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Bad officiating calls in Warriors-Rockets G7

Strap in boys, it's gonna be a ride. So I've basically reviewed the whole game last night, and here are the questionable plays which I thought should have been calls/were called wrongly.

Calls going against Rockets:

  1. Wrong travelling call against Capela, didn't lift up his pivot foot.
  2. Slight push on PJ Tucker no call, KD gets the call on the other end. Probably a superstar call.
  3. Harden might have gotten shoved in the back by Looney, no call.
  4. Capela called for a goaltend for what seemed to be a clean block.
  5. Harden fouled on the landing, no call. Slowmo
  6. Harden fouled on three attempt, no call. Slowmo
  7. Ref disallows continuation on Harden's three. Slowmo
  8. Eric Gordon fouled by Draymond, no call.

Calls going against Warriors:

  1. Klay gets called for an early 2nd foul which didn't look like much contact, looked like ball just slipped out of EG's hands.
  2. Curry's hip gets pushed by Gerald Green, even falls on the ground. No call.
  3. Jordan Bell raked across the arm by Harden, no call. (pro tip: right click and select 1/4 speed to see the contact)
  4. Klay gets hand checked by Tucker and loses the ball. No call. Slowmo
  5. KD gets pushed into Harden by Ryan Anderson, foul on KD. Similar to this play, albeit less egregious by Anderson.
  6. Klay gets a point removed by Scott Foster.
A major theme which showed itself was the fact that Ryan Anderson literally (I'm not kidding) hand checked Curry every time he was switched onto him. And the Warriors forced that switch A LOT. Here's ALL the plays where Anderson guarded Curry:
Bonus Harden trying to draw foul when there was none & just looking like a fool:
Oh and, inb4 Rockets fans accuse me of bias again, and calling me a Warriors fan. Would a Warrior fan post these?
The entire game is freely available online, if you're so angry why don't you make your own compilation? And u/unklebuckets, still waiting for your refs lowlights thread, or any of the 1+ million subscribers to make one.
Edit: Summary of the night lol. Credits to u/wetjumpshot
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Is it Time to Panic in San Antonio

This is a long read (about 10mins), but there is a Verdict (TLDR) at the bottom. Thanks for reading

The last time the San Antonio Spurs missed the playoffs (22 years ago), three of their players were not even born (Lonnie Walker IV, Luka Samanic, and Keldon Johnson). Fast forward to 2020, and the Spurs could be locked into two aging stars for one more year and look to be falling out of the Western Conference pecking order. It seems like the Spurs will be stuck in the pit of mediocrity for the foreseeable future. But how dire is the situation down south in San Antonio?

How did this happen?

It is almost crazy to think that just three years ago, the San Antonio Spurs were preparing for a Western Conference Finals duel with the Golden State Warriors. A series that many people believed that, if there would be a team to knock off the dynasty Warriors in the West, it would be this very San Antonio team. Led by MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard, the team had this unique blend of veteran talent behind him (Patty Mills, LaMarcus Aldridge, Manu Ginobili, Rudy Gay, Danny Green) as well as a young core (Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Davis Bertans, Kyle Anderson) that could rival any team in the league.
But those aspirations quickly went down the drain the moment Zaza Pachulia slid his foot just a little bit too close into Kawhi Leonard’s landing space in Game 1 (a game where they held a 25 point lead in Oracle) and injured him indefinitely for the rest of the series. The Spurs ended up getting swept in that series. What Spurs fans thought was just a minor set back, turned out to be the final domino that fell, causing an unprecedented turn of events for such a stoic and well respected franchise.
The following season (the 2017–18 season), rumors surfaced that there was some discontent between the Spurs organization and Kawhi Leonard, regarding the status of his quad injury. The Spurs medical team had apparently cleared Leonard to play, but he refused to step foot on the court because he felt like he could not manage the pain of his injury. He only ended up playing nine games for the Spurs that year, averaging a lukewarm 16.2 points per game. At seasons end, Kawhi Leonard officially handed in a trade request, and it seemed like the Spurs were done for.
At the time, Leonard told reporters he wanted to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, as he is a Los Angeles native himself. The Lakers, however, were unable to muster up a strong enough offer for the Spurs and the Spurs were reluctant to trade Leonard to a team at the same conference. Eventually, San Antonio sent him north of the border to the Toronto Raptors along with Danny Green for Jakob Poeltl and All Star Demar DeRozan. From there, the rest is history. The Raptors won the 2019 NBA title (Kawhi Leonard won finals MVP) and the Spurs got bounced in 7 games to the Denver Nuggets in the first round. Fast forward to 2020 and Kawhi Leonard lost in 7 games to the same Denver Nuggets group with the Los Angeles Clippers in the second round, and the San Antonio Spurs missed the playoffs for the first time in 22 years. The Spurs are now at a crossroads as to whether or not they should retool this group, or blow it up and start again.

Assessing the Young Talent

Though the Spurs did not handle the Kawhi Leonard situation as well as they theoretically should have, they have done a good job of retaining the rest of the roster. Every single young piece that was apart of that Western Conference Finals roster is still on the roster today, with the exception of Kyle Anderson and Davis Bertans.
This leaves a very strong future backcourt with Dejounte Murray, Derrick White leading the way. Coupling this with newer additions such as Lonnie Walker IV, Bryn Forbes, and Keldon Johnson, and the Spurs have a war chest of above average young assets they can either build around or trade. Dejounte Murray is the youngest player to ever be nominated for first team all defense in the NBA, and though he has had to battle some serious injuries in his young career, the defensive ability he possesses at such a young age is remarkable. On top of that, he is slowly becoming more and more efficient as a shooter and scorer, shooting 46% from the field this year compared to 43% in his rookie year and averaging 10.9 points per game compared to 3.4 in his first year. He has also become a lot more comfortable as a ball handler and a passer averaging almost 5 assists this year but also averaging less than 2 turnovers.
Dejounte Murray PnR
Murray likes to attack out of the pick and roll, where he can his quickness to attack mismatches. For someone who is a 6'4 point guard, to be able to move that quickly is very impressive. However Capella does not step up high enough for Murray to attack, so instead, he just rises up over him to hit the jumper. Murray has gotten a lot more comfortable with that mid range jumper, a shot that even though advanced stats say is a poor shot, it is still a shot the Spurs like to take frequently.
Murray Playmaking off PnR
Here, however, Murray is able to use speed to full effect as Lyles slips the ball screen, forcing Tucker to chase and open up a driving lane when Westbrook just doesn’t move. Murray’s improved vision allows him to see House Jr sliding down and he fires a pass to Lonnie Walker for the open three.
The Spurs boast an impressive amount of young talent in their backcourt. While the frontcourt may not be as stacked with names, players like Trey Lyles, Luka Samanic, Jakob Poeltl are all fine enough pieces that give the Spurs some value. One negative that the Spurs core young players do have is that other than potentially Murray, there is not really anyone who stands out and has All Star level potential. But for a team that has not had a lottery pick since when they drafted the great Tim Duncan, to even have this much young talent on their roster is impressive in its own right.

The Big Names

Here comes the more controversial part of the San Antonio Spurs; LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan. It is important to preface the fact that both players are incredibly talented, all star level players in their own right. But the situation they find themselves in with the Spurs is just not optimal for them, especially considering the fact that they are both coming towards the end of what is probably their last high paying contract in the NBA (Aldridge being 35 and DeRozan being 31).
Starting with DeMar DeRozan, this situation could be relatively simple for the Spurs if he does not pick up his player option for next year. However, it’s more likely than not DeRozan will pick it up considering it is for another 27 million dollars, a sum of money he will most likely not receive from another team. Assuming DeRozan does pick up his player option, the Spurs would be hard pressed to be able to trade him during the season. Interest for players who rely so heavily on their mid range jumper is already low (35% of his shots were from the mid range), coupling that with the fact that he will be 32 next year makes it seem almost impossible for the Spurs to move him on.
However, if the Chris Paul trade to the Thunder has taught anyone, it is that any contract can be moved and DeMar DeRozan does give an NBA team a lot. His ability to attack out of the pick and roll is very impressive, and he has improved a lot as a passer which helps a lot when considering how much he handles the ball. In fact, at the beginning of the 2019–20 season, the Orlando Magic were rumored to be interested in DeRozan, but those talks have seemed to have stopped entirely. Though, if a trade was to be completed, it could potentially look something like this.
Potential trade for DeMar DeRozan
The Spurs get a little bit more shooting they desperately need in the form of James Ennis while also taking on the task of developing Aaron Gordon. Gordon has fallen down the pecking order in Orlando, especially after the Magic put up a surprisingly good performance against the top seeded Milwaukee Bucks in the first round without him. Couple this with the rise of players in his position such as Jonathon Isaac and Wes Iwundu and Magic may be looking to get rid of him. On the flip side, the Magic get some needed back court help to try and make another playoff push alongside Vucevic. At the end of the day though, the Spurs are not in an awful position with DeMar DeRozan. He still holds some value to the team and if the Spurs do not choose to completely rebuild, he could be very useful in another playoff push for the team; given he has the right pieces around him.
Moving onto LaMarcus Aldridge, it is relatively the same situation with him. He has 1 last year on his contract but considering he even older than DeRozan (36), it seems highly unlikely that the Spurs will sign him for more than 1 to 2 years if they decide to bring him back at all. With that being said, if the Spurs can surround him with the right type of players (preferably shooters), he can be very useful to them as a stretch 5. He’s already showing signs of an improved shooter from 3 (shooting 38% from 3 this year compared to 24% the season prior) and it’s been well documented his incredible touch from the mid range in and out of the post. A potential Murray-Aldridge pick and roll/pop situation do on paper sound really potent. There’s just 1 issue; where does DeMar DeRozan fit into all of this?
DeRozan and Aldridge on their own can be the focal point of an offense, they are that talented. But together, the lack of shooting both players provide can sometimes clog up the lane too much and does not provide the Spurs with enough spacing to work with. Couple this with current starting center Jakob Poeltl’s inability to shoot, and the fact that Dejounte Murray is not an elite level shooter yet, it just makes it harder to justify having both of them on the same team. With that being said, the Spurs would be better off moving on from DeRozan rather than Aldridge, despite the advanced age. This circles back to the Spurs surplus of backcourt young talent. In theory, the Spurs can package one of those pieces with DeRozan to another team (such as the Magic) and in exchange receive a young big (like an Aaron Gordon), who can step into the spotlight once Aldridge does move on. Alternatively, the Spurs could look to move on Aldridge now and just play out the rest of DeRozan’s contract and move on from there.
Potential trade for LaMarcus Aldridge
One potential trade, suggested by Fadeawayworld.net, would be to send Aldridge back to Portland with Derrick White, in exchange for Trevor Ariza, Jusuf Nurkic, and Anfernee Simons. This would give the Spurs yet another guard they could develop, along with a starting caliber center in Jusuf Nurkic, and an expiring deal with Trevor Ariza (who also brings some much needed shooting). This would mean giving up a young piece in Derrick White, but considering the Spurs would also get back a young guard of their own in Simons, it may not be the worst option in the world.
Finally, the Spurs could just blow the whole thing up and trade both DeRozan and Aldridge, and try and start new with all the assets they have.
Potential trade for both LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan
In this hypothetical scenario, the Spurs would get more shooting in the form of Terrence Ross, as well as take on 2 young players at the guard and big spot to develop alongside their core. The Blazers would receive Aldridge back and would most likely look to push for a title while he’s still under contract with Lillard and McCollum. The Wolves would receive a nice complementary piece alongside Russell and Towns in Gordon, who has had his struggles in Orlando. In turn, they would give up Jarrett Culver, who has also had his struggles in his rookie year in Minnesota. Finally, the Magic would offload Aaron Gordon alongside Terrence Ross for some more backcourt help in the form of Demar DeRozan, as well as a second round pick. Looking at this from just the Spurs perspective, this is the type of package should expect to receive for their aging stars; 1–2 young pieces as well as potentially some shooting.

The Verdict

Though it is not what Spurs fans are used to at all, they could defiantly be in a much more difficult spot. The organization has done well to draft smart with the low picks they have had so that when they do have to rebuild, they already have some nice pieces in place. Couple this with the fact that the Spurs still have Gregg Popovich as their coach for as long as he wants the job, and the Spurs should be more than capable of dealing with a potential rebuild. However, if the front office plays their cards right, and if some of those young pieces can continue to develop, it would not be surprising to see the DeRozan-Aldridge era of the San Antonio Spurs give it one last crack at a playoff run before they ride off into the sunset.

Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you for reading.
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