the club, and were told that they were essential to the club, leaving them disgusted when they discovered the truth. Eventually, Brisbane traded their first pick, no. 12, and swingman Lachlan Henderson (the previous year’s Pick 8), for Fevola and a later pick. Henderson would go on for a successful career at Carlton and later Geelong.
The trade was disastrous for Brisbane. In the aftermath, Bradshaw would leave for Sydney that year via the pre-season draft, refusing to sign a new contract with them, and in 2010, Rischitelli and Jarred Brennan went to new local rival Gold Coast, and Justin Sherman to the Western Bulldogs. Fevola, while talented, kept getting into trouble, and had his contract terminated after the 2010 season due to mulitple off-field incidences, ending with public drunkenness and an altercation with the police on New Years day. They player the club sacrificed so much to trade for lasted jut one year, and left a massive $1.6 million hole in their salary cap. The club failed to make finals again, and their 2009 finals appearance was no longer the start of a new dynasty, but an outlier in a 14 year long period of missing finals, and performing terribly to mediocre. This was made worse by the thought that the club, in another universe, would have keep Rischitelli, Brennan, Bradshaw and Sherman, and used Pick 12 on someone like Daniel Talia, Lewis Jetta or Nathan Fyfe.
The period of time in 2010-2013 saw the club finish poorly each year, but due to many of the early picks being taken by Gold Coast and GWS, their picks weren’t as good as they would have been. In 2012, the last year that priority picks were automatically given out, Brisbane finished with just 4 wins, and was given Pick 29; to pick was traded to Hawthorn for Jordan Lisle, who lasted just three years.
Collapse #3 - The go-home five, 2013
The 2013 season was a dismal one for Brisbane, but there were signs that the side still had an amazing potential. Many young players had been recruited with early draft picks since the 2009 season, and some were beginning to show promise. The highlight of this season, and for younger Brisbane fans who can’t remember the threepeat, their highlight as Lions supporters, was the Miracle on Grass, an absolutely mental game where th Lions launched 52-point comeback ate in the game, kicking 8 goals in the last quarter to defeat a still Kennet Cursed Geelong.
Despite signs of promise, it was becoming clear that the culture at the club was horribly flawed. Rumours began to spread of a hard-partying hazing culture, with many centring around Tom Rockliff and Irish recruit Pearce Hanley; both players were very talented, but there were ugly rumours and occasional public flair-ups from these two, with the craziest rumours being that Tom Rockliff shat in Jared Polec’s boots, and supposedly a player was made to drink their own piss. But these are just rumours, so don’t take it as gospel truth. Both players, despite their skill, were not the team players the club needed, and both would eventually be pushed out of the club in trades.
Brisbane is based in Queensland, a state where Australian Rules Football is not overly popular, much the same in New South Wales. Both states’ teams – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Greater Western Sydney and Sydney – have their unique challenges when it comes to developing and retaining talent, as they can’t rely on locals to make up the bulk of their list, but interstate players. As most AFL players are drafted as 18-year-olds, this means moving them away from their homes straight after high school, and homesickness becomes a big factor. While some players will inevitably go for this reason, players will stay at clubs with good cultures and strong teams. Some players even prefer playing for these teams, as there is less pressure and scrutiny and local media, and there is a certain degree of anonymity. Teams like Sydney and GWS formed powerful sides with good cultures in this time period.
Brisbane however lacked this, and the results became clear in 2013, when five of their best young players, four of whom cost first-round draft picks, asked to be traded to their home states. Brisbane was screwed hard; these kids were meant to be the core of a future list, and having them all leave suddenly left a massive hole in the age demographic of their list. Further, future pick trading was not implemented yet, so Brisbane couldn’t get fair deals in the trades; whatever the other club had to offer, they had to accept, and they got no first round picks back.
The go-home-five were Jared Polec (Pick 5, 2010), Patrick Karnezis (Pick 25, 2010), Billy Longer (Pick 8, 2011), Sam Docherty (Pick 12, 2011) and Elliot Yeo (Pick 30, 2011). The loss of Polec, Docherty and Yeo was particularly tough, as all three would become high quality players, and Yeo would win a premiership. It later transpired that Yeo would have stayed at Brisbane if they’d paid him an extra $25,000 per year, but Brisbane refused. Pearce Hanley would tweet out that the players were mummy’s boys. In a funny twist, after Michael Voss and Tom Rockliff ended up at Port Adelaide, Polec was swiftly traded out. Make of that what you will.
The club then made another fatal mistake; thinking that they could lure in coaching genius Paul Roos, who had helped invent the game's modern defensive tactics and brought Sydney to their 2005 premiership (their first in 72 years), and clearly unhappy with Voss’ results, they let him go, but Roos ended up accepting a massive contract at Melbourne, leaving Brisbane with few choices on coach, which led to them hiring Justin Leppitsch, who had also played in the threepeat. Leppitsch's time as senior coach would ultimately be unsuccesful, and he'd last just three seasons, but would later help Richmond win the 2017 and 2019 flags as an assistant coach. Voss has since worked as an assistant coach at Port Adelaide, and has expressed interest for another senior coaching job, but has so far been knocked back.
After the disastrous results of the go-home-five, the club was left scrambling to draft players with less than ideal picks, and was the complete opposite of a destination club. Making things worse was the retirement of club legend Simon Black, who despite being in his 30’s was still one of their best players. The next few years saw many more players depart as the list was almost completely overhauled, and as of the 2020 season, only four players remain from the 2013 season – Daniel Rich, Dayne Zorko, Stefan Martin and Ryan Lester. Of these four, Rich is the only one from their 2009 finals appearance. Many players from their 2013 season remain at other clubs, where some, such as Jack Redden, Ellioy Teo, Sam Docherty, Jared Polec amd Jack Crisp, are best 22 quality. The club's ability to draft talented playes, but inability to retain them, became an ugly pattern.
In 2013, they traded in Trent West and Jackson Paine, both of whom left in 2016. However their draft haul was pretty good, securing (the ironically named) Daniel McStay, Darcy Gardiner and Lewis Taylor. This was soured by their first pick, James Aish, going to Collingwood in 2015.
The Leppitsch years, 2013-2016
In 2014, two of their greatest ever players, and the last holdovers from the Premiership teams, Jonathan Brown and Ash McGrath, both retired. They signed delisted free agent and professional gadget type operator and skater boi Mitch Robinson, and traded in Dayne Beams, whose brother Claye was already at the club. Beams, a very highly regarded midfielder at Collingwood, was from Queensland originally, and sought to play at Brisbane with his brother in order to be close to his sick father. The trade cost Brisbane Pick 5 and defender Jack Crisp, but gave them a quality midfielder. They had a three-way trade with Geelong and GWS, sending out Joel Patfull and gaining Allen Chistensen, a massive gain, and drafted academy player and team dad Harris Andrews. Despite many hoping these trades would allow the club a return to finals in 2015, this did not eventuate.
In 2015, Matthew Leunberger left via Free Agency, and Jack Redden was traded to West Coast, where he became a premiership player alongside Elliot Yeo. They traded in recycled players Tom Bell, Jarred Jansen, Josh Walker and Ryan Bastinac. Walker would be their main KPD and Bastinac a mentor figure for the next several years. Finishing 17th, they used Pick 2 on Josh Schache, who in a cruel twist, would be traded away in 2017 in order to be with his own sick father, leaving the club with little in return. The Brisbane fans desire to get wacky for Schache was for nothing. However, two of their other draftees, Eric Hipwood and Rhys Mathieson, were excellent pickups.
In 2016, the club once again finished 17th. They were one of the only teams to lose to the wooden spooners Essendon, who had 12 of their players suspended for the season and were therefore playing with a heavily compromised list that was barely AFL quality. They suffered their second-worst loss ever, losing to Adelaide by 138 points. Things were so bad that they asked the AFL for a priority draft pick, and were rewarded with Pick 19. But things finally changed, with new behind the scenes staff, and a new coach, Chris Fagan.
Rebuilding 101 - The Dawn of Faganism, 2016-2019
The club set out to target players who were already friends or even brothers, as well as players from regional communities, to avoid them getting homesick and demanding trades home. They set their sights on two first round players, Hugh McLuggage and Jarrod Berry, teammates from regional Victoria. They traded picks 2, 31, 51 and 60 to GWS for Picks 3 and 16, allowing them to grab both players. They also acquired Alex Witherden and **Cedric Cox from regional Victoria, the quartet of players all knowing each other (or in the case of Witherden and Berry, were close friends). They traded old hand, and formerly untouchable, Pearce Hanley and their Priority Pick in a three-way trade with Gold Coast and Port Adelaide, getting Pick 22 and Port Adelaide’s future 1st round pick. They also traded in fringe player Jack Frost from Collingwood, who had little impact. They also drafted Jacob Allison, as well as rookies Oscar McInerney and cult hero Matt Eagles, who was the winner of the show The Recruit.
In 2017, the club languished at the bottom of the ladder and finished dead last, the “highlights” of their season being the greatest advertisement ever made, and their spoonbowl match against North Melbourne, in which the bottom two teams played each other in the last round of the season, the loser finishing last and being rewarded with the wooden spoon; despite many thinking that North Melbourne was tanking, Brisbane lost, and finished last for the first time since 1998. Ending up with Picks 1 and 12 in the first round, Pick 1 was used to draft Cameron Rayner, and Pick 12 was traded to Adelaide for Queenslander Charlie Cameron. They also traded for veteran Hawthorn star Luke Hodge, to play for two more years in a mentoring capacity. The Cameron and Hodge trades were a big deal; for the first time in years, the club was able to target players in other clubs that were highly regarded, and get them to come over. Players wanted to play for Brisbane. They traded for Pick 15 from Richmond, which they used on Zac Bailey, and Tom Rockliff, who had been one of their best players for years and a former Captain, left to Port Adelaide as a free agent, getting the club another first round pick, which they used on Brandon Starcevich. Many felt that he was pushed out of the club, along with Hanley the year before, as part of a culture reset.
In 2018, despite a good percentage, the Lions suffered multiple close losses, and finished near the bottom of the ladder for the 13th time in 14 years. They also suffered their lowest ever score, managing just 2.5 (17) against Richmond's 16.14 (11) in Round 4. However, they made a huge series of trades that would define their 2019 season. Dayne Beams left to return Collingwood, struggling with mental health, his brother having been delisted and his father having passed away, getting Brisbane late first round picks in the 2018 and 2019 drafts. They traded their own first round picks in 2018 and 2019, along with Sam Mayes, in a series of deals which netted them close friends Lachie Neale, one of the best yet most underrated midfielders in the competition, and Lincoln McCarthy, a quality forward whose injury history prevented him from getting the exposure he deserved. They also signed delisted free agent Jarryd Lyons, whose brother Corey was already at the club, traded in Marcus Adams, and drafted Jarrod Berry’s younger brother Tom.
The pieces finally came together in 2019, when the Brisbane Lions shocked the football world by finishing second on the ladder, bringing capacity crowds back to the Gabba for the first time since their glory days. They played an exciting brand of football, with an admittedly easy draw to their low finish in 2018, but had multiple games where they showed that they were a dangerous side again, with the greatest example being their win over Geelong, the minor premier, and the first time they’d beaten them since the Miracle on Grass six years earlier. Despite this impressive run, they lost four of their eight matches against top 8 teams, suggesting that they had made the most of their easier draw. Their lack of finals experience cost them dearly; a home qualifying final against eventual premiers Richmond was marked by Brisbane’s inability to kick goals, and they lost heavily. The next week, against eventual runners-up GWS, was a very close affair, but Brisbane failed numerous times in the second half to mark a ball in their inside 50, with GWS’ defence repeatedly stopping their attempts to get close to goal, and a late goal from Brent Daniels gave them the lead, defeating Brisbane by just four points. But the packed Gabba crowd was not deterred, and as the Brisbane team left the ground, still without a finals win since 2009, they cheered “LIIIIOOOOONNNNS” to the defeated team. Brisbane had failed to win a final, but they had succeeded in making Australian Rules Football big in Brisbane again for the first time in many years. In fact, their Qualifying Final against Richmond had their biggest ever home crowd at the Gabba, with 37,478 people attending.
A collapse, and rebirth
The Brisbane Lions may finally no longer be the basket case they were in 2005-2018, with a much better list, culture, coaching staff and support base than they have in years. The growth of the game in Queensland has led to multiple star Queenslanders now playing in the AFL, with many playing for Brisbane. The Lions seem to have finally turned a corner, but it was a very rough corner; from 2010 to 2019, the seasons after the Fevola trade, the club lost 150 out of 224 matches. The Brisbane Lions are a cautionary tale, of a club putting their eggs in one basket, and allowing the worst culture in the league to fester to its core, but also a story of redemption, a club of friends and in some cases literally brothers who through determination and hard work, turned a corner and returned to finals.
Season to season summary; bold means played finals
  • 1997: 8th/16 Qualfying Finals. First season after merger with Fitzroy.
  • 1998: 16th/16. Wooden spoon. John Northy is fired, replaced by Leigh Matthews.
  • 1999: 3rd/16 Preliminary Finals
  • 2000: 6th/16, Semi-Finals
  • 2001: 2nd/16, Premiers
  • 2002: 2nd/16, Premiers
  • 2003: 3rd/16, Premiers. Three Premierships in a row
  • 2004: 2nd/16, Runners-up. Four grand finals in a row.
  • 2005: 11th/16
  • 2006: 13th/16
  • 2007: 10th/16, Chris Johnston, the last Fitzroy Lion, retires
  • 2008: 10th/16, Leigh Matthews steps down, replaced by Michael Voss
  • 2009: 6th/16, Semi-Finals. Only finals appearance from 2005-2018. Fevola trade.
  • 2010: 13th/16, Gold Coast limits draft options
  • 2011: 15th/17, GWS limits draft options, given a priority pick
  • 2012: 13th/18
  • 2013: 12th/18, Go Home Five, Michael Voss is fired, replaced by Justin Leppitsch
  • 2014: 15th/18, the last premiership players retire
  • 2015: 17th/18, turned down for a priority draft pick
  • 2016: 17th/18, given a priority draft pick, Justin Leppeitch is let go, replaced by Chris Fagan
  • 2017: 18th/18, first wooden spoon since 1998
  • 2018: 15th/18,
  • 2019: 2nd/18, Semi-Finals, spectacular rise in form, but loses both finals
I hope people enjoyed this AFL Collapse. I'm keen on possibly writing more, such as Essendon's collapse after the 2001 Grand Final, and Carlton's after they fired Brett Ratten. I also want to know if there's anything innaccurate in the post, or anything I missed that would be useful information to have.
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