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Activation key skin cm 03 04 patch

Spin for Perfect Skin - Face & Body Cleansing Brush

By Miniulv on Nov 29, 2020 17525 views 0 comments. Download Forum 33, 920 2020.07 - 01 Oct 2020. At Saga Communications, we believe local media has the power to affect communities.

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I'm also not happy that there's no "cm 03 04" style squad view. Minecraft Skins - The Skindex. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username.

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LOL PRO (LOL SKIN) a free software. CM Backup for Android - APK Download. How I got CM03/04 working on Windows 10 Misc I always wanted to get CM03/04 working on Win10, and I finally found a soloution that worked and thought I should tell yous.

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Language: Download ( 13 mb ) UltraISO - one of the best programs to work with disk images. While the condition may occur at any age, it typically starts in childhood, with changing severity over the years. Skin cm 03 04 patch.

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Join Date Mar 2020 Posts. Championship Manager 03/04 Patch 4.1.5 learn more here. We are also working on a new tool 3D Kit editor for FM, read more Download it for FREE More details.

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Thus, the skin tag is non-surgically removed. Graphics - Downloads - CM 01/02 Website https://sale7777.ru/download/?file=377. Sep 30, 2020; isitfmbase; Football.

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Serial number fM 05 & CM 03-04 - TheOffsider.com Main Index

See below the changes in each version. The maximum file size is 500 MB. 2) Click the "Start Upload" button to start uploading the file. S Saunders & Long Seed to Skin Shiseido Sisley SK-II Susanne Kaufmann.

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Cold urticaria (essentially meaning cold hives) is a disorder where hives or large red welts form on the skin after exposure to a cold stimulus. Guitar Pro 4 Demo I Dont Want to Miss a Thing, cm 03-04 no-cd fix. T The Grey Men's Skincare The Light Salon TOM FORD BEAUTY Triumph & Disaster.

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Steam Account Generator. Visit our WeeklySale to score great Steam game sales, countless Uplay titles, and Origin originals. J. Andersson (JAndersson) and G. Thomson (TeediuS). → changes Part 2

Previous one: https://www.reddit.com/Warthundecomments/jnkyn3/1101140_2008_changes_part_1/ → changes: Part 2

  • #PSA: If you didn't know, the old German P-47D will be hidden after "New Power" so buy it if you want to have it.
  • Gaijin changed their name in the main menu's copyright text – Gaijin Entertainment → Gaijin Games
  • EULA version – 10 → 11
  • New hotkeys:
    • "hotkeys/ID_RESIZE_SECONDARY_WEAPON_SERIES";"Resize secondary weapon series"
    • "hotkeys/ID_CONTROL_MODE";"Hover mode"
  • New controls:
    • "controls/vtol";"Thrust vector, lift engines and nozzles control axis"
    • "controls/climb";"Hover height"
  • Button removed:
    • "flightmenu/btnBailoutUfo";"Leave the Ship"
  • Query removed:
    • "flightmenu/questionBailoutUfo";"Are you sure you want to bail out from the ship?"
  • "shop/unitCountry/tooltip";"Vehicle Country" has been split into two: (Example: https://imgur.com/ZXsKYIb)
    • "shop/unitCountry/operator";"Operator country"
    • "shop/unitCountry/research";"Research country"
  • New armourtypes:
    • MEXAS 2
    • MEXAS 2C
  • Lang lines added:
    • "gamepad_cursor_control_splash/navigation_by_ui_objects";"Navigation by UI elements"
    • "gamepad_cursor_control_splash/activation_of_selected_object";"Activate the selected UI element"
    • "chat/receiveInvite/acceptToJoin";"%s (accept the invitation to join)"
    • "squad/inviteSquadName/acceptToJoin";"squad (accept the invitation to join)"
    • "menu/options/maxNumFilterOptions";"List of options shown is limited to {num}"
    • "video/compatibility_disabled";"This version of the game does not work in compatibility mode with older video cards"
    • "NEW_CLIENT/COUNTDOWN_MESSAGE";"Attention! Air Raid! {time}"
    • "NEW_CLIENT/EXIT_TITLE";"New client WT 2.0 has been released!"
    • "NEW_CLIENT/EXIT_MESSAGE";"Please, update client to a new version"
  • Lang lines changed:
    • "armor_class/ships_coal_bunker";"Structural steel" → "Coal bunker"
    • "dmg_msg_short/ship_charges_storage";"charge room" → "magazine"
    • "dmg_msg_short/ship_ammunition_storage_charges";"charge room" → "magazine"
    • "dmg_msg_short/ship_ammunition_storage_shells";"shells room" → "shell room"
    • "gamepad_cursor_control_splash/header_text";"New way to use interface" → "New navigation in UI"
    • "chat/receiveInvite/clickToJoin";"%s (click the channel name to join)" → "%s (click here to join)"
    • "squad/inviteSquadName";"squad (press to join)" → "squad (click here to join)"
    • "missions/tutorial_tank_basics_arcade";"Tank Control Basis" → "Tank Control Basics"
    • "missions/tutorial_boat_basic_arcade";"Motor Boat Control Basis" → "Motor Boat Control Basics"
  • Lang lines removed:
    • "default_editbox_hint_message";"Press LT to edit..."
    • "click";"Click"
    • "gamepad_cursor_control_splash/accept";"Use it"
    • "gamepad_cursor_control_splash/decline";"Leave old"
    • "contacts/psn_profile";"Profile"
    • "loading/help_consoleTip";"Double tap on touch pad will activate the object in the menu."
  • New collections:
    • "Game update (2018)" decals
    • "Game update (2019)" decals
    • "Game update (2020)" decals
    • "Ammunition" decorations
  • New options:
    • "options/torpedo_dive_depth";"Depth stroke torpedoes (m)"
  • New hints:
    • "guiHints/torpedo_dive_depth";"Depth stroke torpedoes (m)"
    • "guiHints/dlss";"Requires a videocard with DLSS 2.0 support. The list of available DLSS values also depends on selected Resolution."
    • "hints/ircm_fail_guidance";"Operation of IRCM, disruption of missile guidance"
    • "hints/weapon_is_blocked";"Another payload blocks weapon launch / release"
    • "loading/help_consoleTip";"You can always view help on the controls by selecting the appropriate item in the menu while in battle"
  • New text on the bottom of the screen:
    • "HUD/SECONDARY_WEAPON_SERIES";"Salvo mode for secondary weapon"
    • "HUD/SECONDARY_WEAPON_SERIES_NORMAL";"Normal mode for secondary weapon"
    • "HUD/TXT_NO_VTOL_CONTROL";"No thrust vector control, lift engines and nozzles controls"
    • "HUD/TXT_VTOL";"Thrust vector control: "
  • Options changed:
    • "options/console_mode";"Use interface with gamepad" → "Gamepad User Interface"
    • "options/headeinterface";"Battle Interface Settings" → "Battle Interface"
    • "options/headeplayersMarkers";"Player Marker Settings" → "Player Markers"
    • "options/headegamepad";"Gamepad Settings" → "Gamepad"
    • "options/headeprivacy";"Privacy and confidentiality" → "Privacy and Confidentiality"
  • Hints changed:
    • "guiHints/gamepad_cursor_controller";"Use stick to control cursor" → "If enabled, the Left Stick of the gamepad functions as a mouse. If disabled, it works like a D-pad."
    • "guiHints/enable_modifications";"Modifications and maintenance of selected vehicle: select 'reference' (completely new, repaired and fully functional vehicle with all reference historical modifications) or 'current' (a vehicle from your hangar with all currently mounted modifications)" → "Modifications and maintenance of selected vehicle: select 'reference' (completely new, repaired and fully functional vehicle with all modifications) or 'current' (a vehicle from your hangar with all currently mounted modifications)"
  • New tutorial:
    • "Destroyer Control Basics"
    • "Short tutorial course of basic destroyer controls"
    • "Summer 1942"
    • "Wind E 6 knots, clouds cirrus, cumulus, alto-cumulus, visibility unlimited"
    • Instructions:
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_welcome";"Welcome to the quick guide to battleship controls. Press {{ID_CONTINUE}} to continue"
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_first_target_aim_and_shoot";"Your first target is a motionless boat.Aim your cannons crosshairs at it and fire using {{ID_SHIP_WEAPON_ALL}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_first_target_down";"Target's destroyed! Great job!"
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_second_target_spot";"Your next target is in a few kilometers away from you. Aim your cursor at it and lock on it using {{ID_LOCK_TARGET}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_second_target_lock";;"Выделите цель при помощи {{ID_LOCK_TARGET}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_second_target_binoculars";"Use the binoculars: {{ID_TOGGLE_VIEW_SHIP}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_second_target_zoom";"Zoom the camera using {{ID_ZOOM_TOGGLE}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_second_target_shoot";"Open fire: {{ID_SHIP_WEAPON_ALL}}. Notice that your gunners need time to aim their cannons at such distance."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_second_target_down";"Perfect! The target's going down. Return to the 3rd person view with {{ID_TOGGLE_VIEW_SHIP}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_third_target_auto";"Your new target is another boat, but it's moving this time. Switch the automatic gunners mode to "surface targets" with {{ID_SHIP_TOGGLE_GUNNERS}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_third_target_down";"As you can see your gunners can deal with light vessels on their own."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_fourth_target_auto";"Your gunners can also help you to repel air attacks. Switch the automatic gunners mode to "aerial targets" with {{ID_SHIP_TOGGLE_GUNNERS}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_fourth_target_down";"The aircraft's destroyed!"
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_fifth_target_lock";"Next target is a destroyer, pretty much like your own. It's better to use torpedoes against that kind of vessel. Lock on this target using {{ID_LOCK_TARGET}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_fifth_target_torpedo_sight";"Activate the torpedo sight: {{ID_SHIP_TORPEDO_SIGHT}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_fifth_target_torpedo_launch";"Aim torpedoes at the target and lauch them with {{ID_SHIP_WEAPON_TORPEDOES}}."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_fifth_target_wait";"Wait for torpedoes to hit."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_fifth_target_done";"Awesome!"
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_capture_move";"Your last target is the strategic point that you need to capture by moving your vessel into the designated zone. Use {{ship_main_engine+ship_steering}} to control your ship."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_capture_stop";"Stop the ship: {{ID_SHIP_FULL_STOP}}. Even on full reverse your ship will continue moving forward for a time."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_capture_wait";"Stay within the designated area until the capture is complete. Claim and hold strategic points to win battles."
      • "hints/tutorialDestr_capture_done";"The zone is yours — as is the victory! That's all you need to know to join your first battle."
  • New AI units:
    • "structures/ussr_152mm_d1_illum";"Artillery"
    • "uk_cargo_ship_liberty_EC";"Cargo ship"
    • "germ_cargo_ship_goldenfels_EC";"Cargo ship"
    • "us_cargo_ship_liberty_EC";"Cargo ship"
    • "jp_cargo_ship_kashino_EC";"Cargo ship"
    • "us_aircraftcarrier_forrestal";"USS Forrestal"
    • "uk_aircraftcarrier_ark_royal";"HMS Ark Royal"
    • "ussr_aircraftcarrier_baku";"Baku"
  • Vehicle name changes:
    • "Bennion (DD-662)" → "USS Bennion (DD-662)"
    • "Cowell (DD-547)" → "USS Cowell (DD-547)"
    • Type 74 (B) long distance name – "Medium tank" → "MBT"
  • New modifications:
    • "modification/it160_mod";"A.P 160"
    • "modification/it160_mod/desc";"Allows installation of 160 kg bombs."
    • "modification/q_5b_type130";"HF-14"
    • "modification/q_5b_type130/desc";"Allows installation of Type 130 unguided rockets."
    • "modification/rb_05a";"Rb05A"
    • "modification/rb_05a/desc";"Allows installation of Rb05A guided missiles.
    • "modification/yak_38_x23m";"X-23M"
    • "modification/yak_38_x23m/desc";"Allows installation of X-23M guided missiles."
    • "modification/yak_38_upk23_gunpod";"Gun pod UPK-23-250"
    • "modification/yak_38_upk23_gunpod/desc";"Allows installation of additional gun pods UPK-23-250."
    • "modification/yak_38_vspu_36_gunpod";"Gun pod VSPU-36"
    • "modification/yak_38_vspu_36_gunpod/desc";"Allows installation of gun pod VSPU-36."
    • "modification/yak_38_b8m1";"B-8M1"
    • "modification/yak_38_b8m1/desc";"Allows installation of additional unguided S-8 rockets.";
    • "modification/swe_m49_56";"M/49/56"
    • "modification/swe_m49_56/desc";"Allows installation of m/49/56 unguided rockets."
    • "modification/us_aim_9p";"AIM-9P"
    • "modification/us_aim_9p/desc";"Allows installation of AIM-9P air-to-air missiles."
    • "modification/q_5b";"Q-5B RWR"
    • "modification/q_5b/desc";"Q-5B Radar warning receiver."
    • xm_8_protection_improvement (currently unused)
  • Modification name changes:
    • "modification/premExpMul/desc";"Talisman vehicle allows you to gain +{value}% RP when controlling this vehicle." → "modification/premExpMul/desc";"Talisman vehicle allows you to gain +{value}% RP when controlling this vehicle in battles against other players."
  • New weaponry:
    • "weapons/it_160kg_ap";"160 kg A.P 160 bomb"
    • "weapons/su_s_8m_rocket";"S-8M rockets"
    • "weapons/cn_type130_ap";"Type 130-2 rockets"
    • "weapons/swd_rb_05a";"Rb05A rockets"
    • "weapons/swd_145mm_psrak_m49_56";"14,5 cm psrak m/49A rockets"
    • "weapons/su_s_5kp_rocket";"S-5KP rockets"
    • "weapons/su_s_24b_rocket";"S-24B rockets"
    • "weapons/105mm_LRF_user_cannon";"105 mm LRF cannon"
    • "weapons/105mm_M68A1_E8_user_cannon";"105 mm M68A1E8 cannon"
    • "weapons/120mm_Rheinmetall_L55_user_cannon";"120 mm Rh120 L/55"
    • "weapons/120mm_PTZ89_user_cannon";"120 mm PTZ89 cannon"
    • "weapons/47mm_SA_37_user_cannon";"47 mm SA37 cannon"
    • "weapons/125mm_2A46_M5_T_90A_user_cannon";"125 mm 2A46M-5 cannon"
    • "152mm_zur_9m311_1m";"9M311-1M"
    • "weapons/163mm_roland_vt_1_launcher_user_cannon";"Roland SAM"
    • "weapons/cannonBredaModel39";"37 mm Breda Model 39 37/45 cannon"
    • "weapons/7_92mm_mg08_1908_naval_user_machinegun";"7,92 mm GM08 pattern 1908 machinegun"
    • "weapons/30mm_54_ak630_naval_user_cannon";"30 mm/54 AK-630 automatic cannon"
    • "weapons/76mm_50_3inch_12pdr_18cwt_qf_mk1_naval_user_cannon";"76 mm/50 12pdr 18cwt QF Mark I cannon"
    • "weapons/76mm_50_canet_obr1892_naval_user_cannon";"75 mm/50 Canet patt.1892 cannon at Meller mounting "
    • "weapons/76mm_45_3in_20cwt_qf_mk1_naval_user_cannon";"76 mm/45 QF 3in 20cwt HA Mark I cannon"
    • "weapons/76mm_3_50_mk10_ww1_mk11_mount_naval_user_cannon";"3-inch/50 Mk.10 cannon"
    • "weapons/76mm_40_41st_year_type_naval_user_cannon";"3-inch/40 41st Year Type cannon"
    • "weapons/88mm_45_skl_45_mpl_c06_naval_user_cannon";"88 mm/45 casemate cannon SK L/45"
    • "weapons/88mm_45_skl_45_mpl_c13_ha_naval_user_cannon";"88 mm/45 AA-cannon SK L/45"
    • "weapons/100mm_70_ak100_naval_user_cannon";"100 mm/70 AK-100 cannon"
    • "weapons/102mm_50_4inch_bl_mk7_naval_user_cannon";"4 inch/50 BL Mark VII cannon"
    • "weapons/120mm_50_obr1905_naval_user_cannon";"120 mm/50 pattern 1905 cannon"
    • "weapons/120mm_45_3rd_year_type_ww1_naval_user_cannon";"4,7-inch/45 3rd Year Type cannon"
    • "weapons/127mm_54_mk42_naval_user_cannon";"5 inch/54 Mk.42 cannon"
    • "weapons/127mm_50_mk5_naval_user_cannon";"5-inch/50 Mk.5 cannon"
    • "weapons/150mm_45_skl_45_naval_user_cannon";"150 mm/45 SK L/45 cannon"
    • "weapons/152mm_45_41st_year_type_naval_user_cannon";"6-inch/45 41st Year Type cannon"
    • "weapons/283mm_45_skl_45_naval_user_cannon";"283 mm/45 SK L/45 cannon"
    • "weapons/305mm_45_12inch_mk5_naval_user_cannon";"12-inch/45 Mk.5 cannon"
    • "weapons/305mm_45_41st_year_type_naval_user_cannon";"12-inch/45 41st Year Type cannon"
    • "weapons/305mm_50_41st_year_type_naval_user_cannon";"12-inch/50 41st Year Type cannon"
    • "weapons/305mm_50_skl_50_naval_user_cannon";"305 mm/50 SK L/50 cannon"
    • "weapons/305mm_52_obr1907_naval_user_cannon";"12-inch/52 pattern 1907 cannon"
    • "weapons/305mm_50_12inch_mark11_naval_user_cannon";"12 inch/50 Mark XI cannon"
    • "weapons/305mm_45_12inch_mark10_naval_user_cannon";"305 mm/45 Mark X cannon"
    • "weapons/ussr_450mm_mod1912_torpedo";"456 mm wet-heater torpedo patt.1912"
    • "weapons/uk_450mm_18in_rgf_mark6_hbh_torpedo";"450 mm R.G.F. Mark VI** torpedo"
    • "weapons/jp_450mm_type43_torpedo";"450 mm Type 43 torpedo"
    • "weapons/de_500mm_g6c_torpedo";"500 mm G6c torpedo"
    • "weapons/us_533mm_21in_bliss_leavitt_mk1_torpedo";"533-mm Bliss-Leavitt Mk.1 torpedo"
    • "weapons/uk_533mm_21in_mk1_torpedo";"21 inch Mark I torpedo"
    • "weapons/jp_533mm_type43_torpedo";"21 inch Type 43 (1910) torpedo"
  • New shells:
    • "47mm_mle1936";"Mle1936"
    • "105mm_c76a1";"C76A1"
    • "105mm_m900";"M900"
    • "120mm_dyw_1";"DYW1"
    • "120mm_dys_120";"DYS120"
    • "128mm_pzgr_ts";"12,8/8,8 Pzgr.TS"
    • "125mm_3bm42m";"3BM42M"
    • "165mm_vt_1";"VT1"
    • "75mm_obr1915_hetf";"75 mm HE-TF"
    • "76mm_40_41st_yt_he_tf";"3-inch AA HE-TF"
    • "76mm_45_ww_i_tf";"76 mm HE-TF"
    • "76mm_50_mk2_common";"76 mm CP"
    • "76mm_aa_mk23_he_tf";"3-inch AA HE-TF"
    • "88mm_sprgr_skl45_ztz";"88 mm Spgr. Ztz"
    • "100mm_zs_58r";"100 mm ZS-58R HE-VT"
    • "102mm_50_bl_he";"4 inch HE"
    • "102mm_50_bl_cpc";"4 inch CPC"
    • "120mm_obr1911_he";"120 mm patt.1911 HE"
    • "120mm_obr1911_sap";"120 mm patt.1911 SAP"
    • "120mm_type1_sap";"120 mm Type 1 SAP"
    • "120mm_45_3rd_yt_he";"4,7-inch HE"
    • "127mm_50_mk15_common";"5-inch Mk.15 common"
    • "127mm_50_apc";"5-inch APC"
    • "127mm_54_vt_hc_mk41";"5 inch Mark 41 HC-VT"
    • "130mm_obr1911_he";"130 mm HE patt.1911"
    • "130mm_obr1911_sap";"130 mm AP patt.1911"
    • "150mm_spgr_l_3_2_kz_he";"150 mm Sprgr. L/3.2 Kz"
    • "150mm_spgr_l_3_2_sap";"150 mm Sprgr. L/3.2 Bdz"
    • "152mm_45_41st_yt_he";"6-inch HE"
    • "152mm_45_41st_yt_apc";"6-inch APC"
    • "283mm_spgr_l_3_6_he_bdz";"283 mm Sprgr. L/3.6 Bdz"
    • "283mm_psgr_l_3_2";"283 mm Psgr. L/3.2"
    • "305mm_4crh_mark_2a_he";"305 mm Mark IIa HE"
    • "305mm_4crh_mark_6a_apc";"305 mm Mark VIa APC"
    • "305mm_7crh_mk15_apc";"12-inch Mk.15 APC"
    • "305mm_50_41st_yt_he";"12-inch HE"
    • "305mm_50_41st_yt_apc";"12-inch APC"
    • "305mm_spgr_l_3_8_bdz_he";"305 mm Spgr. L/3.8 Bdz"
    • "305_psgr_l_3_4_apc";"305 mm Psgr. L/3.4"
    • "305mm_obr1911_ap";"12-inch AP patt.1911"
    • "305mm_obr1911_he";"12-inch HE patt.1911"
    • "305mm_obr1911_sap";"12-inch SAP patt.1911"
  • Decal name changes:
    • "decals/flag_of_victory";"Flag of Victory" → "Victory Banner"
    • "decals/flag_of_victory/desc";"Flag of Victory" → "Victory Banner raised by the Red Army soldiers on the Reichstag building in Berlin on May 1, 1945"
  • New skins:
    • "skin/ger_camo_hinterhalt_daimler";""Hinterhalt-Tarnung" camouflage"
    • "skin/ger_camo_hinterhalt_daimledesc";"Late tricolor spotted summer camouflage "Hinterhalt-Tarnung""
    • "skin/jp_camo_post_green";"Late green camouflage"
  • New attachables:
    • AK-103
    • IOTV body armour
  • New decals: (The unlock conditions are 50+% activity unless stated otherwise)
    • French Air Force Roundel, Type B
      • 200 / 67 / 34 kills with FR aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Low visibility Italian Air Force Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ IT aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Low visibility Japanese Air Force Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ JP aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Low visibility Royal Canadian Air Force Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ US or UK aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Royal Canadian Ground Force Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ US or UK tanks or 200 GE.
    • Low visibility Royal Air Force Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ UK aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Low visibility Royal Air Force tail mark
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ UK aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Low visibility Chinese Air Force Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ CN aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Low visibility USA Air Force Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ US aircraft or 200 GE.
    • USA Air Force Roundel (1919)
      • 150 / 75 / 50 wins with US aircraft or 200 GE.
    • USA Air Force Roundel (1947)
      • 200 / 100 / 67 wins with US aircraft or 200 GE.
    • Russian Aerospace Forces Roundel
      • 300 / 100 / 50 kills with Tier VI+ USSR aircraft or 200 GE.
  • Voice chat – will be available on PS5.
  • Special Ships game setting (probably the submarines) – now once again only available to devs and testers.
  • PC, Win, PS4 only events – also won't be available on Xbox Series X.
  • Unit search in tech-trees – now available on PS and Xbox.
  • Changelog – now available on PS4 and will be on PS5.
  • 'New cover' modification – now generates less drag.
  • New loading backgrounds – Forrestal, T-90A, Jaguar
  • New avatars:
Raw changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/
Current dev version –
Current live version –
Next one: https://www.reddit.com/Warthundecomments/jo17ml/1101140_2008_changes_part_3/
submitted by gszabi99 to Warthunder

[STORE] Superconductor Gloves FT .19 / Coolmint Gloves MW / Karambit Fire and Ice 8th Max / Butterfly Marble Fade / Butterfly Doppler P4 / Butterfly Tiger Tooth FN / M9 Doppler P3 / Bayonet Marble Fade / Bayonet Tiger Tooth / Bayonet Slaughter FN / Butterfly Rust Coat / Deagle Blaze /FULL LIST BELOW

Buyout's in cash. Not looking to sell, but I just use cash price as a reference in my trades. I don't update the prices every day, so some could be inaccurate, they're only there for general reference. All prices are negotiable.
Looking ONLY for skins (items) (NOT arcanas and not cash). Feel free send me an offer or add for negotiation :)
I'm also particularly interested in liquid knife skins, such as Dopplers, Gamma Dopplers, Tigertooths, Marble Fades, Fades. I give better prices for those.
Everything in my inventory is up for trade | Trade Link | Steam Profile |
Some of my items are still on trade hold, feel free to add me to discuss.
BTA means Better Than Average.
Knives I'm currently looking for:
M9 Slaughter FN, Bayonet Gamma Doppler P2/P4, M9 Gamma Doppler P2, Bayonet Lore MW, Butterfly Slaughter FN, Butterfly Vanilla.

Items Notes Buyout (USD) Screenshot + Float
Spearmint Gloves (FT) Very Clean $1500 0.21
Karambit Marble Fade (FN) Fire and Ice 8th Max & Clean Corner $1480 0.01
Superconductor Gloves (FT) Low Float $950 0.19
Butterfly Marble Fade (FN) Max Red Tip & Super Low Float $950 0.007
Butterfly Doppler P4 (FN) Super Low Float $890 0.007
ST Talon Doppler P2 $580 0.03
Butterfly Tiger Tooth (FN) Low Float $570 0.01
Cool Mint Gloves (MW) $560 0.14
Bayonet Marble Fade (FN) Low Float $390 0.02
Karambit Crimson Web (FT) Super Low Float $370 0.16
M9 Doppler P3 (FN) $305 0.04
Bayonet Slaughter (FN) Decent Float $300 0.03
Bayonet Tiger Tooth (FN) Low Float & Clean Spine $280 0.008
Deagle Blaze (FN) Super Low Float $270 0.009
M9 Crimson Web (FT) Low Float $260 0.22
Butterfly Rust Coat (BS) $250 0.52
Butterfly Stained (FT) $215 0.30
Talon Vanilla $215 Vanilla
Polygon Gloves (FT) $210 0.34
Foundation Gloves (FT) $205 0.37
AWP Asiimov (BS) Blackiimov $200 0.97
ST Flip Lore (FT) Super Low Float $195 0.16
Crimson Web Gloves (WW) $190 0.38
Ursus Case Hardened (WW) Blue Gem $160 0.44
Falchion Fade (FN) Low Float & 81% $140 0.01
Paracord Boreal Forest (MW) $140 0.13
ST Deagle Printstream FT $140 0.20
Gut Gamma Doppler P2 (FN) Super Low Float $125 0.003
ST Navaja Tiger Tooth (FN) $90 0.06
Buckshot Gloves (FT) $70 0.28
Flip Scorched (FT) $65 0.37
Racing Green Gloves (FT) Super Low Float & Clean Right Knuckle $55 0.16
submitted by minefield223 to GlobalOffensiveTrade

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