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Burning Pict-Screen [F]

Burning Pict-Screen
In the grim darkness of the far future, some who fall asleep before the screen do not awake.
Abstract thinking, crafting and arts were among the traits which distinguished humanity's primitive forefathers from the rest of the animal kingdom. The Men of Gold are known to have depicted hunting scenes on cave walls and adorned their temples with images that related mythical stories during our distant past on Old Earth. Later on during the Age of Terra, man learnt how to capture still images and moving pictures, projecting them for the eye to view on fabrics and screens via a mastery of light. The fabled Dark Age of Technology is said to have brought with it breakthroughs in hololithics, caelumena and even more spectacular forms of visual media which the benighted descendants of this lost epoch of science and discovery can no longer possibly fathom. For both secret knowledge and working relics of the most advanced visual technologies have long since turned to dust and ash, as the world of mortals shrank in on itself and grew dull and fearful in the wake of terrible cataclysms.
While the most advanced and consequently least endurable pict tech have long since been lost to the sands of time, various other technologies for transmitting and projecting images survive into the Age of Imperium, thanks to scattered findings of Standard Template Construct schematics for the making of everything from vacuum tubes, redpoint and prismatic crystal components, to liquid light cells and hololithic projectors. As with everything in the Imperium of Man, the hardware it possess hail from wildly different stages of historical development of science and technology, yet the most common utilitarian tech (outside the jealously hoarded treasures of the insular Adeptus Mechanicus) tend to hail from the lowlier and more rudimentary forms of technology.
This primitivization of human technology did not end with the Age of Strife as the brief renaissance of the Great Crusade swept the Milky Way Galaxy, but has instead continued with but few interruptions, as humanity's grasp of knowledge slowly erodes away, and as its better industrial machines from ancient times eventually fail, with no one capable of repairing or replicating them left standing among the living for untold light years around.
Of course, those in possession of wealth, power and contacts offworld or among more technologically capable clans and organizations tend to enjoy the dimming light of sophisticated human tech for far longer than the vast majority of Imperial society across a million worlds and uncounted voidholms. A great deal of prestige and veneration is attached to owning intricate things which ordinary Imperial subjects could barely dream of, with machine spirits far in advance of anything which most human beings will ever encounter in their daily lives. Indeed an entire boutique economy of rarefied artisans and master artificers exist to cater to the technological needs of upper classes and Imperial Adepta alike, all parochial tech clans where precious crafting knowledge is inherited from parents to children, characterized by time-consuming handicraft of immense skill and exclusively low production numbers for the finest of clients.
As for the filthy majority of human populations, shoddy mass production is king as regard both market enterprise and state-owned manufacturing: Indeed the very idea of entrepreneurial freedom from both planetary and voidholm rulers, as well as branches of the Adeptus Terra, is a ludicrous notion across most of His Divine Majesty's astral domains, for Imperial overlords maintain all manner of controls and oversight over industries which they do not themselves possess, in a nightmarishly complex web of privileges, traditional pledges, religious edicts, local customs, martial law, Adeptus Mechanicus licensing, strongman rule through force, decrees issued by the High Lords of Terra, rampant corruption, underhand tricks and mercantile charters; all of which amounts to nothing short of a juridical basket case that keeps vast legions of legal experts on the Lex Imperialis occupied in lengthy court cases that can span many centuries and generations. Ancient Terran philosophers from very different cultures all remarked that the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state. This notion is punishable by horrific means of torture, execution and servitorization in the Imperium of Man, should anyone ever be foolish enough to voice it aloud or write it down, for the very concept is heretical and antithetical to Imperial rule with its endless accretion of fossilized laws and contradictions.
Naturally, most worlds and voidholms across the vast Imperium of Man are plagued by abysmal levels of quality for most of their consumer goods, and the mass manufacture of pict-screens is no exception. The ever-worsening rot of technotheological knowledge and etiolation of the machines of techno-sorcery has resulted in unsafe electronics being a common fact of life. For instance, a substantial number of all fuses and circuit breakers installed in mass-produced ware are of atrocious makes, often being installed as a token gesture of respect toward machine spirits and toward manufacturing traditions built on decaying STC hard copy blueprints. As a result of general ineptitude, indifference and ignorance, cheap pict-screens (some of which even sport a magnifying glass in front of a tiny screen) have a widespread tendency toward spontaneous combustion, being especially prone to sparking flames and short-circuiting when operators switch channels or adjust properties such as vox-volume or brightness.
Such is the state of something as simple as the humble pict-screen in the dark future, which is in truth a primitive and simple technology that mankind in the decrepit Age of Imperium increasingly fails to produce safely and reliably. Indeed sclerotic Imperial industry everywhere primarily values superstitious rituals and going through the motions handed down by forgotten ancestors. The striving to truly understand and master the technicalities of production processes and finished goods alike has waned considerably over the last ten thousand years as human grasp of tech steadily retreats into a darkening night of dysfunctionality and scavenging ruin. Likewise, genuine quality control and concerns over such malcontent concepts as health and safety are far removed from those who manage and operate the numberless manufactoria which churn out mass-produced civilian goods for the plebeian hordes of consumers.
And so every day, thousands of pict-screens across uncounted planets, starships and voidholms suddenly catch fire, as their temperamental machine spirits give hot protest to their human users' lack of reverence and failure to pronounce litanies and mantras without error. The sinful men, women and children thus judged, must flee, raise the alarm or themselves extinguish the flames, or else be devoured by them. Across tens of millions of hive cities and hundreds of millions of void installations, everyone seems to know of some friend, neighbour or family member who was wounded or killed by a fire started by some burning pict-screen. Such fatalities are especially common among slothful indolents who would doze off and catch a nap, and as just punishment for their moral failings the wrathful machine spirit will often choke them with smoke in their sleep, to never again wake up as cleansing tongues of flame consume their sinful flesh.
Thus man is no longer the wise master of his own tools and crafts, and increasingly the fruits of his labours fail despite increased input of work and resources. Where once curious ancestors remodelled the matter of creation like clay, their degenerate descendants stoop amidst squalor, having lost almost everything while not even remembering what it was they lost, teeming like vermin among the battered and broken remnants of a once glorious stellar civlization while they live in terror of the great unknown. And so fearful man may often be heard to recite a line in his daily prayers, asking the God-Emperor on Holy Terra to spare himself and his kith and kin from the sudden flame, the smoke devils, the burning animus, the lit machine.
Such is the misery that await our species.
Such is the degradation of man, in the darkest of futures.
It is the fortyfirst millenium, and there is no escape from the horror and suffering.
submitted by KarakNornClansman to 40kLore

The Unsolved Murder and Disappearance of Molly Bish

(More information about this case is reported in the new, student-run true crime series NUTV Files: https://youtu.be/vy_rCdyoBxY)
The morning of June 27th, 2000, Magi Bish dropped off her daughter Molly Bish at Comins Pond, a local beach in the small, tight-knit town of Warren, Massachusetts. Molly Bish -- a feisty, honey blonde, 16-year old athlete -- had just finished her junior year and was now starting her summer working as a lifeguard.
Molly was known for being conscientious and highly dedicated to the job. She was super excited about making 9 dollars an hour, eagerly having lifeguard training the winter prior. Thus, all these known attributes made her sudden disappearance on that fateful morning all the more unsettling.
June 27th was Molly’s eighth day working at the beach, but it was her first day of swimming lessons. Molly was running a bit late for her shift, getting last- minute supplies.
At 9:50am, Molly and Magi made a quick stop at a convenience store. The store’s camera had the last photographic showing of Molly who was just buying a couple of water bottles. At 9:56am, the mother and daughter pair checked in at the local police station to pick up Molly’s two-way radio. At 9:58am, they arrived at Comins Pond with Molly saying ‘I love you’ before running off to set up for her shift. The beach was empty with the sole exception of a dump truck dropping a load of sand.
Magi drove off at 10am.
Around 10:20am, Sandra Woodworth -- a local woman of Warren -- and her kids arrived at the local beach for Molly’s swimming lessons, only to find a deserted lifeguard station. The items present were an opened first-aid kit, a backpack sitting on the bench, a towel draped over a beach chair with a whistle wrapped around the arm, a pair of sandals on the ground, and a Poland Springs water bottle. But, Molly herself was nowhere to be found.
Woodworth reports Molly's disappearance to Molly’s boss, the Park Commissioner Ed Fett. At 11:44 am, with no sign of Molly, Fett uses the two-way radio (that was Molly had brought on the job) to relay the incident to Warren’s Police Department. The police arrived, seeing no signs of struggle on the beach, and initially assumed that Molly left her post to hang out with her friends. But, after three hours and still no Molly, the police decided to call in Molly’s mother Magi.
The Bish family refused to believe that Molly simply just up and left her shift, a trait so uncharacteristic of the responsible young girl. The local police began to believe in the family’s intuition and, by that late afternoon, allowed the Massachusetts State Police to take over the investigation.
The state officials believed that, perhaps, Molly was a drowning victim, which could explain why her sandals were still on the beach. However, once again, the Bish family disputed that claim, rejecting the possibility that Molly, an athlete and a lifeguard, would drown.
The Massachusetts State Police searched for several hours into the night and to the next day, scavenging into a nearby forest, finding a footpath leading towards the cemetery connected to the pond.
While the police focused their investigations on local residents as suspects, Magi and John Bish, Molly’s parents, thought otherwise, with John stating "I don't believe any of these people around here were involved in this. This is the work of a professional, who knew what he was doing." In fact, Magi believed that she may have seen the man who abducted her daughter, a day before the disappearance.
It was June 26th, 2000 (the day before the disappearance). Magi spoke of seeing a man sitting alone in a white car in the parking lot when she dropped off Molly for work.
She described the man as “between maybe 45 and 55” with dark, salt and peppered hair, dark eyes, a mustache, and smoking a cigarette, dubbed as the “White Car Man” as seen with this composite sketch.
Magi noticed the stranger, glaring at Molly, focusing his attention on the young athlete. Magi helped Molly for the upcoming shift then returned to find the man still there, still smoking his cigarette. Magi and the mysterious man locked eyes, with Magi trying to scare away the man but to no prevail. She waited for 20 minutes when finally the man drove off.
Witnesses of the area also confirmed the whereabouts of this suspicious man and his white car in the vicinity of Comins Pond. Whereabouts include a car wash at the base of Comins Pond and at the end of a trail from the beach to the cemetery.
John Conte -- the District Attorney of the case -- pursued the white-car theory and his team did a cursory search of around 125 white cars. This case grew in publicity with people all over the country providing tips about the man. This all led to, what John Bish Sr. to admit, “having too many suspects” but there was no discriminating lead to point into the direction of Molly’s disappearance.
Despite the growing list of suspects, however, the state police officers were consistently at a dead end.
The only traits they could gathered about the offender was that he must have knew Comins Pond well, knew the forest and fishing area being either a fisherman or hunter, had a history of violence towards women, and knew of Molly’s schedule (since as previously mentioned Molly had only worked at that pond eight days before her disappearance).
However, with no more credible leads, the state police -- who were living at the headquarters in Warren for months -- had to drive back to Worcester to continue their investigation as months then years passed by.
Three years after Molly’s disappearance -- finally -- a big break comes in… in the form of Timothy “Tim” McGuigan. McGuigan was a former police officer, obsessed with an abduction of a young girl that took place seven years prior to Molly’s abduction -- Holly Piirainen. Blue eyes and blonde hair, Holly didn’t only share similar physical traits like Molly but also a similar fate.
In 1993, Holly was only 10 years old when she disappeared from her neighborhood in Sturbridge, Massachusetts -- a town in the same county of Warren. Piirainen’s remains were found two months later, but like Molly, her kidnapper was never found. But, even several years after the incident, McGuigan was not one to give up, thus starting his own investigation, which soon turned to an unhealthy obsession -- succumbing into alcoholism, the fall of his marriage and his career.
McGuigan was writing a true crime account of Holly’s case when stumbling upon and becoming interested in Molly Bish due to the similarities. McGuigan got involved with the investigation, questioning hunters in the similar fashion of how Holly’s body was found.
Finally, three years after her disappearance, new lead finally subsurf -- a weather-beaten blue bathing suit. The same one Molly Bish was wearing on the day she went missing. The swimsuit was found in a heavily wooded area only known to local hunters. The bathing suit was sent to the laboratory and another round of intensive ground search began. At the time, it was the largest search in Massachusetts history.
June 3rd, 2003 -- Three weeks later, police uncovered a human bone, an upper arm bone from a 14-20 years old, found on a remote hillside in a wooded section of Palmer, Massachusetts known as Whiskey Hill. -- around the same area where her swimsuit was found. A total of 26 bones from her skeletal remains were discovered. On June 9, investigators confirmed that the remains are of Molly Bish. No cause of death could be determined
Bittersweet filtered the air on August 2nd, 2003, a day that would’ve been Molly’s 20th birthday was a day of her burial. Her family said their goodbyes by bury them in a baby casket as her killer continues to wander freely.
Here are few suspects of the case. (Note: For disclaimer, the three suspects I will speak of were not only suspects as many others were questioned during this case.)
In the beginning of the investigation, the police interrogated local sex offenders. The police took several of them into the station to take polygraphs. Some showed signs of deceptions when questioned, but that wasn’t a decisive factor to prove that they were the guilty party. The sign only called for more examination into that individual’s history and background and whereabouts.
Out of the ones questioned, the police interviewed 52-year-old Worcester native Oscar Baillargeon. Baillargeon was a convicted child rapist, guilty for rape and indecent assault and battery in 1991. He admittedly bears a striking resemblance to the sketch of the “White Car Man” and had once met Molly at his nephew’s June graduation party, weeks before she disappeared.
Baillargeon was interviewed twice by the police about any involvement with her disappearance, and he had repeatedly denounced them. Even Magi Bish had her doubts, remarking how much Baillargeon’s hair differed from the composite sketch.
Steven Lukas was Molly’s boyfriend for three months before her disappearance. They recently attended prom together and seemed like a happy couple despite having opposite personalities.
Magi, Molly’s mother, described Steven as a homebody and much quieter than the energetic and outgoing Molly. Although Magi said she didn’t approve of him with Molly, she admits that Steve was never unkind or disrespectful to Molly or the family.
On the day of Molly’s disappearance, Steven was home. When the police interviewed him, they noticed that he had a cut on his lip and a missing eyebrow ring. According to Steven, when he got out of bed, he had accidentally hit his bedroom door, cutting his lip in process. However, his friends tell a different story with Steven telling one of the friends that he had a cold sore on his lip. Thus, the inconsistencies raised some questions.
A lot of Molly’s friends and even Steven’s friends went to participate in the search, going to the woods. However, Steve did not. Additionally, Lt. Thomas Greene of the investigations states that Steven wasn’t cooperative with law enforcement.
However, regardless of the suspicions, the Bish family didn’t believe that Steven did it. Steve went to the Bish family on the day of the disappearance, and they don’t believe that a teenage boy would have committed such a sociopathic act, but rather an intelligent predator.
Furthermore, with a passed polygraph, there is no evidence that points towards Steven’s involvement with his girlfriend’s disappearance.
Eight years after Molly’s death, in 2008, Steven (only 25 years old) died in a car accident, never knowing the whole story of what happened to his late girlfriend.
Our final suspect, one more recent in the investigation, is Rodney Stanger. A local hunter and a fisherman, Stanger lived near Warren for twenty years and strangely moved moved to Florida a year after Molly’s disappearance.
In 2008, Stanger was convicted for murdering his girlfriend Chrystal Morrison, sentenced for 25 years. The Massachusetts police connect Stanger with the Molly Bish case with a tip that refers to a conversation between Chrystal and her sister Bonnie M. Kiernan that took place a week before Chrystal’s death. In the conversation, Chrystal allegedly dropped hints that Stanger was involved in not only Molly's case but also Holly’s.
Stanger lived in near Warren for twenty years. His past was littered with violence as told from his two ex-wives and his deceased girlfriend’s sister. Additionally. he hunted in Whiskey Hill (the forest in) Palmer where Molly was found. He fished at Comins Pond. Stanger had a brother named Randy also lived in the Massachusetts area and was a person of interest to Holly Piirainen case, living down the road from where she was found. Randy also used to drive a white car.
There is a chance that Stanger and Molly may have crossed paths weeks before her disappearance when Molly took classes at the YMCA to become a lifeguard. Rodney was living just a few blocks away from the YMCA, his house on the same street as the institute. The two may have met when crossing roads.
However, his past and coincidental set pieces weren’t enough to prosecute against the convict. Stanger himself, while pleading guilty to the murder of Chystral Morrison, denied any involvement with the Molly Bish case. His trailer in Florida was under forensic analysis, including items such as hair decorations for young girls (something Chystral, an older woman would not wear). However, the evidence tested for DNA had come up inconclusive.
Despite her death, the spirit of Molly Bish still lives in the small town of Warren, effectively changing police training in the Massachusetts area, starting with providing children safety awareness and prevention exercises and activities. As years passed, the Bish family have worked in the honor of Molly for never again should a family suffer in a similar light.
In 2004, John and Magi Bish worked with Anna Maria College, creating Molly Bish Center for the Protection of Children and the Elderly. The center has helped around 15,000 Massachusetts residents and hundreds of organizations to help establish training programs for child safety. Through these efforts, they established the first Massachusetts Missing Children's Day and "Amber Alert" found its home in Massachusetts.
The Bish family additionally continues to aid and improve state legislatures involving the use of DNA in solving criminal acts, registrations and notifications of sex offenders in the area, and the redesigning of state license plates (making them bigger to easily spot and recognize). They hope that these efforts can help build hope in cracking down on unsolved cases similar to Molly’s.
The family continues to honor Molly year after year on the anniversary of her disappearance, arranging a public vigil in the remembrance of their carefree, energetic athlete.
This year, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the family decided to do things differently.
On June 27, 2020, the twentieth anniversary of his disappearance, the family drove from their home to Comins Pond -- using the same route Molly used on that fateful morning. Members of Warren were invited to light the Bish family’s path, turning on their porch lights or placing a candle in front of their window. On social media, people were encouraged to use the hashtag ##justiceformollybish, sharing memories and thoughts of Molly.
Year after year will pass, but the Bish family and the tight knit community of Warren will continue to memorialize Molly, keeping her spirit alive in hopes that one day, they find justice for her, finding the wicked monster that took her away, too early, too soon.
(More information about this case is reported in the new, student-run true crime series NUTV Files: https://youtu.be/vy_rCdyoBxY)
submitted by Northeasterntv to UnresolvedMysteries

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