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Build the greatest Farm in Farmville 2 with the latest Farmville 2 Hack tool. 20+ Farm simulator ideas. Game# Escape the all-new set of locations in Faraway 4: Ancient Escape, full of complex puzzles and a great new environment ready to be explored. Watching bombing raids is incredibly satisfying, and the music and sound effects really make the presentation pop.

Review: DOA. First Kojima dud for me.

The story doesn't invest me at all. Sam is a cool guy with a mostly cool job who has all this heavy sorrowful shit thrust on him. The game starts hard but then you can lasso bad guys and kill ghosts so it becomes easy. Here you hit a crossroads: either you want to finish story mode or you want to build stuff.
Like I said, the story is dumb (WHY WASN'T THIS GAME ABOUT COLONIZING MARS). So I chose to build roads and achieve five stars at each stop. It was cool and a nice way to waste some time. It became about treating MULES, and, eventually, BT'a as prey for materials. Eventually, it became a real haul in my truck to bring my vast stores of materials to the road building bots that needed them (that played "London Bridge Is Falling Down," oddly enough, for a robot that is building a bridge, and for a game that takes great pains to tell you IT HAPPENS IN AMERICA). Eventually, the cargo I hauled between each station became essentially worthless, and I didn't have much interest hauling an empty truck across boring terrain (Nothing exciting happens in this world. BT's and MULES are completely predictable. Keep your shit out of the rain.). Eventually, I finally trekked far South of where I was building roads toward Mountain Knot City, to try to break the monotony of the game by meeting and five-starring The Veteran Porter or whatever, and he had his fucking door closed.
I'm out. It's open world tedious Farmville wrapped in a dumbass story and music you'll forget ever existed. For a game whose theme is "Why So Serious?", it takes itself way too seriously.
Sam is a cool dude, I'm glad I experienced his story firsthand, and I'm glad you're a group of people having fun with something you enjoy. A decent lesson from this game is that the world needs more people bonding over things they find meaningful.
Keep on keeping on.
submitted by BallsMcMoney to DeathStranding

The Adventures of Jackssparrow - Part 9 - There and Back Again!

The Adventures of Jackssparrow - Part 9 - There and Back Again!
-Some in-game friends wanted me to tell this one, so give em' what they want, Jack-
Hey all, long time no -sea-!
It's Cap. Jack here.
-Oh no, the cringe guy from Reddit retur...-
The cringiest pirate you ever seen!
Don't ask me how I got in that situation... rowing a boat, against the stream - and failing - in Rookborn Basin... without pants. It's a weird situation. But as every other weird situation, you should do as they say...
Just go with the flow.
The thing is guys... I decided to play on server Stena.
I still play on Wynn though! I got Jackssparrow there and I'm currently playing farmville on that server. But felt like I wanted to play with people again and not in a deserted world, so let's give it a try!
For this new journey, I couldn't make it alone, so I needed to get my crew back, starting with Mrgibbs.
Where the hell was that old fart, aaalso, where the fk was the rum???
The other rum.
Mrgibbs, there you are!
Mrgibbs joins the party.
Oh, so they hijacked you and you ended up in a circus troupe? -Not circus dwarf jokes intended- And they're feeding you and you don't want to come back because they're treating you better than me? No way. Let's move, Mrgibbs. We've got work to do.
We've got to:
1- Kill Jared Leto;
2- Build a ship;
3- Build the first house in Growlgate -aham- Pirate Island;
4- Build a tavern in Pirate Island;
5- Steal every rum in the fking world and bring to the tavern;
6- Never open the tavern and drink all the rum;
7- Repeat 5 and 6 religiously.

First, done.
For the ship, it was a pain the sparrow gathering the lumber from a no-farm land server. So i had to search.
Through the greenest valleys...

Far over the misty mountains cold...
And after all that no -fucking way- I'm building it. I know you can do it Mrgibbs. You were made for this!
He seems to be exhausted, let me give him some support...

FASTER, MR GIBBS, the rum can't wait!

And we made it! Number 2 completed.

We've agreeded that the next day we were heading to Growlgate!
It didn't happen the way I planned. My bro traded archeage fun for The Last of Hype Us 2 - blah - and I had to do it alone.
To my surprise, Growlgate was intact! So let's start!

That pervy scurvy old man, I know exactly who's going next to Davy Jones Locker.

Phew! I did it! First house in Pirate Island, nailed!
Of course the tavern project and the stolen rum gonna have to wait. In fact, I hardly think I will be able to do it, but who knows, fk it. Comming back to Nuia Continent I was so happy I've found an old friend from previous adventures playing on server Stena as well! Dracthas, the bard, was here! WTF, this guy must be following me, is he some kind of Jaskier or somth? Just kidding man, glad you're here!

He invited me to be part of his neighboorhood! I still had another house design, so why not?
That's it, we must later build NUIA'S great music hall! -and please, life, let me have some more free time to play a lil bit more of AA-
Not planning to post regularly, though. Rough work routine... =( If during my gameplay It happens a funny or interesting situation, havin a certain number of screenshots, I'll post.
I find some fun in this shit, really!
Although the company has its - A HELL LOT OF - flaws, the fresh start has been smooth so far - well, minus the CRAZY LAG part. At least it has some people playing and some people that came back...
Have fun while it lasts... maybe the last fresh start of archeage, knowing the most hyped games that are comming in the future.
Relax, take it easy.

Well, I've got to say...
There's nothing better than sleeping under the starry sky!

Broh, really?

See you all in Archeage! Have good travels!
Previous Adventures:
Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/archeage/comments/dpc3qt/true_story_the_adventures_of_jackssparrow_part_1/
Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/archeage/comments/dr3cns/the_adventures_of_jackssparrow_part_2_the_trial/
Part 3: https://www.reddit.com/archeage/comments/dyxc9z/the_adventures_of_jackssparrow_part_3_joining_the/
Part 4: https://www.reddit.com/archeage/comments/e2oukg/the_adventures_of_jackssparrow_part_4_my_first/
Part 5: https://www.reddit.com/archeage/comments/e9icc6/the_adventures_of_jackssparrow_part_5_this_is/
Part 6: https://www.reddit.com/archeage/comments/ecrg7z/the_adventures_of_jackssparrow_part_6_my_first/
Part 7:
Part 8:
submitted by EuronFuckingGreyjoy to archeage

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