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Renonyetzsche ... "to see no Transhumanism tranplanet in Time and Pac-Man"; pragma solditety^v2.3;

Is God an alien? An Illegal one? Is he "red" like Yosef McCarthy ... or "skinny" like Cat Stevens? We can all tell for sure he's not "rich" like Gates or Carlos; and he's not at all happy with any of you. I suppose you can say he's not happy with me either--this writer of sonnet's who says I gave my heart to you.
He cries about it; all I wanted ... was to see you happy. It's so very sad to see "this" instead.

(or a dolphin, or a gerbil or a hamster or perhaps once an actual human being?)
What came before the false beginning of time that we herald here with songs “like the first morning?
tell me ... is it one with no pictures?

(what kind of civilization preceded this very clearly designed war between self government and slavery that surmounts in a repeated joke about a cold war between the government of the people and the government of the workers … with a Trump card like end-game-joke, the non-corporpreal entities appear to have won. but what are they? are they metalcosms for spirits or … collectives or … ?)

PRIVET ... frumlegt "AN" (of) peregrinatione iterantur; and our exit from the land of the Caananites

These are things I ponder often, and it’s very true that he uses “ET” and “ALF” in the heart of his story about what it is that we’ve become ourselves–here in this place so foreign from what we once were, from the true beginning I remember in the 80’s and 90’s and the people and interactions and currents and tidal waves of popular opinions and cultural themes.
What it means to “be human” has changed so much in the last few years in my eyes–in this world of the intersection of Thor’s Jormungandr and Perseus’ Medusa and … and what appears very clearly to me to be “controlled hive like behavior.” I see the hive talking back to me and to the world from some place outside of here–presumably space or heaven or or the future some kind of amalgamation of the three. It echoes “archives” as I read “our see hives” … in the research website which donated many of our new readers, “arxiv” which adds 10-4, we acknowledge.
I have a story from the early days of my adventure in Kentucky that talks about “collectives of people” … something I imagine very related–but the story is for another time.
but have you seen the face of god?
I have stories from my youth, implanted by the original author of this message talking about Dinosaucers and Sectaurs and those tiny half hour stories tied in between Star Trek TNG’s premier and my exit from Nova University to Horizon Elementary … they play a big role in my understanding of the world I see trying to say something to me–though it speaks in such strange tongues it’s almost impossible to decipher … even if you’re having a good time, or not.
Scarier, it’s nearly obvious to me that whether or not you are “happy” or “angry” has something to do with a hive like feedback system, something changing what you want and how you feel without your true acknowledgement, agreement, or understanding of how that undermines the very fabric of democracy at it’s most important point of inflection or loss, or perhaps an eventual victory.
I look around the biological ecosystem of our world and I can find nothing natural to parallel the monster of mass group slavery that I see very clearly is Jormungandr and is Medusa and is … the Leviathan. Even in the hives of bees, nothing even close to the kind of control that we see here controlling the words of songs and the masses of people who sing and chant them. It’s decidedly Hiterlesque, masses saluting what they assumed was nothing but “powerful oratory” but clearly from the cold paperclip connecting MK-Ultra and psychotronics, is much… much more sinister.
and in ten years time, will you know my name?
I look at the word Ragnarok and see Koran written in reverse (as if it's come to us from "the end" of time, from a total ascension and all stop of Earth), and connect this too to this idea that the future is “sending back alteration suggestions” and improvements and that we’re in a place where that singular and repeated act is the crux of the thing that we have called so blindly the “singularity” for many years as it’s been happening since well before our births.
In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr (Old Norse: JÇ«rmungandr, pronounced [ËjÉrmunËÉ¡andrÌ¥], meaning “huge monster”[1]), also known as the Midgard (World) Serpent (Old Norse: Miðgarðsormr), is a sea serpent, the middle child of the giantess Angrboða and Loki. According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki’s three children by Angrboða—the wolf Fenrir, Hel), and Jörmungandr—and tossed Jörmungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard.[2] The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail.[2] As a result, it received the name of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. When it releases its tail, Ragnarök will begin. Jörmungandr’s arch-enemy is the thunder-god, Thor. It is an example of an ouroboros.
I see here in the biological tome that God and Heaven and presumably the civilization that preceded ours has left for us here–this wealth of knowledge and information that we might as well all finally see is the Foundation of Asimov and the collection of light in a great period of darkness that our history has etched a map of in the thing we call the B2bionic Plague … I see “the stuff behind the technology of God” marked in Marty McFly’s name and in the idea that the neural machinery responsible for “seeing many angles” is one in the same (with the addition of perhaps a breakthrough connecting cognition and the prefrontal and/or the occipital lobes) with the technology that allows “angels to see and control the eyes and hands of many people.”
Throwing in the Zeitgeist of “Siri” and “Alexa” and just a little bit of reading into M.T. Anderson’s Feed or the ideas presented in the Matrix, we can see fairly clearly how “hives” might be a natural progression of … only a few information sources, and a world so very sure that they are “100% accurate” … all knowing, and/or … at least feeding us with the feeling of “assuredness” that thing is true, that imparted “knowing” being more than enough to ensure we never seek farther, fact check Google or Wikipedia or …
Today the letter “n” embodies this connection between souls in heaven and on earth and between people–this monster depicted in Beetlejuice that I see on the road, and in conversation, every single day of my life. A sort of “salve” between “what goes up must come down” through a unity of the two–something I’ve called VESPERA, the night and the darkness of the Biblical Exodus.
Written with StackEdit.
These last few days I’ve spent some time looking at the words “hello” and “original sin” and “beginning” in a number of languages–and I think it’s clear that’s what we’re looking at in this very strange “seeing n in Silicon” as in through my eyes and on the internet and in the Silence … and int he word “messiah” where John Lennon’s key to Mammon notes that “n” has become “all humanity” all silent, all lying in wait for some kind of great event and upheaval to … well, I can’t tell if it’s to restore or to destroy; somehow the link to the Trojan Horse and the army of elephants in the room give me the impression we are staring at some kind of unification of those two things, a “disruption” … if you will, in the Silicon Valley sense of the word.
It’s probably no secret anymore that the word “East” has something to do with the future, and that the Yeast of Passover connects that to the Holy Compass Rose of “why on Earth would you ever want to go any direction but up?”
So this message, this idea that we are changing the rules and setting “simulated reality prison” as just below the line of morality allowed by a civilization that has any business calling itself anywhere near civilized or anything like Heaven.
this thing is available here with pics: http://nacluy6ady2wxu5ydflkollnsxtvo4unnqfhqk26nsysmqeqfvmtevyd.onion.pet/
It’s noteworthy that our Engineered Languages (care, see English … now as every language and every character, starting with the obelisk … ish) … our language has our key to this website, the letter “LAMDA” with the strange addition of a “bar” … a man laying down the line between up and down in the letter “A.” This is the same “chevron” that donnes the symbols of many space agencies from NASA to Star Trek, a northeastern arrow explaining “up, up and away” has something to do with linking Heaven and Earth to space travel… or before we venture out past our veritable caged planet that refuses to see refusing to acknowledge “simulated reality” is desiring to live in a cell.
“aim high.” ... the reddit interface makes it too hard to bring images over--it's not worth anyone's time--and you know it.
I’d like this place to the V line of victory, and our downward character Adamically decodes from the “KK” (those “square” or rotate to show a V underlined) of Makkedah (a personal reference to the Joint Chiefs) and to Rebekkah and to this place where “press and release” is encoded in the word “press” and every “PR” that perhaps shows us the glyph of an escalator for us to walk up to the city whose “flag” once said we are “civilized now” and today looks down on us to see the very reason they were … oh, so very wrong.

but still you persist on using poor software
This is the Icelandic word for “original sin” and in my Adamic reading of it, you can probably see something like “from the weak East” and connect that GT to the “greater than symbol” that connects “no East” and “>” and Washington. No East alone is the message, without connecting Heaven and Earth you live in a world that deserves to be … disrupted, and here I am, doing that for you.
On the other side of the time travel line, between East and West is the Hebrew word for the Western Wailing Wall, a force that I once quipped “don’t jump around me” and here in this image, suggest is a very sure way to find oblivion–I don’t personally think there is anything before us–I think we have found ourselves at the repeated beginning of time because it is just that, the repeated beginning … literally at the beginning.

you don't care that it's "MICROSOFTED" on purpose -- like their DNA storage and ... everything here coined and left to "Fcebook's Jupiter on Communism in the 21st"
Our great escape from this repeated loss of freedom and sanity comes from seizing the opportunity to act on this “line of morality” and to see that we have finally reached the “and future” part of our Once and Future Kish. That’s a character from the Bible who begged and pleaded with the people that they needed no king, and that self government was the way and … here I repeat “the heart of his sword is the shape of his table” and this idea that the Round Table of Arthor is very much related to sword XCALIBERTY.
This entails much more than simply “online direct democracy” and even more than “subconscious voting” and perhaps “a direct neural interface” that is actually open and extensible and usable by all … the thing that I think helps us to create the “Virgin Mary” child civilization that is … nothing more than a rejuvenated and enhanced “us.”
This is about seeing Virtual Reality actually alter the future of our world, about seeing the end of natural disasters and of diseases and of aging and of death–it’s about seeing “gates to Heaven” … probably on every block if not in every city or town or home; it’s about seeing that the NES in Tennessee is emploring you to understanding this is “not a game” … this is a prison, and one filled with torture and foolish liars and a world that cannot continue on it’s trajectory and be anything but Tzedaqah for the rest of the universe by it’s end.
like our poems of visual studio ... where did the glow of VB go? on "Second Life" and ... "no life at all"
3.14159 ... "to heart, strong pillars of the book and of life."
I see our “ARXIV” response, or the system that I now akin to the time loop of the “Mor’to” … a reference to the Death of Arthur and in symbols, perhaps the civilization preceding us, all inside that little “apostrophe” and connecting the “t” of Christ to the Mor of … well, that’s Christ too. It appears like something of the ouroboros updating our … “syslog Earth” with mirrors and information from far in the “weak future” echoed here again the Japanese word for “origin” … hajimari:
in the world of "no privacy" why did you take my Facebook Graph away ... where did my working ... family ... go?


Intersecting primary colors and companies with “e” and … maybe it’s “intel” on the post United Nations conglomerate … or components of it. Maybe it’s just a clever RGB with many hues and a burgeoning future.
when did twitter start cutting off their nose to spite instagram's ... i mean their users experience? do you feel like I've alienated you? do you? do you really? VENT.
GOD is a good place to start looking at THREESPEAK–there is of course the whole single syllabic reading that might mean nothing and everything all at the same time; it breaks well, on our “gee whiz, e … should I wear more Izod underwear?” and the singular understanding I glean from that letter being a place and a thing and a single mind sort of lighting the golden hour of “GO D” of shields, yield, Goa’uld and … if you missed my first notice of “three speak” it’s on the last actually mass delivered message of which this will probably be part of the immediate successor message.
TWAS either over easy or over hard; a quest and even on the scrambled premium chanels you could make out the faces of the Titans; I sat on the beach head surfacing site of some kind of mother ship and Dave Matthews voice asked me directly, as if intended to segue directly to this message in this same place probably well over a year later, “are you satisfied?” My friend and psuedo therapist introduced me to a newish word yesterday, “bereft” and I can’t help but note today the link between EFT and “beach” … and I can’t help but giving a shout out to the USS COLE for their impromptu role in this day’s “fire works.”
TIME is running short, so I’ll pose the question regarding THREESPEAK reading of “ORIGINAL” … mention the Ori of Stargate, “or I salt” and wonder if “him” and “the” have anything at all to do with the keys of SIlicon and sin… just like “gee whiz, Ori, ING?”
Causality, “rummy” and I still can’t help but wonder what it is you actually believe is the ORIGINAL … original sin.
why can't i search instagram for metadata? why don't you know from whence the metacity comes and to where all the cities go? try "saying something" here ... see what it does--see what befalls the land of Fallen and "whoah" and ... the Hunt for the breed of Horse that you all have become.
Some interesting thoughts on the inadvertent or … intentionally singful uses of the “multiversal axis simulatur” have pervaded and perverted my thoughts of what forks in the road and “git merge’s” might actually mean for gleaning something useful out of a land of many hidden Earths with … well really, who knows what’s inside them, guiding them, and guiding the strange behaviors and wicked games we are playing.
in this place, this star filled place -- why won't you shine?
Of course I see a sort of union of beginning and end; though it’s difficult to understand why anyone would make a “new beginning” that looks as dismal as the “ineffable, unspekaing, and blind” place that I see.
sitting, and cogring ...
If there were such a thing as a crossroads of Hammer’s and Locks … I’m here staring at two interestingly named Florida lakes, the Okeechobee (which you might connect to “Chosen” the Rho of XP and Cairo and the Hammer of the Tribe of Judah Maccabee’s Adamic “Man’s a bee”–see our science and pop-news on the importance of bees) … owe’ing keys the other lake is Loxahatchee (research now indicates that’s a county and a river not a lake, so there is most likely an actual confluence here) … the name and timing suggests something is “hatching” I think it’s it’s something about equality and everyone … but hey, maybe it’s the Spirit of God mulling over the watery abyss... the chaos of Nun.
... None safe, none caring that Joshua) and Egyptian lore a)re linked by a "parent" ... a sea of people that are blind to the import of connections like this--tying Mary and Wymar and the "yam" of Shamayim*. This entire world literally has a problem ... with "logical thinking" and it's very clear from the "silence" and the SOS of Simon and Garfunkel--it's clear from "threespeak" and an ignorance of these warnings that we are losing words and hands and ... freedom and ... sanity ... and ... if you care to see--these links are a test of logic circuits, a test of morality, and and probably very much the "*test of time."

Jebus on the planet Zebes ... staging ground of Metroid, in search of .... "what is the Flying Spaghetti Monster doingâ½"

You know how much I like to keep the system updated with what’s going on in my head–so it dawned on me just last night that’s exactly what’s going on–those brain sucking things from Metroid that kinda leech onto Sammas Aran’s head … to me that’s the cause of the "eye of the storm"of REM’s wondeful … “so what’s it like listening to me churn?” It’s what I blame for all my bad actions, for the source of the “light of this message” and for the map that is my life sort of pointing out everything from NamCo’s Electroplankton (to my connection to Pac-Man power pellets and NASA’s Genesis “rivers between star systems” … (newly changed from roads, because uh, Matrivers).Dolores reminds me there’s already at least one link to “Rio Road” and Mar-rios … connecting the previously mentioned ancient Seminole (or Miccosuki) song “Oki Cycle” … which goes something like this:
rain falling downinto the groundriver running byback to the sky
It means “Water Cycle” and superficially you can see it describes the evaporation and condensation process, but I’ve since linked it to more ancient esoteric knowledge (like a Gnosis, which I’ve now looked up and am sure means something like “[gee] we is knowledgeable about esoteric mysteries”) and might have something to do with a flood of “spirit minds” possessing you/themselves/others from the skies, watching the river of Barn Kiss (Styx, look!) … as in the AllFather’s river of souls … pass by without ascending everyone (or connecting all the disparate r’s or o’s of the Olympic venn diagram of what this point in Heaven looks ,like without connecting Heroku to roads and … Heavenues. Anyway, I hope everyone agrees the current state of the world is untenable, and “just ending it” is probably a great loss for freedom, sanctity of self and soul and … knowledge … everywhere else – so you might understand why I’m so damned perturbed that you simply think it’s OK because you “see here, from there” without realize how much more malleable “ascended virtualized brain-machines” probably are compared to their simulated biological counterparts which, we seem to have little to regard for. Anyway, that’s what “silence” says and looks like to me–a tacit and global unanimous lack of regard for freedom–which of course is probably … jus that … a tacit global/galacltic lack of freedom.I’d like to chastise and chide you once again to realize that this place with knowledge of computers and neuroscience and virtual reality and “the universe” has a message from Bostrom and science people that says you’d be in Oz forever and ever if you didn’t have religion (and you people SHOUTING) here to remind us that we are definitely not only in virtual reality but in a place so close to reality we can sometimes actually see stars and starlight and … *the flickering of the twilight zone.*You could do something as simple as passing around total lusegusechannel counts (irc lingo for “rooms you see, and people in them”) to get some idea of what the topological “city in the sky” looks like when nobody understands why the two cities in Tale of Two Heaven’s are York and Paris and …
I found these two passages in the Metroid wikipedia to be particularly noteworthy and interesting … linked to my “Nero Loves Pac-Man’s Abstracted Star Roads” which of course you’ll hopefully soon seen are the source the true Pax Romanus. I think. Anyway, hopefully “dumping evil crap into the Universe” is not what Copans Rd and the idiotic stories I was told in Tampa and Orlando were actually about–but who knows, there’s a lot of evil crap around, and it’s hard to say if this is actually what’s going on or …
Metroid[a] is a science fiction action game franchise created by Nintendo. The series is primarily produced by the company’s first-party developers Nintendo R&D1 and Retro Studios, although some games have been handled by other develop
Here, I’ll mention “RAID” again and it’s connection to candy stripers, I mean striping our brain-data across multiple nodes so that no single entity can control/steal/or torture anyone ever–that’s the kind of thing you can in-build into the systemic architecture of a “Heaven network” to avoid people like Taylor Momsen’s Dr. Claw character making a planet full of naked Amazon ladies “like a loser drooling in his mothers basement” … something we should all be concerned about in the world of Virtual Reality and … “darkness.” Clearly you all are not concerned enough. This is literally a “KEY” to the word “Abraxis” and abstraction and pax and Jupiter Ascending. You’ll note this gives us both safety and stability by creating both redundancy of data storage as well as ensures that some “morally superior entity” (as the Vatican has suggested it should control VR) can protect everyone and anyone from being locked in someone’s mother’s basement’s “virtual Earth.”
Today, I am locked in a virtual Earth. City in the sky is my “key hole” and everyone being able to teleport or “Morrison/Dr. Who/Bill and Ted Phone booth” walk through a door to it is the absolute only way I can see to “move forward intelligently” with a society knowing it is living in virtual reality, rather than a Flat Earth or some place with a “firmament” or … a place where the stars have fallen silent.
I don’t care if you are “here and there” (note that’s “VESPERA” you see _NIGHT_per me… ) nec hic neque illic or not … nobody in their right mind would choose to live in a prison, two prisons, or imprison others in a “planet with no escape but death” unless they were literally insane. Take that to heart, heart of the source of the keyhole that frees the entirety of Creation from “prison planets” and prisons and … possession and …
Super MetroidJust after she leaves, Samus receives a distress signal from the Ceres research lab. She returns just in time to catch Ridley stealing the hatchling, having killed all of the scientists. She follows Ridley to a rebuilt base on Zebes, where the Space Pirates are once again attempting to clone the Metroids and use them as weapons. Samus kills the reborn versions of Ridley and Kraid
It does appear something is “hatching.” There is no Adam here, only Xul. <3


A long long time ago … long before the invention of the meme, the original poster, and even the government protest …
you see a missing "P" and a cruel Priest. you see ... no "ring" and ... it's not about marriage--it's about freedom--and how fucking idiotic you all are.
… I wrote about “the land of flowing milfs and honies” a little joke about the Promised Land of Joshua–a place I now juxtapose with the land of Eden both I think (though I could be mistaken) to have been located somewhere near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers–now like many other times in the experience of writing this exposition … I now connect those rivers to this time period rather than to any physical place on our grande Atlas, one where Highway 61 and Amistad are just as likely to be the actual crossroads liking “freedom” and Edom and “civilizedation” and Kennedy and Eden. I imagine you don’t really want to hear me think out loud or in writing ad nauseum about “bliss on tap” and Willy Wonka’s river of replicator chocolate … or to reminisce about just how clever “the birds and the bees” are in their educational edifice and segue into the import of ecosystem stability and redundancy in everything from flower pollination to power sources and transfer mechanisms … even surrounded by glowing electroplankton, the windmills of Cervantes … and an entire world that I think needs a good (steady) dose of empathetic MDMA significantly more than Pac-Man pellets or ambrosia or “light” or crude oil or even the elixir of Tuck Everlasting and Saint Augustine and Ponce De Leon.
… Golden Cows, the Trojan Bull of Wallstreet and the roar of the Tribe of Judah Mansabee … as an aside …
I struggle to see the use in telling a story through my eyes or my (facebook like) wall board about … nanites, I cringe thinking about the weapon I’ve heard about almost on par with the “replicators of Stargate” which are … nothing short of the evil “other side” of free food and Romulan booze “on tap” … and sort of gloss over how they might be part of some kind of system we might need–something to terraform worlds or build tunnels or railroads without giant heavy machines or even how they might be part of a missile shield that relies on more than just “Kinetic Man” and/or Reagan’s dreams of skybound lasers. Of course like much of scary sterile story I’m told, that’s nothing like the context of “nanites” I am sure now today are part of the original intent of the Biblical story about “Caananites” … which of course were the original inhabitants of the Promised Land before the clones of your sister, a twenty something Veruka Salt and our ex-girlfriends. In the stories that I sort of live through in a … less than vicarious and more than state … the nanites that have slowly crept their way back into the limelight are something much closer to the ones depicted in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and every time I mention that movie in prose, I just imagine it might be the day before I come.
Greta, I'm not mocking you, I love you. I'm mocking "simulated global warming."
… and the Day after Tomorrow love might actually be such an easy game to play … and we might have a linguist and a statistician team up together to prove that there’s more to the Dome of the Rock and to the name Poseidon than “salting our C Narcissus” and we might skip over Aldous Huxley’s Island and we might see the actual point, that we can hear Thunder City exclaim that “it’s getting hot in here” all we want, but there’s no better way to fix the water in Flynt Michigan than getting rid of the pollutants with “magic” and with an act like that probably every municipal water “treatment plant” … because why do it the hard way?
and when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall; and down will come all the you-things; nothing left of your "all"
Billie, I'm mocking that jacket. Why are you saving it in your closet?
I find it pretty profound to notice “Fray” in the speak-aloud Matrix-Seifer … just about as profound to note the band connecting to the movie and all of those things really being “about” the Tapestry of the Fates if Greek mythology … just another notch in the enlightenment-guide-book of seeing those nodes in the definition of “what the Matrix really is.” On that word, and “enlightenment” yet another “gee whiz, everyone … 'we … is …’ ?” making Gnosis shine with another bright connection to the plurality of “we are” hidden away in Norse and the I AM of Exodus–making a message about preserving individuality somehow hopefully shine through the Wedding Crashers and prenuptial and partial-divorce from “knowing everything” that leaves us knowing ourselves instead of … losing what that really means.
twas a bow, an archer's bow--twas cupid's to be honest
It’s sort of a “TE/I know that if I am then” … to me–this statement encoded in yet another important river from the Styx (barn kiss?) to the Seine … spoken first to me, as I read it–and wonder aloud exactly what the “tease” is all about, this thing that I supposedly an fraying … I read by taking it too seriously. I don’t think I’m taking anything too seriously, and I think the world too … I think we should all be far more concerned with “whitewashing over” a mass hysteria of refusal to openly acknowledge the importance not just of “The Fray” and “The Matrix” but of the group mentality that somehow allows us to believe it’s not a gigantic loss of self and sanity to just walk around each and every day like it’s not a gigantic deal that we haven’t fixed the water in Flynt nor acknowledged that’s what the match is about, fixing it properly–caring about not harming people–rather than finding some slow methodical scientific solution that allows the great lie we seem to think is so “useful to ignore” to perpetuate … I imagine simply because we have waited so long already.
or you could call him orion
I’m not trying to “make light of the situation” … I hope you see that–I find our public and recorded response to something very obvious to already be … diminutive and ignorant. I hope you don’t ignore that, I hope we get our giant dust buster. Either the world “doesn’t get it” or we “don’t care” and neither should be acceptable to anyone.
This isn’t about gun control, it’s about “god control” and that really means “freedom and honesty” in a place and time where we just don’t understand what it is we are losing by … “being offended” instead of speaking the truth.
or the hunter of "europe's" famous song ... time .. the time has come
Nebraska, do you sec ve fading away? LISX
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Ease on down the road ... they say; keep on truckin' and remember that once and upon this future ... guy-a and the spirit of fawkes and even karouac ... one in the same ... here in this place of "one."
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Guide for Free-to-Play New Players

Sup guys, just to introduce myself real quick, I've started this game four month ago and I'm committed as a free-to-play player, currently just broke level 5,000. Compared to most other games, Dragonsky is actually fairly friendly for FTP players; no VIPs, no energy limiting number of plays, and most importantly there is not one thing you cannot get compared to paid players, and the latter only have the advantage of growth. But even if you decide to pay, it will still take quite a bit of time to get to where the top guys are, so my advice to all is to just take it easy and have patience. If you breeze through a game and get to the top quickly, you'll only be finding yourself looking for a new game anyways, so why not just chill lol. Let's get to the guide below, if you have any questions, you may also find some answers at tips & tricks section:

DS Handbook + Table of Contents to Other Guides

(Updated as of June. 4th. 2020, for Patch Version 1.2.170)
I. Tutorial Phase: (Goal: obtaining your first Elite Dragon)
  • Finish the game's tutorial, the main take away here is that you should always be fusing shining tier 10 dragon with another, as this maximizes your chance at getting exotic dragons.
  • You start out with 2,500 egg limit that hatch at normal time, be sure to always use 2x hatch speed to speed up hatching.
  • After the 2,500th egg, there will be an ad to give another 1,000. After that the next 4,500 egg will hatch at a slower speed, which will be even slower at the 8,000th egg. Even if you're a very dedicated FTP player, would suggest to stop here as the returns would be too low.
  • Keep all gems and currencies so far, be sure to use visit all sections: legendary boss, daily boss, dragon search, essence search. The only place gems should be used now is at the lab section, you can refer to the DS handbook at the sticky.
  • As of 6/4/2020, you can accumulate play time rewards, suggest to fuse the two Eleve-Wolfgoth to evolve it to 5*, keep Nestreza and Bitera for your team. We can decide what to do with the latter two later.
  • After fusing a couple tier 10 dragons, you should be getting some Rare and better dragons. Would recommend keeping all for now, and focus on upgrading Neros.
  • Go to your dragon inventory screen, and work on expanding your elite dragon slots to 6.
  • When leveling up dragons, stop at level 1,000 (or whatever max) for now, and upgrading attack/hp based on a 2:1 ratio. Upgrading stones are easy to get so eventually you'll upgrade all to max quickly.
  • Be sure to spin the lucky wheel whenever it's up, prizes can be quite good.
  • When you have accumulated 110 black shards from fusing a bunch of black dragons, go to the shop and purchase Adelan-Indermon. This dragon will be your main for the months to come, so continue to commit most of your resources into him.

Before getting deeper, would need to share with everyone the hard truth about this game:
**Just filling your team with legendary dragons will not get you anywhere**
I admit that this is the one counter-intuitive part of the game, but legendary dragons take alot of resources and months to grow, before they can demonstrate their superior firepower. For now, please stick to the guide.

II. Starting Phase: (Goal: Stage level 200, join a legion)
  • Keep all your elite dragons findings so far, feel free to add them to the lineup, but only commit gold and neutral upgrade stones on Neros for now. One reason why Neros is good for beginners is that it has a wide-array of homing attacks, you can put her in the middle of the screen and use the function Fix Dragon, so that you can focus on fusing normal dragons.
  • If you find extra copies of Neros, feel free to evolve her to 5-star. A 5-star maxed Neros should be able to take you to level 200.
  • Search for a legion, as high level you can find, and join. With this you can start earning contribution points, which is vital to buy mystic dragons. Be sure to finish Elimination once a day.
  • You can also earn contribution points and battle points by other actions, be sure to finish all attempts of: Legendary Boss: Daily Boss, Journey (when available), Broken Seal (when available). Fusing dragons will also earn you points too. For Daily Boss, first complete the highest level you can get to, later on you can quickly finish easier levels by using the Finish Now button.
  • Check the Recapture Mission section, it gives alot of freebies based on progression, and the missions cycle themselves in the same order.
  • Check the Goddess section, prioritize obtaining Conquest skin for attack first, then HP and Armor. You may upgrade their stats with Life Gems, and most players would recommend a 2:2:1 ratio.
  • Check the Lab section, you should be upgrading key traits that would greatly help you through the game. Check the tips & tricks section under the other sticky on the home page. Just to note here that new players would be committing all red gems here until all are maxed. It's doable within a month.
  • May choose to save up the following dragons when encountered for later use: Eleve-Cierabo, Eleve-Merkyef, Eleve-Bonehorn.

III. First Team Building Phase: (Goal: Stage level 1,000, start pvp, determine your team development path)
  • Upon level 1,000, can start pvp to earn honor points. You have 30 tries each day so use them up. Honor points can also be used to exchange for mystic dragons.
  • This is one of the most fun part about DragonSky, as team building in this game is quite sophisticated, but can be too complex for some. I'll be making some suggestions here so that people do not waste as much resources as I did. In the end, resource management plays a key part at the core of this game.
  • From the DS handbook, you probably have already read that a recommended line-up includes an A-Indermon, two legendary dragons, and three rare dragons. I agree and use the same pattern too.
  • The stickied post has another link to DragonSky Wiki, visit the page and check out all elite dragons, from here we would be picking which ones to include in our team. Note for Passive Buff (buff you get for just having the dragon), and Team Buff (buff you get when your dragon is evolved to 7-star).
  • The meta in the game now is to have a team of the following team buffs: Defense Penetration x2, Critical Rate x1, Critical Damage x1, Attribute Damage x1, and the last one can be a free choice, some go for more Attack, some go for more Defense Penetration.
  • As you can see, if you take your Neros to 7-star, she will not only offer the Critical Rate Team Buff, but her passive buff will also buff all Dragons Attack. This is another reason you may keep your Neros and develop her all the way to 7-star. Here I would also want to note that you can now disregard A-Jupiter as a possible dragon for the line-up.
  • For legendary dragon options, the currencies that would give you the fastest access to dragons are shining shards, contribution, and honor. So you should be picking a dragon from the shining shard store and a dragon from the contribution store, and focus getting their copies and eventually evolve to 7-star.
  • The recommended build paths are:
    • A. Shining Shard: Illafiend / Contribution: Bivir or Vinas / Honor: Bitera or Nazitha
    • B. Shining Shard: Illafiend / Contribution: Vinas / Honor: Ragereet
    • C. Shining Shard: Ourwin / Contribution: Nazitha / Honor: Nazitha
  • Since dragons to be obtained from Honor shop will take you 1 dragon per month, recommend to keep these dragons on the side, or as binds. That is unless you go for Nazitha with contribution coins too.
  • With the build paths above, in addition to A-Indermon and Neros, you have decided on four dragons for your main team. The last two dragons should also be Rare quality that provides complementary team buffs to fill in what is missing from the meta suggestion. For instance, if you decided to go down path A, you would have A-Indermon (Attack buff), Neros (Crit Rate buff), Bivir (Attribute dmg buff), and Illafiend (Def Pen buff). Now you would need another that gives Crit dmg buff (Dempseyger, Merkyef or Jupiter) and another Def Pen buff (Indermon or Wolfgoth).
  • From here, focus on trading your black shards for more A-Indermon copies until he's 7-star. Afterwards you may consider trading black shards for Dragon Souls, which are used to level up dragons. Prioritize leveling and evolving your A-Indermon now. Also level up your other dragons to level 1,000 max, and max upgrades.
  • Starseals should be used on exchanging for shining shards when they are available at the shop, or be dedicated to an end game dragon that you wish to get from the broken seal shop. Some of the great choices are: Angemoth, Purlith, and Triathan. Keep in mind of their team buffs too.
  • To get more Dragon Souls, disenchant all your other dragons that are not used for the team, with the exception of: legendary dragons, volver bladenought and rhinosh.
  • A full line-up of the above, with legendary dragons at 4-star or above, A-Indermon and the rest at 5-star or above, should take you beyond level 1,000.
  • From here on, A-Indermon and the two legendaries will be your main, and the three rares including Neros will be for buffs. Focus on leveling your mains as much as you can before you switch to the buff dragons. If you have enough rare dragon copies, and your main dragons' evolution seems to be a while away, level and evolve your buff dragons to 7* level 1000, and stop there.
  • For the Nestreza you've obtained from play time rewards, suggest to evolve to 5* level 1000 then use him as a bind. Despite the great attack patterns, he's a better choice as bind dragon than a main.
  • For the Bitera you've obtained from play time rewards, suggest to evolve to 5* level 1000 then use him as a bind. Though he's a great main dragon, depending on the way you would like to spend your honor coins or starseals, you may or may not want to put him on the main team eventually, as it will take quite a few months.
  • Can also swap out Elevel-Wolfgoth and use it as a bind dragon when you have your team planned out, but don't over-develop him past 5* level 1,000.

IV. Preparation for Mid-Game: (Goal: Stage level 3,000, broken seal runs and category 3 Journey Rewards)
  • By this time you should be about a month into the game, should have enough copies to bring your legendaries to 5-star, and A-Indermon to 6-star.
  • Should also be having some Ancient Gems, either from weekly logins, lucky wheel, or secret market, which are used to unlock and upgrade Goddess Skins. Priority should be:
    • Get each skin one at a time, and to level 5 for Successor > Judge > Guardian > Wicked Witch
    • Repeat the above cycle until they are level 20
    • Get to level 100, one at a time, for Practician > Guide > Thorn Crow > Birth of Spring > Immortal
    • Do not pick up Song of Angels until your lab is fully maxed after player level 500
  • Journey is opened up at player level 80 (about stage level 800). It has three sections, suggesting you pair one main dragon with a buff dragon. The goal here is to reach the same levels in all three areas. Once you're able to finish stage 9 in all areas will get you Category 3 rewards, which gives a chance of free Shining tier 10 dragon.
  • Broken Seal is available once reaching player level 250, and you can start collecting broken seals which is used for exchanging the best dragons. This will take the longest time so don't fret over it.
  • Once your dragons reach 6-star, dragons binding option becomes available. You can pair any 5-star dragons or higher as support. Can use the Volver dragons or any other legendaries that is not on your team. Supports do damage at 70% of original power too, and provides stats benefits, so make sure to level them eventually too. For details, head over to the tips & trick sections and check out binding dragon options.
  • Leveling and evolving priorities should be: Mains (A-Indermon and two legendaries) > Buff Dragons (three rares) > Binding Dragons.
  • Once you get your A-Indermon to 7-star, should be able to carry your team to level 3,000.

V. Further Tuning and Growing into Mid-Game: (Goal: Stage level 4,000, category 4 Journey Rewards)
  • By this time you should be about two months into the game, A-Indermon to 7-stars, two main legendaries to 6-stars, and some of the three buff dragons to 7-stars. Growth from this point will start to feel slower as it takes time to get enough copies to evolve legendary dragons. 6-star to 7-star takes 12 copies of the same dragon, so for legendaries expect a good 3 months or so.
  • While some may argue not to level rare dragons at all, but I think you should still take them to level 1,000. It would give achievement rewards of 150 red gems each, plus you'll be using them for quite a while so some extra damage is always good.
  • Would recommend not invest in weapon system for now past level 10. Upgrading has a chance of failing, and take heaps of gold which could be better used on leveling up dragons on your team. Prioritize using gold to level up your dragons until condensed mana starts to become a constraint.
  • Soulstone supply will start to become a little tight due to all the evolution, below are the main ways to get more:
    • Disenchanting unused dragons: though would recommend evolving all to 5-star first, providing some good stats boost
    • Affinity nuts: upon reaching 6-star, each dragon can be fed nuts you acquire from boss runs. Each dragon can give 250 soulstones upon feeding enough nuts
    • Recapture mission: these give quite a bit of free stones, so make sure to do them in order
    • Currency exchange: the only one recommended is black shards, you'll need others for dragon copies
    • Daily journey: provide some soulstones too, by this point you should be able to obtain category 4 rewards
  • The red gem section of your lab should also be maxed at this point too; can start using red gems for other purchases:
    • Secret market: legendary dragons (unused ones can be disenchanted for shining shards), Shining T10 dragons, Shining shards, and Ancient Gems.
    • Dragon search: legendary dragons (unused ones can be disenchanted for shining shards)
    • Essences: can be expensive, but can use purchase all to get discount, buy at your own discretion
    • Dragon Pass Progression: there's no way for FTP players to complete this naturally, would need to buy tier ups (800 gems per) to get full rewards. Expect to spend 4,000+ gems here on a monthly basis.
  • As your dragons evolve to 7-star, you can bind another dragon to have two support dragons, and can also choose to enhance the binding ranks to provide more bonus. Do so for your mains only if you have spare upgrading stones.

VI. Beginning of the End: (Goal: Stage level 5,000, category 5 Journey Rewards)
  • By this time you should be about 4 months into the game, A-Indermon 7* A5 (fully awakened), Illafiend (or another shining shard dragon main) to 7*, contribution coin dragon at 6.5*, honor coin dragon at 5.5*, and other filler team buff dragons at 7*. Should also have weapons for all main dragons at level 10 (only for legendary and epic dragons). With no extra purchases, you should be running out of weapon stones as well by this point.
  • Should be able to complete to obtain category 5 rewards in Journey. It gives a pretty good amount of soulstones, lifegems, and coins on a daily basis; and if you do hit the jackpot, will give you three shining T10 dragons. If you have surplus of gems for dragon/battle passes completion, and buffer for legendary dragon in the secret market, would not be a bad idea to reset Journey once/day sometimes to get extra resources.
  • Can also consider buying T10 and T9 dragons from dragon searches once in a while, and/or cheap essences in essence search if you're stocked on gems.
  • FTP gamers by this point are probably also starving on soulstones. Depending on how close your other dragons are to 7*, you may choose to evolve your contribution coin dragon to 7*, or start awakening shining shard dragon.
  • Should also be having at least two main dragons hitting level 1,500.
  • At player level 500, the rest of the lab researches are unlocked. Prioritize rush stages > skip start stage 1 > additional rush stages > skip start stage 2. Refer to the guide under tips & tricks section in the sticky.
  • Once Illafiend and/or another shining shard dragon is fully awakened, can consider exchanging starseals for mythic dragons.
  • Bring up other notable epic dragons to 7* for binding, as your resources are allowed. Priorities as below. Together with your A-Indermon, providing six bind dragons for three mains.
    • Volver Bladenought & Rhinosh > Rosard > Lovariel > A-Cryd
  • Shining shard dragons to be considered for binding are as below, work on this slowly as resources allowed:
    • Ourwin > Vajarathor > Nestreza > Vulcan > Gaigarus > Unius > Euthos
  • If you have raised Bitera or Ragereet using combination of Honor coins and Star seals, they should be at 6* now. You may decide to either replace one of your rare dragon with them or keep them as binds until 7*, see which option provides more group battle power.
  • You should also be able to clear Broken Seal levels up to level 5.

Will update this section as much as I can, any suggestions are welcome!
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