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A general guide to battle camp. Especially aimed at newer players, but also containing interesting information for veteran players.

Guide is moving to video Form, as I believe it is a superior way of explaining things than pure text. First episode is up!
Guide 1 - Building a strong team for beginners - ​

I will add to this as people ask questions in the sub, feel free to post your questions directly in this thread as well. Unfinished as of now.
Topics in this guide:
0 - Introduction
1 - Monster types and rarities
2 - Damage calculation and R-Boosting.
3 - Team Building, passives and zodiacs
4 - Feeding
5 - Equipment
6 - Troop search
7 - Gold and spins
8 - Events
9 - Trading
10 - Merging
0.0 - Introduction
Battle Camp, like so many other mobile games, does not have an endgoal. There IS a story mode that has to be finished before you can access all the game’s contents, but the endgame is all about events and trying to get the strongest monsters you can. There is also a pvp aspect to the game, which requires different tactics and teams to excel in them. I will not go in-depth into pvp for this guide for several reasons.
All monsters (with a few exceptions) are either won by reaching a certain tier in events or they have to be spun in so called “grabs” or randomised lootboxes if you will.
There is 3 types of monsters in Battle Camp:
Standard monsters
Reward monsters
Event monsters
Standard monsters are the most basic kind of monster and made up all monsters when the game released. These monsters can only be acquired through spins.
Reward monsters have the letter „R“ in the top left corner of their image. R monsters are the strongest monsters in the game. Your team should consist of R monsters only, once you have played the game for a while. Reward monsters can be won in spins or as rewards for placing in a certain tier in events.
Event monsters have the letter „E“ in the top left corner of their image. Event monsters are special monsters that have effects such as bonus damage in certain events. These monsters will be very strong in their respective events, but will be weak in other events or against story enemies. Event monsters can only be acquired through grabs/spins.
1.1 - Common Monsters
Common monsters make up your starting team in Battle Camp. These are completely useless for battle after only a few hours of play. You can however use them to feed other monsters. See 3.0 for feeding tips.
1.2 - Uncommon Monsters
Uncommon monsters replace common monsters as the standard enemy in the last zone of the story. Uncommon monsters are also useless for fighting, but they are good for feeding, see 3.0 .
1.3 - Rare monsters
Rare monsters are the first monster rarity, that is usable in battle. These monsters are easily attainable through participation in events, and even newbies will quickly have dozens of them. These monsters can make up a quick team for the first 10-20 levels of your play time, but don’t grow too attached, you will soon want to switch them for something better. Rare monsters have 1 slot for equipment, see 4.0 for information on equipment.
1.4 - Super monsters
Super monsters are the entry into the battle camp upper echelon. Some of these monsters are very capable of outputting some serious damage. Super monsters have 2 slots for equipment, one for damage and one for health. Super monsters are the first rarity you should put some effort in to collect, as they can get you through the whole story and reasonably far in events. For tips on team building with supers, see 3.0
1.5 - Ultra monsters
The poor man‘s prodigy, ultra monsters can be highly capable monsters, able to dish out some serious damage. For non-Spenders, so people playing the game without ever spending money, this is where your focus should be. Ultra R monsters can be devastating foes and ultra E monsters can carry you far in events. This is a highly sought after monster-rarity, with the second highest number of monsters in the game. Ultra monsters also often have more elaborate designs than super-rares and below. Try to get a few of these bad boys for sure, but be aware that they are much harder to get than supers.
1.6 - Epic monsters
Epic monsters used to be the strongest monsters in the game back in the day. These are the highest rarity monster available in event monsters and also the most prevalent monsters in higher end teams and troops. The epic rarity contains more different monsters than any other rarity in the game. For most people, this is the highest rarity they will achieve in reasonable quantities. Teams of epic monsters can surpass power ratings of 2 million if done right. These are very rare to get and will elevate you to top 50 troops if you have enough of the strongest epics.
1.7 - Legendary monsters
Legendaries only exist as R-monsters. They are extraordinarily more rare than epic monsters, only being given out to the 30 best players every event. Legendaries can be devastating foes. Though keep in mind that monsters are not necessarily strong just because they’re in the legendary tier. There is old legendaries that are weaker than top-notch ultras, so make sure to check their power on bcrank.us. You will see people with full legendary teams in troops that consistently rank very high in events, don’t expect to ever get a team of legendaries, unless you’re willing to shell out a LOT of money (we are talking 1000$+ in a single event). There are ways for more normal players to get legendaries, though you probably won’t get the cream of the crop then.
Way 1: monster trader. The monster trader will trade your epic monsters for a legendary if you wait long enough and check the trades every day. Do not trade him any good epics, as the legendary he gives is usually pretty weak, only do this trade if you have weak epics lying around that you have no use for. The trader will want between 6 and 9 epics for a legendary.
Way 2: trading with players. You will be able to get legendaries from other players for either event epics or R boost points, the cost for a decent, evolved legendary is usually about 600 R-Boost points. But do keep in mind that you have to have a legendary yourself to be able to trade legendaries.
1.8 - Mythic monsters
Mythic monsters are the strongest monsters in the game. They are given out to the top 10 players every event. And even spot 1 only receives a singular mythic. They are exceedingly rare, can never be won in spins, and are out of the realm of possibilities for 99.999% of players.
1.9 - Special monsters, crystals, candy etc.
Special monsters are monsters that give a bonus when feeding, either 2x the normal xp, 3x or 5x. These monsters are useless for fighting, but excellent for feeding. The drop chances for specials are 60% for 2x, 30% for 3x and 10% for 5x. For more information on feeding, check 4.0 .
Candies and crystals are used for evolutions. The first evolution, also called “evo” requires a candy of the same rarity as the monster that you want to evolve. The second evolution, also called “sevo” requires a Crystal of the same rarity as the monster you want to evolve. Rare monsters don’t need a candy or a crystal to evolve. (But don’t evolve them, it’s not worth it) Legendaries need 5 candies or crystals to be evolved.
Treats are gained by salvaging monsters in the troop hall and are only useful for r-boosting. See the next section, 2.0 for further information.
2.0 - Damage Calculation and R-Boosting.
TL:DR - Passive abilities are only important in R-monsters. They are nearly useless in event monsters. Tower bonus, zodiac bonus, elemental boosters and similar are ALL nearly useless in event monsters. ( <5% damage increase).
The most important information about damage calculation in Battle Camp, is that all damage enhancements in the game (Event bonus damage, Tower Bonus, Zodiac bonus, Passive bonus, element booster bonus) are ADDITIVE damage enhancements, WITH ONLY ONE EXCEPTION : R-BOOST.
So, What is an additive damage enhancement? Additive enhancers stack, but they do not multiplicate. I.E, imagine you have a monster that does 100 damage. You activate an elemental booster which gives you „double the elemental attack power“ according to the game. Your monster now does 200 damage, pretty neat huh? But what if you add further damage multipliers, like a passive? Let’s say you have a monster with rogue level 1. rogue level 1 gives 65% extra damage.
Now there is two ways this could be added up with the elemental booster damage:
It could be „100 Base damage — x2 (element bonus) x1.65 because of the rogue. This would result in a final damage output of 330.
It could be „100 base damage x (100% + 65%) which would only result in a final damage output of 265, which is significantly less than the multiplicative variant.
Battle camp works with the second model, for ALL damage bonuses except R-boosting. Now where this gets important is in:
2.1 - Event damage calculation
Event monsters have damage multipliers attached to them. A dominion ultra does 2100% extra damage in events, so 21 times the base damage! When trading for event monsters online, the monsters with good passives, such as „cavalry“ „rogue“ and „lethal“ are traded at much higher value than bad passives such as „bulwark“ or „shaman“, because the good passives give extra damage to the monster. But as explained in 2.0, this damage is additive, NOT multiplicative, meaning that a 100% damage bonus from the „cavalry“ passive would not give our example ultra monster 100%/2x more damage added to the 2100% event bonus damage. OUR ULTRA MONSTER WILL NOT DO 42 TIMES THE DAMAGE NOW, BUT ONLY 22 INSTEAD OF 21 TIMES THE DAMAGE. This is nearly unknown to the battle camp community although it is stated on the pennypop website. You can use this knowledge to your advantage when trading. NEVER pay significantly more for an event monster because it has a good passive, tower bonus or any such damage bonus, it is NOT worth it.
2.2 - R boosting
R-boosting is a technique that can only be employed on reward-monsters (R mobs in the following) R boosting allows a given monster to become massively more powerful, essentially doubling their base stats if r-boosted to the max. Boosting base stats is extremely strong, because unlike all other damage bonuses in this game, they are multiplicative. Doubling the base stats could quadruple your damage output. For example: Say you have a monster with 100 damage, and apply an elemental booster, the monster now does 200 damage. If you r boost this monster to the maximum it can go to, it will now have 199 base attack power. If you enable an elemental booster now, this value is doubled, so your monster that originally dealt 100 damage, now does 398 damage. Essentially giving your power a 4x increase. This is why R-Boosting is so strong, and how people can achieve power ratings of several million.
R boosting is realised through feeding R mobs to other R mobs. Every time you do so, there is a chance for an r boost. Different rarities have different chances at r boosting. Here’s a list:
Rare - 2.5% chance for boost (2) points allotted
Super - 10% chance for boost (3) points allotted
Ultra - 40% chance for boost (6) points allotted
Epic - 100% chance for boost (9) points allotted
Legendary - 100% chance for boost (40)
Mythic - 100% chance for boost (unknown)
Any r mob, can obtain a maximum of 297 r boost points, split into the categories HP (health points), ATK (attack), REC (recovery). Each individual category can obtain 99 points of boost, at which point the monster will have a 99% boost to the base stats of that category.
3.0 - Team Building
To build a strong team is pretty much everyone’s goal in this game. So how do you do it? Well, in truth of course, spending a lot of money on the game can get you a good team very fast, but what if you don’t have or want to spend that much money on a game? Well then you have to take the steeper route, like most of us. The primary source of new monsters are events of course, but to do well in events, you have to get some decent monsters before! Quite a paradox if it weren’t for spins, also called „grabs“ where you can win randomized monsters of varying rarity. For further information on spins, check out section 7.0 It is important to realise that rarity of a monster does not guarantee a surefire way to measure strength in all instances. Monsters are constantly getting stronger, every update of the game brings new, stronger monsters. The weakest legendaries for example are weaker than the best ultras for example. You can check damage values and strength by sorting by ATK on Bcrank's catalogue: https://bcrank.us/catalog/?q=Mythic%2CLegendary%2CEpic%2CUltra%2CSuper%2CRare&evo=all&sort=max-attack&l=all&v=all.
In fact, for all newer players (below 200k PR) I would strongly suggest building a strong super team before trying to engage in any ultra/epic team building. Super monsters can get you above 1Mil PR if you really want to, and they are way easier and cheaper to upgrade compared to ultras and especially epics.

Now on to actual team building information:
Every monster rare and up has an active and a passive ability. The active ability is activated every few turns, depending on its individual cooldown. The passive ability is activated once you have 4 monsters of the same zodiac on your team and stays active all the time then. The passive ability is extremely important on R-monsters and can increase your damage output by manifold.
The most sought after Actives include: Snipe, Lacerate and Toxic. Snipe being the most valuable.
The most sought after passives include: Cavalry, Rogue and lethal. Cavalry being the most valuable here.
submitted by -PeePeePee- to BattleCamp

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