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List and downloads for all current KOM files for Elsword

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Elsword PH Hacking Guide

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How do I log into the standalone game after playing on Steam?

I started playing Elsword via Steam, but it hasn't been working recently. It keeps saying "No response from server" after joining for a few seconds. I'm now trying to use the standalone version of the game, but I have no idea what my login is. Is there a way to get a login from my Steam version or transfer my Steam data over?
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Aedan Nolan - Son of Asclepius

Name: Aedan Nolan Age: 17 Godly Parent: Asclepius
Appearance: Faceclaim data: Add from Elsword Hair: Aedan has decently long pure white hair, thick as can be. Unfortunately white hair has a tendency to look thin... but he thankfully doesn't look like he's balding. Typically he keeps the top half pulled back to keep it out of his face.
Eyes: Aedan's eyes are deep red in color, flashing a bit brighter should he start to push with his powers.
Build: Aedan is rather short for a male, coming in at roughly 5'3" in height. This makes him tough to locate sometimes, but isn't all bad. Tall people have to climb on the counter sometimes to reach the top shelf anyway. He has a rather strong build - despite not being much of a fighter, he tries to keep his body in shape. His survival depends on it, sometimes. Regardless, he is decently toned, nothing major. He's got a bit of a bulky swimmer thing going on. He can lift and move someone toward the medical cabin or whatever, but he's probably gonna struggle if they're someone like a bigger Ares kid.
Scars: Aedan has a couple scars across his body - he has one encompassing his left forearm from a bad hellhound bite. Thankfully there was someone else in the vicinity to kill the beast before it took off his arm. He isn't too self conscious of this injury, thankfully. Beyond that, he has a few small ones across his cheeks, and a rather bad looking one on his abdomen all from injuries due to his 'habit' of falling out of trees. He's two on his chest, from his reassignment surgery, but they were simple to heal back lighter.
God Stuff
Altered Healing Touch - Aedan can heal the injuries of another whilst in an area. If he's touching them, he can heal bruises to gouges, but he cannot heal a bone. Those can be influenced, but not healed outright without time down. He can heal up to 5 foot away, but it's severely draining - every extra foot adds more energy needed. One foot between him and the healed requires an extra 20% effort, and 5 foot is 300% effort total. In short, he can do it, but he will NEVER try anything more than a scrape or bruise unless he has no choice.
Medical Partial Diagnosis - Aedan can tell if his friend has a severe problem inside, like bleeding or a rupture or whatnot, but not exactly what it is. In short, this requires him to use more energy to heal them, and he must be touching them to check. It also leaves him with a bit of a headache, this power is his least favorite to use due to the fact he feels this is more inferior than that of any of his siblings.
Biokinesis - Aedan's biokinesis allows him to temporarily bolster himself or another, or weaken someone. The bolster is generally used on a bodily part, though he doesn't have to touch that part. He prefers to use it on eyes or hands to steady or scout, but he has been known to use it on his legs to win a race. Unfortunately, this comes with a sugar crash for whomever he buffs with it, and a sugar high for those he nerfs. These are extremely minor, enough to notice but not an issue.
Drawbacks: All his powers have one listed, but he also is slightly anemic. The more he uses his powers, the worse the condition can become. He becomes short of breath, and more weak, so he keeps an inhaler in his medical pouch, alongside his iron supplements that he is rather bad at remembering to take.
Aedan has never met his father Asclepius, and as such he grew up with his mother Anna Nolan, and his stepfather Nathaniel Nolan. He seems happy to have been raised by them - they helped him with changing things around to be how he truly was inside. Regardless, everything comes to an end, such as when your kids powers are shown off by an accidental slice from an exacto knife as they work on a late night project.
This lead to him being explained whom his real dad is. Regular kids don't just heal up rapidly as soon as the blade leaves their palm.
Aedan wears a small bag on his side, which holds some basic medical gear, including bandages, sutures / a needle, some isopropyl alcohol, and last but not least, Nectar / Ambrosia. He has another pocket where he keeps his iron supplements and his inhaler. Generally he doesn't use many of these supplies on a day to day basis, but he believes in being prepared.
Possessions / Style:
Aedan wears a simple necklace over his outer shirt that shows whom his godly parent is. This helps him be identified, though he generally trusts that he stands out enough with his strange hair.
His preference in dressing is close fitting jeans / stronger clothes that he won't destroy in one sitting. He wears a long coat in the winter, generally keeping to a white and purple theme, but he will sometimes switch it up with a light military styled jacket. He prefers button up shirts, or henley shirts for his day to day tops. He prefers to wear boots, just for his ankles and toes safety.
Aedan is generally laid back, though if someone is threatening something or someone he cares about, he is quick to go after the source. He can act without thinking, and this can lead him to getting in trouble. Fortunately for him, he was raised being taught how to deal with conflict, and how to be the loudest voice in the room. Public speaking isn't an issue for him, and he knows that he can command attention and respect - especially when it comes to taking care of others. He is easily forgetful, which leads to things like him forgetting his iron supplement at breakfast, or misplacing things he finds important.
As part of being laid back, he is a bit scattered, which makes it tough for him to focus on something until Instinct kicks in, trained or by birth. He always seems to be somewhere else, though he does his best to be aware.
Aedan has a hard time accepting help from others when he doesn't want it. He can deal with it just fine when he wants it, but he's an only child. He hasn't much experience with siblings, or a camp environment. He gets sorta upset with himself if he makes a major mistake at someone else's cost. He also is a touchy person, he very much does enjoy being embraced and touched in general. He is quite affectionate when he likes someone - he's quick to show it.
Coffee - He drinks quite a lot of it, mainly for the caffeine. He doesn't like the flavor of coffee too much - he adds a LOT of creamer.
Jam - Aedan loves jam, and the fresher the better.
Dark humor - Having a history of hearing and reading medical texts and gore posts on the internet leads to one finding funny situations from them. They're not something he's quite quick to mention looking at, but he nevertheless has a very dark sense of humor, sounding downright evil if he really feels motivated to do so.
People - Aedan prefers to be around others. He feels energized from their presence. The more comfortable around them that he can be, the better.
Forests - He loves to be surrounded by nature, and forests are full of it. He is good at climbing trees, and as such can easily be found resting in the boughs as he listens to nature moving around him. Unfortunately, this has caused him many scars on his abdomen and cheeks from branches and things slicing into him before he learned how to use his powers.
Jelly - Despite loving Jam, Aedan hates Jelly. Something about the way it unnaturally jiggles and doesn't spread makes the substance abhorrent.
Suturing - He is rather bad at tying sutures, keeping them only for medical necessities that he cannot mend with his Healing Touch. HE prefers to use his magic, but sometimes he may have too many things to heal to rely on it exclusively. This means he has to use sutures, and he despises it.
Theology - He doesn't like to study about gods. They exist clearly, and that's enough for him. Yeah people care about them and that's fine, but don't make him sit there and read about them all week long.
Aedan finally trudges up the hill, his backpack sitting high on his back. He's tired, the road trip by bus took a long time to cross the country from the midwest, and he's ready for a good night's rest where he doesn't have to watch his own back. He makes his way into the camp, with a slight tiredness in his motions, and a slight smile on his face.
This place may be new to him, but it's gonna be home for quite a while. He just has to make sure he doesn't get on anybodies bad side. Hopefully his mother and father are home safe. He knows he is.
(I'll edit this in the coming weeks as I find things that inevitably get phased out. I normally keep them up to date until I replace the archived thread.)
submitted by JadeTirade to DemigodFiles

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