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Optimizing gameplay with Lucas and combating disadvantage state

Disclaimer: This content is entirely subjective. This is personal insight constructed for the purpose of articulating knowledge and resource. Please suggest any ideas or share opinions in the comments.

Disclaimer: The following content may be very difficult for beginners or players new to the game.

To preface: 8.0.0 platformed Lucas with a trivial, insignificant buff. This disappointing change prompts renowned players to categorize Lucas as a low tier, deceiving the general public. Lucas' dreadfully vulnerable disadvantage state and underwhelming neutral game are mere illusions to his competitive viability. This article will analyze in depth how to circumvent disadvantage state and win neutral, with Lucas.

Dabuz, considered the best Rosalina and Luma main to date, placed Lucas in bottom tier - the worst tier. His explanation is as follows: "Lucas needs buffs. Relative to the cast he's so bad." His explanation is very vague and general. ESAM, considered the best Pikachu to date, believes: "Lucas is [inaudible] good. I don't know why people pretend this character is bad. This character is one of the safest characters overall on shield. This character has three kill throws… this character has incredible two-framing, really good edge guarding (proceeds to list various moves)…" and so on."

Although ESAM believes in Lucas, he makes it abundantly clear that people underrate and "pretend this character is bad." Citing more opinions is irrational since opinions are entirely subjective and have no value unless supported or expressed otherwise. The point stands however: Lucas possesses various admirable attributes and traits exclusive to him or select characters like him. Joker's neutral-b and side-b are not overwhelmingly good zoning tools in comparison to Lucas' PK Fire, PK Thunder, and PK Freeze. Lucas' nair (frame 7) is superior to ROB's nair (frame 14) in few circumstances, and so on.

Lucas surely isn't a high tier; nor is he better than Ness, but is solo mainable and competitively viable. Personally, I believe playing Lucas more safe and conservative—like a zoner—is optimal. I'll articulate why throughout the thread.

How I theorize 'optimal Lucas'
Lucas is equipped with various powerful aerials. However, his aerials have multiple frames of landing lag, leaving Lucas vulnerable to attacks. For example, his nair has 12 frames of landing lag where he is entirely vulnerable to attacks. Most characters have a grab with less than 12 frames of startup, making Lucas vulnerable to grabs, and combos at early percents. Every character in the game has an option with less than 12 frames of startup, so Lucas will can be vulnerable if he uses any aerial, such as any other character.

If the opponent is experienced, and aware of landing lag, the opponent can effortlessly punish poorly arranged moves from Lucas. Thus said, it is vital to play Lucas more conservative in a competitive environment, to try to reduce potential lags of vulnerability. This is all mere theory and example as to why an inexperienced Lucas might not do so well in a competitive environment.

So when should Lucas' aerials be used? Lucas' aerials are quick, although having considerable end lag. Every character has a three-frame jump squat, and Lucas' first hit of his nair is frame 7. So you can usually buffer a nair as a punish to anything with over 10 frames of end lag. A missed grab from the opponent can lead to buffered nair > up-tilt, and so on. Lucas' first up-tilt hit has 4 frames of startup, so it's generally a great punish option.

Lucas' aerials don't have to be used in specific instances either. Even if there isn't 100% chance that his aerial, tilt, or jab will hit, you can very validly opt to attack. Playing too safe will reduce potential damage inflicted on the opponent. This doesn't mean to be too aerial-friendly. As previously stated, his aerials have considerable end lag.

When using attacks that aren't 100% safe with Lucas, make sure that the attacks are carefully arranged and spaced. For example, if your opponent was playing Min Min, if you buffer a nair but miss because your opponent effectively distanced away from you, you will be punished with 12 frames of landing lag, vulnerable to a grab.

Just follow your intuition. A good Lucas is instinctive, prompt, and decisive. If you're nair is too close to the opponent they can't run away, then by all means nair and follow it with an up-tilt, even if there isn't a 100% success rate. Just try not to mash and use his moves as the best times. Also, space and position yourself well as Lucas. If your opponent, for example Wolf, misses a fair because you spaced yourself properly, he's vulnerable to a buffered nair himself.

Lucas' zoning
Lucas is often considered a 'zoner' by the general public. Lucas has various effective zoning tools and edge guarding game, that must be used with caution as well. His special attacks have exceptionally high end lag. Using PK Thunder on stage when your opponent is right next to you is extremely inept and risky, since you are vulnerable to a hard punish for seconds even. The same applies to PK Freeze; if your opponent is next to you and you miss PK Freeze, expect a hard punish. Image demonstrations.

PK Fire is a great zoning tool as well. If you are a decent distance from your opponent, you can use PK Fire as a zoning tool. Image demonstrations.

Distance is crucial for PK Fire. If your opponent is too close, PK Fire isn't optimal since other options do more damage, or your opponent can roll to the other side and punish you. Ideally, only use PK Fire when you are distant enough from the opponent so if you miss a PK Fire, your opponent is not close enough to successfully punish. Once again, you don't need to strictly bind to this; you can use PK Fire when your instincts dictate so. This is also a mixup so your PK Fire arrangements don't get too predictable.

As for PK Thunder, use should be strictly for edge guarding, recovery, and rarely juggling. Using it on stage while the opponent is on stage is extremely risky, leaving you vulnerable for multiple seconds. Landing PK Thunder while both players are on stage will result in insignificant damage and knockback. Unlike the other moves, this shouldn't be an option at all while both players are grounded. As for juggling scenarios, only use it when you are certain it will hit the opponent and you are not vulnerable to attacks during usage. Image demonstrations.

PK Freeze is also to be strictly used for edge guarding. The move doesn't have stunning vertical height coverage for juggling. PK Freeze can be used on stage during very niche moments, but should generally be used at the ledge. Image demonstrations.

How to play Lucas in a brief, TL;DR, statement
Lucas should approach with aerials or tilts whenever it is optimal. This means whenever you have the frame advantage to punish an opponent, or are distanced from the opponent enough where an aerial is safe. It is advised to use aerials carefully and conservatively due to landing lag frames of vulnerability.

In terms of zoning: PK Fire whenever you and the opponent are within satisfactory distance, PK Thunder for juggling scenarios, edge guarding scenarios, and recovery scenarios, PK Freeze at edge guarding scenarios and very rarely while you and the opponent are at perfect range where PK Freeze is safe, and optimal.

Combating disadvantage state

Lucas' disadvantage state is dreadfully vulnerable due to his excessive floatiness and lack of mobility. A prime reason why I theorize a more patient Lucas is optimal is to avoid disadvantage state entirely. Playing safe will mean that Lucas will not have to experience disadvantage state.

Alternatively, I propose we research ways to win neutral state and secure advantage state rather than endure disadvantage state. Lucas' zoning excuse players from combat up-close or out of desperation. If Lucas out-zones his opponent, he will rarely have to endure disadvantage state and will consistently win neutral conversions. Someone extremely mobile like Little Mac or Fox can disrupt Lucas' zoning and approach vacantly. Match-ups such as these are improved through practice and experience. Regardless, Lucas always has sustainable punish game and frame data to pounce on opponents' mistakes.

This segment is going to be brief because I thoroughly explained how optimal Lucas looks which encompasses playstyle, distancing, frame data, optimal punishes, optimal plays, etc. Generally, if you stick to 'optimal Lucas' as seen prior, you should be able to avoid disadvantage state as much as possible.

Why Lucas is competitively viable, and not low tier

As prefaced, various pros consider Lucas a low tier. Dabuz categorizes Lucas in the same tier as Little Mac. ESAM made it abundantly clear that others think this character is horrible. But Lucas is indeed decent.

MU Spread
Lucas' matchup spread isn't the best. He doesn't necessarily destroy against any matchups, and loses or is even against most. This is why people often consider Lucas as 'the worst Ness' or 'a mediocre zoner.' This limitation is primarily why I consider Lucas a mid-tier and nothing higher; he wins some and loses others.

Frame Data
Lucas' frame data isn't necessarily bad at all. Some high tiers like Wolf have worse frame data: frame 16 dair and frame 7 nair, compared to Lucas: Frame 10 dair and frame 7 nair. Lucas also has a quick frame 4 up-tilt and frame 3 down-tilt which is exceptionally phenomenal. His hasty frame data can be optimized even more if moves are arranged and spaced properly. For example, if Wolf misses a fair, Lucas can buffer a nair to punish Wolf whilst Wolf is vulnerable. If Lucas spaces himself optimally so wolf misses the fair, the punish is on which can convert into more combos such as nair > up-tilt strings.

Results are virtually impossible to deliver objectively and correctly. However, low tiers in general do deliver more results than the general public estimates. In a scenario where there is a 16-man tourney, and 15 individuals are using high tiers while one individual is using a low tier, if the low tier places anything less than 1st place, people assume the S tier is significantly better because he has good representation and results. If the low tier places 2nd, the low tier was technically defeated by the top tier; although beating various top tiers before. Better described by this video.

Combo Game
Lucas does have some effective strings, and his mediocre combo game is compensated by his phenomenal zoning and kill game. However, Lucas technically has very simple, unsophisticated, combos. Similarly to this example with Piranha Plant, his combos don't last long, are easy to DI out of, and have mediocre damage output. Unlike Piranha Plant however, Lucas' combo game is compensated by inconsistent strings, decent frame data, good zoning, and good kill power.

Should you main Lucas?

Play style, patience, and knowledge are all prerequisites to maining Lucas. Unless you're willing to train your instincts to naturally know what move works during which times at which distances, and so on, Lucas might not be for you. Lucas also isn't the most mobile character who shouldn't mash a lot due to end lag. If you're patient, dedicated, and like playing zoners, by all means go ahead. Just consider that Lucas got virtually no buffs in 8.0.0.

Even if you do contain the prerequisites listed above, if you're considering someone else higher tier than Lucas as a main, you probably should go for the higher tier. Lucas isn't as easy as displayed and can be very difficult to maneuver.

The End
Thank you for reading this resource! By all means feel free to give feedback or criticism in the comments.
submitted by GloomySSB to CrazyHand

Certification #25: How I Prepared for and Passed the PenTest+ PT0-001 Exam (807/750) on November 5, 2020

As promised, here is my detailed post-exam report.
After I passed my CySA+ with a 761/750, I decided to study as much as I can every day for the PenTest+ exam because I had heard people say that this exam was harder than CySA+. Also, I did not study a lot for the CySA+ exam. I just read the study guide from cover to cover and did some practice questions.
The CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-001) learning path on Pluralsight comes with Kaplan practice quizzes. I customized each quiz so that each contained only 25 questions. This made it easier to review later. I made sure that each quiz did not contain questions that were on the previous quiz.
I answered ALL 170 questions that were in the Kaplan question bank.
I did NOT purchase any Udemy courses to prepare for the exam.
I also did NOT read the Sybex CompTIA PenTest+ Study Guide from cover to cover like I usually do when I took other CompTIA exams. I just read snippets here and there.
I rarely see people in this sub post courses they took on LinkedIn and Pluralsight. In my opinion, Pluralsight has better content.
Because of my extensive preparation, I was able to breeze through the multiple-choice questions pretty quickly. I probably spent less than 30 seconds on some questions and not more than 1 minute for the rest. I think I had about 2 hours left when I went back to the beginning to do the FIVE performance-based questions. I had a pretty good feeling that I was going to pass.
Regarding the PBQs, I was concerned the software would freeze up on me when I tried to click and drag my choices. I think the key is to click, drag, and then once you are really over the spot where you are going to drop your choice, then let the mouse go. I took the exam on a Mac Pro in macOS 10.15. I got the spinning beach ball mouse icon many, many times when the software did not put my choice down where I wanted it to go.
Another advice is to reboot your computer on the day of the exam prior to launching the OnVue software, just to make sure your computer does not freeze or have issues if you haven't restarted your computer in a long time.
Take a look at the OWASP Top 10. I cannot emphasize this enough that you need to go over this!
I am now 12-0 (took 12 exams, failed none) when it comes to taking CompTIA exams. This will be my last one for CompTIA. I already have my CISSP, CCSP, and CSSLP from (ISC)2, but I want to go after the SSCP just to complete my collection of (ISC)2 exams, just like I did for CompTIA.
I may go after CEH or OSCP, but I need to take the eJPT, which I purchased a while ago but haven't gotten around to it. I can't let that money go to waste!
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, and good luck!
  1. CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-001): 3 Select Your Attacks
  2. OWASP Top 10: #1 Injection and #2 Broken Authentication
  3. Penetration Testing: Advanced Web Testing
  4. Programming Foundations: Web Security
  5. Penetration Testing Essential Training
  6. CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-001): 5 Selecting Pen Testing Tools
  7. CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-001): 6 Using Scripting in Pen Testing
  1. Exploiting Host-based Vulnerabilities for CompTIA PenTest+
  2. Web Application Penetration Testing: Information Gathering
  3. OWASP Top 10: API Security Playbook
  4. Ethical Hacking: Hacking the Internet of Things (IoT)
  5. Results and Reporting for CompTIA PenTest+
  6. Web Application Penetration Testing: Session Management Testing
  7. Conducting Active Reconnaissance for CompTIA PenTest+
  8. Web Application Penetration Testing: Weak Cryptography
  9. Credential Access with Mimikatz
  10. Lateral Movement with Mimikatz
  11. Conducting Passive Reconnaissance for CompTIA PenTest+
  12. Technical Information Gathering with theHarvester
  13. Penetrating Networks for CompTIA PenTest+
  14. Web Application Penetration Testing: Client-side Testing
  15. Getting Started with BeEF
  16. Credential Access with Hashcat
  17. Discovery with Kismet
  18. Initial Access with Aircrack-ng
  19. Credential Access with THC Hydra
  20. Credential Access with Cain & Abel
  21. Technical Information Gathering with Recon-ng
  22. People Information Gathering with the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)
  23. Credential Access with Responder
  24. Credential Access with John the Ripper
  25. Technical Weakness Identification with Nikto
  26. Initial Access with sqlmap
  27. Testing Security Controls and Detecting Vulnerabilities with Nmap
  28. Web Application Penetration Testing: Input Validation
  29. Ethical Hacking: Scanning Networks
  30. Post-Exploit Tasks for CompTIA PenTest+
  31. Laying the Foundation for Penetration Testing for CompTIA PenTest+
  32. Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification for CompTIA PenTest+
  33. Performing Non-Technical Tests for CompTIA PenTest+
  34. Testing Applications for CompTIA PenTest+
  35. Metasploit: Getting Started
I took the following courses on Pluralsight but did not finish watching all the videos by the time I took the PT0-001 exam due to time constraints (#1 and #3 were each 5 hours long):
  1. Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities for CompTIA Security+
  2. Internal Footprinting: Reconnaissance and Mapping
  3. Ethical Hacking: SQL Injection
submitted by hi_cissp to CompTIA

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