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Napoleonic Battles: Napoleon's Russian Campaign version 12MB. Atmos Banking trojan Cracked – Shanghai Black Goons. Napoleon: Total War. This is not my first time posting on bleepingcomputer. Here's where Total War: Warhammer 3 will be set and what races we can expect Sekiro Sakura Droplet - How To Use Sakura Droplet to Revive We use cookies to enable you to log in and set your site preferences.

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Please note that the Peninsular War Battles apk file v is the original apk file obtained from the official Google Play server. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Napoleon: Total War. Peace' is a vast epic centred on Napoleon's war with Russia. Protoculture Perpetual Motion. In fact, they're so angry that they present themselves to the player as kamikaze fighters with a red-hot vendetta.

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Napoleon total war patch 1.3.0 firefox. Be the first to write a review. Download uTorrent for Windows. We can command our unit to move forward, attack, etc. Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War mod - Mod DB.

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Napoleon: Total War expands on the successful Total War series by taking all the features from previous games such as the full 3D land and naval battles, the detailed campaign map, and an in depth diplomacy system and taking them a step further. Curabitur sodales orci porttitor consectetur elementum. You can hide the bookmarks you don't want other person to see. In total there are 120 levels of play - plenty of time to fire the Angry Birds by slingshot at the green pigs. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (Paperback, 1993) for sale.

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Alongside chapters covering uniforms, ranks, ships, and aircraft are explanations and guidance as to what to expect when their child joins the Navy, the many benefits their sailor will enjoy, and what. Software for accessing and using computers remotely. Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom - PC Review and Full https://sale7777.ru/download/?file=34. These Napoleon: Total War cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. Lavishly illustrated, persuasively argued, and carefully illustrated with original maps and battle diagrams, The Wars Against Napoleon presents a courageous and uniquely accurate historical idea that will surely arouse vigorous debate.

Secret Truths About Mormonism and An Explanation For All of Them

1) By the early 1800's the USA had failed.

In the late 1700's and into the early 1800's the colonial USA was facing unconscionable challenges. 15 states were formed between 1786 and 1791. 10 states would be formed during the next 20 years. After Missouri in 1821, only 1 state would be formed during the next 24 years. Although there were many different political parties and patriotic groups, challenges like counterfeit money, slavery, alcoholism and warring Indian tribes had some groups believing the easterly landlocked Nation had failed and would be taken over by Great Britain or one of the several countries that already claimed the western lands of the continent. One patriotic party known as the Freemasonry Brotherhood is credited with many attempts at saving the nation during these several colonial decades. Across many regions of the time, the Freemasonry Brotherhood was comprised of many chapters and factions. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and others were well known affiliates of the greater Freemasonry Brotherhood and all were very active in their local chapters and factions. The Nation however would continue to divide with the Civil War on it's doorstep. As a reminder of how different life was back then and how different everything was remember a simple observation that although electric motors were invented in the 1830's the lightbulb wouldn't be put into use for 60 years. When it comes to the limited perspective of "Joseph Smith" this means he never new what a light bulb would be.

2) Mormonism's secret names.

Mormonism has chapels and temples. Chapels are typically open to the public for Sunday services and are also where other weekly gatherings are held. Temples are for private ceremonies where victims of Mormonism are invited to make additional promises to Mormonism. These promises may eventually include marriage as well as a commitment to spiritual polygamy. During these ceremonies, a person is given a spiritual "name". This is referred to as their "new name". While it is customary for wives to tell their husbands their "new name", males are admonished to keep their own new name a secret. Although many people may attend any of several ceremonies a day, it is taught that that new names are unique for each person. In reality the "new names" follow a predetermined schedule. On any given day all males and all females receive the same male or female name for that day. This list of names can be found here.

3) "The Book of Mormon" has been proven to have pages and pages of similarities to six different publications printed up to twenty-six years before it.

Contributing to this is that by 1830 tens of thousands of substantial publications had already been printed including "Gullivers Travels", "Candide" and "Robinson Crusoe". Known publications the Book of Mormon bears similarities to are 1) "The Late War" (1816), 2) "A Classical Dictionary" (This publication was revised by different contributors which was common for the time. Although Charles Anthon's publication states "1848", the publication existed long before that. There are different resources that outline the similarities. This is one.), 3) "The First Book of Napolean" (1809. Author's names include Michael Linning/Eliakim The Scribe and/or Modeste Gruau which are all likely the same person as psuedonyms were common in those days. Even Benjamin Franklin used several psuedonyms for his writings). 4) "Manuscript Found: Conneault Creek also known as the Oberlin Manuscript or the Honolulu ManuscriptTranscript". 5) "A View of the Hebrews" (1823) *****I HAVE SCOURED THE INTERNET AND AS FAR AS I CAN TELL I AM THE FIRST PERSON TO LINK THE FOLLOWING PUBLICATION WITH THE BEGINNINGS OF MORMONISM*****) 6) "The History of Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge of Scotland" (1804. Note that revisions suggest later dates but 1804 is listed in the preface) Among other things, this publication mentions "three knocks with a mallet" and "metal plates with engravings placed in a cavity" several times. It also has 4 unnumbered pages of characters similar to "reformed Egpytian" these pages are hidden between pages 424 and 425. Note that what was claimed as "reformed Egyptian" is also similar to this.)

4) In 1778 England's "Captain James Cook" discovered Hawaii. Polygamy was prominent there.

The Book of Mormon was finally published in 1830. 50 years before,As more and more westerners came to the islands they witnessed first hand how quickly a population can grow with polygamy. More and more information regarding Captain Cook's discovery and familiarity and affiliation with Freemasonry is being discovered regularly. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young publicly paid tribute to Captain Cook in their own way. This is not meant to suggest those ways were similar in nature or meaning though. Joseph Smith sometimes used the pseudonym "Captain Cook" and Brigham Young wore an amulet that was owned by Captain Cook.

5) Joseph Smith went on a peculiar treasure search in Salem, Massachusetts that was later written about in the Doctrine & Covenants.

A letter claimed to be from Joseph to Emma about it also exists. Another interesting link to Salem and Hawaii is that a family there named Crowninshield built a nobel yacht that was eventually traded to a drunken, proxy King of Hawaii. (King Kamehameha's son after the Kings suspicous death). The yacht was eventually sunk by the kings drunken sailors. In 1824 this proxy king died suspiciously on a trip to Great Britain. There are many rumors about what treasures and other heirlooms the proxy king may have traded for the yacht.

6) Many scientists believe this is an image of Joseph Smith yet Mormonism continues to ignore it and use more sensational renderings of his physical features instead.

7) Martin Harris was not who Mormonism claims he was.

Mormon history portrays Martin Harris) as a poor, humble, lonely farmer who faithfully sacrificed his only farm to finance the first publishing of the Book of Mormon. It also claims that his faithless, money hungry, short tempered wife left him for it and that he too eventually lost faith and was left to destitution and forgotten.

In reality, well known researchers affiliated with Mormonism and others reveal that Martin Harris and his father Nathan were altruistic, zealous, wealthy, crafty, persuasive, powerful, controlling, violent and heinously patriotic. As a soldier in the war of 1812, Martin had likely killed in the name of patriotism. They were also members of the Freemasonry Brotherhood.

Martin Harris was 10 years old when his family moved to the Palmyra region in 1793. His father eventually controlled hundreds of acres. Martin married his first "wife" when he was 25. She may have experienced more than enough trauma to justify any of the negative things different parties claim about her for reasons of their own though, even if some of the things they claim are true. This is because his "wife" was really a child who was also his first cousin. She was 15 years 10 months and 27 days old when he married her. Her name was Lucy Hill. He sexually abused her and attempted to impregnate her regularly. He also physically abused her. This is just a glimpse into what Martin Harris was capable of. She eventually gave birth to at least 6 children. During their "marriage" she eventually moved out but they did not officially divorce. In 1836, she mysteriously died at the age of 38. Martin was 53. Just a couple months after Lucy's suspicious death, Martin Married the 22 year old niece of Brigham Young named Caroline Young. He also attempted to impregnate her regularly and eventually father 7 children with her.

About the time Martin was 30, a successful landowner and businessman, he left his life of luxury to fight in the War of 1812 where he became a leader and heroically returned around 1815. It's safe to say that as a leader in the War of 1812 he killed men and/or was responsible for the killing of men in the name of patriotism as wars require and justify men and women to do. Back home and industrious again, the talented Martin Harris won several awards for producing white undergarment linen from flax grown on their farms. In fact, he won so many awards he stopped entering the competitions so someone else could win.

Ironically, Joseph Smith was also 10 years old when his family moved to the Palmyra region in 1816. 23 years after the Harris' did. Martin was 22.5 years older than Joseph. Mormon history claims Martin didn't meet or hear of Joseph until Joseph was 21 years old. In this version of Mormonism's history, even though Joseph was nearly 22 years old this additional link mistakenly refers to Joseph as a "boy". This is just another example of propaganda geared towards hiding the truth about Martin Harris. Additionally, it's highly unlikely that the Smith's with it's many sons of "working age" lived within 2.5 miles of the Harris's vast 600 acre farm(s) for 11 years without encountering the powerful and well connected Harris', especially when the only thing that separated them was the town and eventually the Erie Canal after it was built in the area. It's likely that the announcement of the to-be-constructed Erie Canal passing through Palmyra was the very reason the Smith family chose to move to the area. It was their 8th move in 10 years. Because the influential Harris was "nominated" to oversee the construction of the Erie Canal in the Palmyra region, it's highly likely he met the Smith family when Joseph was 10 or 11 years old (Alvin would have been about 18) and that many of the Smith's worked on digging part of the miles and miles of the the 4 foot deep, 40 foot wide trough that would become the Erie Canal because where it passed through Palmyra was less than a mile from the Smith home. The Smith's not working during the winter months on a rare, 8 year long canal dig passing within a mile of their residence would completely betray the parts of history about the Smith's being hardworking and industrious. Instead, it would lend a hand to other parts of history claiming they were lazy. It's likely that there are false parts in both sides of those stories. However, even within Mormonism's own history published by BYU and other outlets there are critical discrepancies regarding the year and circumstances Harris met the Smith's.

Upon the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 Martin and his father had an endless avenue to ship livestock to eastern markets on the canal's barges as well as opportunity to be the first to interact with needy immigrants needing a place to go after arriving at the port in New York. Any immigrant they encountered would have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to travel inland on a barge to find work in Palmyra and other regions along the Erie Canal. In fact, the Erie Canal became so critical to the New York region it is credited with making New York the global icon that it is today. Prior to the Erie Canal, Boston, New Orleans and Philadelphia were substantially larger ports.

8) Of all the founding people in Mormonism's beginnings Martin Harris' grave marker is by far, the most substantial.

Mormon history claims Harris died two years before Young. There are however reports that Young also mysteriously died by poisoning and that Harris' actual whereabouts and death date may have been hard to track. Although Mormon history claims Joseph Smith had over 26 angels appear to him his grave marker is shared with Hyrum and Emma. Brigham Young's marker is a simple bust and a stone. Martin Harris' marker is a stately obelisk over 10 feet tall and an amphitheater. For many years, until a couple years ago, the amphitheater hosted a performance titled "Martin Harris: The Man Who Knew" The obelisk is typically something the Freemasonry Brotherhood reserves to mark the grave of a nation builder. For the man forgotten within Mormon history as the humble farmer who lost faith, this is a substantial disparity in grave markers on the part of "Mormonism".

9) The real name of Joseph's first wife Emma is "Emma Hale Smith Bidamon" not just "Emma Hale Smith".

Joseph was forced to claim that that Emma served as one of his scribes during the complicated translation process. Like other scribes including Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer. According to history, Joseph would translate from behind a curtain, the scribe would write. In spite of this, after Joseph's murder in 1844, rather than follow Brigham Young to California, Emma stayed in Nauvoo with thousands of other grateful followers of Joseph Smith. Addiitonally, Emma would continue a relationship with a non-mormon man and remarry him within two years of Joseph's murder. While Emma is often only known as "Emma Smith" in word, image and statue, her real name is "Emma Hale Smith Bidamon". Eventually she would follow one of her and Joseph's sons as the leader of Mormonism.

10) After Joseph's murder in 1844, his followers were split into at least 5 groups.
Instead of following Brigham Young, other followers of Joseph Smith would follow James Strang to Voree Wisconsin. He would also go on to claim that he was led to plates hidden in a cavity and he would also produce writings from them although his writings were far less substantial. Ironically history claims Martin Harris was never far away from James Strang. It's likely this group was the faction's backup plan in case Brigham's group was annihilated. This group was likely buoyed up by writings that had previously been described as the "116 lost pages" that Martin had scribed for Joseph. This is because Strang was also ordered to claim that he was led to buried plates that he also translated. His translations are believed to have been just a few pages. Another group went to Philadelphia. Another group sailed on a ship called the Brooklin around Africa to meet Brigham in California. Their leader Samuel Brannan became California's first millionaire by not only being the first to publish the discovery of gold in 1849 but to also sell mining supplies. The largest group led by Brigham Young stopped at the Great Salt Lake in the center of the continent's "West" rather than going to California.

11) Joseph Smith once claimed that the moon was inhabited and he used specific numbers when he did so. This may have actually been an attempt by him to

12) Mormon history claims 24 additional angels (including biblical figures Adam, Abraham, Noah and Moses) visited Joseph Smith.

13) Of of Mormonism's official "Three Witnesses" (Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris and David Whitmer) and the "Eight Witnesses" (Christian Whitmer, Jacob Whitmer, Peter Whitmer Jr., John Witmer, Hiram Page, Joseph Smith, Sr., Hyrum Smith and Samuel Harrison Smith) those who weren't murdered all left Mormonism but for one reason or another did not deny what they had claimed about it or their role in it. This is likely because of retribution by the faction should they attempt to deny it.
Of the four women who witnessed the translation process of the Book of Mormon, all left the faction of Mormonism led by Brigham Young.

14) Around 1833 at the age of 28, the victimized Joseph Smith secretely organized his own militia and body guards.

15) Four Smith brother's were murdered in the name of the beginnings of Mormonism. Alvin, Joseph, Hyrum and Samuel.
Alvin), who was 7 years older than Joseph, died from poisoning (aka "suspicious" circumstances) just weeks before Joseph turned 18. Joseph and Hyrum were murdered in June 27, 1844. Samuel was murdered 33 days later.

16) Joseph Smith was murdered within weeks of announcing he was running for President of the United States. Although Joseph had been under the factions control for nearly 3 decades, he may have always believed he would be victorious and eventually break free from them. With his own militia, thousands of followers and economic wealth under his control by the hand of the collective imagination of the victims of Mormonism, it makes sense that he believed he could be elected president and no longer be under the control of the faction. This however was the last straw for the faction who had likely ordered Smith to lead the victims of Mormonism deep into the West. The easterly landlocked USA was comprised of 26 states at the time.

17) There were 13 people at the table of the "Last Supper", there were 13 original colonies, the eagle in the Great Seal of the United States is holding 13 arrows, Martin Harris had 13 children and on July 21, 2016 someone within Mormonism secretly set up 13 corporations to control at least $32 billion dollars of Mormonism's stock assets. Mormonism owns hundreds of millions of dollars of stock in Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and corporations prominent in other industries. It owns the largest cattle ranch in the US, the largest nut producer in the US, a private university with over 55,000 students at campuses in Utah, Hawaii and Idaho and it is the largest landowner in Utah and Florida and other states. It also owns ecclisiastical and commercial real estate worth billions upon billions in every US state and in dozens of countries.

18) Of all the symbols and combinations of symbols Brigham Young could have chosen to represent Mormonism's successful settlement of the Great Salt Lake Region in 1847, chose an Eagle and a 5 pointed star for the Eagle Gate statue in Salt Lake City. Note that the 5 pointed star or pentagram was around long before certain groups tried appropriating it as something else. Also note that the Great Salt Lake region was still controlled by Mexico in 1847 although the Mexican American war would end and the region would come under the control of the USA with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in February of 1848.

19) Until 1978 Mormonism refused to allow spiritual marriages between black men and black women while expecting spiritual marriages to occur between white men and women.

20) This one may seem trivial but well known signs of an abusive relationship apply to the way Mormonism exploits it's victims. Because of this and so much more lets ask if it is possible if many leaders within Mormonism are also secretly being controlled by threats just like Joseph Smith was. Additionally, like Joseph may have done, is it possible that some of these victims are trying to leave secret clues that Mormonism is an imposter?

21) Until 2008, 100% of the men who hold Mormonism's 15 key leadership roles were related to each other. This includes the 12 members of the quorum of the 12 apostles and the 3 members of the First Presidency. It is estimated that 90% today are related to each other. Some are directly related to Martin Harris. The First Presidency is directly responsible for the activities of Ensign Peak, the key organization controlling Mormonism's wealth. What many don't realize is that the reason the IRS won't investigate Mormonism is because Mormonism is higher up the chain than the IRS is when it comes to US interests.

22) The boy Joseph Smith's unique "First Vision" that is the keystone to the beginning of Mormonism was not unique at all. Similar stories had been circulated for years, likely by those who catalyzed "Mormonism" to save the failing USA.

23) The many mis-starts for the story of the "translation" of the "Book of Mormon"
The Book of Mormon was published in 1830 when Joseph Smith was 25. This was after a three year period in which he was apparently directed at the same time each year to the place where the hidden, gold plated "Book of Mormon" and other relics were. (Depending on what you read the "Gold" was either gold or brass.) History claims that the coming forth of the Book of Mormon took about 10 years from the "First Vision" in 1820 when the boy Joseph was 14 to it's publication in 1830. (this was after several attempts when more angels eventually allowed him to retrieve the metal plated Book of Mormon and the other relics from the hidden cavity). The metal plated Book of Mormon was engraved in a language referred to as "reformed Egyptian" that needed to be transferred into english. This is the only reference to this language in literary history. History claims the methods to do the translating were either by wearing a breastplate and a pair of glasses with rocks as lenses (known as the "Urim and Thummim" or by looking at a different single rock while placed in a hat and reading words that appeared on it allowed or by using another seer stone Joseph preferred instead. All methods included Joseph being hidden from one of a few different scribes by a curtain or other screen. So according to Mormon propaganda, even though there were "Golden Plates" that the Book of Mormon was engraved upon, to translate the plates Joseph Smith didn't need to look at them.

As news of these truths and more continues to spread, missionaries in vulnerable countries and family members of missionaries in vulnerable countries may want to ask themselves if they are at risk of becoming targets for kidnapping and ransom by cash strapped, radicalized groups who formerly ignored them as religious zealots and may now see them as defenseless pawns of one of the richest organizations in the world.

Also, my apologies to the talented cast of the "Book of Mormon Musical" for my contributions in what may result in the sudden cancellation of that production should Mormonism finally be revealed one day soon as the imposter it is and that has preyed on innocent children and vulnerable people for 200 years creating a collective imagination that is the host of immeasurable tragedy and exploitation rather than "Mormonism" being a peculiar provincial gumption spawning a peculiar but well intending culture that would be fun and profitable ($650 Million) to make a Broadway play about.

An original explanation for all of this...
submitted by VoxChiasmus to VoxChiasmus

Meet Sinnoh! :D (Part I)

Heya, TSR!
After posting about some of Gen 4's potential "troublemakers" in a thread a few days ago, I received a lot of comments from folks who are unfamiliar with Gen 4 and what's to come in the weeks ahead [as more and more Sinnoh 'Mon make their debut in PoGo].
What's more, I've seen many a thread on TSR from people wondering what's worth keeping an eye open for as they continue to roll-out.
Given this, I decided to expand upon my last delving by creating a new series covering all of Sinnoh, and making a reference for folks to come back to at their leisure. But because Reddit imposes a size limit on its posts (something I just learned), I've no choice but to release my work in installments.
It is fortuitous, then, that Niantic decided to duplicate its Gen 3 launch by releasing them in waves. As such, I intend to post with each wave's release-- highlighting the new faces therein.
(There is a lot of new information to absorb when a new generation makes an appearance, so besides helping keep me under the 40k character limit, I figure it's better regardless to break it all down into more-easily-digested chunks.)
A note on the content: while I will comment here and there on a given Pokemon's general utility, it is not my intention with this series to add to the veritable mountain of hardcore analyses on what will be "meta-relevant" in the weeks and months to come. Not only has this been done by far more capable Travelers than I, but with the announced shakeup on the horizon, my words would be wind regardless. (And for the curious, my analysis will also be bereft of meaningful insights into the world of Competetive, as I am certainly not one to speak to that.)
To expand upon this: posts on TSR--in my experience--tend to lean toward those selfsame hardcore players, who already know what the future of Pokemon holds. As I said in my last post, my wife and I just completed our first playthroughs of Pokemon Platinum to familiarize ourselves with what's to come, and that's as far as I've been; I am clueless from Gen 5 onward.
So instead of more FIRE AND BRIMSTONE speculation about what a meta shakeup might mean, it is my chief aim to share the spirit of the Sinnoh 'Mon to those unacquainted with them. :]
Onward, then!
--- Meet the Starters ---
As with the Starters who preceded them in PoGo, these guys are likely to settle-in to their respective biomes once their introductory flood is through. They will also likely be the stars of future Community Days.
#387 Turtwig |Grass|
#388 Grotle |Grass|
#389 Torterra |Grass/Ground|
  • These guys are the "Bulbasaur" line of Gen 4.
    I chose Turtwig as my Starter and have no regrets; his second evolution, Grotle, and especially his final evolution, Torterra, shot to my top 10 favorite Pokemon as soon as I saw their design, and settled-in there once I found out just how much face they wrecked while battling.
    Besides its killer design, Torterra--the "Continent Pokemon"--includes in its lore that other Pokemon build lifelong homes on the forested shells of these gentle, slow-moving giants.
    Torterra is Grass/Ground type, which makes it deathly afraid of Ice attacks, but super sturdy otherwise.
#390 Chimchar |Fire|
#391 Monferno |Fire/Fighting|
#392 Infernape |Fire/Fighting|
  • These next three are the "Charmander" line of Gen 4.
    Funny aside-- the Sinnoh region is home to notoriously few Fire type Pokemon (no really, there are only these three, Magmortar, and Heatran-- one of the new legendaries), and so choosing one of the other starter families can put you at a disadvantage for a good chunk of the game since you'll be missing Fire type coverage.
    Outside of choosing this starter for its utility, a lot of players, it seems, were fairly underwhelmed by this family and its final evolution, Infernape-- calling it a weaker Blaziken clone. But amongst Sinnoh 'Mon, Infernape has pretty well-rounded stats and no glaring weaknesses. (Besides, Fighting types tend to hoard the lion's share of utility in PoGo. haha)
#393 Piplup |Water|
#394 Prinplup |Water|
#395 Empoleon |WateSteel|
  • Next up are the "Squirtle" line of Gen 4.
    The "Penguin Pokemon" was my wife's choice for her Starter. She, like me, has no regrets, and took her Empoleon all the way through the game-- smashing in the teeth of the Elite Four with nothing but Surf-spamming. haha
    In addition to being a very snappy dresser, Empoleon is unique in several ways. It is the only Pokemon (so far) to have a WateSteel typing. This particular hybridization makes Empoleon very sturdy with 10(!) Type resistances-- the most of any Starter. (Separately, he was designed to be roughly the same height as his namesake, Napoleon, which is just outstanding.) :]
--- Meet the Trash Commons ---
Forgive the tongue-in-cheek, but the next bunch is what most Travelers on the Road would affectionately (or otherwise) refer to as Gen 4's "trash"-- you know, the Pidgey and Rattata of the generation. And if you didn't notice the pattern of Pokemon design in the first three Generations, follow these next entries closely. ;)
#396 Starly |Normal/Flying|
#397 Staravia |Normal/Flying|
#398 Staraptor |Normal/Flying|
  • For those who aren't already-- I would get used to seeing these guys. haha
    Indeed, the simplest comparison is the Pidgey family of Gen 1. But whereas Pidgeot was only mostly okay, Staraptor is widely known to be a monster in battle. And with a Speed stat comparable to most of Sinnoh's better Legendaries and an Attack stat to match, it's no wonder. In the Main Series Games (MSG), Staraptor also learns some very powerful moves to go along with that high Attack, including Close Combat, a Fighting Type move which you should be used to seeing on the likes of Machamp. This makes facing him with Rock-Type attackers (not to mention x4 weak-Tyranitar)--normally a Flying Type's worst nightmare--a scary proposition.
    These attributes, combined with a sleek, aggressive design make Staraptor a fan-favorite in Sinnoh.
#399 Bidoof |Normal|
#400 Bibarel |Normal/Water|
  • Do you hear that...? That's the sound of thousands of knowing Travelers laughing in unison at the mere mention of these two.
    You see, Bidoof, and its evolution Bibarel (pronounced, BEE-barrel), are famous in Sinnoh.
    Why, you ask? Well, it's not their prowess in battle or their inspired design, no.
    No, these two are famous for one reason: they can learn every HM move except Fly (and Defog, which no one bothers with anyway).
    What does that mean, you ask? Well, in the MSGs, HMs or "Hidden Machines" are used like TMs (Technical Machines) to teach your Pokemon a particular move. HMs, however, are usually distinct in that the moves can be used [and are required] outside of battle in order to traverse the land or move past obstacles. With few exceptions, they are not very useful in battle, and are desirable only insofar as you want members of your traveling party to know them so you can move about the world unhindered.
    Since you're only allowed six Pokemon in your Party at any given time in the MSGs, players will typically raise what have been ingloriously dubbed "HM Slaves"-- Pokemon capable of learning multiple HMs. This way, they can offload all of the mostly-useless HM moves onto one 'Mon, thereby sacrificing as little party space as possible.
    It's a safe bet that for most of the Travelers reading this, Bibarel was that Slave. He was mine, and he was my wife's. No regrets. You did well, you simple little beaver thing. /feedpoffin
    As far as PoGo is concerned, Bidoof will likely be added to the ranks of Rattata and Sentret. So if you find one of your uninformed friends complaining about seeing another beaver thing, you can tell them just how lucky they are to have such a useful critter in their lives.
#401 Kricketot |Bug|
#402 Kricketune |Bug|
  • The next members of Sinnoh's ranks come in the form of slightly-worse-Spinarak-and-Ariados the musical Bug Pokemon Kricketot and Kricketune.
    Okay so their utility is somewhat lacking, but their charm lay not in their fighting abilities, but in their musical ones. When Kricketot falls down, its appendages rattle together and sound like a xylophone. Its evolution, Kricketune, is even more musically-inclined, as it's built like a stringed instrument (combined with a mustachioed maestro) and is capable of producing complex melodies with its bow-like forearms.
    Though I've personally no particular love for most Bug Pokemon, I have to admit that the design of these guys is pretty clever.
#427 Buneary |Normal|
#428 Lopunny |Normal|
  • This family is unique in a couple ways. The first is that--in the MSG--they can learn moves by leveling-up that otherwise can only be learned by TM, namely, Frustration and Return-- two Normal-Type moves whose damage varies depending on your Friendship level with the Pokemon using it.
    Secondly, Buneary is unique in that it can evolve--without the help of an Evolution Stone--at any level (even level 1), as its only requirement to do so is to reach "high" Friendship (≥220 on a scale of 0-255) with it, and then level-up (from battling, Rare Candy, etc).
    As its redeeming qualities include only its Speed and Special Defense, Lopunny will likely remain in the "Trash" category until it gains its Mega Evolution in later Generations.
--- Meet the Cool Kids ---
Though their actual usefulness varies, these next entries constitute the more exciting additions this round.
#403 Shinx |Electric| +Confirmed Shiny
#404 Luxio |Electric|
#405 Luxray |Electric|
  • Hooray for Luxray! :D
    Prior to playing Platinum, I had never heard of this family, but, like Torterra before him, Luxray jumped right into my Top 10 once I saw his design. And I'm not the only one; despite being only pretty good, Luxray is beloved by Gen 4 players worldwide for its stellar design (/pats self on back) and sweet lore.
    Shinx generates electricity when its muscles contract and glows when it feels threatened; Luxio has enough electricity coursing through its claws that even a light scratch causes fainting; and Luxray is able to see through solid objects with (lu)x-ray vision (#clevergirl) in order to track its prey.
    Though these guys may be relegated to Mareep(ish) usefulness in PoGo, I will always have a soft spot for the level 90 Luxray my level 3 Shinx grew into.
    Also, if you haven't seen what Shiny Luxray looks like... you should.
#447 Riolu |Fighting|
#448 Lucario |Fighting/Steel|
  • Now here's a family that needs little introduction.
    For the uninitiated, Lucario is something of a poster-boy for the Gen 4 games, and is so popular that he made his way into several venues outside of Pokemon-- notably Smash.
    He is known at the "Aura Pokemon" because of his ability to see the aura of any given life-form, which is where Lucario's design begins to come together. See, Lucario is based on Anubis-- the Egyptian god of death responsible for scouring the hearts of the deceased and dispensing judgement accordingly. In the ancient Egyptian tradition, Anubis bears the head of an African golden wolf, just as Lucario does.
    In the MSG, Riolu (and therefore Lucario) can only be obtained via an Egg... wait a minute......... >_>
    If you didn't already hear: in PoGo, Riolu are--as yet--only obtainable from 10k eggs.
    As I was saying... Trainers in the MSG only receive Riolu by hatching an egg that is gifted to the player by Riley-- a fellow Trainer making his way through the mines on Iron Island. He asks to tag along as you delve deeper underground and solicits your help in giving the boot to the Team Galactic members causing trouble therein. As thanks for your assistance, he gives you an egg containing Riolu.
    In a fashion similar to how Buneary evolves, a Trainer must first attain a "high" Friendship level (≥220 on a scale of 0-255) with Riolu and then cause him to level-up during daytime hours.
    Riolu's evolution, Lucario, is a powerhouse of a Pokemon. What's more, he's not gimmicky like many of his Sinnoh counterparts-- overpowered in one stat and horribly-deficient in everything else. No, Lucario is a well-balanced Physical and Special attacker with good Speed to match. And because of his Steel typing, Lucario boasts a whole host of resistances, which more than make up for his middling defensive stats.
    All told, Lucario makes for a fine addition to one's MSG lineup. Time will tell whether or not the same can be said in PoGo.
--- Meet the Regionals ---
"New region-exclusives?? This is so unexpected!1! O_o"
-- No one, ever
#417 Pachirisu |Electric|
  • Allow me to introduce Pikachu Pachirisu-- Gen 4's electric squirrel! (If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I guess..?)
    In the MSG, many players (including myself) had one of these guys in their traveling party for a good chunk of the early game because of its Ability, Pickup, which allows your Pachirisu to find items (think Pokeballs, berries, etc) as you walk around-- a big help early in the game when money is tight.
    Pachirisu (pronounced, pah-chee-REE-soo) is a standalone Electric Type in Sinnoh with a surprisingly-diverse movepool, but unfortunately for fans, its utility will probably be limited solely to its cuteness as a buddy as its stats are mostly terrible.
    Though the community is still compiling data on the exact boundaries of Pachi's spawn area, it looks like it includes ~2/3 of the northern hemisphere-- from eastern Canada, through Alaska and spanning Russia.
#441 Chatot |Normal/Flying|
  • The "Music Note Pokemon" is exactly that-- a Pokemon whose head is an eighth note.
    But that's not all! It's tail is also a metronome, and can keep perfect time. :]
    Besides its musical appearance, Chatot's tongue is the same as a human's, allowing it to perfectly mimic human speech. And this, my friends, is where the gimmick (and the controversy) comes in.
    In the MSG, Chatot had a signature move called Chatter, which allowed players to record their own voice and have [a slightly-altered version of] that recording played-back every time the move was used. As you can probably imagine, folk abused this ability and recorded obscenities for the Pokemon's use in online play. As a result, Chatot was banned from use in online competitive play.
    Gen 6 put a stop to this by eliminating the recording feature altogether, and with it, the ban on its use.
    Looking beyond its gimmick, Chatot's signature move not only dealt decent damage with 100% [base] accuracy, but it left its target Confused as well. (We may not yet have Status Conditions in PoGo, but if we ever do, Confusion will be a nasty one to watch out for.)
    Its gimmicky and mimicky design is where the charm of this particular Pokemon end, I'm afraid; its stats almost assuredly disallow the likes of Chatot to be anything more.
    Chatot's PoGo spawn area appears to includes the whole southern hemisphere, but, as with Pachi, above, the community is still pinpointing the exact boundaries.
#455 Carnivine |Grass|
  • There's not a whole lot to say about Carnivine except that most Travelers reading this more or less expected it to come out as a new Regional simply because it is in many ways similar to those that hold (or have held) that distinction already:
    It's a standalone addition to the 'Dex; it does not have a baby and it does not evolve. In Pokemon Platinum, Carnivine can only be found/caught in The Great Marsh, a swampy nature preserve in southeastern Sinnohhhh... I get it now.
    Well played, Niantic. /golfclap
    In case the news has thus far eluded you: in PoGo, Carnivine has only been found to spawn in the southeastern U.S.-- home to most of the country's marshland. It has also been made known to me that this is where Venus Flytraps spawn IRL. ;]
    As far as utility goes, there isn't a whole lot. While Carnivine could be shoehorned into the role of primary Grass-Type attacker by those who really like his design, the bill is better filled by others. As far as PoGo is concerned, this overgrown Flytrap will likely manifest as mere novelty.
And that does it for our first round of Sinnoh 'Mon!
Did you catch any glaring mistakes? Let me know! I don't want to be a source of misinformation!
Also be sure to keep an eye out for future installments, which, as said above, I'll post just as soon as they roll-out to PoGo.
Perhaps I will attempt to re-post the compendium proper in an abridged form once everything has been released... but idk... that sounds like a lot more work...
Meh-- sounds like a problem for future Gus! :P
Until then, good luck in the hunt; I hope time spent in Sinnoh is as magical for you as it has been for us!
Thanks, all!
Edit: Things I've learned about Gen 4 [from you all] since posting this:
  1. Pachirisu was on a Championship-winning team and is therefore not the trash I made him out to be,
  2. Infernape was a fabulous mixed-attacker and superior to the fire-chicken in almost every way until it got dealt a bad hand by not getting the same love that the latter later got, and
  3. One can never truly appreciate a Pokemon until its fans come to its defense publicly. ;]
Author's note:
Holy moly, what a response. :')
I just wanted to express my thanks; I am humbled by the kindness and encouragement you've all shown me.
I will be putting the finishing touches on the rest of Sinnoh in the next few days, and I hope the next installments (coinciding with the next PoGo release waves) live up to your expectations.
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