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A review of TD2-WoNY

Since some time i wanted to write a feedback about WoNY.
Wanted to wait until the end of the season, but feedback would be mostly wasted then, as work done on future seasons is ongoing right now at Massive. So here it is. Behold, huge wall of text incoming.
Ho, and don't expect some top quality post, i'm just a nobody who like to do that kind of stuff.
Context : been playing the game since release, with quite some time invested. So i think i have a correct knowledge of the game, and have extensively ran almost any activity of the game.
Also, english is not my main language, so please forgive any mistakes i might do. But don't hesitate to point them out, one must learn from his mistakes !
And finally, this is my point of view. Feel free to tell me why you like what is dislike, and why you dislike what i like. But i'm certainly not trying to convience you that my point of view is the only one out there...

Let's not forget to mention that WoNY can be considered as a re-release of TD2.
While the game by itself did not change (missions, world...), everything else did : gear is changed, NPCs are changed, difficulty is changed, the way loot drop is changed... Basically all end-game changed. So what was valid before is not valid anymore.

Tom Clancy - The Division 2 - pre-WoNY

Still a very good game.
Campaign from level 1 to 30 then to WT5 is still smooth and interesting to play.
New character only leveled to lvl10, but the experience felt great.
Except that quite a few things got broken in the process, which i consider to be unacceptable.
When you release new content, you TEST the previous content to ensure nothing has broked in any way. You don't assume that everything will be alright, because it won't. Basic software development.
Here is a small list of problems i observed (there are far more problems, but i do not know them all and can't list them all either) :
  • WT5 difficulty was busted and very hard due to NPC scaling. I can't understand how this happened. It is basic QA. Got fixed after a few weeks but still
  • Checkpoints on Heroic difficulty vanished from Pentagon missions (Pentagon and DARPA labs). Again, i can't understand how this happened. It is basic QA. Still broken as of today
  • Despite the recent adjustements to difficulty, Pentagon and DARPA labs are STILL VERY difficult missions, even on easier difficulties. Quadricopter is a nasty opponent that one-shot you with missiles, and Petrus Brenner is a hard hitting sniper, with hoard of minions, who flush you from cover with mortar shells. Invaded Heroic Manning Nationnal Zoo is hell on earth with the endless rain for instant hitting mortars... BASIC. QA.
  • Upon reaching the invasion, new players can (and should) unlock 3 additionnal specilizations. However, with all the changes to the game, completing the different steps of the unlock process can be very very hard. Especially completing Pentagon and DARPA, or stripping Basilisk from his armor... And a lot of other steps. They were designed for their respective TU, up to TU7, but not revised for TU8. This is mind blowing for me. Unless it was intentionnaly ignored to promote the overpriced 2000 premiom credits instant unlock ($20 or in your local currency almost the same price as the game for ONE unlock)...

Tom Clancy - The Division 2 - Warlords of New York

This is the forte of Massive. Snowdrop engine is fabulous, and the art team of Massive is equally fabulous. NY is goergous. The different part are in the same city, yet feel different at the same time.
I have trouble with words, and making compliments is not the best thing i do, so i'll stop here. But NY is awesome.

On the other hand, for me, the story is subpar. I could even say bad.
The 4 Rogues the player have to hunt are cliché. Sooo cliché it's hearthbreaking. A son of a russion mobster. A conspiracy theorist. A chemist very well versed in arson and a black ops so black ops that even his psy exams is black. How could those people get recruited into The Division, an ELITE task force whose sole role is to assure stability and continuity of order when everything collapse. Agent should be the embodiement of stability, calm and fairness. And yet we got some of the most cliché profiles as ennemies we could think about, people that could never be recruited at first.
Yeah, one could say : but it's the event from TD1 that make them snap ! Well, not really. Various audio files one can find show clearly that these people were unstable far before the event of TD1...
Keener is less cliché. More interesting. And sadly misused for the whole campaign.
We learn about him in NY, during TD1. Good guy, very dedicated to save the innocent (as shown in a few echoes), who snapped when everything went to hell and got abandoned to die. Fair enough.
Then we find a few echoes about him in DC (what is he doing here ?), making fun of everybody, singing that he is the best, knows everyhting, can do what he want yadayada. Urg. First blow. What the heck ? So out of character from what he was described and shown during TD1...
Now back in NY, and we discover he is a scheming little fellow. We learn he is coercing Connely to fight for him during Coney Island missions (well done). That is sweet talk Theo, threaten Dragov, make a deal with Kajika. Good vilain setup. In the audio files we find, he seems to still be a good guy somewhere in his heart, as he goes to great extends to save some random people.
And next to that, what does he do ? Blindly Poison outposts (with ex-JTF and civilians alike). One question. But why ? During the whole NY campaign, i asked myself. Why ? What does ihe gain from doing so ? What is the motive ? Rage ? Then why target civilians, who are innocents ?
SPOILER : do not read below if you did not clear NY.
Then during the last mission, he boast again about being the best, having so much in store for everybody.
And even prove his point, clearing waves of Black Tusks thanks to his awesome tech. Creating a new network, even better than ISAC. Good, good. Nice. Looks promising for an awesome ending. He will flee, unleash his superpowers and we'll have to progres in that to reach him. i like it.
Then last room. What do we find ? A guided missile filled with his poison, ready to be fired on NY. WHAT ? That's his big plan ? Just a simple terror attack ? Reset the playfield ? Kill everybody ? I can get he have a grudge on JTF and any order related people, but civilians ? Those that he helped ? It does not add-up. From one side we see a higly competent, trained, clever guy, and from the other a basic terrorist. Taht's completly conflictual with the image that is build for him during the campaign.
Then we kill him, and he boast again about his grand plan (that we heard nothing about in the end), and we discover that Lau is backstabbing the Division. The End.
Okaaayyy. Let me tell you. I did not like the story of this DLC. It is a complet waste. So much better thing could have been written...
Some user had some very good ideas here : https://www.reddit.com/thedivision/comments/fp0ega/can_we_agree_that_the_female_shd_recruiter_has_a/
So please, for the future. Less cliché. More good stuff.
Ho no. Not yet. Let me add some thing.
WTH is going on with the Black Tusks ? Giants OVERCRAFTS ? And several of them ? Across the whole country ?
What kind of power is this ? With all the tech, manpower, materials and goods they have at their disposal, they could certainly have confined and helped people 100 times and prevent the collapse of society.
Unless it was their goal, to take power. But with their power they could have done it directly, without waiting for a giant pandemic to kill 90% of the population.
Well. Story is a mess. Setup is great, but story is really a mess.
Again : more good, logical stuff in the future, less cliché and unreasonnable things.

The general campaign gameplay of the extension.
It is nice. Explore the map, unlock tasks, complete them, unlock mission and boss. Next.
The new map is awesome. Really. Verticality, lot of stuff to do. Finding the hidden SHD tech was very pleasant to me.
New missions are great. Some interesting situations. They are a bit long maybe. And maybe a bit hard. But interesting nonetheless.
Pleasant ride, as with TD2 main campaign.

End game
Let me say it strait. Nothing changed from the main TD2. There still is no endgame nor replayability.
The only gameplay loop available is run the same missions over and over, with no randomness at all. And Directives are NOT replayability.
They are small gameplay adjustements. Bot nothing really change in the flow of the mission. You don't even have to really change your way of playing.
Map and armor regen changes almsot nothing and can be activated all the time for everybody, netting a passinve 50% xp boost. Nothing changes in term of gameplay, as map are mainly corridors so ennemies can not really flank you, and armor drops frequently, so one can use a plate after each encounter with not too much risk.
Special ammo on NPC is extremly badly balanced and should never be used. Stun ammo from Black Tusk is punishing as you will die immediatly from contentrated fire when hit. Bleed ammo from True sons is punishing as the bleed bypass teh armor. Confusion from Hyena is punishing as you looses complete control on your character. Don't know Outcast, Rickers and Cleaners ammo as i never activated it again.
Ammo is tiring as you'll spend your time near the ammo crate and highly favors snipers and rifles, which are less impacted than automatic weapons users.
And skill one as almost no impact on guns users, while being EXTREMLY punishing for skill users.
Very rare Exotics with random rolls are not end game either...

SHD levels
The addition of the SDH levels, which is interesting, is not endgame. It's just a glorified xp tracker with bonus stats tied to it. Nothing gamechanging, no special milestone unlocked on reaching certain ranks. Nothing. Nada.
One could have unlocked special side missions, story chunks, part of "Keener Great Plan" (lol). Some backstory. Nope. Nothing.
Very disapointing for me.
Not being able to put points wherever you want is also sad, but understandable gameplay wise, and to not create too much imbalance. (lol again, balance in this game. More to come soon).

Gear 2.0
The main feature of TU8.
While a lot of players do not like it, it was necessary. Building a build was extremly hard in TU7.
Gear was complex, hard to obtain, hard to understand, hard to activate talent (with different amount of stat rolls available from different pieces, painful recalibration, extrem randomness, not available gear pieces in all slots - this last point was fixed with TU6)...
Now gear is easier to understand, easier to know how good are your rolls. Easier to obtain.
Want a build ? You can get the needed pieces in less than one hour or two, slap them together, recalibrate the main stat and you're good to go.
Opens a lot of possibility. One can finally test builds without spending an ungodly amount of time on it, only to find that it is higly underpeforming.
I personnaly tested around 15-20 different builds, and decided to keep 6 of them. And i'm happy, because i was able to do so. So gear work is very good.

Recalibration bench
Nice feature, very well implemented. One can easely see what can be extracted, and do so. Nothing to complain about it. UI is well designed, bench is well designed.
My only grip is the seperation of the lvl30 and lvl40 benches. Making extraction of stats before WoNY completly useless, as you start from scratch as soon as you move to NY.
At least extracted stats could have been transferred to the new bench, as talents do not change and one could have continued to slowly complete the bench values instead of strating from scratch.
Ho, and the display of extracted stats on you items is bugged if you took some from not level 40 high end items...

Skill power changes
This was well done. Skills are easier to use, easier to understand.
0 skillpower skills are usable quite often. Do damage on lower difficulties so all good.
This change was needed and well zxzcuted.
Well, almsot well executed.
Because skillmods are bad. They spawn with random names and attributes, making them hard to manage.
Their values are really low, and seems to affect only base skill value, thus provide miserable benefits for skill tier 6.
Some seems to simply have no effect at all. Have a few hive mods that to not provide any change on any hive. Got a Pulse mod +16% health ? What the heck is this mod doing on pulse ?
It was endlessly demanded by the community, but make them behaving like weapon mods. Like, it does not benefit the player at all to have them in his inventory.
At worse, make them so they unlock once you drop one, then never dop again with the same stat. But do not keep skillmods as normal drops. Useless. And unbalanced toward weapon mods.

Gear rework - transition to WoNY
One of my main problem with WoNY.
WoNY broke, no, murdered all builds that some people took hundred of hours to put together.
Not only the level cap increase made the gear obsolete and useless (one couldn't even extract some stats from old gear because of the bench limitation), the builds couldn't even be kept for a lvl30 character.
A real slap to the player's faces. Some items, especially chests and backpacks, needed hundred of hours to get, and they suddently became useless. Unusable.
Even exotics, our cherished exotics, got murdered as you couldn't upgrade them to lvl40. Some are very hard to get (Eagle Bearer), or hard to craft (Nemesis). Most players will never see them. And they immediatly became useless and un-usable in the new content.
I consider that the change was very badly managed and that it was a high disrespect to the invested players.

Gear balance
Some pre-WoNY builds were completly OP and needed to be murdered. Sad, but true. I talk as a fervent Berserk+Clutch user.
Having a seeker user in the team made any heroic mission a breeze. Hide in the back, release your 10 target seeking mininukes. Repeat after a few seconds. Content cleared. Guns user had to compete hard to even land a kill.
Berserk+Clutch was OP as hell (huge DPS+survivability).
Ace&8, while very nice in its conception, was OP of f*ck. Almost constant team damage and survavibility boost.
And so on. So changes were needed.
However, i feel that some thing are lackluster.
Gear sets are inconsistent, and often offer less bonuses than High end talents.
Some brands are also very lackluster.
Thiking about 511, Alps, D&H, Murakami, R&K, Yaahl. Outside the named pieces, most of them are not good to use out of the 1pc bonus.
Seriously, who will put 3pc D&H ? 10% stability +accuracy when you can get simial results with mods on your weapons and not sacrifice 2pc bonuses ? Or 10% from 511 ?
Also, new talents are supposed to favorise teamplay.
I don't feel so. Most talents are only self boosts. And far more effective than the few team bosts available.
A lot of talents require kills, so unusable for non DPS or hybrid builds.
Support talents are lackluster because they lack in power (Protector ? 5% temp armor for 5 secs ? It is either useless because burnt though instantly, or becasue it disapeared before being usefed)), are too restrictive (Companion ? 5m is very very short distance in this game), or simply useless (Reassigned ?).
And on the other hand DPS talents are very powerful for little conditions.
I'm no designer, so can't provide more constructive feedback. Might be overshadowed by the general game balance.

Builds balance
Note : this feedback for Heroic only, as i don't play lower difficulties. What might not work in Heroic can be awesome in Challenging.
Note 2 : Also, for me, a good build is not something that "just works". It is a build that makes a difference for my team. Basically, if mission or activity get harder to complete after i joined (than if i did not join), build is not viable.
Build balance is broken. Can't say anything else. Broken. Nothing is good with it. I tried a lot of things, while solo or in group. Missions or CP4.
I tried a full armor build.
Couldn't kill a red before having to use an armor plate. Doing a few missions was excrutiating. As a CP.
Switched to shield with a few red, blue and yellow. On heroic, my 9M shield, was getting destroyed in less than 10 seconds by 1 elite and 2 veteran npcs. Had to hide behind cars and walls to use my weapon so my shield does not explode immediatly after being taken out. Unusable efficiently to hold agro. Heavies burn it in seconds. Could only make it with Bulwark shield, around 15M health hand Liberty to heal it. Complete waste otherwise.
Okay, so Tank builds seems to not work.
Dropped a Leader Gila piece. Tried Perfect Vanguard. 5s shield immunity is hard a hell to time right. Armor boost on allies in unnoticable, as it get burned trough almost instantly.
Health gate save them more than my bonus armor.
(health gate : noticed than sometime you survive with just a sliver of health left ? That's health gate. A mechanism that protects you from one shots from NPCs)
Lets go skill builds.
Full skillpower Hardwired.
Cluster seeker can't kill a red NPC. NPCs evade most of my seekers. Especially Elites NPCs. If they are not suppressed, they won't get hit. Too bad, those are 70% of heroic NPCs. Worse in groups, as NPCs are more tanky.
Explosive seeker. Can't kill a Veteran NPC. 20 seconds cooldown. Worse in groups, as NPCs are more tanky.
Explosive sticky. Can't kill a Veteran NPC. 20 seconds cooldown. Worse in groups, as NPCs are more tanky.
Airburst seeker. NPCs jump out of AOE before it can do damage.
Flame chem launcher. NPCs jump out of gas before i can shoot to light it up.
Oxidizer chem launcher. NPCs jump out of gas before it can do damage.
Sniper turret. OP as f*ck. Easely do 2M damage per shot (same as my seekers), unavoidable, as 13 shots, with a 20 seconds cooldown. 4M damage if i give it a boost by aiming the head. Even more if proc skill bonuses like Spike.
Mortar turret : Huge AOE damage. But impossible to use in 80% of the game due to shell hitting ceilings, cover or basically anything, preventing damage to NPCs. Or simply aiming not working. But at least NPCs can not jump our of the AOE.
Normal turret : tikle ennemies, get destroyed in a blink.
Drones : striker get destroyed in a blink.
Get killed as soon as a NPC charges me, as my guns don't do anything to them and i'm a crisp.
Only a very few damage builds are viable, and not in every scenario.
Ok, let's try healing/support builds.
Healing hive bugged. Reviver hive bugged. Chem launcher bugged. Healer drone heal too little and get shot quickly
I heal my mates and their armor is almost immediately removed by npcs. Feeling like my healing is useless. Can't kill a red npc charging me, thus dying and being a weight for my team.
Protector drone protection does seems to have any impact, but drain out ultra fast.
Ok, next. Status effect builds.
Ha. It works. Very well in fact. Pin down targets, making them sitting ducks for teammates. Still can't kill anyhting, but at least i'm useful.
Various skill for various ennemies. Fun to use. At least ! Some nice build !
Time for Full red.
Sniper : in a group of 4, can't kill a Veteran NPC with a headshot and a nicely tuned 4pc A&8 sniper build, thus lowering me to red clear. A&8 bonus too rare and situationnal to be really useful.
Try a high end build. Can oneshot some Veterans and the weaker Elites.
Too bad, reds are 20% of NPCs in Heroic. Elites and named take too much shots to kill for me to be useful on them. Automatic weapons users do the job better and faster. Things changed when i got a Nemesis, but still feeling like i'm not contributing to the team very well.
Automatic weapons : Ha, at least i can kill NPCs in a reasonnable time. Strange, time to be killed seems very close to full armor builds.
Let's push the concept. More damage, less defence. Fullglasscanon. I can Deal huge DPS, clear field easely. Still die in a blink. Maybe a little faster, but i kill more thus making battlefield safer.
=> Build balance is broken.
In Heroic, having anything other than full DPS players and, at most, one crowd control player is a chore.
Progress will be harder, slower, and highly subseptible to wipes.
A shield user with Vanguard might be useful. But still, bonus armor is burned trough so fast that i personnaly don't see the difference...
Other more skilled players will certainly prove me wrong, tell me that x or y build is marvelous. Awesome for you guys ! But me and my mates couldn't make it work efficiently, and we don't think we are casual players.
So imagine how it is for more casual players...

(again, feedback for heroic only)
In TU7, they had some usage. I saw regularly a player take one out to kill a bothersome NPC, or nuke a boss.
They had the problem of making boss fight a breeze, but at least they were used.
But they were murdered in TU8.
The general power change made them quite useless to kill NPCS, and the further nerf of damage dealt to named NPCs made them completly useless against them.
I have yet to see anyone using them in Heroic, especially in 4 man groups. They are not tide turner, they do less damage than high ends weapons, with harder to get ammo.
  • Sharpshooter : any good rolled sniper outperform the TAC50. Only used for bonus headshot damage from tree and unlockable scope.
  • Demolisher : grenade launcher can't even kill a red now. Sure, it was a bit OP in TU7, but it should at least kill red NPCs in 4 man heroic... Now, most people take it out at a spawn, shoot the 6 grenades only to see Veteran and Elites almost unscratched, and maybe kill a few reds. Yay special weapon !
  • Survivalist : only ever see some during raid, to break the vents from Razorback. NERVER EVER seen otherwise. I personnaly use it with my crowd control build, as the bolt allow to break armor plates from heavies and warhounds, making things easier for DPS players. Find it a nice complement to the CC. But other than that...
  • Gunner : What a joke. Less DPS than other guns, MUST be OUT OF COVER (and right now, being out of cover means death), and is slow as hell to move with.
  • Technician. Rockets miss half the time their target, and can't kill anything else than healing stations and warhounds thanks to the passive Technician 50% bonus damage to electronics.
  • Firewall : pityfull reach (especially compared to Cleaner's and Outcat's ones), low damage and ammo count. Most people i see take it out, put an eneemy in flame they die quickly from NPC shots because they are too close to them. And it blinds your teamates. Ho, and ever benefited from the damage boost of the shield ? Yeah, me neither. Shield user have to be too close to NPCs for it being viable, shield is broken too fast, and teammates have to be too close to the shield user to benefit from the damage boost. Too bad, idea was awesome but impossible to use in real games.
=> Specialization are now just stats boosts, as you pick-up one just for the exclusive stats they provide.
I would recommand tying more special actions to them. Special states of skills.
Like for example : Firewall get a shield that put ennemies in fire when they hit it, Demolisher can use two seekers at the same time. Technician two drones...
I mean, some real gamechanging abilities that make us special...

One word : farm.
Farm, then farm more. The season is just about farming over and over.
While farming is normal - TD2 is a looter, seasons should be things that change the way you play, while delivering some fresh things to do. And the season did not provide much of that until now.
Manhunt is just a glorified weekly project : run "normal" missions, capture "normal" control points, run "normal" bounties. Then fight a harder bounty. Next. Nothing special.
If only the missions would have been changed a bit (adding some special things to do, objectives, whatever in fact, with some lore. Why would the target go to that mission ?), map changed a bit (cleaners are here but NOTHING changed, nada, not even a burned car), instead of just switching the NPCs on CP. Target fight could have been a small side mission unlocked after compting the project. But no. Low quality content, and riddled with design problems (manhunt reset on difficult yand directive changes anyone ?) and bugs (also manhunt reset anyone ?)
Leagues are speedruns (! in a cover shooter !) and mindless farm. Uninteresting as possible. Why not some nice challenges, like completing this mission witout healing skill, or without loosing armor ? This would also encourage players to try an complete commendations...
And on top of that, the ultimate reward, the trinket, can be obtained without even beating the whole league, just by being average on each activity over two weeks, while having your UI reset (nice bug...). Wow. amazing design...
I had my hope on global events, but was disapointed also.
For me, Polarity felt badly designed (https://www.reddit.com/thedivision/comments/fpixqj/this_polarity_event_is_torturous/fln1wl0), plus the obectives are again just mindless farming.
At least during TD1 we had some real cool and challenging commendations associated to them (clear this mission with those conditions). Felt like an achievement. (well, there were other problems, like farming commendation, which were plain stupid. Kill 200 Riker bosses ? For real ?)
And of course the appeal event. Overtuned farming. 6 levels a day to get all items ? That screem for money grab. Don't forget that in theroy, you will PAY for the seasons...

NPC Balance
Note : this feedback for Heroic only, as i don't play lower difficulties. Might be the same on lower difficulties, might not.
I have been playing games since a long time, it has been a while since i felt cheated by NPCs in any game. And in The Divison 2, almost every NPCs is cheated.
Not to mention IA behavior that clealy know that they are supperior to you. Feels like TU5 and overcheated NPCs again. You know, those that had lightnig fast movements, and were constantly charging you to melee you to death.
When i die in this game, i rarely think : ha, i played badly, should have done that and it would have ben better. Most of the time i am put into situations where i have no exit, nothing that i can do to avoid death when a dire situation occure. This cuts all feeling of achievement (ho yeah, i've played so well !). On victory you have a feeling of relief (at last, it's over). And on death feeling of injustice and frustration (d*mn it, what's with this overcheated fire grenade ?). This impact a lot build diversity, as players only play sefsurviving skills (reviver hive + any form of healing).

All skills used by named NPCs are overcheated compared to ours. And they use tech that they STOLE FROM DIVISON AGENTS.
Ennemies seekers are lighting fast, deal huge damage, have perfect tracking and are ultra hard to spot. While our are slower, deal low damage and seems easy to avoid. Don't you remember making player seekers easy to see and track by other players ? Well, someone forgot to apply that to NPCs. I dare you to shoot an incoming seeker thrown by an NPCs...
Turrets hit hard and can withstand huge damage. Hearies can stomp ours, while we can't do anything about theirs.
Drones need huge amont of damage to get shot. And deal huge damage. Bombardier drones feels like vietnam war aircraft and will kill even the tankier player. Protector drones block 100% damage (while ours cap at what, 35% ?) and can stay up almost forever.
Healing stations could make my grandma wape up from the grave. Damage hive is an instant death to any player in it's range.
Oxidizer or flame launcher are the same, HUGE AOE, deployed without a warning and instant death.
Sure, all of that can be countered by an EMP. Yay build diversity !

Even ennemy specific skills are overchated.
Turrets deal huge damage, and Elite versions usually have a bonus effect. Stun, bleed. Get hit and you're dead. No chances to survive.
Grenade that have huge AOE, and devastating damage, even on armor builds. In fact, any enemy grenade is cheated in this game. They do HUGE damage and, Elite versions have also a bonus effect : Stun, fire, blind, confusion...
NPC grenades deal damage, CC, within a great area and send their regards to your ancestors. While our are limited to one effect (cc or damage, mutually exclusive, and the damage part is good only for red NPCs, nothing more).
Here are for me the most notable examples (Elites ones mainly) :
Hyenas :
  • Grenadier : can shoot grenades over cover (while our launcher is limited to direct hits...), launch them per 3 (courtesy from WoNY upgrade) and will track your movements, forcing you move 3 times. If one NPC start to shoot grenades, the target - or any teammate unfortunate enough to be near it - will usually end-up dead. Oneshot players with 0 blue. And destroy your reviver hive on subsequent grenades.
  • Shield : their shield could stop a charging bull, and the elite variant use a smg with huge range and accuracy. Typical burst will usually Oneshot a player with 0 blue. And they can shoot 2-3 in one go.
  • Controller : their car can follow you to hell and beyond. And deal fire damage. In a huge area. I saw a car follow me 3 times after i dodged, only stopping it's madness because a teammate shot it. They are more effective than our own ultra high tech seekers... And of course : Oneshot players with 0 blue. And will destroy your reviver hive.
  • Medic : i'm pretty sure they could heal undeads. Super short revive. With full healt, full armor AND overheal. While being able to withstand quite the beating in the process.
  • Engeneer : one-shoting shock turret. Enough said. Ha, no : Oneshot players with 0 blue.
True sons :
  • Engeneer : ultrafast firing bleeding rounds. Get caught and you're dead. Plus they love shooting non stop with their shotgun after placing the turret. Shotgun that can deal 700k damage to a player even past 20-30 meters. Try to pop your head up to shoot one and the turret will catch you before you start firing... Players with 0 blue will usualy die before being able to apply an armor kit.
  • Grenadier : CONCUSSION GRENADE. Deal huge damage and blanket the whole area in fire. Yeah, concussion... Oneshot players with 0 blue. And will destroyed your reviver hive.
Outcasts : second most annoying faction
  • Grenadier : target seeking molotov. If it is launched at you, you are dead. If not by the initial hit, it's the huge fire AOE. A direct hit kills almost any player, even those with a few blues. And destroy your reviver hive. And since TU8, destroying the weakpoint is subotimal, as it won't damage grendier much, nor will immobilize them for long.
  • Suicider : onehsot any player. In fact, i don't have any problem with that. The problem for me is that since TU8, they are *silent*. In TU7, as soon as they appear on the scene, you can hear them scream, hear their loud run. I rarely got caught in their explosion. Because i could kill or avoid them thaks to the audio clue. Now, i can't hear them unless they are really too close from me, which is often a death sentence. And of course, the fire aftermath destroys your reviver hive. Brigth side : if you kill one in a pack of outcasts, all outcasts caught in the fire will usually die in the process. Yeah, the damage is that strong.
  • Flamer : can burn you from far away, much more than your own high tech flamethrower. Quicker to kill them than to shoot the weakpoint, as it will barely remove their armor.
  • Controller : the bleed from this thing WILL kill you. They are now much more silent than in TU7, and if you get hit, a 0 blue player will probably die before being able to apply an armor kit.
  • Heavy gunner : can shoot indefinitly once they start. I once sat in cover for 20 seconds wanting for it to stop spaying. It did not. I tossed a grenade (that got dodged) to make him stop.
  • General bleed. All grenades inflict bleed. Nail shield heavy inflict bleed. Yellow traps inflict bleed. Bleed which will kill a 0 blue player before he can apply an armor kit (coupled with the explosion damage).
  • Heavy gunner : ultra tanky. This guy could take a nuke and still live to tell the tale. No weak point, contrary to all other heavy gunners. And once on the stationnary LMG he'll never stop firing. And the associated bleed will kill a 0 blue player before being able to use an armor kit. Bright side : players can destroy the stationnary LMG by tossing any skill in front on it.
  • Snipers : a sniper which will oneshot 0 blue players, using a shield. Sniper with shield. We all know this should not exist. Massive, you said it yourself. And they have no weak point, and the shield is made of adamentium. Plus the soft spot is only shootable with a sniper.
Cleaners. Most OP faction.
  • Assault : makeshift flamethrower that deal more damage than ours, and from further distance. What an elite force we are...
  • Grenadier : Gas ignore cover. One shot 0 blue players. And will outrun it's onwn gas befre you can light it up if you shoot the weakpoint.
  • Controller : drone is fast, can take more beating than most ennemies, and will harass you non stop, without any cooldown. I don't mind too much the harassing, but the absence of cooldown make any spawn with more than two of these guys very hard to manage. Ho, and the owner will not show himself except for reloading. Good luck finding him in heavy combat. Bright note : you can shoot the little box under it the moment it get reloaded, burning it's owner. Will not kill it, but if you are lucky you can snipe him at this moment.
  • Engeneer : teamed with the controller, makes some games unmanageable. And the goo deal fire damage. Strangely, will not kill 0 blue players. How refreshing. Ho, the goo is bugged also. I often find myself trapped even if i dodged the round.
  • Heavy : they are dragons. Can burn you from the other side of the room. Can take a beating and ask for more. Weakpoints are hard to shoot. Fire Ignore cover. And deal so much damage that a 0 blue player will die almost immediatly after being hit (less than 1 second). Blue players will usually fall after 2-3 seconds. And will destroy your reviver hive.
Black Tusks : strangely, for me the most balanced faction.
Warhounds are the only units needing to be tuned.
  • "Lucy" type are too fast, deal too much damage and the spin is too punishing. And it's range is huge, one can die from it from an other block... I've been killed by a spin made by a Black Tusk unit that i wasn't even in combat with.
  • "Buddy" type shoot 3 shock grenades in a short burst. If that's not OP as hell i don't know what is. Thank god, the yare compltly useless indoor, as the grendes will hit the ceiling...
  • Sniper warhound seems alos bugged. In TU7, they were firing 3 shots in succession. With some learning, you could identify the pattern. Red light, shot, shot, shot. Pop your head out, fire at the hound until ight is red again. Rince, repeat. Now they'll often fire 1-2 shots, then stop. And fire 3 shots right as you pop out of cover. And of course, will oneshot 0 blue players.

Rogues agents
Are Gods among mortals. I don't understand how they failed to take care of NY and the DZ. They can use all skills one afteer the other, with deadly effectiveness, launch them with ultra short cooldwons. Are very resistant to CC AND can take so much punishement that even Dungeon Mistresses would get tired of hitting them. And can heal to full a few times. On top of that, their gun damage is on par with Heavy flamethrowers.
Have you tried to beat a manhunt bounty with them outside of a closed room with a lot of space ? Yeah, first bounty, talking about you. It's EXTREMLY HARD.

Named NPCs
Did you know that if you destroy the weakpoint of msot bosses, they only take damage but they'll still be able to use the associated skill ? Yes, fake weakpoint. Met that numerous time in LZ and DZ.

I won't cover White Tusks, as they are special case for ultra-hardcore players.
See each room as a puzzle you have to solve. Troubles are more design wise than balance wise.
DUA is almost fine, except the support station spam. Capitol also, except for first and last phases, which are completly stupid. Still trying to beat Roosevelt.

Fix is simple for the most part. Tune down status effects. All of them. Add cooldowns on NPCs skills. And lower the tracking capabilities of some of them. This should make things a little better.
Also, this is my personnal point of view, all heath and armor values of NPCs should be tuned to make gameplay more pleasant.
Something like this would feel perfect (4 man Heroic)

NPCs type TTK vs player archetype Red Veteran Elite Named
0 red, with guns short medium long very long
full yellow, aoe skills oneshot medium long very long
full yellow, single target skills oneshot oneshot two shot long
full red very short short medium long
That way, every kind of player will have some usefulness on the field. Because playing support and tickling NPCs is not very gratifying (nor being killed by a charging red without having the power to retaliate).

In the same vein, ennemy dmage should be tuned to reward more tanking players

Player type TTBK vs NPCs Red Veteran Elite Named
glasscanon not so short quite short short short
zero blue medium not so short quite short quite short
full blue, no shield long medium not so short not so short
full blue, shield very long/impossible long medium medium
Note : full yellow with shield should be somewhere in between full blue and 0 blue
Goal is to make all builds useful. Main staying power on field is blue. But if blues do not have staying power, nobody will use them. So blue players HAVE to be rewarded for their role and HAVE to be able to stay on the field for a long time.
Once this scale is set, all other players type should be tuned on that.
Red NPCs should be a threat only to glass cannons, or players will simply resolve to play glass canons as benefit will be higher than constraints
Mind, this is all theory. Numbers are unknwon, and this might point toward RPGs too much and go away from shooters. But that's the gamedesign business. To make players feel powerful, without being too powerful...
Well, at endgame, one should feel powerful but... That's an other talk.
(character count is too big, will continue in an message below : )
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