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Windows 7 product key to activate windows 10 https://sale7777.ru/download/?file=1048. I am prepping a new windows 10 image to be deployed through out my company in many different locations to different computer brands (Dell, Lenovo, MS Surface). Here, you'll get official access to download Windows 10 data recovery software with a serial key to restoring all your lost files in 3 simple steps. Windows 10 image file with key. Activate Windows 10. If it still asks for the activation key, then you need to run KMSPico. Keygen.exe Windows process - Windows 10/8/7/XP file forum. Windows Image Files and Catalog Files Overview get more info.

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It's still hidden in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, but the Recovery section. If you have a newer PC that came with Windows 8 or Windows 10, then your product key likely won't be on a sticker. If yes, then you definitely gonna love this post. Here I am going to show you the Product key for Windows 10 in 2020 which will work everywhere, Also we assure that this Windows 10 Product Key can apply or insert in any Version of Windows 10. 8DVY4-NV2MW-3CGTG-XCBDB-2PQFM. If you want to install Windows 10 directly from the ISO file without using a DVD or flash drive, you can do so by mounting the ISO file. Instead, computer manufacturers now embed the key right into the computer's UEFI firmware. All PDF Converter Free Download With Genuine License click this link now.

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Microsoft has considered the possibility that we Windows 10 users need to backup the system for data protection, so the solution for system backup called "File History" which exists in Windows 8/ is reserved. Windows 10 installation media (USB flash drive). Here you can free download Windows 10 Enterprise ISO file. What is Windows 10 ISO or Windows 10 Pro ISO Download? How to Mount and Burn ISO Images in Windows clicked the Windows 7 image to reveal the files burning an ISO image neglected to mention that key detail so it was making me crazy that I. Here we just explain the method you must know to install Windows 10 from ISO file. For example, when you don't have another backup software, and you're about to upgrade to a new release of the OS, you.

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Windows 10 November update (version 1511) and will be included in the next ADK release, scheduled along with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Of the file formats mentioned above that use the KEY file extension, it only makes sense to convert a Keynote Presentation file, which you can with the Keynote program for macOS. How to Back Up and Restore an Image File of Windows 10. Here's how to create and restore an entire image file if your current system ever goes kaput. How to Find Computer Serial Number in Windows 10 i loved this. At the moment, this is how you can create a system image in Windows 10: 1. Open Control Panel and go to File History. Windows 10 Download Full Version With Crack 32/64 Bit ISO File.

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The WinRE image is included inside the Windows 10 image, and is eventually copied to the Windows RE tools partition on the destination PC or device. If it finds a key in the UEFI bios it will return it as an output after your run the command. Restore Windows 10 Computer Using System Image. Download Windows 10 Home Edition ISO 32 Bit and 64 Bit. Fortunately, the Explore Image feature in AOMEI Backupper provides a pretty easy way to complete the task. Cortana has been more tightly integrated to the Win 10 Operating System. Microsoft has explained another of the uncertainty that has been lingering for extended whether the Insider Preview testers would find a free Windows 10 torrent file and the reply is in ways, YES.

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Windows 10 Home Edition ISO is one of the most secure editions. Enter file in which to save the key. In the previous post, I have already talked about how to create bootable ISO from windows files. Source: Windows Central. It simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks when building apps for Windows 10. Install the sample app; Documentation; NuGet. Download the official tool for downloading latest Windows 10 ISO files from here and launch it. 2. Click on the 'Create installation media for another PC' option. 6 Best Sites to Find Serial Keys for Any Software 2020.

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To use your system image to restore your PC, open up the new Windows 10 Settings menu and go to Update & recovery. For help finding it, go to Find your Windows product key. Windows will use the default image in the C: \Recovery folder that's. How to retrieve Windows 10 Product Key from BIOS / UEFI https://sale7777.ru/download/?file=1043. IDM Serial Keys – Are there any FREE keys out there? How to install Windows 10 from DVD, USB, or ISO file. According to top the Most of People Over the Internet Estimates that Windows 8.1 is the.

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However, doing so via Microsoft's Windows 10 download and installation tool is best. Windows 10 Pro x64 2020 - 19041 - 264 XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1 in VM for testing New 26 Dec 2020 #2 If you have already installed win10 on the device using a key, you never have to enter the key again - keys are held on Microsoft's servers which prevents a key being used more than once and makes things easier for legitimate re-installs. The Windows upgrade option is also an excellent choice to install Windows 10. But you can not directly install Windows from ISO file on a computer. Step 2: Copy the Code and Create a New text document anywhere on your PC. Paste the code into the text file. What you'll see is PRODUCT KEY: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Rufus is a portable program (doesn't install), works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, and will "burn" an ISO image file to any type of USB storage device you happen to have. Version 1.12 update in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Voucher Key will be available on January 29 and will contain a large amount of content for the three g.

Bannerlord Early Access - Mainline 1.4.3 & Beta Branch 1.5.0 Patch Notes

Greetings, Peasants.



Welcome to the patch thread, we make these threads to save us another pin space for other things.

Taleworlds forum bug reporting thread

Mount and Blade Discord

Link to wiki - Previous patches and threads inside


Versions Native: e1.4.3
SandboxCore: e1.4.3
Sandbox: e1.4.3
Storymode: e1.4.3
CustomBattle: e1.4.3

Previous Beta Hotfixes:

-Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a settlement.
-Fixed a crash that occurred while distributing loot after battle.
-Fixed a game freezing issue related to sound stutters.
-Fixed an issue with party troops changing to 0 after battles.
-Reduced the rate of casualties when a party is starving.
-Changes made to the campaign AI party logic to change target less during the preparation of sieges.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a settlement that you own.
-Fixed an issue with the assault option not showing in some instances when joining an ongoing siege.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a newly captured city with an army.
-Parties led by companions are now able to join armies.
-Fixed a crash when the AI army leader lifted a siege.
-Fixed an error while loading modules on game startup that caused a crash.
-Fixed a crash that occurred with newborn NPC having no civilian or battle equipment set.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when the player completed an arena practice fight after loading the game while the arena menu was active.
-Fixed a crash where a minor faction and a bandit party attacked an enemy faction and the player decided to help it.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when talking to a minor faction party during the main storyline.
-Tier 4 troop wages are decreased by 1 gold and Tier 5 wages decreased by 3 gold.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to perform an action while at a settlement with an army.
-Fixed a bug that tagged garrisons as mobile parties which caused prison escape chances to be calculated incorrectly.
-Fixed a crash the occurred while creating settlement notifications for caravan transactions.
-Fixed a bug that caused wounded animations to not play while talking to an imprisoned lord.
-Fixed a bug where the player party was erroneously called to an AI army that caused it to automatically move towards the army's position.
-Fixed a bug that prevented some nobles from spawning in new games.
-Fixed an issue where nobles without party were not going another settlement to join tournaments. Fixed a bug where family members stop being eligible for leading parties.
-Notables' power ratings were stabilising at 100 after some time, this is fixed and balanced.
-Default trade penalty (buy-sell price difference from average) is reduced to 8% from 10%.
-Imperial Sergeant Crossbowmen got their swords back.
-Fixed an issue related with automatic block direction option in which ranged attacks forced the player to stop holding their shield up.
-AI now needs to build more siege equipment before launching an assault. If attackers start a siege assault without any equipment or with only one ram/siege tower, the settlement will have a better advantage compared to previously.
-Siege preparation is now 33% longer.
-Item prices differentiate more among settlements so merchant players & caravans can make better profits.
-Fixed a crash that occurred if the player left an army while at a settlement.
-Fixed a bug that caused problems with health regeneration.
-Adjusted some village productions. Visual adjustments will follow shortly.
-Fixed a bug that caused garrison wages to be excessive for a short period of time upon taking control of a settlement.
-Prevented a crash when upgrading troops in Manage Troops screen before attacking a hideout.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when recruiting surrendering bandits in a conversation.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on death notifications.
-Fixed a crash in Skirmish.
-Fixed a bug that allowed players to mount a horse that was despawning.
-Localisation fixes.


Versions Native: e1.5.0
SandboxCore: e1.5.0
Sandbox: e1.5.0
Storymode: e1.5.0
CustomBattle: e1.5.0


-Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of battles due to a missing check in a 'formation AI' behaviour.
-Fixed a bug that caused Manual Laborers quest to crash.
-Fixed a crash that occurred when annexation decisions were proposed by AI clans.
-Improved performance of retreat and flee behaviour of battle formations.
-Optimized AI ranged and melee target selection for performance and spike reduction.
-GPU performance improvements for towns - Make shadow occlusion queries great again!
Save & Load
-Refactored the save/load file paths so they won't include the Native folder.
-Fixed a bug that caused Siege Battle to continue in Lords Hall if players exited to the main menu while climbing a ladder during a siege mission.
-Fixed an issue that caused wrong prisoner numbers to be displayed in the load screen.
-Fixed navigation mesh issue in Mazhadan Castle.
-Keep and arena menu images have been updated.
-Fixed a few bugged siege ladders that prevented climbing.
-Fixed castle gates physics issues.
-Fixed clipping issues on some of the gloves.
-Fixed visual glitches on some of the armours.
-Added a new Sturgian light armour.
-Improvements on Empire wall brick textures.
-Improved Empire Dungeon and some garden meshes.
-Fixed some parallax issues on Empire Buildings.
-Fixed trader missing issues in Vlandia cities.
-Fixed walkable area problem in some scenes.
-Crafting Axe Pieces have been optimised for future updates.
-Made some improvements (f.e. adding dynamic barriers and indestructible merlons) on the following scenes:
--sturgia_castle_003, aserai_castle_002, khuzait_castle_002, vlandia_castle_005a
-Added 3 new hair types.
-Added new Battanian chain mail armour.
-Fixed visual issues on the male version of Northern Visored Cap.
-Fixed getting teleported into the void on Empire Tavern scenes issue.
-Improvements on some Aserai Villages.
-Helmets with wrong beard-covering tag fixed.
-Lords and Ladies facekeys revised for Sturgia.
-Fixed many of the agent movement errors near wall and stair intersections.
Campaign Map
-Fixed a bug which caused the raid particles to be invisible after a campaign save game was loaded.
-Improved geometry in world map, improved texture detail, paths and roads are added, fixed various visual problems with settlements, improved pathfinding. Aserai lands are re-rendered. slight changes in settlements placements for balance reasons. Change in some village productions for balance and lore reasons.
--New Campaign Map Mobile Party Trackers:
---Now players can see and track(keep inside their screen) mobile parties of their clans and armies of their kingdom on the campaign map, while they're not in the spotting range.
--Encyclopedia Favourites:
---Now players can favourite encyclopedia items so these favourited items will be shown at the top of their respective lists.
--New Hideout Troop Management Screen:
---New popup for hideout troop management before hideout battles that will decrease deadtime waiting for the party screen to load.
--Players can now input numbers directly in Custom Battle sliders (army size, troop type percentage).
--Added a tooltip to the execution notification ("Execute Him/Her" button) to show the player, who they'll lose relation with.
---Added new Game Menu images for each cultures' settlement keep and arena menus.
--Fixed an issue that caused the inventory screen to close when the item preview popup is open. Now ESC closes the preview first.
--Fixed a bug that caused the governor selection panel to go out of bounds in some cases in town management popup.
--Fixed a bug that caused prisoners in party screen to show up with the main party's banner.
Battles and Sieges
-Added automatic captain assignment to formations without a captain.
--To use this feature, assign a formation to a companion from the party screen.
--Once a battle starts the first companion/hero that is assigned to a formation is picked as the captain of the formation (this also works for AI parties).
--Captains provide formation-wide perk bonuses to their troops.
--If a captain dies or flees, the next living companion/hero (if there are any) within the same formation is picked as the new captain.
-"Formation AI and Tactics overhaul"
--Troops with throwing weapons now have their own skirmisher category, they are no longer used as archers by the AI (which caused various problems).
--Horse archer formation behaviours improved to make them protect themselves and pull back better and not to get stuck between enemies.
--Archer formations moved around too much making AI armies far less effective than they could be, a lot of logic added to make them more stable.
--Army approaching enemy army to get in missile range logic overhauled to make it more effective and stable.
--AI now stops and lets its formations form up before continuing moving when it changes their arrangement such as to and from shield wall.
--AI Formations now recognise if most of their units have shields or not and accordingly chooses loose arrangement under missile fire instead of shield wall if they don't have shields.
--Chokepoints in battlefields are now used facing either side if it is appropriate.
--Various errors with the defensive ring tactic fixed, calculations improved, large circles are now being properly formed, square arrangement in the middle improved.
--Enemy army composition having more cavalry now confers a tactical advantage to defensiveness as attacking cavalry armies is more difficult.
--Single cavalry unit in a formation no longer messes up formation unit intervals and unit diameters which used to cause formations to stand with gaps regardless of arrangement.
--When a mixed unit formation is given a shield wall arrangement order, units with shields will move to the front ranks, switching places with soldiers without shields.
-Agents who stopped retreating because their side won the battle were causing glitchy continuous playing of running away shout sounds is fixed.
-Fixed friendly fire notification on the combat log.
Character Development System
-Aserai "Joined the Skirmishers" character creation option now grants relatively cheaper javelins.
-Some character creation choices were giving strong and expensive mid-tier armours. This is no longer the case.
-Added 13 combat-related Athletics perks.
-Added 10 campaign-related archery perks.
-Added 8 campaign-related crossbow perks.
-Characters' skills are generated from their traits when the character comes of age.
Clan and Party
-Some nobles were not spawning in a new game and nobles without a party were not going to another settlement to join tournaments. These issues are fixed now.
-Fixed a bug where fugitive family members could not be selected as a party leader.
-Fixed problems related to death.
-Companions teleported to a settlement of their culture when disbanded. They will now be teleported to a closer neutral or ally settlement if there are any nearby.
-AI Lords' traits determine the equipment template allocated to their offsprings during coming-of-age. Only a few templates are now assigned - there will be more variation in the future.
Kingdoms and Diplomacy
-Fixed the party size effect of Noble Retinues policy.
-Passive influence gains are tweaked further for balance. Some policies have increased penalties to match their positive effects.
-A miscalculation bug in Bailiff policy is fixed.
-Fixed a bug that caused minor factions to join kingdoms as vassals instead of mercenaries.
-Fixed a calculation error in kingdom tributes that lead to unintended tribute values.
Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)
-If a player is inside a fortification and if that fortification's map faction declares war on that player, a new menu will be shown to inform the player that they escaped from the fortification. If a player gains a crime rating in a mission and it leads to war, they will also see the menu after the mission ends, if they are not disguised.
-When players entered settlements sometimes it was auto-recruiting from notables. This was fixed.
Quests & Issues
-New Issue Quest "Inn and Out" added.
-Implemented the new Caravan Ambush quest.
-Balanced deserter and defender party sizes for Extortion by deserters quest. Added extra quest requirements.
-Fixed a bug that caused quest NPCs to not holster their weapons after the Family feud quest fight.
-Village issues will now affect the bound settlement's properties (Loyalty, Security etc.).
-Improvements were made to the issue and quest generation algorithm.
-Some improvements about conspiracy progression.
Conversations & Encounters
-Fixed a bug that caused wounded animations to not play while talking to an imprisoned lord.
-Fixed a bug that caused the third-person camera to get stuck when players talked to an NPC from the UI.
-Fixed siege parley dialogues. The trigger did not recognise that a parley was in process.
-Engraved Backsword can now be thrusted.
-Stats of Expert Forester units have been fixed.
-Seaxes can now be used with civilian equipment.
-Battania Veteran Falxman unit has stats that benefit his weapon of choice now.
-Aserai rural notables and peasant units no longer come with heavy armour.
-Militia Equipment has been balanced and changed. Veteran militia units now use weaker armour and weaponry.
-Fixed a bug that causes NPCs to remain hostile after player retreats from alley fight.
-Fixed a bug that caused the wife/husband of the player to appear multiple times in missions.
-Bandit parties' prisoners are recruitable now.
-Minor refactor about recruitment and mercenaries
-Fixed a tick problem which also causes skipping daily income in some cases.
-Fixed an issue for the editor build deploy.
-Editor problems about editing AI hint objects fixed.
-Editor build deploy improvements.


-Fixed a crash that happened when a player picked up an item from the ground while it was fading out.
-Map Fixes:
--Fixed walking through from window to the roof with camel issue in Nord Town TDM map.
--Improved visibility in both interiors and ability to see outside from inside and vice versa in Trading Post Skirmish map.
--Fixed various positions for Trading Post and Town Outskirts Skirmish maps that allowed players to reach out of bound areas.
--Some physics improvements to Xauna Skirmish Map.
-Two new skirmish maps:
--Name: Echerion
---Theme: Main visual features: Imperial City, Canals, Sea Side. The map is set in a grand imperial city, with canals running through the two contrasting districts, which serve as starting points for both teams. Players will fight for the main square with its construction sites, the city's pottery workshop and the elevated grand plaza.
--Name: Port at Omor
---Theme: Main theme is a fishing and trading village at the outskirts of an old and established city. While one team starts from the channel that divides the city from the village, the other team starts at the opposite end of the village. Players will battle amongst trade yards, shipyards, warehouses, taverns, and statues left behind by old inhabitants of the land.
Combat Changes
-Melee Combat:
--Defend speed has been increased drastically. (So blocking is a lot more responsive now.)
--Ready speed has been increased. (So your weapon goes faster into the attack position.)
--Release speed has been decreased. (So your weapon swing/thrusts is slower now.)
--Quick attacks now skip more processes of the animation. (Removes some of the delay at the start of quick attacks.)
--Adjusted the crush through formula:
---It will be easier to crush through with high force weapons now.
---Made it so that Two-Handed Mace crush through way more consistently than other types.
---Couch lance attacks can now crush through blocks. (Singleplayer Only)
-Made defender stuns longer when being struck/hit.
-Made defender stuns less dependent on weapon weights.
-Removed stance bonuses to stuns.
-Made attacker stuns shorter after blocked attacks.
-Made attacker stuns shorter on bounces/glances.
-Made attacker stuns shorter for swings + thrusts.
-Hitting with a weapon now slows it down more, especially for thrusts.
-Made it slightly easier to chamber block. (More changes to come since its still quite hard.)
-Decreased the damage thresholds for pierce, cut and blunt attacks:
--Meaning attacks will not bounce/glance as easily.
--Made them consistent between the damage types.
-Modified the damage curve for swing attacks:
--Swings will now deal damage more consistently.
--Swings will now deal damage earlier into their collision period.
--Note that the collision periods for all attacks have been updated (moved further back), check below.
-Collision period adjustments (the time frame of attack animations that can collide / deal damage):
--One-Handed Left Swings collision starts slightly later.
--One-Handed Right Swings collision starts slightly later.
--One-Handed Lance Thrusts collision starts later.
--Two-Handed Left Swings collision starts slightly later.
--Two-Handed Right Swings collision starts slightly later.
--Polearm Right Swings collision starts earlier.
--Polearm Left Swings collision starts earlier.
--Polearms Thrusts damage starts later (collision stays the same).
-Ranged Combat:
-When defending (blocking with a shield) with a weapon in throwing mode in hand, you now also get bumped when enemies come close to you. (This is to make it risky to play for kick throws (but keeps it possible). Earlier it only happened when readying your throwing weapons.
-Decreased accuracy of throwing weapons when released instantly.
-Decreased accuracy of throwing weapons when held for a long time. (Similar to bows.)
-Slightly increased the release time of throwing weapons.
-Made bows a bit less accurate when released instantly (This won't affect AI too much. Will make it harder (but not impossible) for players to hit feet or around shields.)
-Multiplayer Only:
--Made bows inaccurate earlier when drawn out for a time. (This will make it make the window of perfect accuracy smaller. Early Accuracy will be slightly better if the bow was readied before.)
--Made bows more inaccurate when moving.
-Other Combat Changes
--Made kick animation longer. (Gives the opponent more time to react. Also slightly reduced the stun.)
--Increased collision resistance (makes it harder to push people):
---Increased minimum collision resistance (when moving fast).
---Increased maximum collision resistance (when moving slow).
---The collision resistance when standing still stayed the same.
---This will also make it harder to push through formations of AI.
--Made Equip animations longer:
---This will increase the equip times slightly when changing weapons.
---Doesn't affect sheathing weapons.
-Decreased movement speed during combat. (Will make it harder to move in and out of duels)
-Increased maximum sprint speed.
-Increased the time needed to reach 100% sprint speed.
-Slightly increased when running backwards.
-Slightly increased the time needed to accelerate out of combat speed.
-Made it easier to turn with horses.
Mounted Combat + Movement
-Couch lance engage animation is slightly longer now.
-Couch lance angle to right side has been decreased.
-Lowered speed and angle requirement for mounts to trigger the “hit object” animation.
-Horses now rear up when riding into objects to hard.
-Increased speed requirement for horses to charge characters. (This will make it harder to bump run over characters. There will be more bumps than run overs now. This will require better infantry coordination to take advantage of cavalry charges.)
-Decreased the damage threshold for being able to rear mounts.
-Mounts can now be reared from a wider angle by spears.
-Multiplayer Only:
--Classes with lower riding skill will now perform worse on horseback (less manoeuvrability and less speed).
-Increased Fall Damage.
-Fixed an issue when a picked-up weapon is dropped for the second time gets spawned far away from its original position.
-Changed Max Gold to 380.
Weapon Changes
-Adjusted all weapons in relation to new Combat Parameters. (Weapons will be fine-tuned if required as we monitor their performance.)
-Slightly increased damage of Battania Axe.
-Reduced damage of Vlandia Pickaxe.
-Slightly reduced damage of Sturgia Axe.
-Slightly increased damage of Pikes.
-All Lance's damage increased to adjust for the new Couch Lance formula and price changes.
--Increased Stack size is changed to 20.
--Increased Missile Speed from 40 to 45.
-Javelin damage reduced.
-Sturgia Harpoon damage reduced.
-Billhook damage reduced.
-Sturgia Throwing Axe stack count is reduced from 4 to 3.
Troop Changes
-All Skirmishers and Shock Troop are slightly faster.
-All Heavy Infantry start with a lighter, weaker tall shield.
-All Horses hit points increased by 20.
-All Heavy Cavalry and Barding perks armour reduced by 5. (Only planned for Skirmish for now. We will make adjustments after certain AI issues are fixed.)
--Price is increased from 100 to 120.
--Range Javelin perk is changed to Axe perk.
--Lighter Shield Weight value is changed from 3 to 2.
--Better Javelin perk stack count is reduced from 6 to 4.
-Tribal Warrior
--Price is reduced from 120 to 100.
--Default armour value is reduced from 19 to 14.
--Heavy Mace perk is changed to Mace perk.
--Added Default Small Weak Shield (20 HP, Skirmish only).
--Sword perk is changed to Heavy Mace perk.
--Price is increased from 150 to 160.
--Move Speed value is increased from 74 to 77.
--Price is changed to 200.
--Extra Javelin perk stack count is reduced from 7 to 6.
--Added Default Small Weak Shield (20 HP, Skirmish only).
--Hit Points value is increased from 100 to 110.
--Price is changed to 160.
--Lighter Shield perk is changed to Improved Armor perk.
--Range Javelins perk is changed to Stronger Shield perk.
--Strong Javelins perk is changed to Javelins perk.
--Spear perk is changed to Long Spear perk.
--Bastard Sword perk is changed to Heavy Mace perk.
-Clan Warrior
--Spear perk is changed to Pike perk.
-Mounted Warrior
--Move Speed value is increased from 75 to 78.
-Menavlion Infantry
--Added Default Small Weak Shield (20 HP, Skirmish only).
--Hit Points value is increased from 100 to 110.
--Pilum perk stack count is reduced from 2 to 1.
--Price is changed to 160.
--Lighter Shield perk is changed to Stronger Shield perk.
--Spear perk is changed to Long Spear perk.
--Move Speed value is increased from 76 to 77.
--Pilum perk stack count is reduced from 2 to 1.
-Palatine Guard
--Price is increased from 150 to 160.
--Move Speed value is increased from 73 to 76.
--Price is changed to 200.
--Default Horse Maneuver value is reduced from 64 to 62.
--Agile Horse perk Charge Damage value is reduced from 12 to 10. And the perks additional HP value is decreased from 40 to 25.
-Spear Infantry
--Price is changed to 130.
--Short Spear perk is changed to Spear perk.
--Move Speed value is increased from 76 to 77.
--Throwing Spear perk stack count is reduced from 2 to 1.
--Added default weapon, Shortsword.
-Steppe Bow
--Fast Arrows perk is changed to Strong Arrows perk.
--Default Horse Maneuver value is increased from 60 to 64, Speed value is increased from 37 to 39 and HP value is increased from -30 to -20.
--Tougher Horse perk Charge Damage value is reduced from 8 to 6. And the perks additional HP value is increased from 25 to 40.
--Charger Horse perk additional HP value is decreased from 15 to 0.
--Short Spear perk is changed to Spear perk.
--Move Speed value is increased from 74 to 76.
--Price is changed to 200.
--Default Horse additional HP value is decreased from 25 to 0.
--Tougher Horse perk additional HP value is decreased from 38 to 45.
--Swapped Glaive and Tougher Horse perks. Glaive Perk now replaces Lance.
-Mounted Archer
--Default Arrow count is increased from 25 to 32,
--Extra Arrows perk increased from 40 to 50.
--Default Horse Speed value is increased from 37 to 39, Maneuver is increased from 60 to 64 and additional HP value is increased from -30 to -20.
--Faster Horse perk Speed value is increased from 40 to 41.
--Tougher Horse perk Speed value is increased from 37 to 38, and additional HP value is increased from 0 to 5.
--Added Default Small Weak Shield (20 HP, Skirmish only).
--Price is changed to 160.
--Lighter Shield perk is changed to Mace perk.
--Spear perk is changed to Long Spear perk.
--Javelins perk is changed to Stronger Shield perk.
--Armour value is increased from 6 to 10.
--Move Speed value is increased from 73 to 76.
--Price is changed to 200.
--Default Horse Charge Damage value is reduced from 11 to 8.
--Tougher Horse perk additional HP is increased from 43 to 50.
-Peasant Levy
--Move Speed value is increased from 79 to 81.
--Price is reduced from 90 to 80.
--Removed Bonus Damage to Shields from Sickle and Pickaxe.
--Added Default Small Weak Shield (20 HP, Skirmish only).
--Armour value is increased from 10 to 16.
--Price is changed to 160.
--Spear perk is changed to Long Spear perk.
--Javelins perk is changed to Stronger Shield perk.
--Price is increased from 140 to 160.
--Agile Horse perk Maneuver value is increased from 68 to 70, Speed value increased from 45 to 47.
--Move Speed value is increased from 73 to 77.
--Price is changed to 200
--Default Horse Speed value is increased from 40 to 41, additional HP value is reduced from 35 to 10.
--Javelin perk is changed to Heavy Lance perk.
Game Modes
-Siege Mode Improvements:
--Alongside many stability improvements, we are also adding objective-based gold gaining to Siege game mode. In addition to defeating enemies to gain gold, players will be able to gain gold by helping their team complete objectives. Attackers will gain extra gold for pushing the siege engines, breaking down doors and siege engines and breaching walls. While defenders gain gold by destroying siege engines and weapons. Each player will be compensated for their total contribution when the objective is achieved.
New Features
-Clan System:
--Players now can create a clan with their party. Six player party is needed to create a clan. Players can create their clan from the Clan tab in the lobby with the “Create a Clan” button. This button then opens a popup. In this popup, the party leader can decide on the name, tag, faction and sigil of the clan. The name and the sigil can be decided only once and it has to be unique, but the faction and the sigil can be changed any time by the leader of that clan. Upon pressing the create button, every other member of the party gets notified asking them if they want to join the clan. If all of them agree, a new clan is created.
--A clan can have a description and many announcements. These can be found on the clan’s home page. The clan leader can set a description for the clan. This description can be used to tell what that clan is all about. The leader can also post announcements or news for the entire clan. When members of the clan visit the clan tab in the lobby, they can get informed about the latest news and announcements about the clan.
-Clan Matches:
--A party of six players all belonging to the same clan can create a game by selecting game type, map and factions. Other parties that satisfy the same conditions can see a list consisting of these games and select one to join. If the creator party accepts this join request, a server is allocated for them and they duke it out. After the match, winner teams clan gets 1 win, loser teams clan gets 1 loss added to their clan stats.
-Clan Roster:
--In this page, members of the clan can see all the players that are in the same clan as them. They can then invite their clanmates to their party, add other clan members as friends and if they are the leader of the clan, they can also kick members from the clan or make them the new leader.
-Clan Leaderboard:
--A score is calculated for each clan using their win and loss numbers. Then they are sorted based on this score. Any player belonging to a clan can visit the Leaderboard page in the clan tab to see the rankings of all clans in the game. As we improve the Clan System, a Rating system will be added to more accurately reflect clan strength and other types of Leaderboards will be introduced for Clans and their members.
-Spear Bracing:
--Only possible with lances and pikes. Pressing ‘X’ key once while stopped, activates the bracing. Attacking, defending, crouching, jumping and running actions cancels the bracing. Players can only walk slowly while bracing is active. Please note that the damage values are still yet to be balanced.
-Added some explanatory hints in the MP lobby.
-Fixed an error at the context menu in the Recent Games tab.
-Non-leader members of parties can now suggest their friends to their party leaders to be invited.
Announcement About Beta Servers
-Beta servers do not share any data with Live servers. Which means no data will be transferred from Live to Beta or Beta to Live.
-US, EU and EA will get all the usual servers and services.
-There will be a single server on Oceania to allow players to test new combat changes.
-Beta servers connect to a testing server and because of that Lobby servers will not use SSL connection.
-Clans that are created WILL be carried over to main!


-Various walking sound problems are fixed.
-Added a confirmation popup for character creation reset and reset all buttons.
-"ShowCursor" key for scoreboards is now bindable.
-Fixed many of the runtime spikes and invisible mesh issues by preloading the shaders.
-Significantly improved performance of flora rendering.
-Beautified animations related to mounting/dismounting horses, and falling from horses by blending the animations between switches and considering the scale differences of the horses.
-Adjusted parameters of rotating in place animations, and made them slightly better.
-Better shield hit inverse kinematics solving.
-Falling animation problem when kicked down from high ground fixed.
-Horses will now panic and run away properly when they are hit in battles.
-The best accuracy moment of ranged weapons was moved further back, making quick shots a bit more inaccurate.
-Better shield hit Inverse Kinematics solving.
-Falling animation problem when kicked down from high ground fixed.
-Various walking sound problems were fixed.
-Fixed some dark atmosphere issues with the dense snowy atmosphere set.

Known Issues

submitted by Arthanias to mountandblade

How to anonymously host the continued development of youtube-dl offshore

Original sources of this guide (might be more up to date in case you're viewing a mirror of it):
In this guide I will go through how to anonymously host the continued development of youtube-dl offshore using companies that have a track record of being very resilient to DMCA takedowns. As a general disclaimer, youtube-dl is not illegal, no matter how much the RIAA wants it to be. Hosting it is not illegal, but the RIAA doesn't care about what's legal, so we'll have to act accordingly and not rely on companies that will bend over backwards for them. This post is basically my way of flipping the bird to the RIAA.
DMCA ignored hosting providers
RIAA report including DMCA ignored hosting providers
United States Trade Representative report including DMCA ignored hosting providers
ESA report including DMCA ignored hosting providers
MPAA report including DMCA ignored hosting providers
Europol report including DMCA ignored hosting providers
Former bulletproof hosting reseller reviews offshore hosting providers
Former bulletproof hosting reseller on what the most warez friendly hosting providers are
(Novogara aka Ecatel recently got busted for tax evasion and are shady as hell in general, allowing anything to be hosted on their servers, so its best to stay away from them.)
Take into account what data center the hosting provider uses. If they don't run their their own data center the company running the data center can shut down the server if the data center isn't DMCA ignored. That isn't to say that resellers can't be resilient, but it depends on how resilient the data center they use is.
Some countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Korea force hosting providers to use government SSL certificates, meaning that they can MITM the connection.
If anyone here is serious about hosting the continuation of the youtube-dl project, PM me (F_the_RIAA_2 on Reddit, FuckTheRIAA on Raddle) and I'll give you a more specific recommendation. Keeping the hosting provider secret makes it a lot harder to take down.
CDNs and proxies to hide the real hosting provider
DDoS-Guard - Highly recommended. Based in Russia. Doesn't care about DMCA at all. Currently provides protection for Nyaa (the world's largest public torrent tracker for anime and manga) and Sci-Hub (the world's largest piracy website for academic papers which is under constant legal pressure from big US publishers). Has a free plan and accepts Bitcoin for paid plans. DDoS-Guard might be inaccessible outside of Europe for a few hours/month, meaning that sites using it would be unreachable outside of Europe during that time. This is probably peering related, but I'm not sure. Just tell site visitors to use ProtonVPN's free plan and connect to one of their VPN servers in the Netherlands if that happens.
While I recommend DDoS-Guard, I'll list some other alternatives in case something happens:
CloudFlare - Might be a honeypot, especially since I'm not sure how they'd be able to get away with this otherwise, but CloudFlare works for now. Just don't expect privacy from them. They're a US based company so they'll probably be reigned in eventually, but for now they're having their Wild West days. CloudFlare has a free plan. If CloudFlare is not configured properly when set up the real hosting provider will be leaked. More info about that here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
It's a myth that Cloudflare does not forward DMCA complaints, they forward everything. However, Cloudflare does not store any "sensitive data", which means forwarding "useless" information is similar like ignoring the DMCA request. A general advice is that whenever you use Cloudflare you should use a bulletproof backend server as well to avoid DMCA takedown request in the first place, so less or nothing gets forwarded (less "leakage risk").
Source: CHEF-KOCH / Warez / Bulletproof Hosting.md
OVPN's public IPv4 proxy (the Switzerland proxy) - Swedish company that provided a proxy for The Pirate Bay for a while, went to court because of it, and won. The two advantages with their Switzerland proxy in particular is that it's hosted by Interxion - the same Netherlands based company that is hosting Feral Hosting's DMCA ignored seedboxes - and that Switzerland is a pretty good jurisdiction. OVPN also scores well on That One Privacy Site. Accepts Bitcoin.
Before we go into registering a domain, I think it's worth considering if it's really worth keeping the name youtube-dl or if it could be spun off into a more accurate and less trademark infringing name like media-dl, for example. It downloads video and audio from a lot more sites than just YouTube, after all.
Resilient TLDs (there are more options than just these)
.is - As of a few years ago ISNIC had only ever suspended one domain and it was connected to ISIS.
When we asked whether ISNIC would follow Greenland’s lead and move for a proactive suspension, we got a clear answer.
“The short answer is no. Such an action would require a formal order from an Icelandic court. ISNIC is not responsible for a registrant’s usage of their domains,” ISNIC’s Marius Olafsson told TorrentFreak.
“This policy applies equally to any .is domain,” Olafsson says, adding that it’s the domain owner’s responsibility to abide by the law, not theirs.
Source: https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-finds-safe-haven-in-iceland-switches-to-is-domain-130425/
“Domains can hardly be considered illegal any more than a street address. A street address is not illegal even if there is illegal activity in one apartment at the address,” ISNIC says.
Source: https://torrentfreak.com/torrent-domain-suspensions-damage-credibility-registrar-says-140617/
.to - Used by a lot of torrent and other filesharing websites. I have never seen one get suspended.
.ru / .su - Good for anything that doesn't affect Russia or go against Russian interests.
.cr is a resilient TLD according to the International Intellectual Property Alliance's (IIAP) report:
thepiratebay.cr domain is still online despite actions against it from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica. Other notorious infringing sites are following the trend of using .cr domains as a safe haven (e.g., kickasstorrents.cr). Costa Rica’s failure to deal effectively with its obligations regarding online infringement, more than eight years after they came into force under DR-CAFTA, is a serious concern.
In case you want cheaper options that are available on Njalla, .ch and .ws are said to be pretty good.
.ec is also looking pretty solid as Library Genesis (the world's largest book piracy website, which is under constant legal pressure from big US publishers) have been using it for some time without getting suspended.
Vulnerable TLDs
.com, .net, .cc, .tv, and .name are operated by VeriSign, a Washington DC based company that is controlled by the US government.
.org, .info, .asia, .aero, .ag, .bz, .gi, .hgn, .in, .lc, .me, .mobi, .mn, .sc and .vc are operated by Afilias, a company that blocked one of WikiLeaks' domains.
.site, .website, .tech, .online, .uno, .fun, .space, .store, and .press are operated by Radix, a company that has an anti-piracy partnership with the MPAA.
All TLDs operated by Donuts, a company that has an anti-piracy partnership with the MPAA.
Resilient domain registrars/resellers
Njalla - As anonymous as you can get when buying a domain. Njalla is a Nevis registered company that buys the more common domains from Canada based Tucows, which is pretty abuse friendly and some TLDs like .is they buy from the registry directly. They then lease it to you while legally speaking they own the domain. This means that you don't have to give them any personal information to register it and they take Monero. Njalla has a Tor Hidden Service, PGP key, and has support for registration via XMPP with OTR. Njalla is run by one of the Pirate Bay founders and they kept the Pirate Bay sense of humor alive when dealing with DMCA.
NiceVPS - As anonymous as you can get when buying a domain. NiceVPS is a domain reseller based in the Dominican Republic that buys the domain from easyDNS and then leases it to you, meaning that you don't have to provide any personal information since they own the domain on paper. Accepts Monero. Has a Tor Hidden Service, PGP key, and warrant canary. I've seen NiceVPS recommended on some websites, but I'm not sure how solid it is. Doesn't seem to offer all of the TLDs that Njalla, Openprovider, and easyDNS offer, including a lot of the more resilient ones.
Openprovider aka Hosting Concepts B.V. - Netherlands based registrar that is one of the most abused registrars by rogue pharma sites. Doesn't suspend domains without a WIPO decision or court order. Has a full section dedicated to it in the United States Trade Representative's 2019 report and a brief mention in the 2020 report.
easyDNS - Canada based registrar that has a big focus on due process. The current registrar of The Pirate Bay's .org domain, which it defended against the RIAA. Wouldn't suspend a domain for a video downloader like youtube-dl unless ordered by ICANN, CIRA, or a court according to their takedown policy. Accepts Bitcoin.
There are a few resellers of bulletproof Russian and Chinese registrars that accept cryptocurrency, but because those are pretty much only used by cyber criminals they would not be a good look for this project. And there's also the risk that they'll just be gone one day without a word and no way to transfer domain and not much recourse. Because of those reasons I'm omitting them from this list. I think the above mentioned registrars and resellers will be good enough, the project is legal after all.
Worth considering:
In order to anonymously directly register a domain at any of the other mentioned services than Njalla and NiceVPS you'd have to fake the WHOIS information, which violates ICANN's rules and registrars usually suspend domains because of that. I could especially imagine easyDNS doing this. Not sure how the other registrars would react to that, but ICANN does have the power to withdraw their accreditation - meaning that the registrars would lose the ability to issue domains - if they don't follow ICANN's rules. In the cases of Njalla and NiceVPS they aren't a registrar, they just fill in their own details and buy the domain for you from a registry/registrar when you register a domain using them.
If you use Njalla or NiceVPS you're handing over control of the domain to somebody else and have to take their word for it that you'll always have access to the domain. It's easier to trust Njalla than NiceVPS in this case since it's known who owns Njalla and they have more of a track record than NiceVPS, which is fairly unknown.
Let's Encrypt - Free, uses open source software, backed by EFF, Mozilla, and others. Easy to set up and easy to maintain with an auto-renewal script.
If you're using CloudFlare, you'll have to use their phony SSL certificate.
Keeping your server secure and other technical advice
Check your server, and how reliable it is in terms of security and privacy, online services like https://centminmod.com can test your server and it's configuration to ensure nothing is "leaking".
Check if someone can see your hidden backend server IP via https://dnsdumpster.com. In general you should block every IP connection to your backend server, only allow your own connection, VPN's or reverse proxies. You quickly can check if someone has an "open" backend IP service via services like https://censys.io.
Source: CHEF-KOCH / Warez / Bulletproof Hosting.md
If you use CloudFlare, also check that your backend isn't leaking using CrimeFlare.
If you have set up email with your domain, use SMPT and a custom mail server so it doesn't leak your origin server IP. Email is the easiest way to leak origin server IP addresses.
Use SSH instead of VNC. With VNC the login information is sent unencrypted via plaintext, meaning that a rogue exit node in the Tor network and any server the login information is sent over on the clearnet could record your login information if they wanted to.
Use a password generator for all accounts and have it set to the max number of characters. Don't put the login information into a proprietary password manager or an online password manager. Make sure to back up the login information to multiple hard drives/SSDs/USBs/etc.
Try and make the site portable so that all software and all configurations can be saved to an ISO that can be spun up at any hosting provider at a moment's notice in case the site has to move at some point.
If you get a VPS, make sure it's KVM. KVM is much more secure than OpenVZ since OpenVZ doesn't have much separation between different customers on the same server. OpenVZ is also easy to oversell. Xen is also secure, but has worse performance than KVM.
Use nginx, it has a lot better performance than Apache.
Use MariaDB. It's a more up to date fork of MySQL developed by MySQL's original developer after he sold MySQL to Oracle. Contains bug fixes that sometimes have not gotten into MySQL yet. It is of course fully compatible with MySQL databases.
Basic security hardening (I'd probably use OSSEC + Shorewall instead of fail2ban and ufw, but I'm not an expert at this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
nginx SSL/TLS hardening
Let's Encrypt auto-renewal script
If you need FTP server software, Pure-FTPd is the most secure option. Use SFTP instead of FTPS for better security and less of a headache.
Disable password access for administration, require login using SSH key, and limit the number of login attempts.
Change default ports, like SSH. If anyone tries to access the default SSH port, have the firewall block them for a few hours.
Disable root login.
More security tips for SSH are available here. Don't implement port knocking though.
Disable nginx logging once everything is set up to protect user privacy and improve performance.
Keep the software up to date to decrease the risk of your serveVPS being hacked.
Don't use analytics. If you have to, self-host Matomo (formerly known as Piwik). It's open source.
Keep up to date backups of the site on multiple hard drives/SSDs/etc.
Anonymous payments
Bitcoin is fully traceable nowadays and tumbling/mixing your Bitcoin won't make any difference.
Tumblers are useless
Against my better judgement, I’m going with this click bait heading, but the premise is correct. Due to the software running real time analysis on the ledger, simply avoiding taint and breaking up coins is now entirely ineffective, as it matches the full bitcoin amount to be received over a period of time, as the software is built around a neural net of sorts (talking out of school here, I’m not a programmer) it appears to self-correct in real time as a more "likely" or "accurate" owner conclusion is reached.
Source: Blockchain Analysis and Anti-Money Laundering (X-post from /DarknetmarketsOz)
Meanwhile Monero was the only cryptocurrency that that the US government couldn't track when they took down one of one of the biggest darknet drug markets and seized the site operator's cryptocurrencies. This is because Monero is the only major cryptocurrency properly designed to be private.
There has apparently been some recent developments when it comes to tracing Monero. You can read more about it in my comment on Reddit or Raddle. I wouldn't worry too much about it at this stage though.
Use I2P or Tor when transacting with cryptocurrency. I2P has some privacy benefits in its design over Tor:
Unidirectional tunnels instead of bidirectional circuits, doubling the number of nodes a peer has to compromise to get the same information. Protection against detecting client activity, even when an attacker is participating in the tunnel, as tunnels are used for more than simply passing end to end messages (e.g. netDb, tunnel management, tunnel testing) Tunnels in I2P are short lived, decreasing the number of samples that an attacker can use to mount an active attack with, unlike circuits in Tor, which are typically long lived. I2P APIs are designed specifically for anonymity and security, while SOCKS is designed for functionality.
However, I2P doesn't have as much funding and reseach or as big of a developer community behind it. I2P's userbase is also a lot smaller than Tor's. A full comparison about that can be found here. Monero chose I2P over Tor.
More information about Monero + I2P/Tor is available here.
Either get cryptocurrency donations or use a peer-to-peer exchange that doesn't enforce KYC (Know Your Customer) to buy Monero or Bitcoin. Unlike centralized exchanges, private sellers on decentralized exchanges won't automatically submit all their data to the government. Even if you get all of the cryptocurrency via donations and it therefore has no connection to your real identity at all you should still anonymize it via Monero so that it can't be traced from the donation wallet to the hosting provider which you want to keep hidden.
Some private sellers on peer-to-peer exchanges won't require IDs, while some might require it. If nothing is mentioned, it's worth asking the seller before you send them any money. A few even accept cash meetups and cash by mail (watch out for being scammed or mugged though). LocalCoinSwap, LocalCryptos, and LocalMonero even has sellers that accept gift cards (which you could buy with cash in a physical store). However, most gift cards are only redeemable in the country they were bought in, making this an option that won't work outside of the countries the sellers are based in. The one exception to this that I know of are Steam Wallet gift cards, which work internationally.
From what I've read there are some centralized exchanges that don't require KYC, but at least some of them freeze funds if they think it seems suspicious (which I would imagine a Tor IP would fall under) and they refuse to release the funds until they have been provided with an ID.
If you decide to buy cryptocurrency using a normal payment method, a wire transfer would be the option that involves the least amount of companies getting the transaction info, though I don't think you'd have much recourse with getting your money back if you got scammed and paid via wire transfer.
Bitcoin ATMs may require ID and usually have surveillance cameras around them, but this may vary depending on where you live.
If you bought Bitcoin, use XMR.to to exchange it to Monero. If the service provider only accepts Bitcoin and not Monero, exchange the Monero back to Bitcoin so that the Bitcoin has been anonymized. Don't pay in Bitcoin without exchanging it to Monero and back first.
Prepaid cards usually require SMS verification and are sometimes limited to purchases within the country they were sold in, so be sure to read up on whatever card you're considering using. Vanilla Visa gift cards used to be the go to for VPN buyers back in the day since they only required putting a zip code into a website, but things change, so read up about activation requirements and international purchases for the card in your country before buying anything and if you get information from an unofficial source, try and make sure that it's at least somewhat recent. If SMS activation is required there are two options. One option is buying a push-button burner phone and a prepaid SIM card at a physical store using cash, activate it at a major public place and then once the prepaid card is activated shut off the phone and take out the SIM card and the battery. Another option is buying access to a dedicated number in the same country that you bought the card in at an online SMS inbox site using cryptocurrency (the free SMS inboxes that have shared phone number might be used up already). The catch 22 there is that you wouldn't have any cryptocurrency yet at this stage, so it's not really an option unless you figure something out that I wasn't able to think of. If the prepaid card can't do international purchases you could withdraw the money into an anonymously created PayPal account (requires SMS verification). Expect the prepaid card and PayPal account to almost certainly get frozen if you try to pay with it over Tor. The risk is lower when paying via a VPN IP, but it's still a notable risk, especially if it's a VPN server with lots of users and you can never verify that the VPN provider isn't logging you. An anonymously paid for self-hosted VPN on a dedicated IP address in the same country that you bought the prepaid card would be less likely to cause the card to get frozen. Just don't connect to that self-hosted VPN directly using your real IP address since your ISP would see that and since you would be the only user of that self-hosted VPN it would be directly identifying. You could use the prepaid card on public WiFi, but that will give out your general location and will give the WiFi network your IP address. It will also give the WiFi network your MAC address, so be sure to set the MAC address to be random (just search something like "[operating system] random mac address on wifi" on DuckDuckGo). Then there's the issue that most browsers other than Tor Browser, SecBrowser, and Bromite are bad combating browser fingerprinting. Sure you could also customize Firefox with arkenfox user.js (formerly known as ghacks-user.js) and a bunch of add-ons to combat all the different kinds of tracking, but you'll just make your browser more unique the more you modify it.
Anonymous Internet browsing
Use Tor when doing anything in connection with the site, including when using PuTTY and FileZilla. Verify the integrity of the Tor Browser installer using PGP before running it so that you know that it hasn't been tampered with. Use a bridge if you don't want your ISP/government to see that you're using Tor. Running Tor over a VPN may seem like a good idea, but even if the VPN provider really doesn't keep logs (which is impossible to verify) using Tor over VPN can make you easier to track since that makes the VPN service a permanent entry node [1][2][3][4] and there's also VPN fingerprinting. If Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a concern you can use Pluggable Transports [1][2] to disguise the Tor traffic. Keep Tor Browser up to date. Never run Tor Browser in full screen. That makes you more easily trackable as websites can detect the real resolution of your screen. Don't install any add-ons or plugins, that makes you a lot easier to track. If you have logged in and then logged out of a site it can link you to other accounts you have on the same site using session cookies if you login to those accounts without hitting the "New Identity" button to relaunch Tor Browser with a clean slate. Block JavaScript when the website doesn't require it, that's the closest thing you'll come to an ad blocker. Use the Hidden Service version of sites when available, that way your Internet traffic never goes onto the clearnet and it also adds three more proxies between you and the site's server for a total of six proxies.
Since you shouldn't use an ad blocker with Tor Browser it's important that you keep your operating system up to date to minimize the risk of getting infected in case you come across some malicious JavaScript via for example malvertising when you have JavaScript activated.
If you use Windows and don't want to switch to Linux (even though you can set up dual boot or just boot it from a USB without even having to install it on your computer), use a non-admin user account and have an admin account that you only use to authorize trusted software to run, that will mitigate 94% of critical Windows vulnerabilities. You can use a tool like W10Privacy to decrease the amount of tracking in Windows 10, just be sure that the tool you use is updated to match the latest version of Windows 10 or you might brick your OS.
Use an end-to-end encrypted no logs email provider located outside of Five Eyes, Germany, Enemies of the Internet, and countries under surveillance - preferably ProtonMail - when signing up for all of those services. Use a different email address for anything not related to the administration of the website. ProtonMail has a Tor Hidden Service, but signing up for ProtonMail is only possible on the clearnet address, so you'd have to go into Tor Browser's privacy settings and change "Prioritize .onion sites when known" from "Always" to "Ask every time" when you register the ProtonMail account. Change it back to "always" once the registration is complete. And yes, it is possible to sign up for ProtonMail via Tor. It's not easy finding an exit node that hasn't gotten blocked yet, and you will most likely need a secondary anonymous email account on another email provider to send a verification code to, but it is possible. Don't try using a disposable email service, ProtonMail blocks pretty much all of them so you'll just waste time and will probably get your account frozen. Once you have made an account, go into Settings > Security and then wipe and disable the authentication logs. Once that's done - before you sign up for anything - log out and wait a while then log back in, just to see if their anti-fraud system decides to freeze your account or not.
If you go for a email provider other than ProtonMail, keep in mind that it has to be there for the long haul in order to be usable. If it suddenly shuts down without notice, you're pretty much shit out of luck. So try and go for one that has been around for a while and seems like it will continue to stick around.
Comparison of alternatives:
Use a new username that you haven't used before.
Use end-to-end encryption for all private communications. ProtonMail has built-in end-to-end encryption between ProtonMail accounts. If you want to encrypt email with PGP when communicating with non-ProtonMail users follow this guide. That will allow you to import it into ProtonMail. Just remember that the subject line will not be encrypted by PGP. PGP/MIME gives out less metadata than PGP inline and is just better in general, so use PGP/MIME. For file transfers you can also use OnionShare if the receipient also uses Tor Browser or put the file(s) into a password protected .7z file using 7-Zip with the "Encrypt file names" option enabled + a password generator set to the max number of characters that you then upload to Disroot Upload. Be aware that the lufi software that Disroot Upload runs on keeps the filename visible after the file has been deleted. If you need an end-to-end encrypted pastebin, self-host PrivateBin or use Disroot's PrivateBin. Disroot uses a privacy respecting hosting provider and claim that they don't keep logs for services that don't require an account, such as Disroot Upload and Disroot's PrivateBin.
Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. At least when doing work related to the site. It has a Tor Hidden Service that you can easily find by searching "duckduckgo onion" or "duckduckgo hidden service" on DuckDuckGo.
Rely on open source software and privacy respecting services when it comes to processing and storing data related to the site. PrivacyTools.io, awesome-privacy, AlternativeTo, and GitHub makes it easy to find privacy respecting alternatives.
Keep software on your devices up to date to decrease the risk of it being compromised by an exploit.
And yeah, I probably went pretty deep on some of the less relevant sections, but I thought it was best to include everything.
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