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Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (6/29/20). Denton County Crime Stoppers will pay a reward of up to $1, 000 for information leading to an arrest in these or other crimes. Download apps for your Windows phone instantly to your smartphone. Arlis took guitar lessons from an oil worker who moonlighted as a music teacher; one-hour sessions cost $1.50.

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In September, Facebook announced it would spend up to US$1 billion on original shows for its Facebook Watch platform.

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MB Downloads: 4, 956 Date: 10/20/2020 Rating. Digicel Trinidad & Tobago Top Up. New Delhi: With the US holding key to a vast number of issues affecting India and its corporates, the Indian government and companies together. That price continues to rise.

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Ned Lamont announced Friday. Environmental Protection Agency for a study that aims to help reduce food waste and divert it from landfills. How To Start a Successful Business with $100. At least that is the case for a Mid-Michigan man who won a $100, 000 Fantasy 5 jackpot.

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Grab is a Singapore-based technology company offering ride-hailing transport services, food delivery and payment solutions. The iPhone App Store opened on July 10, On July 11, the iPhone 3G was released and came pre-loaded with support for App Store. Windows XP – Vista – Windows 7 / 8 64-bit / Windows 10 32/64-bit/ Mac OS. Movavi Video Editor 11 Serial Key is the powerful video editing tool use to edit. Anyone telling you what the truth Read More.

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With Bill O'Brien out as the Texans' head coach and general manager, Stats Perform News looks at the tasks his replacement in the front office will need to take on. Sporting News Sports. I can get you pics just let me know the best way to get you or I could post them here (tried with this one couldn't figure out. Sri Lanka is another possible candidate; and of course there are the standard global reserve currencies - the US dollar and the Euro - whose notes worth over Rs 1000 are relatively common place. The family that plays together, wins together.

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National Aussie media hits back at tech giants. News Coronavirus digest: US death toll surpasses 250, 000. Start now with a free trial. We provide educational and therapeutic recreation designed to increase the ability and potential of retarded children, and implement a regimen of activities to help achieve his/her full potential for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Computer engineer Brian Acton cofounded messaging app WhatsApp with Jan Koum in 2020; the two had met while working at Yahoo. New Yorkers can now be fined up to $1, 000 for not wearing. $1, 000: Pierre commission OKs mayor's move to give.

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  1. 85954 pts, 33 submissions: u/Endda
    1. Vast Majority of us Would Prefer a Thicker Smartphone if it Meant a Better Battery (6011 pts, 1464 comments)
    2. Google Wallet Just Got Safer, Will Now Be FDIC-Insured (4759 pts, 527 comments)
    3. VLC v3.0 Officially Gets Chromecast Support (4348 pts, 464 comments)
    4. Samsung has Finally Eliminated the Whistle Notification Sound in the Galaxy S6 (4233 pts, 590 comments)
    5. Developer builds a diabetes app for continuous blood glucose monitoring on Android Wear (3965 pts, 231 comments)
    6. Google Just Paid $25 Million to Buy the Entire '.app' TLD (3962 pts, 756 comments)
    7. Google Set to Unveil Wireless Service as Early as Wednesday (3701 pts, 718 comments)
    8. T-Mobile is Offering a Free Year of Netflix if you Pre-Order a Galaxy S6 (3068 pts, 557 comments)
    9. Korean Press Reports that LG is Definitely Making the Next Nexus Smartphone (3025 pts, 891 comments)
    10. Virgin America's in-flight entertainment will run on Android (2835 pts, 224 comments)
  2. 56686 pts, 21 submissions: u/open1your1eyes0
    1. Google Maps Now Warns You If You Are Navigating To A Place That Will Be Closed When You Arrive (6324 pts, 570 comments)
    2. Chromecast is now the number 1 streaming device in the U.S., users have casted 1 billion times (4510 pts, 1052 comments)
    3. Court denies Apple’s request to ban Samsung devices in the US (3907 pts, 537 comments)
    4. Samsung being absolutely ruthless (to Apple) in this ad seen on the street (3300 pts, 1077 comments)
    5. PSA: Lastpass was breached. Master password hashes stolen. (3074 pts, 1004 comments)
    6. Nexus 6 beats the iPhone 6 Plus by a mile in our blind camera comparison (2901 pts, 664 comments)
    7. Samsung "failed" to predict the crazy success of the Galaxy S6 edge, sales reportedly beat expectations (2755 pts, 612 comments)
    8. Even After Launching The Nexus 6, Verizon Still Won't Officially Activate One That Wasn't Purchased From The Carrier (2745 pts, 401 comments)
    9. You can now use Google Wallet at Walt Disney World thanks to Apple (2621 pts, 365 comments)
    10. Smartphone encryption "could lead to death of a child", government fights back (2539 pts, 588 comments)
  3. 38656 pts, 17 submissions: u/bloobloo2
    1. Report: Cyanogen Inc. Turns Down Acquisition Attempt by Google, Seeks $1 Billion Valuation (3521 pts, 786 comments)
    2. Nexus 5 now available! (3512 pts, 3669 comments)
    3. Reply To WhatsApp, Hangouts, And More From Your Computer With Pushbullet On Android (3249 pts, 478 comments)
    4. Google Mobile Search now 100-150 milliseconds faster (3212 pts, 293 comments)
    5. Google Camera app now on Google Play! (2824 pts, 1653 comments)
    6. Stock Google Keyboard now available on Google Play (2451 pts, 1111 comments)
    7. Moto 360 Shows Up at Best Buy for $249, Outs List of Features (2295 pts, 897 comments)
    8. Google Releases Huge Text-To-Speech (TTS) For Android Update v3.0 With High-Quality Voices, New Languages, And UI Changes (2189 pts, 221 comments)
    9. Google Drive Blog: Your photos and files, together in Drive (2174 pts, 278 comments)
    10. Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Lollipop Update! (1805 pts, 592 comments)
  4. 24411 pts, 11 submissions: u/armando_rod
    1. Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again, Extends API To Allow Full Directory Access, Automatic MediaStore, And Improves Security (3671 pts, 447 comments)
    2. Chromecast Support Is Coming To VLC For Android, iOS, And Desktop (3351 pts, 408 comments)
    3. All of Sony's new smart TVs run on Android TV (2598 pts, 404 comments)
    4. You can now video chat with a salesperson before buying a phone or tablet from Google Play (2372 pts, 180 comments)
    5. Google awarded gold prize for Material design on the UX Awards (1989 pts, 226 comments)
    6. Gmail updated by popular demand DELETE button now default! (1887 pts, 396 comments)
    7. Report: Google Requires More Google From Manufacturers, Because Android has Evolved and Google Apps are Still King (1766 pts, 476 comments)
    8. Moto 360 review The Verge (1751 pts, 819 comments)
    9. An Exclusive Early Look At The New Google Photos App (1742 pts, 237 comments)
    10. Google Plans To Remove All Watch Faces From The Play Store That Do Not Update To The New API By January 31st, 2015 (1646 pts, 236 comments)
  5. 21643 pts, 11 submissions: u/xtop
    1. This is the Huawei Watch, One of the Best Looking Android Wear Devices to Date (2743 pts, 549 comments)
    2. Google Fit Now Available on the Play Store (2645 pts, 536 comments)
    3. Google turns the Samsung Galaxy S4 into a Nexus phone, coming this June for $649 (2405 pts, 1882 comments)
    4. Rumor: Google To Begin Forcing OEMs To Certify Android Devices With A Recent OS Version If They Want Google Apps (2396 pts, 296 comments)
    5. Hangouts 2.1 for Android: SMS improvements and a homescreen widget (1806 pts, 686 comments)
    6. An Exclusive Early Look At The Google Play Store's 5.0 Update (1739 pts, 240 comments)
    7. [APK Teardown] Google Games, Anyone? Play Services Is Getting Real-Time And Turn-Based Multiplayer, Invitations, In-Game Chat, Lobbies, Leaderboards, And Achievements! (1691 pts, 242 comments)
    8. HTC Confirms The All New HTC One (M8) Will Come In Google Play Edition (GPE) Flavor Once Again (1571 pts, 439 comments)
    9. Google Chrome Blog: New Chromecast apps for the holidays (1560 pts, 566 comments)
    10. Gmail 4.7 Is Here With Vacation Responder, KitKat Printing Support, And... Drumroll... Zip Downloading (!) [APK Download] (1549 pts, 216 comments)
  6. 17655 pts, 7 submissions: u/mepper
    1. EU votes in favor of universal mobile charger -- 550 votes to 12 says that chargers need to be standardized (3515 pts, 1185 comments)
    2. Ikea launches augmented reality Android app that let's you see their products in your house or apartment without having to measure anything (3142 pts, 314 comments)
    3. Newest Google Patent Application Secures Your Phone Depending on Where You Are -- "It will give your device the ability to detect where it is and change the security accordingly. If you go out...you might have to use your pattern, but around the safety of your house, you can just swipe" (2957 pts, 348 comments)
    4. EFF wins renewal of exemptions to the DMCA for smartphone jailbreaking: "If you bought your gadget, you own it, and you should be able to install whatever software you please without facing potential legal threats" (2792 pts, 141 comments)
    5. US patent office rejects claims of Apple 'pinch to zoom' patent -- The patent was involved in Apple's lawsuit against Samsung in which Apple won $1.05 billion in damages. The court has ordered a partial retrial to review the damages to be paid. (1823 pts, 268 comments)
    6. Confirmed: ChromeCast will be able to play local content -- "Google is not trying to block playback of local content. It's just that the SDK is in a very early stage" (1817 pts, 275 comments)
    7. AT&T is throttling unlimited data users after only 1-2 GB per month; customers are outraged, saying AT&T is just trying to get them to use tiered data plans (1609 pts, 481 comments)
  7. 12691 pts, 6 submissions: u/naveenjn
    1. Android reached a record 85% smartphone market share in Q2 2014 (3005 pts, 820 comments)
    2. Google Glass developers prohibited from using ads or charging for apps (2473 pts, 258 comments)
    3. Google's new policy states developers can’t update apps outside Google Play, stares directly at Facebook (2302 pts, 344 comments)
    4. Google buys French company FlexyCore to make Android more buttery (1745 pts, 286 comments)
    5. Google is investigating “Package File Invalid” error in Play Store (1625 pts, 307 comments)
    6. Google Glass likely to be priced at US$299 (1541 pts, 660 comments)
  8. 11718 pts, 5 submissions: u/retrac1324
    1. Please don't buy a cheap tablet on Black Friday (3244 pts, 583 comments)
    2. VLC out of beta - v1.0 released (2822 pts, 321 comments)
    3. Pushbullet 14.8: Reply to text messages from any texting app on the computer (2125 pts, 557 comments)
    4. T-Mobile will add Google Play Music to its Music Freedom service later in 2014 (Also adds Grooveshark, Rdio, Songza, & others) (1952 pts, 539 comments)
    5. It's Not Just You - Google Play Services Seems To Be A Battery Hog Today (1575 pts, 528 comments)
  9. 10175 pts, 3 submissions: u/Jdban
    1. The Verge just reviewed the old Google+ Photos app thinking it was the new one, with video. (6425 pts, 1594 comments)
    2. Background audio playback coming to YouTube app (2200 pts, 289 comments)
    3. Apple Music coming to Android too (1550 pts, 1226 comments)
  10. 10141 pts, 4 submissions: u/trigatch4
    1. Google now manually reviewing apps in hopes of "Creating Better User Experiences on Google Play" (4578 pts, 365 comments)
    2. Spotify Running Mode detects the rhythm of your feet and picks music to match (1927 pts, 175 comments)
    3. FBI snatches Google Glass off the face of innocent AMC movie-goer (1853 pts, 937 comments)
    4. Where did Flappy Bird go? As promised, game's creator removes it from Google Play Store. (1783 pts, 657 comments)

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  1. u/sleepinlight (11811 pts, 102 comments)
  2. u/Marques-Brownlee (11005 pts, 43 comments)
  3. u/Endda (9335 pts, 265 comments)
  4. u/manwithabadheart (8695 pts, 273 comments)
  5. u/armando_rod (7556 pts, 497 comments)
  6. u/OmegaVesko (6254 pts, 453 comments)
  7. u/Unlifer (5645 pts, 248 comments)
  8. u/Charwinger21 (5225 pts, 471 comments)
  9. u/redavid (5003 pts, 108 comments)
  10. u/Shabbypenguin (4957 pts, 153 comments)

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  1. I've updated my complete guide to Android development (which still requires no prior programming experience) with more resources, better instructions, updated screenshots and I'm now distributing it free of charge as a shareable and neatly formatted PDF on my website. by u/santaschesthairs (6862 pts, 499 comments)
  2. The Verge just reviewed the old Google+ Photos app thinking it was the new one, with video. by u/Jdban (6425 pts, 1594 comments)
  3. Google Maps Now Warns You If You Are Navigating To A Place That Will Be Closed When You Arrive by u/open1your1eyes0 (6324 pts, 570 comments)
  4. Vast Majority of us Would Prefer a Thicker Smartphone if it Meant a Better Battery by u/Endda (6011 pts, 1464 comments)
  5. Chrome Beta now asks if you want to replace downloads rather than clutter your device with dupes by u/datguykandy (5923 pts, 267 comments)
  6. Google Announces Project Fi by u/Pajarrito (5802 pts, 3527 comments)
  7. Dear carriers: Please stop putting bloatware on my Android phone - Opinion by u/Gsizzle00 (5714 pts, 977 comments)
  8. Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop by u/Naaram (5558 pts, 2250 comments)
  9. [Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Android Now Recognizes Wi-Fi Connections With No Internet Access And Won't Connect To Them by u/afreshbeginning (5257 pts, 540 comments)
  10. You Can Now Run Android Apps on Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux by u/Fuzzmz (5227 pts, 951 comments)

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  1. 3774 pts: u/sleepinlight's comment in Google Announces Project Fi
  2. 3064 pts: u/DukeDanger's comment in Amazon has sold no more than 35,000 Fire phones
  3. 3030 pts: u/chosen1sp's comment in The OnePlus One is now invite free!
  4. 3019 pts: u/sloth-cuddler's comment in Facebook bought Whatsapp for 16 billion dollars
  5. 2885 pts: u/roland_cube's comment in Project Glass bill of materials reveals it costs just $80 to make what Google sells for $1500
  6. 2725 pts: u/Zotak's comment in Spotify won't be supporting Google Cast, preferring to concentrate on their own standard: Spotify Connect
  7. 2562 pts: u/iCole's comment in T-Mobile's Nexus devices ship without a carrier logo and have a single, uninstallable app preloaded
  8. 2432 pts: u/JustFinishedBSG's comment in "The Galaxy S6 is the best phone in the world right now - and it’s hard to imagine a rival matching it any time soon" - Galaxy S6 reviewed
  9. 2320 pts: u/Shaper_pmp's comment in Google Launches Ingress, a Worldwide Mobile Alternate Reality Game
  10. 2301 pts: u/Marques-Brownlee's comment in Nexus 6 review by MKBHD
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I am 32 years old, make $280,000 (including guaranteed bonus). I live in Manhattan, NYC and work as a Managing Director in an international Private Bank.

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance About $110,000 in an IRA, this is an accumulation of two different 401(k) accounts from my two previous US employers. I have always contributed the maximum amount needed to get the highest employer match. My current company is big overseas but just a start-up in the US so we do not have a 401(k) program yet. The IRA is currently being managed by a robo-advisor and put into a portfolio of growth/aggressive ETFs. I could do it on my own but since I deal with investments all day, I don’t want to have to think it in my spare time. I find that robo-advisors are a cost-effective way of managing this portfolio.
Savings account balance I have about 28,000 pounds from the time I lived in the UK. It is just in a savings account right now earning nothing. I keep meaning to do something about this but haven’t got around to it.
I also have about $183,000 in a high yield cash account (interest rate is 2.32%, it was 2.57% but got reduced due to the Fed rate cut); $50,000 invested in a private real estate deal that is going to yield me 8% in a year; a stock portfolio of about $5,000, just to keep my eye on some hot single stock names that my clients always ask about. I have been researching some private short-term investment opportunities that yield above average returns. A friend I’ve met from working in the industry has started a company that offers opportunities which could meet my needs so I expect to take around $50,000-$100,000 out of my savings in the near future to invest, the expected annualized return is about 10%.
Checking account balance I keep around $7,000-8,000 in my checking account at all times because every bill is on automatic payment including rent, utilities, gym etc, not to mention all my various credit cards so I never want to go into overdraft. I generally transfer whatever is leftover to my savings account at the end of the month.
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it) I have 8 credit cards open and use 3-4 regularly, depending on which card will give me the most reward points for that specific category of spending. I pay off all the balances in full every month.
Student loan debt (for what degree) None. I am an EU citizen and got both my undergrad and graduate degrees in the UK. Undergrad tuition was about 1,000 pounds per year (raised to 3,000 the year after I started), and my Masters was about 13,000 pounds – parents generously paid for both.
Section Two: Income
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $260,000 salary + $20,000 guaranteed cash bonus, net paycheck is about $13,525 (I get paid monthly). I am also eligible for an annual discretionary cash bonus which can range wildly (anywhere between 10% to 100%+ of my base). Since my job is a rather new venture, I have no way of predicting how much that will be so I have left it out of my income. I am also getting stock options, currently talking with exec team on how to best structure it.
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: $2,450 for a two-bedroom in Manhattan. It’s in an old, walk-up building and both bedrooms are tiny so one is my closet, but the living area is spacious and the location is very convenient.
Renters / home insurance Renter’s insurance $120 per year.
Medical Insurance $422 (which is 50% of the monthly premium, employer pays the other 50%). This is super high because I decided to go private as our company’s insurance plan is not great and cost about the same. I am on an ex-pat plan that covers absolutely everything, no deductible/no-copay for any doctors visits or medication (apart from the birth control pill). This includes dental and vision as well – dental covers everything (including root canal and implants 100%) up to $6,000 per year and vision includes a free exam and $310 towards contact lenses/glasses. It is VERY expensive but the benefits are excellent.
Birth Control Pill: $15 per month, I go for the generic brands.
Savings contribution I tend to do one big transfer to my savings account at the end of the month depending on how much is left in my checking account.
Investment contribution None consistently, a couple hundred dollars here and there if I want to purchase a particular stock for the sole purpose of watching it, so I can talk to clients about it. As mentioned above, I am looking for private investment opportunities instead of participating in the public market. I feel my IRA is enough market exposure right now.
Debt payments Just my credit card payments which I pay the balance in full each month.
Donations I volunteer with three organizations, all centered around education/job readiness. Two are targeted at disadvantaged youths from lower-income families/neighborhoods, and one targeted at immigrant women with little or no family support in the US. I also buy seats at benefits/galas of charities my friends are involved in on an ad-hoc basis to support them, these range around $50-$250 a pop. I personally prefer to volunteer my time if I can, instead of donating money just because I feel it is more tangible and I can see/feel the difference I am making no matter how small. I have been trying to get more involved, and perhaps get a board seat in one of the charities I currently volunteer with.
Electric Varies between $50 - $90, summer is a little higher due to AC/fans working overtime.
Wifi/Cable/Landline I recently got rid of cable so I am paying $55 for just internet alone. I need to look for a better deal.
Cellphone $100 which includes unlimited data (super important to me), I should also see if I can get this cheaper elsewhere.
Subscriptions Amazon Prime - $119 per year; Netflix – I share with two friends and we got the 4 screen option so my share is about $5 per month; HBO - $15 per month (will cancel as soon as I finish Big Little Lies); AMC A-List: $20 per month.
Gym membership $90 - I have one-club access to the Equinox right next to my work, this is a family discount and is pretty much the lowest price for Equinox I’ve ever heard of. I also supplement with ClassPass (usually just the 15 credits) on the weekends I'm in town, which cost $20 per month. On top of that, I actually pay $50 per year for an audio-based fitness app called Aaptiv, they have different classes for different categories of exercises (like treadmill, elliptical, strength training etc), and there’s fresh new content every week. This has drastically changed the way I work out on my own!
Cleaning lady $65 every 3-4 weeks. I travel quite often so this interval works best for me.
Paid hobbies $10 for an online Introductory Course to Python, I am waiting for my friend so we can start together, it’s meant to be a 3 months course. I also pay $50 for a private language tutor to keep up with my German but this is very sporadic due to my work schedule. I should really just find a language exchange person instead.
7:15am – First alarm goes, this is purposefully early because I know my snooze-hitting hand will reach out and shut it off without my brain even fully comprehending what’s going on. Happy Monday!
8:00am – Open one bleary eye and have to confront the dreaded fact that I should be out of bed at this point. Scroll through E-mail/text to make sure my work world hasn’t blown up, quick look through personal whatsapp messages and Instagram. Hop out of bed, ask googlehome to tell me news via the podcasts I set up as part of my “morning routine”, brush teeth, wash face with cold water and put on moisturizer with SPF. I don't wear make-up to work unless there are external meetings. I also shower at night to save precious time in the morning. Bring a yoghurt and an apple to work. My job provides decent snacks, but they do not carry fresh fruits or other perishables. Rush out the door at 8:35am.
9:10am – Decide to walk instead of taking uber because traffic can be so unpredictable, walking takes about 35 minutes. Listen to podcast on the way (Monday is Crime Junkie day). Office is half empty as a lot of people are travelling this week. Boost up my computer, fill up my water bottle, grab a coffee with a shot of Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil in it, I’ve recently started doing this and have definitely noticed it keeps me full until lunch. I flirt with the idea of intermittent fasting since I am never super hungry in the mornings, but haven't fully committed to it yet.
12:30pm –Go for a client lunch at a nice spot near work, seafood and sushi are this place’s specialties. I have a small sushi appetizer and fried cod sandwich which is more like a burger, and much heavier than I anticipated. Client updates me on his life and I mentally file away information that I need to add to his file. ($65.12 expensed)
3:00pm – Resist the urge to get a coffee even though I really want one. I am trying to stick to one coffee in the morning only, as I think caffeine later in the day really messes up my sleeping pattern. This never used to be the case but I guess I am getting older, and my body is not coping as well with the erratic diet/sleep schedule I often put it through. Remember I brought an apple with me so have that as a snack.
5:30pm – I am supposed to go to this trial boxing/strength class but I think I hurt my sciatic nerve doing back-to-back classes on the weekend so decide last minute to sit this one out. This is a free class for first-timers so I hope I don’t get charged for late cancel. Text with a friend and decide we both really want Korean chicken wings. Make plans to meet up in Korean Town later tonight.
6:30pm – Quickly walk home so I can drop off my laundry a couple blocks away. I don’t have a washedryer in my building but at this point, even if I did, I would probably still send it out for the convenience of it.
7:15pm – Right before I head out to dinner, E texts me to ask if I want to meet up. He is probably best described as a casual hookup at this point, we met about 2 months ago, live super close and see each other about once a week. He’s a resident at the hospital working 16 hour days, and studying for his medical board exams so he literally has NO time (apart from the 1 hour at the gym he sticks to every day religiously). I’m not sure if I want something serious either so this is perfect…for now. I briefly consider cancelling on my friend (he’ll understand) but decide not to. I want to say it’s because I want to appear less available, which is true, but really it's also because I want those damn chicken wings!
7:30pm – Meet up with my friend at BonChon chicken, we order pork buns, soy and garlic combo (wings and drumsticks) and some fries to share. Everything was delicious, we split the bill evenly. $38.52
9:30pm – I get home and watch an episode of Big Little Lies, I’m trying to ration myself to one episode at a time so I don’t go through them too quickly. Afterwards, I do my night routine: shower, brush teeth, floss (when I remember), mild foam cleanser, vitamin C serum and moisturizer. I also dab on eye cream if I can be bothered, which is probably twice a week.
11:15pm – Successfully get into bed at my target time, but end up being too engrossed in the book I am reading (Lethal White by Robert Galbraith, aka JK Rowling) so don’t switch off the light until 12:45…I’ll regret this I am sure. I am also intermittently texting with R, a friend of a friend I met at a gig a few weeks ago that I’ve been hooking up with. It’s new and fun, not sure if it’s leading anywhere yet but we make tentative plans to see each other later this week.
8am – Running a little behind so only have time to hear one of the three news podcasts I set up. Quickly put on some mascara and lipstick after washing/moisturizing my face, and remember to bring a change of gym clothes with me as I head out. My gym is a block away from work so I usually leave my gym bag there, and just change out gym clothes.
9:15am – Get into work and promptly grab coffee! Eat my yoghurt with honey roasted almond slices while replying to what feels like a gazillion emails. I work quite a bit with our overseas team/clients so mornings can be really busy. That’s why I try to take a few minutes every morning to make sure I have a to-do list for the day. Granted sometimes nothing gets crossed off because emergencies happen and you never know how the day might turn out, but it at least gives me the semblance of having some control. This is not happening today so I feel frazzled all morning, thinking I’ve missed something very important...
12:00pm – Business lunch. One of the funds we are hoping to partner with takes me out to a new upscale ramen/udon place in midtown. The bowl is bigger than my face, and they serve Lady M cake for dessert. Great food overall, and very productive conversations as we work through potential ways to collaborate, they pick up the tab. I can't wait to come back here in the dead of winter!
2:30pm - Take a break to walk outside with a colleague, she is picking up coffee and I resist. On the way back, we walk through a farmer's market and I pick up a dozen apple cider donuts for the team as a small treat. I take one with me back to my desk as I power through the afternoon. ($16)
5:30pm – Finish reading our short-term consultant’s business strategy plan for a specific product we want to launch. Not only was he a week late in turning this in, the plan itself is also not detailed at all. He owes us financial projections at the very least, and without it the document is just 20 pages of high level drivel. Pen a quick memo to the CEO (who’s travelling) and CIO (who’s home sick) and decide to call it a day.
6:00pm – On the walk home, I pick up my laundry ($13.25 for 13 pounds)
7:00pm – I go to AMC to meet with my friend’s new husband, we both have A-list so movie is free*.* My friend just got married and her husband moved to NYC for her so he doesn’t have a lot of friends here. She’s busy tonight so suggested her husband and I hang out, it was great getting to know him better! We each bought the Tuesday special, which is a small popcorn and a drink for $5.
10:00pm – Back home and quickly shower and do my night skincare routine (if you can call it that), it is still so humid and I feel like I am constantly drenched in sweat. I browse flights for a bit – my best friend from middle school is getting married in Barcelona in October, and I want to combine that with a visit to London so I am checking for available flight options. Set the price watch on a couple flights but don’t purchase anything yet, I need to consult with other friends so we can coordinate our schedules.
11:30pm – Catch up on group chats with some friends in Asia, we try to figure out tentative plans for a trip together possibly early next year. I will be in Asia for work at least once before the year is out, but not sure I can take extra time off around then. Try to read Where the Crawdads Sing on my kindle (I usually read a few books at the same time), but pass out not too long after.
7:30am – Wake up a little early as I’m attending a breakfast event downtown this morning. Quickly go through usual morning routine, plus mascara and lipstick then rush out to catch the subway, pray there will be coffee there…$2.75
10:30am – Event is awesome, meet with some interesting people over bagels and coffee. Afterwards, I was going to subway back up to my office in midtown but the route is not super direct, and I have a ton of messages from last night/this morning to sift through, as well as a few calls to make so I opt for a cab. The downside is when I get stuck in traffic, and when the driver was a bit too chatty but for the most part it feels like I am in a mobile office so it is pretty productive. ($15.60+$2 tip, $17.60 expensed)
12:15pm – Head to the gym for a lunchtime workout. I was too late to sign up for the spin class but luckily they have a spot available. 45 minutes in the saddle is exactly what I needed. I only do spin at Equinox if it is the game-based ones, which make time go by much faster! I still feel the sciatic nerve not 100% recovered so I do some foam rolling and stretches afterwards, and take a quick shower. I nip next door and get a poke bowl with salmon, edamame, seaweed, scallion and brown rice doused in ponzo sauce for lunch ($13.61)
3:00pm – Spend almost all afternoon trying to finish up content for the new brochure we are printing, need to get it to the marketing team before we sit down to discuss ideas for presentation/layout. Also make a start on the content for the new website, but keep on getting interrupted by client calls/emails. Resist the urge to get coffee.
6:00pm – Uber to Soho for a wine tasting event. **(**$24.11 + $3 tip = $27.11 expensed) It is a club started by and catered to professional women where we get together and usually have a speaker on a topic of interest whether it be business, networking or professional development. Today, the topic is "ally, mentor, sponsor". Plenty of wine and food, and I readily indulge in both.
9:00pm – Uber back upown to meet up with R ($11.07 + $1 tip = $12.07), we texted earlier today when I told him that AMC now serves alcohol and he asked me to go today, but since I had the earlier event, we decided to just meet at a bar instead. I get one more glass of wine and have a couple bites of his food, he pays.
11:00pm – We go to Van Leeuwen near my apartment because it is still hot out and we are greedy. I get one scoop of honeycomb in a cup and he gets two scoops in a cone, I insist on paying since he picked up the check earlier. ($15.70)
11:15pm – Get home and put on the first episode of The Boys on Amazon Prime as my coworker was raving about it but fall asleep about 10 minutes in, typical! Retire to bed and set alarm a little earlier because R has to be at work by 8am.
7:15am – R woke me up as he was leaving, I stay in bed to scroll through messages and Instagram. Get out of bed and put on the news podcast as I brush my teeth and wash my face. I also remember to bring the collagen matcha powder I bought from amazon to work to add to my morning coffee.
8:30am – Walk to work while listening to Hidden Brain.
9:15am – Getting settled at my desk. Pour the collagen matcha powder into office coffee, I love the smell of matcha but the taste is not very strong. I also make a smoothie from this powder pouch I bought last week but just got delivered yesterday. It supposedly contains two servings of your daily fruit/veggie requirements with no added badness. The taste is a little artificial but still delicious, and there are 6 different flavors so I am looking forward to trying them all.
12:30pm – Meet with a friend at a steak house across my office since he’s usually in Tribeca but happen to work out of midtown today. We opt for the business lunch menu and get a small cup of lobster bisque and 6 oz filet mignon with mashed potatoes. It is nice to catch up, and I pick his brains about starting a business since he’s done it a few times already. He promises to send me some sample business plans. I am not starting my own business, but I am heading up a brand new division for an established company, this is their first overseas venture so I could definitely benefit from those pointers. He picks up the tab as a business expense.
3pm – Office is quiet which gives me a chance to catch up on some E-mails. We are hosting a group of 20+ business partners from out of town in a few weeks, a lot of logistics to go through, putting out fires everywhere. The stress is giving me the munchies – wander into the pantry and snack on some fruit and nuts trail mix.
4:30pm - Meet with a client at our building's private rooftop. It has a really nice view of midtown and is generally pretty quiet. Client gets a beer and urges me to get a glass of wine but I resist since I am technically still working, I get an iced tea lemonade instead. ($13 + $1.5 tip = $14.5 expensed)
6:30pm – Uber to a summer celebration event for a company we worked with ($16.85 + $2 tip = $18.85 expensed). The co-founders have become very good friends and this is a casual fun event at a rooftop so I asked J to come with me. I’ve been casually seeing J for about 5 months but our "relationship" has been a little rocky lately. He made it clear from the very beginning that he didn’t want anything serious but now has started hinting at being exclusive, but he’s also very flaky as a person and is dealing with a lot of work and family drama. I know I am not ready to get into a relationship with him but we always have fun together.
9:00pm – The party is winding down, it was open bar and free food but J tipped the bartender generously (about $40 bucks) so we were given premium liquor and even did a couple of shots. J used to work in the hospitality industry so he always takes care of the bartenders/waitresses/doormen whenever we go out, which I respect. I want him to sleep over as we are pretty close to my apartment, but he has an early day tomorrow and an important meeting. And he also makes a point of telling me he wants to spend time with me, not just for sex. I appreciate the respect but honestly I am also a little disappointed.
11:00pm –On my walk home, a friend who lives in the same neighborhood randomly messages me so I meet her at our local pizza joint. This is the first time we catch up after our trip to a mutual friend’s overseas wedding last month. I only get a water while she gets two slices, and we happily gossip for an hour. ($2)
12:30am - I walk home and force myself to go through my already very basic night routine. Pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow. No reading for me tonight.
8:30am – Running super behind and got a couple of E-mails I need to get out so uber it is, even though it is surging! ($14.03 + $1 tip = $15.03)
12:15pm – So glad I’m being taken out to lunch, I was starving all morning and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. I meet with the representative of a former corporate client. We really clicked and have become friends outside of the office, always a bonus! We strategize on new ways to collaborate now that I am at a new firm. The food is fantastic, we get pulled pork tacos, calamari, homemade squid ink pasta and pistachio ice cream to share. She treats.
4:00pm – Happy Friday! Office is half empty so coworkers break out the beer. I don’t drink beer but happy to wrap up early and chat with everyone.
5:00pm -Hit the gym for a quick 30min treadmill run and 10min abs routine. I definitely took it a little easier on myself during the workout, but a slower run is better than no run at all! The 15min in the steam room afterwards felt fantastic too! Gotta step up the intensity of my workouts next week.
7:00pm – My friend is hosting a little musical salon at her apartment. I pick up a bottle of prosecco on the way over ($19.65). There are cheeseboards and pizzas, as well as a homemade cake and fruit platters. We are treated to a mini concerto of piano and cello accompaniments, the performers are professional musicians who are using us as test audience for a piece they will be performing soon. So basically we just heard a super high quality concert in a super intimate setting for free!
9:30pm - Uber to Pegu Club for a cocktail with some other friends ($9.57 + $1 tip = $10.57). Earlier in the day, I made plans to meet up with E later tonight, and he texts to let me know he is wrapping up his friend's birthday party. He asks if he can meet me at Pegu Club and I ask the girls if it's okay, they jump at the chance to meet the "hot doctor". He comes and hangs out with us, and he is super affectionate which is a little weird. This is the first time he's meeting any of my friends, they really like him. I pay for my two drinks plus tip ($42)
1am - We decide to call it a night and walk over to Joe's Pizza, but the line is super long and we don't want to wait. Say goodbye to everyone and E calls an uber back to his place. We chat a bit more, have sex and then I leave. I never sleep over at his because I live 3 blocks away and prefer my own bed. He's asked if I wanted to stay a couple of times before, but I'm not sure if he was just being nice or he actually means it. Since we always met up on week nights before, I know he always has to wake up at 4:30am so I never wanted to stay. Interestingly enough, he did not ask this time...
2:30am - Finally in bed and text with friends until I pass out.
10am - There are so many messages on my phone, the alert vibrations finally wake me up. Logistics for the October wedding + drunk texts from J from last night. Nothing urgent enough to stop me from going back to sleep.
11:30am - Workout at Brrrn studio, it's a whole body HIIT workout in a 50 degree room (8 credits on ClassPass). I didn't do as well because my muscle/nerve is still giving me trouble, I make a mental note to reach out to my friend who's a pain management doctor to see if I can get an appointment next week.
12:45pm - I impulse text R because he lives in that neighborhood to see if he wants to grab brunch, turns out my timing is perfect because he's just finished with the gym too. We go to The Smith and I devour the burger and fries, all washed down with delicious cold brew. We split the bill. ($25.86)
2:30pm - We walk towards Washington Square Park and stop at an ice cream place for dessert. He treats. After lounging on the grass for a bit, I walk home to take a shower and change for dinner.
7:00pm - My friend and I have a reservation at Frevo's. It's a small restaurant inside an art gallery (the entrance is behind a painting). Food is traditional French tasting menu served around chef's counter, and it is amazing! Well thought-out flavorful dishes, friendly/knowledgeable staff, and not nearly as pretentious as it sounds! We decided against the wine pairing because it was quite expensive, but maybe will come back and try that for a special occasion. ($176.88)
10pm - Walk home and debate going out to meet some friends for drinks but the couch is very comfortable. I see that LincTix has The Sound Inside listed on their website so I quickly get the first available date in September. ($35) I also get on amazon and order a set of 6 succulents and some candles for my friend's new office as a "office warming" present. ($45.66)
10:30am - I completely forgot I signed up for a rowing class (because my ClassPass credits are expiring - this was 10 credits). I quickly throw on workout clothes and practically jog to the studio. The class was just okay, a little more monotonous than other ones I've been to. I quickly rush home, shower and change.
12:30pm – Go to a bottomless brunch place with some friends in East Village, I wasn’t planning on drinking but the deal is too good to pass up. ($38.00) The waitress keeps on topping up our glasses before we are even half finished, so I don’t keep track of how much I drink.
2:30pm - Feeling extremely tipsy, I stumble home in an uber and nap. ($4.60)
5:00pm – Groggily wake up to a bunch of messages from friends and my parents. Shoot, I was supposed to call my parents earlier and forgot, they live in Europe so now it is too late to ring back. I feel super guilty and quickly send an apologetic text, hopefully I can catch them during the week.
8:00pm - Meet up with two friends for dinner in our neighborhood, we split burrata and flatbread appetizers, and I get a steaming bowl of mussels. Definitely no alcohol for me! ($28.00)
10:00pm - I do a slightly more expanded version of my normal skincare routine on Sunday nights: double cleanse, face mask, serum, eye cream (which I know, I really should do daily), moisturizer. I get into bed and read more of Lethal White, and also start a new detective mystery books by a Norwegian author (The Bat by Jo Nesbo). First of a series and I'm already not loving the style but I've been told it gets better, so I'll stick it out!
Food + Drink: $416.22
Fun / Entertainment: $40
Home + Health: $58.91
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $45.02
Total: $560.15
(Expensed to work: $143.18)
This is a pretty typical week for me. I am not shocked to see the majority of spending is on food/drinks, but I am a little surprised to see how quickly those uber trips add up!
I sometimes spend more on entertainments/experiences, whether it is going to a show/concert or pay for trips, which didn't happen this week.
I am not a big shopper for clothes or make-up but I am a sucker for designer bags and will typically invest in one or two good pieces during the year. My total would look completely different had I bought a bag or booked an international trip during the week!
Overall, I am comfortable with the general state of my finances but I do want to take personal investments a bit more seriously. I am hoping to make significantly more money through bonuses in the next 3-5 years, and I want to make sure the money won't sit idle.
I also included a bit more detail about my life in general, not just finances because I always enjoyed reading those in other MDs, (even if some may seem a little TMI), sorry if that makes this a rather long read!
Please feel free to ask me anything in the comments!
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