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OK, this little "guy" took me about three months of my life but it was worth it!


For graphics i used:
MS PAINT3D (Amazing simple tool!)
Adobe Photoshop
Sothink Logo Maker

MAGIX Samplitude + midi keyboard ALESIS V25

UNITY with C#

submitted by havengr to Unity2D

Unofficial Patch Notes Official Guide

EDIT 2015-03-18

while I do see many people (about 100 downloads, about 5 the last week. quite weird, frankly, that people download it and don't make patch notes or ask questions ;] well, many are obvious bots) downloading the stuff from my server (unluac, model converter, php stuff), it will most likely be going down very soon, so the download links won't work anymore:
feel free to ask someone in this thread for a copy, but meanwhile maybe SirKane made a better model converter, maybe Jhett made better txt-handling tools... meh ;]
firstly, let me mention that it is very easy, but time consuming. to make patch notes for every patch will take a lot of dedication. thus, whether you form some sort of group, or everyone tries by himself, is up to you. for contacting other interested people, I suggest starting in this thread. and this guide is basically a guide of what I was doing, and some tools and whatnot, not what you should be doing. you may prefer to handle only models, or not contact SOE, or whatever else. your choice. if you have any questions, this thread should be best for now. later I'll stop checking reddit.
also, the public patch notes were not everything. I omitted changes related to security, for obvious reasons, and if I spotted a change that I thought would be any kind of bug, I mailed SOE directly.
#include http://www.reddit.com/Planetside/comments/2vvosz/hi_im_vanulabs_heres_some_stuff/ //this will be often referenced as Tool Post

1. detecting patches

SOE uses manifests for the patches. they also have 'next' manifests, so you can use some tricks, like a proxy and a local server changing the url of the manifest to make the launchers download the 'next' version. or, if it's single files, you can download them manually - grab the sha hash from the manifest, for example "64345aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", and add it to its appropriate link like so:
the 'next' ones can be updated several hours earlier for planned updates, and can be at the same time as 'live' ones for quick fixes
the links are:
H1Z1 uses Steam for patching, though, so these are mostly used to detect patches, and analyze the two linked files early, exe and scriptsbase
http://manifest.patch.station.sony.com/patch/sha/manifest/h1z1/live/play/current/live.sha.soe.txt http://manifest.patch.station.sony.com/patch/sha/manifest/h1z1/live/play/current/shared.sha.soe.txt 
if you need manifs from other games or versions, feel free to ask.
you can write your own scripts for monitoring the manifests, or use existing ones. for example, RoyAwesome's lebot resides on irc://irc.planetside-universe.com/reside , the source may be available in Tool Post

2. previous versions

while the above manifests have also 'last' versions (livelast instead of livenext in the PS2 links, for H1Z1 it's probably 'last' instead of 'next'), I have kept one full dump of all important* files done from time to time, and then, for a few patches, just kept the files changed in that patch. if I had too many of these patches, I cleaned up and made a new full dump (since finding the specific files to compare was getting difficult)
* for me, the important files were: everything in Asset packs, .exes, ScriptsBase.bin, english locale files, .ini files, and InputProfile_Default.xml

3. unpacking changed files

I was using VanuLabs' soepack tool to detect which files were changed. it's simple to use, you should figure it out - every patch, use the update script, and then the extract diff script. note that this includes only asset packs - for seeing which files outside packs were modified, you can use .DownloadInfo.txt for PS2, and since H1Z1 use Steam to patch, you'd have to grab all files from the install folder, and sort them by last modified - I used FileLocator Lite, a very handy utility, far better than Windows' search ;]

4. comparing files, and specific extensions

  • for clear-text files, directories - WinMerge is awesome, I use it ALL THE TIME.
  • Roy's ps2ls in Tool Post is quite useful sometimes
  • for exe's, I used a batch script using Microsoft's SysInternals' strings.exe, usually with params " -a -q -n 6 H1Z1.exe >> exe.txt" (and sometimes an offset, since the binary crap at the start isn't really useful :P)
  • for lua (ScriptsBase.bin), I used this: http://shaql.ddns.net/pub/upn/unluac.7z (by VanuLabs, too)
  • for .gfx, change extension to .swf (AntRenamer is cool), edit with hex editor, change first 3 characters, "CFX", to "CWS". then it can be decompiled like any other swf, for example with Sothink SWF Decompiler
  • for models, .adr is a clear-text xml that references other files. to just export or make screenshots, I recommend SirKane's http://shaql.ddns.net/pub/upn/MDLConvert_4.7z
  • for .dds, IrfanView with the appropriate plugin, http://www.irfanview.info/files/iv_formats.zip (others use photoshop, possibly with some nvidia plugin or something)
  • for .fsb (PS2 sounds), see Tool Post (in comments)
  • I never compared map files (.zone and .cnk, with the exception of Areas.xml), you may want to give it a try - Tool Post has all you need
  • most .txt files, despite being clear-text, are easier to read in table form.
ah yes, the .txt tables. here's a collection of my scripts designed to create these tables. I don't have the energy to make them pretty or understandable, I just hope that at least one of you will glance at the code, glance at how horrible it is, take a few useful bits, and rewrite it all properly. (eh, damn long-term plans that I never had time to take care of...) http://shaql.ddns.net/pub/upn/phpstuff.7z
hmm, did I forget anything... probably. again, feel free to ask any questions. if I don't respond for too long, send me a tweet or something.
as you can see it's all very easy, doesn't really involve much skill - I just started understanding what the changes mean better and better over time, and I know how to use some tools and make scripts.
submitted by shaql to DBGpatchnotes

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