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ROG Swift PG35VQ is a 35-inch ultra-wide gaming monitor with UWQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution, a 21: 9 aspect ratio, overclockable 200-hertz refresh rate and a 2-millisecond response time that delivers incredibly expansive and super-smooth gaming visuals. Swift Elite 4 LITE includes. Download now the serial number for Swift Elite 1.01.

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Yet another rework suggestion: Orochi

Disclaimer: This Rework is meant to exist in a world where backdodge is nerfed, be it increased recovery, lower distance, cooldown etc. Also i will be refering Orochi as a He for continuity.
During the Apollyon event we witnessed the greatness that is Tozen and many suggestions poped up giving Orochi Tozens kick. While it sounds dope, it doesn't really fit with Orochis theme. He throws himself further than he does the enemy on his gb > throws, so seeing him kicking his enemies seems kinda off to me compared to Thighlander or tough boy Centurion.
Instead he should be played like the swift elite warrior he's meant to be, dodging blades and axes by a hairs length and simultaneously counterattacking without becoming predictable.
Here we go:
500ms sidelights Now he can attack from his left too and not only rely on toplight and zone form neutral.
L-H-H chain If he decides continue his chain after a sidelight (there are other followup options below in the rework) he won't have the same issue like valk where the second light gets parried.
Dodgeattacks are now heavies and are 500 ms when performed at the end of a dodge Considering the meh damage they shouldn't give a light parry punish. With variable speed and input times and the new spicy stuff from the rework they will be core to his new kit.
Riptide Strike is faster, but deals only 30 damage now Riptide Strike and Stormrush are too similar right now. Riptide Strike should be used as a quick punish for low recovery moves for 30 damage and Stormrush for long recovery moves for 47 damage.
You can sidedodge / dodgeattack out of Stormrush This change is mainly for smoother usage of the following Stuff.
New unique Mode:
Lotus Dance (or something weeb-ish) After any successful hit or blocked heavy on an enemy, Orochi can followup with any dodgeattack or riptide strike and doing so will Start Lotus Dance. You also start Lotus Dance by dodgeattacking out of Stormrush So you can start it out of neutral.
While Orochi is in Lotus Dance he gets various effects:
  • Dodge attacks can be chained and cancelled with a side or forward dodge, riptide strike and gb. Gb and dodges without dodgeattacks end Lotus Dance.
  • Riptide Strike can be charged to become unblockable. When it's charged, it can be cancelled with a dodge or guardbreak. You can gb around the same time like Shaman can with her unblockable left heavy.
  • Reduced Staminacosts to keep on dancing around them.
  • When you get parried, you loose significantly more stamina than usual.
  • After Lotus Dance ends, there's a short cooldown before you can enter it again. You flash when it's back up kinda like Shugoki and his hyperarmor.
Conclusion Lotus Dance is Orochis new way of being aggresive and promotes going ham, especially when you 1 v x, with a chain of unpredictable attacks. Due to Orochi constantly dodging during Lotus Dance, it's difficult and dangerous to punish him, that's why he gets the wind knocked out of him if you do take the risk and interrupt him. This encourages enemies to go for parries less turtleing. Also, you have to somewhat commit to Lotus Dance as you can not backdodge out of it.
At the beginning of this post i mentioned how kicks don't fit Orochis Theme and yea, the unblockable Riptide Strike doesn't either. However Orochi NEEDS something to pressure turtles and i switched between an unblockable or some quick 400ms light and decided for the unblockable, because with a fast light he would just abuse it like berserker.
With the access to his forward dashattack at any time during Lotus Dance, he can easily punish people that want to roll out of it, especially his unblockable Riptide Strike.
TL;DR: Orochi got some faster attacks and dances around his enemies with a barrage of dodgeattacks.
So yea, let me know what you think of my idea and very first Reddit post.
submitted by furryoud to CompetitiveForHonor

Dynasty 2020 Rookie Stock Watch (week 10 update, AND updated rookie rankings!)

10 weeks are in the books - for most of us, there are only 3 more regular season weeks, and trade deadlines are either just around the corner or have already come and gone. Here in chilly Green Bay, we got our first significant snow fall yesterday, and I'm still in denial that 8 months have passed living in this pandemic. Focusing on my dynasty team has been a big part of how I've coped with this strange new world. Here's hoping that the week 10 report finds you and yours healthy.
Before the season started, I did a mildly popular [Dynasty 2020 Rookie Stock Watch] (and at the request of the community, I'll be doing weekly updates! In case you missed previous weeks, you can find week 1 [here], week 2 [here], week 3 [here], week 4 here, week 5 here, week 6 here, week 7 here. week 8 here, and week 9 here.
Before I get into the report, I want to again remind you a little bit of how my methodology works - when I look at whom I consider to be the biggest risers and fallers, I put a few things into that determination:

  • 1. I consider where I would now draft this player in a rookie draft. Dropping 2 spots from 20 to 22 is a lot less significant than dropping from 4 to 5. If a player drops a couple spots near the top, this often suggests a big loss in value because of the large value drop between pick 1.01 and 1.04. Even dropping from "in the conversation for 1.01" to "clearly 2 with no case at all for 1" is a more significant drop than 2-3 spots in the second round.
  • 2. When I try to determine if a player has fallen, I like to weigh what some of the perceptions were on that player's upside, and if any of those perceptions appear to no longer be true or at least need to be tempered.
  • 3. We absolutely need to weigh in what has changed with the likelihood of rookie-year opportunity. A huge factor in the value of rookies is this question: "What will they be worth before the 2021 season?" - and that question is highly impacted by volume and opportunity in year 1.
  • 4. Just because I have someone as a riser or faller doesn't mean I think you should buy/sell them at bad value. It's the same concept as stocks - if you believe in the fundamentals of the company you invested in, you don't sell off after a bad week. Similarly, after a stock skyrockets is not usually the best time to buy in - you'd want to wait for a brief regression before that.
  • 5. Like Matthew Berry has said - just because a guy is on my faller list doesn't mean I like them less than a guy on my riser list. This is just my evaluation of their value relative to where it was before this week. These are really just feel takes and will ebb and flow as the season goes on. Looking at the fluidity of my rankings should make that obvious.
With that out of the way, let's dive in!

Biggest Week 10 risers:

  1. D'Andre Swift. The Detroit Lion finally made his long-awaited debut as a starter, and what a start it was. Getting the "lion's share" of the work was not wasted on Swift, who put up this weekend's highest point total among all rookies. If given the chance to truly feature, Swift is everything we wanted out of a 1.01 in the class. He was widely looked at as possibly the 1.01 before (and even after) the combine, and it was the Detroit landing spot that soured people on him. But 10 games into the season, Swift stands tied for rookie RB3 with Antonio Gibson, and his trajectory is on the rise. Every reason to believe this game will be launching pad for him.
  2. Tee Higgins. All the guy does is produce. Week in and week out, Higgins has been a consistent performer. Stretching back to week 3, he's been averaging 17 points a week, and is in a system where he looks poised to become Burrow's NFL bff. I'm all in on Higgins like never before. For a guy who was falling into early 2nd rounds back in June, to a guy who looks like he's a top 3 WR in the class, Higgins (who was considered a boom or bust) looks to clearly be a boom.
  3. Salvon Ahmed. Lowkey, Ahmed was the highest scoring UDFA RB this last week. With Gaskin landing on the IR, Ahmed got a chance to shine and took full advantage. This game is substantial because a performance like this gives a guy a lot of staying power on the league. In shallow leagues Ahmed might not have even been rostered before this game. And while I don't think the guy is a great long-term asset, chances are you got him for free, and he looks like a nice piece to slide into a flex or ship to a contender for some depth.
  4. Michael Pittman. As a JT owner, I'd like to pretend that Thursday's game didn't happen. But I'm also a Pittman owner. Pittman looked to be the WR1 already on a Colts team that waffle-stomped the Titans on Thursday, putting up excellent numbers as his rebound from an early injury goes into full force. I really like Pittman's chances of getting a stranglehold on the WR1 job this year, and if he can close out the season with continued production, he seems poised for a big 2021.
  5. Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk, and Antonio Gibson. Two more solid performances have these guys continuing to either rise or solidify their positions on the charts. Aiyuk keeps producing, and Jefferson looks great whenever the Viking game flow requires passing. Jefferson's routes and ability to get open short and long make him look like a true technician on the field. Aiyuk's ability to make the difficult catch and what he can do with the ball in his hands makes him a regular threat for the home run. Meanwhile, despite JD getting a significant amount of work, analysts noted that the WFT looked extremely inefficient when utilizing him. On the flipside, WFT got more production and yards per touch out of Gibson. Hopefully this will push JD's usage a bit down in future weeks.

Biggest Week 10 fallers:

  1. JaMycal Hasty. You hate to see a guy get a chance to explode out of nowhere, and instead suffer a significant injury. Hasty's broken collarbone will sideline him the rest of 2020 and likely destroys whatever promise he had, as the 49ers will likely have their 100 injured players back in time for the start of the '21 season.
  2. DeeJay Dallas. Limited snap share despite injuries and the fact that eventually some of these Seahawk RBs will be coming back really does let some of the air out of the tires for Dallas. He's a fine stash and wait sort of guy for now, but his window to impress early is closing, which greatly reduces the odds that he'll be anything special for you going forward.
  3. JK Dobbins. While everyone was busy watching Jonathan Taylor under-perform, we might've slept a bit on Dobbins who has crashed down to earth in the last two weeks. While owners should obviously stay committed to the long-term approach, it is frustrating to see Dobbins get so few opportunities week after week. That said, JK was always a "wait for '21 approach", and we shouldn't adjust his value too much on the long term just because his long-shot chance at early production looks to be fading away.
  4. Joshua Kelley. All I'm going to say here is that if Ballage looks better than you, you might not be as good as we hoped. No doubt it's still his rookie year and Kelley can turn it around, but it feels like any bum off the street looks better than Kelley when thrust into the RB role for the Chargers right now.
  5. Zach Moss. 8 touches for 17 yards in the last week was a bit of a let down production-wise. The Moss/Singletary platoon seems to be fantasy purgatory overall. Good for NFL production and fine in very deep leagues / leagues with tons of starters, but it feels like its going to be hard to trust Moss to ever really produce starter-worthy numbers in this situation.

How I rank them right now

(in 1QB, but I will include where I would bump the QBs up to in 2QB)

01 D'Andre Swift
02 Justin Jefferson
03 Clyde Edwards-Helaire
04 CeeDee Lamb
05 James Robinson
06 Tee Higgins
07 Jerry Jeudy
08a Antonio Gibson
08b Jonathan Taylor ----------- I really value these 3 about the same at this point
08c JK Dobbins
11 Brandon Aiyuk
12 Chase Claypool
13 Justin Herbert (1.01 in 2QB/SF)
14 Joe Burrow (1.02 in 2QB/SF)
15 Jalen Reagor
16 Michael Pittman Jr
17 Denzel Mims
18 Laviska Shenault
19 Cam Akers
20 Tua Tagovailoa (1.03 in 2QB)
21 Henry Ruggs III
22 Zach Moss
23 AJ Dillon
24 Bryan Edwards
25 La'Mical Perine
26 Darnell Mooney
27 Gabriel Davis
28 KJ Hamler
29 Deejay Dallas
30 Ke'Shawn Vaughn
31 Devin Duvernay
32 Joshua Kelley
33 Salvon Ahmed
34 Tyler Johnson
35 Van Jefferson
36 Darrynton Evans
37 Collin Johnson
38 Marquez Callaway
39 Quintez Cephus
40 Anthony McFarland Jr
41 Jordan Love (late 2nd in SF)
42 Antonio Gandy-Golden
43 JaMycal Hasty
44 Jalen Hurts (who I am not convinced is any better at football than Lynn Bowden Jr)
TE Section (so no one asks why I have no TEs on here)
45 Harrison Bryant
46 Cole Kmet
47 Adam Trautman
Obligatory Kicker Shoutout:
48 Tyler Bass
49 Rodrigo Blankenship
More likely to end up in prison than starting for you in a Dynasty league: (an inside joke aimed at a guy who really loves Bowden and always asks me where I'd rank him - which is truthfully "late 4th at best".
50 Lynn Bowden Jr.

Last words:

JT's Thursday game shouldn't alarm owners any more than they already were previously. As a result, I'm not really dropping him further in reaction. Out of his 9 touches, 5 were actually solid plays, and of the 4 that weren't, the OL should be graded an "F" for effort and result on 3 of those 4. His two catches looked solid, great job trucking a defender on the first one, and he converted 2 4th and 1s. I wouldn't read too much into the game - it was Hines' birthday and he got hot, but he also got super elite blocking on his first 3 touches which caused Rathman to be convinced he was the hot hand. He might've been, but JT hasn't seen blocking like what Hines saw this entire season.
Swift is the real story here though - he shows early flashes of Kamara 2.0, and I think he deserves to be placed back up where he was on our draft boards before the NFL Draft. As long as Patricia realizes he won't stay in the NFL unless he wins, and using Swift 75%+ is his best chance to winning, the production could even arrive before Patricia departs. That's better than a lot of us were even hoping for!
I hope you folks continue to enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy reading your responses. Have a great week and drop me a message! Please stay healthy out there! :)
What do you think? As always I will try to engage with each-and-every reply.
submitted by mogrimwarlock to DynastyFF

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