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Configurations Include – 3 Bed Options – 2 Tire Brands – 6 Wheel Options (Drw aswell as Srw) – Steps. The simpsons tapped out hack tool v2.0 free download ios \ android the simpsons tapped out money hack. Hacking Sector 7 will not be! Hay day cheat download no survey The best HayDay Hack is available to use. One of our domain experts will have a price to you within 24 business hours. Many hacks have appeared since the release of Hay Day which end up to become fake or getting patched fast. Calculator for Hay Day for Android - APK Download.

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Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook. Gta - unlimited Mod download - Download Mod APK. All testers found the new Spooky2 Remote to be significantly better than the earlier model. Senior Member; Senior Member; 132 124 posts 12.4 Posted January 26, 2020. Buildings with Functions 97 Downloads today about 8 hours Courseplay. Hay day hack v2.0 activation key. Hay Day is extremely well-liked and wonderful video game.

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Not for subcompact tractors The redesigned cultivator features 3/8" steel construction with 1/4" reinforcement in high stress areas and is 48" wide for use on a single row.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! Soundtrack - "Deciphered" and Translated Lyrics

I recently discovered that on Jonathan Geer's Bandcamp, songs which had lyrics in them - in English or otherwise - now had official lyrics. I decided to translate some of these songs and share them here with anyone who may be interested, after posting a few of my translations in the CSD Discord.


First, credit where credit is due. When I asked him about it, Jonathan Geer told me that A La Idavay is written / sung in Spanish with Pig Latin applied to it, so I can't say I figured that out on my own. Furthermore, I have to thank a member of the CSD Discord server, Alan, for revealing the "cipher" for the rest of the songs, and for providing a translation for Mufuchofo Gufustofo!
Lastly, I would like to make it known that I am by no means a fluent speaker of Spanish. All I did was do some very basic "deciphering" after learning the keys and then slapping the deciphered text into Google translate. So if any lyrics aren't exactly right, please know that Google translate is not perfect, and neither am I.
I decided to put both versions of each song in this post - so I apologize for how lengthy this post will end up being - but it covers both Spanish and English versions of each of the songs. It didn't feel right to me to only include English lyrics, since the songs were initially written in Spanish; despite the encryption, that is.
So without further ado, here are the deciphered and translated lyrics, in order of how they appear in the album:

A La Idavay (A La Vida) - Deciphered

Saltantoda a la familia (2x)
Hmmm, hmmm (2x)
Toda a la familia (2x)
Hmmm, hmm (2x)
Se saltan se cantan
Se disfrutan a la vida
Se saltan, bada ba ba ba ba bap
Se cantan, la da ba ba ba da
Se disfrutan a la vida
Wha ah oh, la da da da da ah
La da da da da ah oh
V2 (2x)
Cada persona
Tiene alas
Simplemente necesita
Saber como usarlas

A La Idavay (To The Life) - Translated

Jumping with the family (2x)
Hmmm, hmmm (2x)
The whole family (2x)
Hmmm, hmm (2x)
They skip, they sing
They enjoy life
They skip, bada ba ba ba ba bap
They sing, la da ba ba ba da
They enjoy life
Wha ah oh, la da da da da ah
La da da da da ah oh
V2 (2x)
Each person
Has wings
They just need
To know how to use them

Mufuchofo Gufustofo! (Mucho Gusto) - Deciphered (Credit: Alan)

V1 & V2 (V2 uses different consonants in the ciphered version for one of the lines)
¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? (2x)
Digame! (2x)
¡Hola! Bien, y tu? (2x)
Muy bien, gracias
Oooh, mucho gusto
Mucho gusto
Encantado (2x)
Es un placer

Mufuchofo Gufustofo! (Pleasure (To Meet You)) - Translated (Credit: Alan)

V1 & V2 (V2 uses a different consonants in the ciphered version for one of the lines)
Hello! How are you? (2x)
Tell me! (2x)
Hello! Good, and you? (2x)
Very well, thanks.
Oooh, nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
Delighted (to meet you) (2x)
It's a pleasure
To meet you

Chakalaka - Deciphered

(Chant: Servir, Delicioso!)
Es un video juego
Un video juego muy bueno
De verdad
Es un serie
Hay tres juegos
Son divertidos
Me gusta
Te gusta
Cocino! (4x)
Servir, Delicioso!
Me guta
Te gusta
Servir, Delicioso! (2x)
Es un video juego
Un video juego muy bueno
Me guta
mucho (2x)
*wild noises*

Chakalaka - Translated

(Chant: Serve, Delicious!)
It is a video game
A very good video game
It really
Is a series
There are three games
That are fun
I like it
Very much
Do you
Like it too?
Cook! (4x)
Serve, Delicious!
I like it
Very much
Do you
Like it too?
Serve, Delicious! (2x)
It is a video game
A very good video game
I like it
Very much (2x)
*wild noises*

Bad Day - Deciphered

Has fallado
esta vez
de nuevo

Bad Day - Translated

You have failed
This time
Try it

Good Day - Deciphered

Esta es una canción feliz
Siginifica hiciste
Un buen trabajo
Felicidades amigo!

Good Day - Translated

This is a happy song.
That means you did
A good job
Congrats friend!

Thank you all for coming along to uncover the little easter eggs Jonathan Geer has left for us all. I highly encourage you all to check out his Bandcamp, as it is the best place to support him if you like the work he's done on CSD and other ventures.
submitted by Lavaman369 to cookservedelicious

A Wind River High Route Trip Report 7+ Months in the Making

This is a much belated trip report, but I figured better late than never. On the second week of August u/HorseTamingHector and I hiked Alan Dixon's Wind River High Route. We followed it almost exactly, often wondering how much further Dixon would be ahead of us if he'd started at the same time. Usually it was a lot, on the order of hours, despite the fact that it sounded like he had fished half the lakes along the way.
Follow along on Caltopo: https://caltopo.com/m/E3UC
Day Zero
Despite being technically a “day zero” I would say this was the biggest learning experience of the trip. We both were overconfident in our hitching ability and decided to park the car at the Big Sandy Trailhead and then hitch all the way up to the Green River Lakes Trailhead instead of just paying for transport like normal people. Don't do this. What would have been an easy 3.5 hour drive ended up being a solid 12+ hours of roadside suntanning.
After a long bumpy hitch from the Big Sandy to Farson we were informed by our ride-givers that the Farson Mercantile was known for its ice cream. To call the portion size at the Mercantile generous would be a vast understatement, and I can still remember the nice older woman ahead of us in line watch in horror as they piled more and more Rocky Road on her “single scoop.”
The nightmare continued getting out of Farson and we spent a lot of time walking pointless miles on the road waiting for someone to pick us up. We seemed to always get a ride in the end, and actually made it all the way to the trail head by evening, our last ride being a pleasant couple that let us stay at their group site at Green Lakes.
Day One - 15.81 Miles
In the morning we were greeted by the older man who had given us a ride up to the trail head. He had put on a U.S. Army Rangers hat, which I couldn't remember him wearing before. We talked about the hike for a bit and he started drawing comparisons between what we were doing and his time as a Ranger calling in airstrikes in Vietnam. Our attempts to convince him that our hike was not remotely similar went largely ignored. He then segued into talking about how we both clearly came from good European stock, and our ancestors would be proud of us, and we decided it was a pretty good time to leave.
The trail leading into the Winds was very pleasant, though we spent an inordinate amount of time arguing about whether we were looking at “Cube Mountain” or “Squaretop Mountain” without looking at a map to confirm. We passed a couple college groups along the way along with two hikers finishing the High Route from the opposite direction. The first commented on how sunny it was, and mentioned breaking a trekking pole, the second warned us that the Winds earned their name and one of his tent poles had broken a few nights previously in a windstorm.
We were both feeling surprisingly good by the end of the day and decided to call it at Peak Lake since it was getting later, and the intervening miles between Peak Lake and Titcomb Basin looked pretty hairy.
Day Two - 10.27 Miles
The High Route started picking up steam after we left Peak Lake. We managed to stick more or less to the use trail until we lost it in a massive snowfield at the base of the Col. We split up briefly and I managed to find a use trail that made the climb much easier, and anxiously watched my friend, Will, cross an extremely steep snowfield on the northern edge of the basin. Fortunately he made it across fine and we were greeted with gorgeous views at the top.
The short stretch into Titcomb Basin was the first taste of the almost alien landscape of the High Route, with a massive flat snowfield cupped by sheer granite. As Will said, the mountains looked like they had gotten rid of everything but the good parts. Our plan was to make it up Indian Pass and also ideally Alpine Lakes pass, but as we were chugging up an easy hill out of Titcomb I felt something strange in my lower back.
Over the next hour this back twinge grew into some pretty god-awful pain and I felt like pushing myself further would not be a good time. The view we had of Titcomb Basin also provided a pretty convincing argument to stop and take in the sights.
Sadly the pain didn't really dull over night and I had also managed to pitch my tarp in way that really captured its flapping potential. Having spent the whole night trying to find a position where I could sleep without feeling like someone had inserted an extra vertebrae into my lower back, I was pretty sure I'd have to call it in the morning.
Day Three - 10.69 Miles
We spent breakfast coming up with a plan, and decided that the best course would be to follow Dixon through the Alpine Lakes and then bail out via Hay Pass Trail. This would give us another solid day on the High Route and I could see if my back pain improved at all before abandoning the whole hike.
Indian Pass wasn't particularly rough, and a couple doses of Advil made it doable though very uncomfortable. However, by the time we reached Knifepoint the pain had subsided into a nagging twitch, and the staggering views seemed to be a bit of an anesthetic, if not a motivation to persevere.
The Alpine Lakes area felt like we kept stumbling between The Sound of Music set and the cover of a Black Metal album. Deep moss and wild flowers and the most burbling of brooks were all framed by ragged bluffs of granite and sharp talus cones that looked weirdly high-def in the alpine light.
Part way through the day we met a group that were the living definition of dirtbag hikers. Carrying cuben fiber backpacks loaded with wine and cigarettes, they seemed to sprint from lake to lake, leapfrogging us every couple of hours. We ended up deciding to call it early again, stopping at Golden Lake, yet another impressive but more protected campsite, and I discovered that vape pen I'd picked up in Colorado was the secret to sleeping through my back issues.
Day Four - 14.09 Miles
Feeling much restored in the morning, we decided to just keep to the High Route. After Hay Pass the route took a turn for the boggy, and we were glad to had stopped at Golden Lake instead of pushing on to what Alan had termed “Crap Camp Lake.”
Part way through the day we realized we may have underestimated our sunscreen consumption. Rationing on the SPF took a toll on my legs, and I ended up with some pretty horrible heat rash on both thighs. I was eventually convinced to hike in my wind pants for the remainder of the day. This day also included the largest amount of navigation, which was a welcome diversion from the ever increasing swampiness I was experiencing in my wind pants.
After a rather rambling day of orientation we decided to call it early again, not wanting to chance Sentry Peak Pass in the dark.
Day Five - 16.91 Miles
The short hike up to Lake Donna was a steep start to the day, but was well rewarded. I got to enjoy my Cool Mint Clif Bar alone by the lake while Will caught up from his trip to the “outhouse.” On our way down we met a true woodsman, still using his thirty year old external frame pack and carrying, for no discernible reason, what looked like a quiver and arrows but no bow. We periodically bumped into him as we our way up the bouldery Raid Peak Pass.
Coming down from Raid Peak was like Titcomb all over again, coming out of a stark ragged pass to find an expansive gentle valley on the other side. We made up a lot of time in the afternoon as the Pyramid Lake Trail felt like a highway after all the off-trail scrambling. We passed many dads on the way into the Cirque of Towers. It seemed like peak fishing season in the Winds.
Texas Pass was among the prettiest to cross over, and we got there right as the sun was starting to drop. Fortunately we made it down into the Cirque before it got truly dark, and were greeted by several groups of climbers, all engaged in their favorite evening past time of staring at peaks and saying they'd make it up that 5.11 tomorrow.
Compared to the rest of the trip, the Cirque felt packed. We somehow managed to find an empty and secluded campsite, and had our last dinner of the trip on top of a squat boulder that gave us a fine view of the darkening valley.
Day Six - 7.68 Miles
Leaving the Cirque was a bit of a mess. A pair of climbers took us on the “climber trail,” a shortcut down the other side of Arrowhead Lake. After a short bit of scrambling through a boulder field we settled onto the trail down to Big Sandy which felt a bit like a down-turned treadmill.
We reached the car before noon and, like proper hikers, jumped in the river to clean off before heading out to visit friends in Boulder.
Western Mountaineering Versalite: Don't know why I took this instead of my quilt. I was sweating like a pig every night even with it fully unzipped.
Yama 9/7/9 Tarp: Love it.
Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Southwest: Only real downside was that everyone kept ignoring me and ogling Will's Pa'lante V2.
Altra King MT 1.5: Although I initially blamed the backpack for my back pain, apparently these shoes are about the worst possible options for my feet. At the time I liked them though.
Fleece + Puffy was overkill, the Melly would have been more than enough, considering we were usually in our quilts before temperatures really started to drop.
Garmin inReach Mini: Great, used it to make a GPX track which was super fun, and having precise elevation data was occasionally useful when crossing glaciers. I sent a few texts and it was the perfect mix of being inconvenient enough that I wasn't messaging all day, but I could still communicate when I wanted to.

My Lighterpack: https://lighterpack.com/agorit
My Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/DWer3yr
Will’s Lighterpack: https://lighterpack.com/dr9fpc
Will’s Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/SgdyeqE

Edit: Put the sections in bold.
Edit2: Added daily mileage.
submitted by Tsillan to Ultralight

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